LXY Book 9: Chapter 19


Book 9: Chapter 19 – It is Dong Bo Xue Ying


In a different place, on Battleship D9.

A large group of transcendents were gathered on the ship’s main deck, celebrating this unexpected great victory.

“Who could’ve imagined we would destroy the headquarters of the Demonic Faction in this generation?”


“I still feel like I’m dreaming.”

“That’s right. It was not too long ago, while we were still celebrating the success of our attack on the five Demon Generals, that we received the order to attack the Demonic Faction Headquarters. It was really easy to siege too. This attack went so smooth that we managed to take it down in no time.”

“Indeed, it felt quite strange. The headquarters had already suffered some damage on the inside, and the arrays there had already been completely destroyed.”

“True. The arrays were already destroyed when we entered.”

“Who destroyed them?”

“I feel like Palace Head Chen is still keeping some matters from us. Just how did we even end up finding the locations of the Demon Generals and the Demonic Faction Headquarters? And who was it that messed up the headquarters from the inside?”

“Mn, perhaps it involves some sort of secret.”

The Demigods of the Xia Clan were all discussing this matter. The happiest among them was Chao Qing. Holding the title of ‘Thunder God’, Chao Qing had a violent temper and had been very excited to participate in this attack. To have taken part in this big war before his death…he would have considered it worth it even if he died in the process! Unexpectedly, he actually condensed a True Deity Heart in his excitement during the battle.

Thus, he became the third Demigod of the Xia Clan to have condensed a True Deity Heart. With it, his power increased to be even higher than Si Kong Yang’s. Perhaps he would now be ranked third strongest in the Demigods rankings.

“Brother Chao, congratulations.”

“Congratulations, Elder Brother Chao. I really admire you, to have condensed a True Deity Heart so close to your twilight hour.”

“Brother Chao, perhaps you’ll be able to open your Deity Sea and become a Deity before your time’s up.”

The bald, skinny Chao Qing laughed heartily.

Today had really been a joyful, happy day. The death of the Demon Generals, the destruction of the headquarters, and his True Deity Heart condensation—they all made it such a wonderful day.

“Old Chao.” Carrying a cup of wine, Palace Head Chen walked to Chao Qing’s side.

“Palace Head Chen.” Chao Qing nodded back.

Revealing a faint smile, Palace Head Chen transmitted over to Chao Qing, “Having successfully condensed a True Deity Heart, you have some hope of becoming a Deity.”

Chao Qing replied, “Don’t pull this old man’s leg. I know my own strength. I’ve condensed my True Deity Heart, which is already plenty…but to become a Deity? I have no hope of doing such a thing. Moreover, I am getting close to my destined time.”

“There is a place you can go which might give you a chance of becoming a Deity,” Palace Head Chen transmitted.

“Oh, what kind of place?” Chan Qing was surprised.

“You’ve already condensed a True Deity Heart, and you’re nearing the limit of your lifespan. Taking that into account, according to the rules of the Infernal Palace, I can tell you about it,” Palace Head Chen explained. “There is a place called the Crimson Rock Mountain. It would take me a very long time to explain everything related to it. Let’s slowly and leisurely discuss this matter in more detail once we return to the Infernal Palace.”

Chao Qing slightly nodded.

Crimson Rock Mountain?

He noted this name in his mind.


Suddenly, Palace Head Chen went to the front hall and turned to look towards the Demigods of the Xia Clan. He then said in a loud voice which naturally resounded throughout the entire hall, “Everyone!”

They all went silent and shifted their attentions onto Palace Head Chen.

“This was a great victory!” A faint glow spread on Palace Head Chen’s face, and his eyes were full of excitement. “It could even be said that this victory will go into the history of our Xia Clan! Its significance is even bigger than you all imagine.””


Many of the Demigods present were wondering about this. The Demonic Faction Headquarters had existed since the beginning of the Xia Clan, so its discovery and destruction were already hugely significant. It was him saying that its significance was even bigger than they all imagined which puzzled them.

Palace Head Chen continued, “The reason for that is precisely this thing!”

As he was speaking, a bronze coffin appeared beside him.

Hua~ Palace Head Chen opened its lid using his Qi. A dark aura burst out from within the coffin, making the hearts of all the Demigods clench.

“This is the most important object found inside the Demonic Faction Headquarters. Previously, this coffin contained the fleshy body meant to be used as a Deity Avatar for the descent of the Great Demonic God!” Palace Head Chen elaborated.


“Deity Avatar?”

“A fleshy body the Great Demonic God would descend into?”

In a single moment, the information surprised the entirety of the Xia Clan Demigods. Heavens, they knew just how terrifying a Deity Avatar was. In the distant past, when the Demonic Faction and the Temple of the Earth God were fighting over the world’s faith, both sides had taken out and used a Deity Avatar. Other than that time, there had been no other occurrences of Deity Avatars appearing in the Xia Clan World.

Whenever they planned to nurture a Deity Avatar, the powerful Deities from the Deity World or the Dark Abyss had to consider whether it was worth it. Taking into account the investment required and the profit it would bring, it could be said that the probability of another Deity Avatar being nurtured was small.

“No need to be skeptical,” another voice said. It was Mountain Lord He’s. “The fleshy body meant for the Great Demonic God’s descent was indeed contained inside this bronze coffin. I personally witnessed the destruction of that body.”

“How come?”

“Why would the Great Demonic God act this way?”

The Demigods noisily discussed this. None of them could believe it.

“It was a joint plan between the Great Demonic God and the Sorcerer Palace. We’re almost certain that this plan was not to oppose the Temple of the Earth God since the Sorcerer Palace have no enmity with them. Surely, this plan was aimed at the destruction of our Xia Clan!” Palace Head Chen continued, “This Deity Avatar was an important aspect of their plan. Had it been successfully nurtured, the Great Demonic God could have descended into it and completely eradicate our Xia Clan. With power equivalent to a Demigod’s, a Deity Avatar could make its way into our Infernal Realm and perhaps even destroy our Infernal Realm capital! If that were to happen, our Xia Clan would have become extinct!”

This possibility sent a shudder through all of the Xia Clan Demigods. They had confidence; after all, it was recorded in history that even 300 Demon Demigods had been unable to shake the Xia Capital.


Even 300 Demon Demigods could not compare to a single Deity Avatar. The Deity Avatar was that much more frightening! They were unclear by just how much, though, since they had never fought with an existence of that level!

“You can see for yourselves.” As Palace Head Chen waved his finger, a picture appeared in the air.

It depicted a portrayal of the mysterious crimson-armored expert wielding a blood-colored sword in one hand and the big bronze coffin in the other.

“This is the strongest member of the Demonic Faction, the 3rd Priest,” Palace Head Chen began. “Right after we began the attack on the headquarters, the 3rd priest attempted to escape with the bronze coffin. I controlled the Battleship D9 to block him, but he unfortunately had a life-saving treasure which allowed him to flee with his life.”

The picture then showed the scene of the gigantic ball of thunder suddenly exploding, separating the crimson-armored mysterious man from the bronze coffin and his blood-colored sword. The illusory skull of the Great Demonic God then appeared on the crimson armored, waking up the mysterious man with its roar. The 3rd Priest then instantly flew towards the bronze coffin, trying to snatch in when a hand suddenly appeared out of nowhere. The mysterious man was shocked and at a loss.

“A hand appeared out of the void?”

“Whose hand was that?”

The Xia Clan Demigods did not know at that point who the person behind the destruction of the inner part of the Demonic Faction Headquarters actually was. They tried to guess and discussed about it, but only after seeing that hand appear from the void did they finally have a vague understanding.

“This matter was originally kept confidential, but if we were to attack the Demonic Faction Headquarters and destroy the Great Demonic God’s Deity Avatar, he had to be exposed,” Palace Head Chen explained. “Since his identity has already been revealed to our enemies, there is no longer any need to keep it a secret among us.”

“You have all been asking me—how did we discover the Demon Generals?

“How did we find the Demonic Faction Headquarters?

“Who was the one to destroy it from the inside?

“Who was the one who snatched the vessel of the Great Demonic God?”

Palace Head Chen nodded. “All of those have been achieved…by Dong Bo Xue Ying!”

Every one of these Demigods present here, listening wholeheartedly to Palace Head Chen’s speech, were stunned. The primary force behind all of these incredible achievements…was Dong Bo Xue Ying? A Saint Transcendent? That really was incredible.

“Xue Ying really is very talented. Not only did he comprehend the True Meaning of Extreme Piercing, he also comprehended another grade two True Meaning on top of that. You have all witnessed it. He was able to enter the void and render the mysterious man unable to do anything. Using this True Meaning, he traveled and examined every inch of the Xia Clan World to find the five Demon Generals. In the process, he also discovered the headquarters of the Demonic Faction and the Great Demonic God’s vessel within! And he even participated in the follow-up attack,” Palace Head Chen explained. “He is an incredibly talented Transcendent, the most talented in the entire history of our Xia Clan. I’ve originally wanted to protect him by keeping his identity confidential, but his identity was exposed in order to destroy the Great Demonic God’s vessel. That is why I am announcing all of this to you. Truthfully, it would also be unfair to him if the big achievement he brought the Xia Clan remained concealed.”

Everything was clear now; every suspicion the Demigods of the Xia Clan was explained. It was no wonder. A mere six years earlier, Xue Ying had destroyed the demon nests, and he now also discovered the locations of the five Demong Generals as well as that of the Demonic Faction Headquarters!

No wonder!


He could enter the void? He comprehended two grade two True Meanings? How long had he even cultivated for? The Demigods of the Xia Clan were not envious towards this young Saint Transcendent. Had the gap been smaller, it could have birthed a form of envy, but there had been no other person at his level in the entire history of the Xia Clan. Instead of envy, they felt pride and expectation. What sorts of achievements would this kind of peerless personage bring in the following hundreds of years?

“Palace Head Chen, I am facing against Elder Ao Lan and Monarch Qing Yang of the Beast Clan, as well as against an unidentified purple-haired woman. It appears they are targeting me. They have sealed the surrounding area, and I am unable to escape.” Xue Ying transmitted information on his situation as well as his position.

Almost simultaneously, Jing Qiu, Pu Yang Bo, Yuan Qing, Zhang Peng and Xi Dong also transmitted the same information.  

Palace Head Chen’s expression changed, his eyes tinged red with anger. He furiously roared, “Xue Ying is being besieged by the Beast Clan. We must immediately rush over to rescue him!”

“He’s being attacked?”

“Quickly! Let’s go!”

“We must save him!”

The Demigods of the Xia Clan were all anxious.

Hong long long~

Battleship D9 immediately made its move, forcibly tearing through space and speeding over to the location outside of Razor Wind City.


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