LXY Book 9: Chapter 23


Book 9: Chapter 23 – Storage

Xue Ying wasn’t one to be afraid of death.

From a young age, he had always treated himself ruthlessly. For his brother’s sake, he even dared to enter the Mountain Range of Desolation to kill beasts! His temperament was formed when he was a teenager and had not changed at all. His heart, all the way down to its innermost part, was as sharp as a blade; he always did things decisively even if that meant having to disregard himself. Even in this life-or-death situation, he remained calm and had yet to give up on a chance of survival. But even so, he was vaguely aware in his mind that this time around, it really might be too difficult for him to escape!

His parents had his little brother to take care of, who had long since become mature; Xue Ying wasn’t worried for him. Instead, he felt that the person he owed the most to was Jing Qiu!

Jing Qiu had always accompanied Xue Ying—from Scarlet Mountain World and all the way to Snowrock Castle—and they never tried to forcibly push their relationship forward. Instead, they slowly learned about each other to the point that either of them could understand what was in the other’s heart with a single look in their eyes, without even needing to speak. It was just that…he had yet to officially become a couple with Jing Qiu. Previously, he hadn’t been too anxious to do so since they were both relatively young Transcendents. But now, it seemed like there wasn’t enough time. 


“Jing Qiu, I’m sorry!” Xue Ying said to himself.


“Killing me, Dong Bo Xue Ying, won’t be that easy!” Xue Ying’s eyes burned with madness as if the flame of his life had just been ignited. He brandished his Stellar Fire Cloud Spear in an attempt to parry.

A turn of his spear seemed like the rotation of the earth and the stars!

He was defeated?

His spear moved lightning-fast as he used his Extreme Piercing to parry the incoming attacks! But the Sorcerer God saber was so powerful that its power could simply not be suppressed. Although Xue Ying’s spear techniques were improving even now, it was still ultimately useless. Even if his True Meanings of Extreme Piercing, Star and Mirage were to all deepen to the peak of the stage one realm, they would still not be enough for Xue Ying to be able to withstand the attacks of this Sorcerer God’s saber. There was just too big of a disparity between the two parties!

Pu! Tyrannical as ever, the Sorcerer God’s saber forcibly penetrated through the Deity warrior now in the form of the green armor and pierced into a layer of protective fluid, dissipating part of this fluid’s strength.

Half of this protective treasure’s energy is now gone, Xue Ying thought. The energy of the protective purple thunder treasure had long since been exhausted. Fortunately, he had obtained countless treasures from the Demonic Faction back when he killed the High Priest! He had previously discussed with Palace Head Chen about splitting the treasures when the matter with the Demonic Faction would conclude, but who would have thought that he would be attacked so soon after sending Pu Yang Bo back.

The treasures which would be destroyed had already been taken care of. Other than those, there were also some Deity weapons he couldn’t use, large amounts of Demigod treasures, Saint weapons and so on, and there were even some unique treasures. For example, a powerful array that could be used once to produce an effect similar to the protective purple thunder.

Since the High Priest had gotten rid of all the treasures he could destroy, there were only six protective treasures Xue Ying could use in the entire storage he had obtained.

Just six?

A formidable treasure at the level of the protective purple thunder could protect him for a mere ten seconds! Even if controlling the Sorcerer God’s saber inside the Mirage was quite tiring for Elder Ao Lan, the protective purple thunder had still only withstood attacks for ten seconds. For how long could six other treasures protect him? Xue Ying’s observations led him to believe that these six treasures were on about the same level with the protective purple thunder, some stronger, some weaker!

“Xue Ying, you must hold on for a bit longer. After the time it takes to brew a cup of tea, we can break the arrays and we’ll be certain to save you! We’re doing our best to shorten that amount of time, but you must hold on!” Palace Head Chen transmitted to Xue Ying’s Qi Avatar.

“The time it takes to brew a cup of tea?” Xue Ying gritted his teeth.

Normally, the time it took to brew a cup of tea could be considered very short. At the moment, however, every single extra second he got was hard-earned. The time it took to brew a cup of tea? Not even half of that would have passed by the time his protective treasures ran out.


“Dong Bo Xue Ying is approaching us!” Elder Ao Lan used the strength of the Sorcerer God’s saber to sense his position. He discovered that after their assault, Xue Ying began moving closer to their position in the Mirage.

“Keep yourselves at a distance from him. He’s currently at his maddest,” Elder Ao Lan transmitted to the others. “He’s under the suppression of the Sorcerer God’s saber, so his flying speed is much slower than ours; as long as we keep flying away, he’ll never be able to catch up.”

Elder Ao Lan and Monarch Qing Yan, as well as the Spider Queen and the cold, black-robed female, continued flying, maintaining their distance from Xue Ying.


All of a sudden, a hand appeared out of the void and threw out a black bottle whose lid had already been removed. A black flame surged out of the bottle spreading a terrifying Yin coldness as it quickly diffused in every direction. In the blink of an eye, the entire 100-kilometer wide isolated world was engulfed in these black flames.

“That is a demonic magic from the Abyss.” Elder Ao Lan frowned.

“Those Demonic Faction pieces of trash! Instead of helping, they actually let the Xia Clan acquire their treasures.” Monarch Qing Yan coldly snorted. “This demonic spell isn’t under anyone’s control. With its power being spread over 100 kilometers, I can even block it by myself. Had it instead been controlled by an expert cultivating Dark Demonic Energy, it might have been powerful enough to force us into hiding inside our flying ship.”

Monarch Qing Yang stood in place releasing his Transcendent Qi mightily like a surging wave. The Qi spread out in every direction, protecting the entire 100-kilometer wide area! The black flames were unable to permeate through it.


Inside the Mirage, Xue Ying frowned upon seeing how easy it was for Elder Ao Lan and the others to block the demonic spell.

He didn’t cultivate Dark Demonic Energy, so he could only release the flames from the bottle. Without the ability to actually control them, he was helpless to do anything when Monarch Qing Yan easily defended against them.

It’s a pity that this was the only offensive treasure among the ones I acquired from the Demonic Faction. Xue Ying shook his head inwardly. He was aware that among the more powerful offensive treasures, the majority were actually the easily refined spell scrolls! These spell scrolls were the most easily destroyed. Not only that, even if he had gotten some of these scrolls, Xue Ying wasn’t a Transcendent mage, so he could not unleash their full potential.

The Sorcerer God’s saber truly is too strong for me to defend against! Elder Ao Lan and the rest are much weaker by comparison, yet I couldn’t even manage against them. Even if Elder Ao Lan ends up killing me, he’ll probably have some way of escaping from the Demigods of my Xia Clan, which means he probably has a number of protective treasures on him. All things considered, killing either Elder Ao Lan or the others wouldn’t be easy to accomplish! Xue Ying understood this, so he thought he might as well throw the Abyss Demonic Flame since he had it. If he truly was going to die, wouldn’t all those treasures just end up in the hands of Elder Ao Lan and the rest? At the very least, him throwing it out served to momentarily halt them.

Hong! Hong! Hong!

Again and again, the Sorcerer God’s saber attacked with great might.

Second after second passed… 

Xue Ying barely defended himself against the attacks using the green armor and the protective treasures from the Demonic Faction.

These protective treasures can’t hold on for much longer. Very soon, I’ll have to depend on a Demigod Robe, Xue Ying thought. I have to change into a better one.

His current protective robe was obtained from the Water Daoist Faction using contribution points. It was a mid-grade Demigod rank treasure—the Water-Fire Cloud Robe!

As a treasure at the mid-grade Demigod rank, it could merely be considered ordinary.

Back when he exterminated the Demon bases, he had killed a rank five black-robed demon whose robe had been able to protect every single part of his body. It was much more formidable than this Water-Fire Cloud Robe. But it was pierced by the Stellar Fire Cloud Spear, leaving a hole in it and turning it into damaged goods.

Top-grade Demigod rank armor. Xue Ying immediately passed the items through this filter.  He had obtained the entire storage of the Demonic Faction, and Demigod treasures of this kind were the hardest to damage, so most of them ended up with Xue Ying.

There was a huge pile of top-grade Demigod rank treasures.


Wearing a top-grade Demigod rank armor might not allow him to escape with his life, but it could still enhance his hopes of survival.

With a thought, Xue Ying unequipped his Water-Fire Cloud Robe and replaced it with a new robe atop his skin. It was a full-body purple-gold robe able to completely protect every single weak zone.

“Xue Ying!” Xue Ying suddenly received a wave inside his mind.

“Ancestor warrior.” Xue Ying immediately understood that he was conversing with the green-armored protector.

“Before you change into another robe, I want to remind you…this sort of fully-sealed Demigod robe has a soft texture and will stick onto your body, defending you from piercing attacks! But this sort of treasure is not very effective when it comes to protecting you from the following impact. It would weaken 10 to 20 percent of the incoming impact at best,” the green-armored protected transmitted. “The Sorcerer God’s saber was once owned by the Sorcerer God and is much stronger than ordinary Deity weapons. Although it might not manage to pierce through that Demigod robe of yours after its force is reduced, the impact followed by the strike would likely cause your entire body to shatter and even blast you to smithereens at the level of particles!”

Xue Ying’s expression changed.

Indeed, he understood this point. But at the very least, this Demigod treasure was better than his Water-Fire Cloud Robe.

“Does that mean I should change to a hard armor?” Xue Ying transmitted.

Demigod armors were usually refined using precious materials and were extremely durable. Their shapes were fixed and could allow for minor adjustments at most. They were extremely formidable in terms of defense, but they were usually filled with many gaps and some even revealed his throat which meant they couldn’t protect his body in its entirety.

“These fixed-shape armors may be able to shave about 70 to 80 percent of the impact force. They don’t cover your entire body though, so the Sorcerer God’s saber would most likely kill you before they even get the chance to protect you.”

“You’re certain to die if you wear either of those two types of protective gear!” the green-armored protect transmitted. “Outside those two major categories, however, are some unique Demigod treasures.”

To protect certain regions of one’s body?

To protect every single part of his body?

Those were the two most commonly seen categories.


The green-armored protector transmitted, “That’s right. You must find a treasure that can protect your body in its entirety while also reducing the force of impacts. In the Deity World, I have seen some types of armor plant-like in their behavior! They were able to provide the best parts of either category. Try searching for one in the storage of Demigod treasures left behind in the Demonic Faction Headquarters. If you can find one, you might actually have a chance of surviving!”


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  1. The author is obliged to indicate where the energy comes from for the saber. Ao Lana should have already flattened or exploded from the transmitted volume of energy and not just “a bit tedious to use.” Else this is the great joke: has already been destroyed, seven defense treasures of which are enough to protect from the higher demigods, while the blow goes in the mirage (only 60% of the force) and passes through the green armor (minus 50% of the force). If you summarize the volume consumed, then a rough calculation of 7 * 2 * 1.6 = 22.4 volumes of energy that are required for the demigod within a cup of tea time to break through the protective treasure. Where does this energy come from? The effect of the star is not added to the calculation, which will at least double or even triple the required energy

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