LXY Book 9: Chapter 24


Book 9: Chapter 24 – Piercing Through

Although there was a huge pile of Demigod rank armors and robes, Xue Ying made his decision really quickly. In just three seconds, he had already decided on a unique armor.

It was gold in color and was covered with a vague, invisible seal!


His Transcendent Qi immediately went to work on refining the armor. He then stored away his previous robe, exchanging it for this golden armor.


The armor flowed like liquid metal as it stuck to Xue Ying’s skin, completely covering his body within moments. Covering his body, the flowing metal stuck to Xue Ying’s skin. A layer of gold shrouded even his pupils, turning them golden in color as well!

“The Demonic Faction actually had a set of flowing metal armor! This is fabulous!” Even the green-armored protector became excited.

The Demonic Faction, with their roots having grown so deep in the Xia Clan World, indeed had an extraordinary foundation; otherwise, it would have been impossible for their storage to contain such a rare armor.

I would have never thought the Demonic Faction would own such a treasure. Maybe there’s still hope for me to escape from going to the heavens. Xue Ying began once more facing forward with hopes of escape.


Second after second passed.

The incoming attacks of the Sorcerer God’s saber pierced through the green armor, but its force dissipated with every advanced inch due to a protective glow which flowed outside Xue Ying’s body.

“This is the final item.” Xue Ying began feeling inwardly anxious.

That had been the sixth and final protective treasure he found in the storage of the Demonic Faction, as well as the last of the protective items inside his ring.

Soundlessly and without a warning, the flowing glow completely dissipated!

“It’s coming.”

Xue Ying stared at that Sorcerer God saber being thrust towards him once again. The invisible suppressive force it generated affected his entire body, greatly reducing his movement speed. 

Wielding his Stellar Fire Cloud Spear, Xue Ying decided to act even though he knew it would not affect the incoming attack in the least. Every single small interference he could cause on the Sorcerer God saber would be another slight advantage as well as a slight increase in his chance of surviving.

I must… I must… withstand it! Xue Ying’s eyes were filled with an intense desire for survival.


The Sorcerer God’s saber once again clashed onto the Stellar Fire Cloud Spear with the might of a Deity and immediately pierced into the green armor! In the form of the green armor, the Deity warrior shaved off half the power of the Sorcerer God’s saber, but despite the huge decrease…the remaining power was still at the level of a newly emerged Deity! Even the Purple Thunder Protection could merely withstand 16 attacks from it.

Would the peak-grade Demigod rank flowing metal treasure from the Demonic Faction be able to resist this attack?


It would be very difficult. The Sorcerer God’s saber directly thrust into the armor.

But what was a flowing metal armor? Its fundamental nature of perpetual flowing made it so that an attack against it would be akin to a sword slashing into water only for the water to more vigorously resist. The armor being punctured did not matter as the saber did not completely penetrate the armor!

The armor did its utmost to absorb the remaining force of the saber, rapidly decreasing its strength as it forced its way in.

But the flowing metal armor was ultimately a single layer!


The Sorcerer God’s saber completely pierced through the armor and into Xue Ying’s body!


In mid-air, outside of Razor Wind City…

Jing Qiu, Pu Yang Bo, Yuan Qing, Yu Feng, Zhang Peng and Xi Dong were all watching from afar; with their weak combat powers, they would not be of any help.

“Disciple Sister Yu, Disciple Brother Xue Ying will certainly be fine. His combat power is amazing, and our Xia Clan is sure to have long since given him some protective treasures. The Beast Clan won’t be able to kill him,” Zhang Peng said. By the side, Yu Feng and the others were nervous. From the moment the news of Xue Ying eradicating the five demon bases and grasping hold of a grade two True Meaning had spread, they could guess that the Xia Clan would have definitely given him a protective treasure. Could the Beast Clan not know about it?

Elder Ao Lan teamed up with Monarch Qing Yan and the Spider Queen, and today, they even set down the layers of heavy arrays to obstruct the attacks of the Xia Clan Transcendents, all for the sake of killing Xue Ying! How could they not be fully prepared?

They all understood this point, but they were unwilling to accept the reality of it.

“Disciple Brother Xue Ying will be fine.” Jing Qiu looked upwards and in the distance. “He will definitely be fine. He hasn’t even married me yet!”

“Ai!” Pu Yang Bo gritted his teeth as he also turned to look in the distance. He hated it. He hated the fact that his combat power wasn’t good enough.

“Disciple Brother Xue Ying.” Mumbling to himself, Yuan Qing also looked towards the distance. There were signs of tears forming in his eyes.


Within the heavy set of arrays, in the 100-kilometer wide isolated world.

The Abyss Demonic Flame had fully dissipated.

This Dong Bo Xue Ying can actually resist the Sorcerer God’s saber for so long? Damn, if he were in the real world, I’d have killed him long ago! Elder Ao Lan thought. Inside the Mirage, the difficulty of controlling the saber rocketed, making it so he could only display 60% of its original power! From the beginning and to this moment, the saber had attacked Xue Ying time and time again.

In truth, 60% was just its starting power. After having its power halved by the green armor, its remaining power peaked at a mere 30%! But even with just 30%, its power was comparable to an initial stage Deity’s.

“This Xia Clan is mad. Truly and completely mad! They won’t stop at anything.” Elder Ao Lan observed what was happening outside; he saw the crazy mad Si Kong Yang’s body emitting a flame dazzling like the sun. He was even brighter than the sun in the sky as he attacked the arrays with fierceness. “They even brought out the Clan Protection treasure, the Nine Dragon Fire Deity Armor.”

“Great Elder, the Xia Clan is breaking the arrays at an even faster rate than at the beginning. They have already broken through three of the twelve sets,” the Spider Queen anxiously shrieked. “You still haven’t killed Dong Bo Xue Ying? The moment these twelve arrays are broken through, we’ll have to escape.”

“He’s merely a Saint borrowing the force of external treasures. I don’t believe he’ll be able to hold on for much longer!” Elder Ao Lan revealed an expression of joy just as he began saying that.

Using the Sorcerer’ God’s saber, he could clearly sense and feel…

The saber had pierced through.

It instantly penetrated every obstacle. Even with its power having rapidly decreased, it ultimately still pierced into a fleshy body.

“Success!” Elder Ao Lan was ecstatic.

“Success?” Monarch Qing Yan, Spider Queen and the black-robed female all looked towards his direction.

“The Sorcerer God’s saber has just pierced into Dong Bo Xue Ying’s body.” Elder Ao Lan let his excitement be seen. “As long as he’s been pierced, there’s no chance he will not end up dying!”


In the Mirage.

Xue Ying had a single enemy to face here—the Sorcerer God’s saber!

The saber truly was too fast. Although it might seem like it took a long time, everything happened in the blink of an eye! Shua, the saber penetrated the green-armored protector and the flowing metal armor. Although he had just been pierced, Xue Ying let out a sigh of relief. Fortunately, the formidable power has mostly been exhausted. The remaining part couldn’t destroy my body.

In the Mirage, the Sorcerer God saber had only 60% of its original power.

The green armor had shaved off half.

The flowing metal armor had completely obstructed the entire attack, leaving behind just a tiny bit.

Xiu. After it pierced through, the Sorcerer God’s saber was pulled back with lightning speed.

“This…” After just having let out a sigh of relief, Xue Ying’s expression suddenly changed.

After piercing into his thigh, the Sorcerer God’s saber released a strand of mysterious poison which circulated throughout Xue Ying’s body and even began permeating into his Dantian Qi sea. It must be known that the Dantian Qi sea was not visible to the naked eyes. Usually, the Dantian Qi sea would not be destroyed even if the fleshy body was to be shattered. Yet this mysterious poison had actually permeated into it with relative ease.

The Transcendent Qi inside the Dantian Qi sea was vast and mighty and it instinctively rushed to defend against the poison. But it was futile; the mysterious poison continued its invasion!

This was not, however, the fatal part of the attack.

The worst part was that the mysterious poison actually invaded every single cell within his muscles and flesh, down to the most fundamental particles of his fleshy body.


Even his skull had been invaded, his eyes and brain instantly destroyed.

“Ahhhhhh!” An unprecedented agony washed over him; even his soul was trembling. At the moment, the poison had reached his skull, but his soul had not yet been affected. It was just that the pain caused by the mysterious poison was too intense. Xue Ying was in such anguish that he almost lost his consciousness. I must keep myself conscious. I must hold on and resist. I must resist.

If he were to lose his consciousness, the flowing metal armor would no longer have any Transcendent Qi operating it, thus losing its mystical power. More importantly, the moment he turned unconscious, he would be ejected from the Mirage and enter the real world.

I must remain awake! Xue Ying roared.

His soul was howling and screeching.

The mysterious poison invaded his body down to the most fundamental layer of particles. He tried to repel it but was unable to.

He could feel but no fight against the poison. It pervaded into every single part of his body, leaving only his soul untouched. But even so, the pain it caused was so great that even with his willpower, Xue Ying could have never even imagined such intensity. Still, he was doing his best to maintain a strand of consciousness.

It’s damaging my body.

After being imbued with this mysterious poison, the particles forming his body began taking damage. Xue Ying immediately used his life force, enabling the particles to restore themselves…

I have to hold on!

This mysterious poison is truly frightening, but the rate at which it can destroy particles is much slower.

If an expert attacked, that single move of his would shatter every single particle of the body.

If shattered for more than ten times, the undying body’s life force would no longer be able to support the body.

As it gradually permeated his body, the mysterious poison was also destroying the particles, but at a slower rate than the body being completely shattered.

I must maintain my consciousness, to remain awake. I can depend on my undying body’s power of recovery to surpass the rate of damage! Xue Ying was gritting his teeth. His undying body made it so he could recover his life force. It could only be consumed through the continuous destruction of his entire body in a short period of time. In the case of this poison, the undying body was able to hold on.

As long as I remain awake, I’ll be able to live until the Xia Clan breaks through.

I have to stay awake!

Xue Ying felt a pain beyond any other; his soul roared and shouted over and over again. He was doing his best to hold on further.

What he had yet to find out… 

Was just how terrifying the mysterious poison actually was!


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