LXY Book 9: Chapter 21


Book 9: Chapter 21 – Despondence and Unwillingness

Xue Ying’s figure distorted as he left the Mirage to enter the real world. Immediately, the green-gray fog rushed back towards him while he rushed to meet it. The fog had, within moments, completely enveloped Xue Ying and formed a thick green-gray layer of armor. It protected every single part of his body, including his eyes which had turned green in color.

The green-armored protector was famous for its defensive ability. Like fog, it could gather and transform, turning into a layer of armor to protect a target. This ability was also the reason why Palace Head Chen had passed it on to Xue Ying.


The Sorcerer God’s saber pursued Xue Ying back into the real world, the distance between them rapidly getting shorter.


As the saber got closer, the suppressive binding force became stronger, and Xue Ying found it harder and harder to bear.

“Gold Devil, block it!” Xue Ying ordered before distorting and escaping into the Mirage once again.


The gold man was valiant beyond words as it directly rushed towards the lightning-fast Sorcerer God saber.


In a single exchange, the gold man had been struck in his chest and sent flying backwards! The gap between the two was too large—while the gold man’s offensive ability would rank him in the top three of the Demigod rankings, Elder Ao Lan was using the frightening Sorcerer God’s saber, which enabled him to display a might comparable to a true Deity! On top of that, Elder Ao Lan had even used a precious scroll to imbue additional power into the saber and further increase its might!

Both in the real world and in the Mirage…

Space itself had already solidified!

The unseen force could even directly shackle its target! The gold man had lost in but a single clash!

Ge ge ge, you Deity warrior, stop meddling in my business!”

With an evil laugh, the Spider Queen released countless strands of web in a mad attempt to shackle the movements of the gold man who had previously been launched flying backwards. The many strands of web began binding him, eventually turning him into a white cocoon. Inside, the gold man struggled and roared, but for the moment, he had no way of escaping.

In the Mirage.

Xue Ying was flying at high speed, trying his best to buy more time for himself. He could not take the time to worry about the gold man for the moment as, after all, no life form other than him could truly battle inside the Mirage! In fact, unless he brought them in himself, they could not even enter it! Thus, the gold man would not be able to fight by itself inside the Mirage and would, at most, be useful as a shield.

Even the green-armored protector could merely turn into an armor around Xue Ying’s body so he could follow him into the Mirage.

“Hahaha, Dong Bo Xue Ying, stop struggling!” Elder Ao Lan’s laughter reverberated inside the 100 kilometers wide isolated space.

The distance between the Sorcerer God’s saber and Xue Ying became closer and closer.

In the blink of an eye, it was already just 100 meters away from him! Its speed was, after all, faster than Xue Ying’s flying speed.


Xue Ying’s figure turned illusory.

Shua shua shua. One Xue Ying suddenly split into 10 different figures of him. All of them were wearing the green-gray armor and trying their best to escape.

“Interesting, interesting. There’s actually another, weaker life aura!” Elder Ao Lan borrowed the saber’s strength to sense the Mirage. With it, he could sense an aura other than the original Xue Ying’s, albeit weaker. Ultimately, these illusions were completely unable to befuddle the Sorcerer God’s saber.

After grasping hold of the True Meaning of Mirage, he could hide his body inside the Mirage and kill his enemies without his true body even having to act. Instead, he could use a ‘Mirage Avatar’ to go for the kill.

And amongst those illusions, one was a Mirage Avatar!

The ten Xue Ying’s were all escaping, yet the Sorcerer God did not even hesitate as it chased after his true body!

I actually couldn’t deceive that saber. Xue Ying’s expression slightly shifted as the Mirage Avatar took the initiative to clash against the saber.


The Mirage Avatar wielded the Stellar Fire Cloud Spear in an attempt to defend against the Sorcerer God’s saber.

Si la–

As the Sorcerer God’s saber went past it, the previously formed Mirage Avatar, as well as the Stellar Fire Cloud Spear, had both completely shattered, unable to even affect its speed.

Even though I might only be at the first realm stage of the True Meaning of Mirage with the Mirage Avatar’s combat power ultimately being equivalent to an entry point Demigod, it actually couldn’t even affect the saber’s speed! Xue Ying had no more ways of escape and decided to just get rid of the illusions. Holding onto the Stellar Fire Cloud Spear, he turned around to defend against the saber.


The spear turned.

Hong long~ Like the turning of the stars and earth, Xue Ying’s spear revolved as it used the mystical laws in an attempt to defend against the Sorcerer God’s saber. Not daring to directly clash against it, Xue Ying tried his best to instead lead the saber away.


The saber clashed against the spear.

The gold man with his offensive power in the top three of the Demigod rankings had been launched backwards with just a single move, much less to say the Stellar Fire Cloud Spear even with it containing the True Meaning of Star! He did not directly clash against it, but just like a small rabbit couldn’t resist against the fierce wind tearing from the movements of a Titanic Dragon, Xue Ying—whose might using his spear techniques wasn’t even in the top ten of the Demigod rankings—couldn’t even slightly affect the Sorcerer God’s saber as it continued flying his way.

The Stellar Fire-Cloud Spear was immediately pushed to the side.

Pu! The saber stabbed into Xue Ying’s chest.

Pu pu pu–

The green armor’s surface was truly sturdy, but the saber continued to forcibly pierce it even though its might had been cut in half.

Even a peak stage Demigod expert could forget about piercing the green-gray armor, yet the Sorcerer God’s saber was so powerful that even after piercing it and having its might cut in half in the process, it still continued piercing into the next layer of protection.

And that was the layer of toughness and life energy!

Purple Thunder Protection! Xue Ying became nervous upon receiving the impact. Being forced into such a desperate situation, he had long since activated the protection ring—one of the two life-saving treasures received from Palace Head Chen. This ring was refined by the Purple Thunder Emperor after he became a Deity, and once it was activated, it immediately turned into a Purple Thunder Protection Wall.

It could match the might of a full-strength attack from the Purple Thunder Emperor! A full-strength move from a Deity would normally have an incredible power, and the Purple Thunder Emperor had became a Deity with a third rank Deity Heart. He was truly formidable.

A Demigod would need about the time it takes to brew a cup of tea in order to consume the entire energy of this Purple Thunder Protection Wall. But right now, it was under the attacks of the Sorcerer God’s saber.

Even with the green armor shaving off half its energy, it could still reach the power of an initial stage Deity.

Pu~ As the saber was thrust into the Purple Thunder Protection Wall, Xue Ying’s expression immediately changed. Within moments, a huge amount of energy had been consumed as the Purple Thunder surged to meet it. Less than 10% of its energy was consumed. With this power, it will only take a bit over 10 strikes of this saber to deplete the energy of the Purple Thunder Protection Wall!

He could actually defend himself from the attack?

Through his control of the saber, Elder Ao Lan could clearly feel a force blocking the saber.

He revealed a cold grin. Hmph, the Sorcerer God’s saber was going to be used in the initial plan. Now, with the additional power from the precious scroll, it has become even more tyrannical. I don’t believe that his protection treasure can withstand more than a few of its attacks!





Inside the Mirage, the saber’s power continuously surged, emitting an oppressive might which suppressed Xue Ying’s speed to a minimum. He had no way of defending himself from the Sorcerer God’s saber and could only depend on the green-armored protector and the Purple Thunder Protection Wall to directly face its attacks..

Chi—every single strike pierced through the green armor and struck the Purple Thunder Wall, continuously depleting the energy left behind by the Purple Thunder Emperor.

I actually can’t resist this Sorcerer God’s saber being controlled by Elder Ao Lan at all. Xue Ying looked outside the Mirage. The gold man who had been previously turned into a cocoon was currently struggling, but was he not in the same situation? No matter what he tried, he still ended up being pierced by the Sorcerer God’s saber, time and time again. The gold man’s body was indestructible, but for how long could he hold on?


He had no solution. His current direct combat power was not even ranked in the top ten of the Demigod rankings! And today, even his method of escaping into the Mirage had been restrained. What else could he even do?


Outside Razor Wind City.

The towering Battleship D9 hovered in mid-air as the group of Xia Clan Demigods were doing their utmost to break the arrays. Hong long long~

Jing Qiu, Pu Yang Bo, Yu Feng and Yuan Qing were watching from afar and could only hope for the best as they, filled with anxiety, watched helplessly.

“Quick!” Palace Head Chen roared.

“Palace Head Chen.” All of a sudden, Palace Head Chen received a transmission through his communication wristband. “I cannot hold on any longer. I’m afraid I might not be able to escape from this predicament this time around. I’ve left behind a recording on the communication wristband of my Qi Avatar. If I truly am to die, I hope you can pass it on to my family and Jing Qiu.”

They were just a few words…yet they were filled with dejection and helplessness.

“Dong Bo Xue Ying, I will definitely save you! Definitely!” Palace Head Chen seemed to have turned mad.


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