LXY Book 9: Chapter 22


Book 9: Chapter 22 – Outsider

On Battleship D9, Place Head Chen glanced sideways at Mountain Lord He. At the moment, Mountain Lord He was doing his best to control the entire ship.

“Mountain Lord He.” Palace Head Chen turned towards him. “Xue Ying is reaching his limits!”

Mountain Lord He’s expression changed drastically.

It was too fast. So fast, in fact, that they could do nothing. Elder Ao Land had just started using the Sorcerer God’s saber, yet Xue Ying had already become unable to hold on?


“These arrays are very difficult to break, though. My Xia Clan Demigods have already done their best.” Mountain Lord He was anxious. “But Xue Ying… We can’t just watch Xue Ying die!”

“Indeed, we can’t! We can’t hold back; we must save him whatever the cost!” Palace Head Chen nodded. “I’ve brought some Clan Protection Treasures from the Infernal Palace, and I’ve also contacted that outsider.”

“Outsider?” Mountain Lord He was stunned. “Him?”

“We will accept his conditions! After all, his comprehension of the realms is higher than ours, and his horizons are broader. Hopefully, he will be able to help us break the arrays as soon as possible. ”

“Mn.” Mountain Lord He nodded.

Palace Head Chen and Mountain Lord He felt complex emotions regarding this young Transcendent, Xue Ying.

He rose up with a grace so frightening and dazzling, and his innate talent was undoubtedly ranked one in the entire history of the Xia Clan.

Not only did his frightening innate talent reach an exaggerated stage, he had also put all of his effort into helping the Xia Clan and brought contributions of unprecedented levels! Even just the destruction of the Demonic Faction Headquarters and the fleshy body of the Great Demonic God…was enough to overshadow all of those Deities in the history of the Xia Clan. He had put in so much effort for the sake of his clan, yet the clan did not even get a chance to repay him.

Whether due to his enormous innate talent or for the sake of the debt they owed him…they would save him from this predicament!


On an island situated on the ocean, there was an extravagant, county-sized city. Many of the mortals who spent their lives in this city were either drunk or busy working for their families. None of them were aware of this battle the Xia Clan Transcendents were currently in.

A white-haired old man was sitting by a roadside store, eating a freshly baked, still piping-hot plain bun, and watching the people walk by on this prosperous street.

Beside him was a teenager sending strange looks towards his clan master. Was this ordinary bun so sumptuous? Did his master, with his world-shocking combat power, actually enjoy eating this so much?

The white-haired old man had a calm look, albeit with a tinge of loneliness within.

Suddenly, he received a transmission, “Meishan Clan Master. I am the Palace Head of the Xia Clan Infernal Palace.”

“Palace Head Chen?” The lonely old man was startled.

“A Transcendent of my Xia Clan, Xue Ying, is currently surrounded by the Beast Clan and is in an extremely dangerous situation! There are many arrays set around his position which would take my Xia Clan too much time to break. Therefore, we seek your help. As per our previous discussions, if you are willing to act…my Xia Clan will provide you with all the information we have on the Crimson Rock Mountain,” Palace Head Chen transmitted.

This old man was an outsider who, as soon as he arrived in the mortal world, contacted the Xia Clan and met up with Palace Head Chen, all for the sake of obtaining relevant on the Crimson Rock Mountain.

It must be known that generation after generation, the Demigods of the Xia Clan whose combat powers were large enough and had reached the limits of their lifespans would receive information regarding the existence of the Crimson Rock Mountain! Leaving behind their Qi Avatars in the outer world, their true bodies would enter the Crimson Rock Mountain and gamble their lives inside!

The Crimson Rock Mountain was filled with so many dangers that most of the weaker experts would just end up dying as soon as they entered it.

There had always been about two or three experts entering it every generation, and they were usually on the level of Mountain Lord He, Si Kong Yang, or Chao Qing! After condensing his True Deity Heart, Chao Qing had just reached the border of approval required by the Xia Clan!

For the past million years…a number of people had tried their luck during every generation of about three thousand years. During that time, the Qi Avatars they left behind in the outside world recorded huge amounts of information! The Xia Clan had thus stored an incredible amount of relevant information on the Crimson Rock Mountain, and that was exactly what this lonely old man, Meishan Clan Master, wanted really badly. That information was, however, regarded as a precious treasure by the Xia Clan. How could they be willing to so easily give hand it over to an outsider?

The Meishan Clan Master was indeed powerful, but if the Xia Clan was provoked too much and ended up using all their strength and Clan Protection Treasures, even he would end up with a headache. That led to the current situation where each side remained neutral to the other.

“You’ll give me relevant information on the Crimson Rock Mountain?” The spirits of this lonely old man were instantly lifted. “Where is this Dong Bo Xue Ying?”

“This is the location.” Palace Head Chen immediately transmitted the coordinates over to him. “You must hurry! Dong Bo Xue Ying can’t hold on for much longer!”

“Wait for me here.”

The lonely old man stood up. Hu–

His figure distorted, and as the space before him turned water-like, he directly tunneled through it and disappeared.


A few seconds later.

Just outside of Razor-Wind City, the enormous Battleship D9 was floating in mid-air while the Demigods of the Xia Clan were doing their best to assault the heavy arrays. Under the many heavy arrays, Elder Ao Lan’s Magic Avatar was sneering.


Space started rippling like the surface of water before the lonely old man appeared.

“So quick!” Sitting on the battleship, Palace Head Chen and Mountain Lord He were both shocked. They had just requested this outsider’s help, yet he actually already arrived? According to their knowledge, this outsider usually spent his time in a county-sized city on an island in the middle of the ocean. For him to arrive here from such a distance, his speed should have been even faster than when piercing through space after tearing it apart.

“Meishan Clan Master.” Palace Head Chen immediately left the ship and went over to the old man’s side. All of the other Demigods had also already noticed this unfamiliar Demigod, but since Palace Head Chen had personally come to meet him, they no longer questioned it.

“Such formidable arrays.” The lonely old man investigated the set of heavy arrays. Ripples in space formed everywhere his vision turned to as he investigated every single set of arrays.

The thunder and fire arrays were vast and mighty, while the dark clouds floating in the skies continuously accumulated more thunder.

“How is it?” Palace Head Chen was anxious.

“An isolated world?” The lonely old man looked into the distance before continuing his transmission, “For the sake of killing Dong Bo Xue Ying, they are even willing to use a treasure to isolate the world? That’s already a method used for Deities. This Dong Bo Xue Ying of your Xia Clan sure is capable. Of those four within, Elder Ao Lan, and Monarch Qing Yang should be ranked third and fourth on your Demigod rankings, right? As for the other ones, that should be the Spider Queen from your records, and there is even a Deity warrior. So many experts, treasures and arrays…and all for the sake of killing a single young Transcendent.”

At this moment, he could guess that this Xue Ying was most likely the expert he had seen walking inside the Mirage back then.

“Are you able to break the arrays?” Palace Head Chen anxiously transmitted over.

“I’m thinking, don’t rush me!” The lonely old man contemplated for a full ten seconds before replying, “I can only do my best to help you all. Most likely, with the prowess of your Xia Clan and my power, we would need about the time it takes to brew a cup of tea!”

“The time it takes to brew a cup of tea?” Palace Head Chen’s expression paled.

Indeed, this outsider could help…but that time was still too long!

As soon as Elder Ao Lan acted, Xue Ying could already no longer hold on. And now they needed the time it took to brew a cup of tea?

“Do you want me to act or not?” asked the lonely old man. “If you want my help, then give me the information first. Otherwise, I’ll be taking my leave right now.”

He was too used to watching life and death.

He had witnessed the deaths of countless people—many of them good friends, and even his true love, so the life or death of this Xue Ying he had not even met before meant next to nothing to him.

“Of course we’ll accept!” Palace Head Chen gritted his teeth before continuing his transmission, “You must do your best. My Xia Clan will absolutely never let you leave if you don’t!”

The lonely old man smiled slightly. “Having received the information, I will naturally do my best.”

Even though he could not just easily deal with the entire Xia Clan, he still had the certainty of keeping himself alive. But even so, this threat of Palace Head Chen’s…was enough for him to feel how much Xue Ying mattered to the Xia Clan.


In the 100 kilometers wide isolated world, inside the Mirage…


No matter what method Xue Ying used in trying to escape, they were all futile under the pursuit of the Sorcerer God’s saber! He could only passively withstand its attacks and to his best to resist them! Nevertheless, like a pitiful insect trapped in the web of a spider, he was doing his best to struggle free.


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  1. I did not see this coming! The thought of turning to the outsiders never crossed my mind, and I even more s didn’t think Meishan Clan Master would also get stuck. This is interesting xD

  2. Imagine how over powered someone would be if they knew both the True Meaning of Mirage and the True Meaning of Shadow. They could enter the mirage world, and then the shadow world of th mirage world, etc. They could hide themself infinitely deep.

  3. Thanks for the chapter!

    Haha! I feel vindicated because I commented in a previous chapter about this guy. It’s fun to make predictions even if they turn out the be wrong (which still happens a fair bit), but it’s even more fun when they turn out to be right. 🙂

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