LXY Book 9: Chapter 25


Book 9: Chapter 25 – The Fall

Elder Ao Lan was brimming with confidence.

He began explaining, “As long as he’s pierced, he’ll certainly end up dead! This Dong Bo Xue Ying is merely a human Saint; he shouldn’t have an undying body! Once he’s been pierced by the Sorcerer God’s saber, the terrifying poison will spread throughout his entire body, causing his vulnerable locations such as his brain to shatter. Then, he’ll—”


Elder Ao Lan’s expression changed.


With the help of the Sorcerer God’s saber, he could sense that Xue Ying’s aura within the Mirage was, albeit in chaos, still there.

“He didn’t die?” Elder Ao Lan didn’t dare believe such a thing. “That’s the poison of the Sorcerer God! That’s the grand Sorcerer God’s area of expertise! Being imbued with even a slight amount of the saber’s poison should be enough to kill him.”

“Is it possible that he has an undying body?” said Monarch Qing Yan. “According to our intelligence reports, he has awakened his Primordial Bloodline while he was still a mortal. Perhaps he has already cultivated an Undying Body?”

Elder Ao Lan was doubtful. “Did he have the one million kilograms of Origin Stones needed to cultivate one?”

“Hmph. Even if he does have an Undying Body, it’s still futile!” Elder Ao Lan’s eyes were filled with killing intent. This is still the poison of the Sorcerer God. It just seems like the amount that previously entered his body is not enough. He should die faster once there’s more. Logically, even an ordinary Demigod would lose their consciousness after being stabbed once, yet this Dong Bo Xue Ying is still able to hold on? His soul seems resolute. There’s no wonder he’s the most capable Transcendent of the Xia Clan, but killing such a Transcendent will bring me even greater joy.

In the Mirage.

The Sorcerer God’s saber assaulted Xue Ying once more.

Even his soul was trembling due to the incredible pain. Xue Ying was doing his best to remain awake, but he could not even brandish his Stellar Fire Cloud Spear anymore.

After invading every single cell of his body, the mysterious poison proceeded to gradually destroy his particles. At the same time, the particles were regenerating without pause.

Xue Ying’s entire figure was thus still complete and had yet to truly start disintegrating. 


The Sorcerer God’s saber pierced through the green-armored protector as well as the flowing metal armor and had its force shaved off accordingly. Even so, it continued its path, piercing Xue Ying and sending another strand of cold Yin to invade his body. It was none other than the mysterious poison! With that, the mysterious poison inside Xue Ying’s body was strengthened, speeding up the process of corrosion in his body as well as increasing the intensity of the pain transmitted to his soul.

Xue  Ying was not afraid of the pain and remained determined to maintain his consciousness, however—

This isn’t good. The poison is starting to corrode my body even quicker. Xue Ying was anxious.

Hong hong hong!

The saber kept stabbing him again and again, until it reached a total of seven strikes. By then, the mysterious poison inside Xue Ying’s body had reached maximum potency and further stabs would no longer improve its concentration.

At that moment, however, the destruction caused by the poison became so frighteningly fast that the life force regeneration granted by Xue Ying’s Undying Body could no longer catch up to it. He could only consume the life force inherent to his body!

Ahhhh~ I must hold on. I have to persevere until the arrays are broken. As long as I get to see Palace Head Chen and the rest, I’ll be able to survive! Xue Ying’s soul was trembling. It looked at the distant arrays outside of the 100-kilometer wide isolated world being attacked. He waited; he trusted that with the foundation of the Xia Clan, as long as he kept his life through this ordeal, he would certainly survive.


Elder Ao Lan’s expression turned ugly.

“How is it, Grand Elder?”

“Is Dong Bo Xue Ying dead?” Monarch Qing Yan and Spider Queen were both distressed. It was their mission to kill Xue Ying.

“Rest assured, there shouldn’t be any issue. The Sorcerer God’s poison inside his body has reached maximum potency, and it’s also incurable.” Elder Ao Lan overflowed with confidence. “I wonder…just how is he able to keep his consciousness with the poison at its maximum potency? The Sorcerer God previously told me that when he tested it out on Demigods, 99 out of 100 immediately crumbled apart and lost their consciousness. But he actually managed to remain awake?”

He had no doubts about the power of the the Sorcerer God he revered.

Why was the Sorcerer God known by that name?

It was his speciality in hex poisons that eventually led to him being called ‘Sorcerer God’!

Even the poison imbued into his saber was this frightening.

Hong hong~ Eight of the arrays had been breached.

“Open for me!” Si Kong Yang was dazzling like a sun and incomparably crazy.

“Break!” The lonely old man was by his side, acting with every opportunity.

Hong long long~ The ninth array was broken through!

Second passed after second.

The tenth was broken through!

“Has he not died yet?” Monarch Qing Yan anxiously asked.

“That’s…he has an Undying Body and formidable life force.” Elder Ao Lan felt rather awkward. “I’ve never before met a human who could cultivate and Undying Body as a Saint. Even if he did previously awaken his Primordial Bloodline, he would have still needed a million kilograms of Origin Stones. Where did he get all of those? Even so, you can both rest assured. Regardless of his Undying Body, he’ll still end up dying eventually since he’s been poisoned with the Sorcerer God’s poison. It’s just a question of when; that Undying Body of his will merely give him a bit more time.”

The only thing he could do was watch. After all, they could merely control the Sorcerer God’s saber inside the Mirage, not enter it themselves.

“The 11th array’s been breached,” the Spider Queen quietly said. “Prepare yourselves. We’ll immediately take our leave as soon as the 12th array is broken through.”


The Battleship D9 stood vast and mighty in mid-air. The Demigods were doing their best to coordinate their assault on the arrays. They had even torn apart a total of five precious Deity rank scrolls to attack them. The scrolls had to be used at the most opportune moments; if they were to be thrown blindly, their efficiency would be too low.

“I’ll attract the dark clouds of thunder, and then we’ll all break through in a single move.” The lonely old man, the Meishan Master, had indeed done his best, contributing a great deal to breaking the arrays. Of course, more important had been the relentless efforts of the Xia Clan which eventually allowed them to shorten the time they needed to break the arrays to a bit less than the estimated time needed to brew a cup of tea.

The Meishan Master extended his hands before plucking all ten of his fingers.

Without the interference of the other 11 arrays, the space around the final array forming the dark clouds of thunder started distorting. Soon, the equilibrium of the dark clouds had been broken.

Hong ka~

Countless streaks of thunder viciously erupted, blasting out in every direction.

Some of the lightning had even been directed into the arrays by the Magic Avatar of Elder Ao Lan.


The Xia Clan charged out with Battleship D9 at the forefront and the Demigods following closely behind in a frenzy.

Hong long long—

Amidst the rumbling heaven and rending earth, the final array was completely destroyed.

“Let’s go!” Although the isolated world remained, its fundamental purpose was merely to seal and obstruct Xue Ying. It could not withstand or obstruct the frenzied assault of the Xia Clan in the least. Furthermore, the treasure projecting this isolated world was too valuable to leave behind; its price actually comparable to the Sorcerer God’s saber. Elder Ao Lan had to bring it with him. 

An emerald flying ship appeared in the sky.

With a single thought, Elder Ao Lan ordered the Sorcerer God’s saber to return to him from inside the Mirage. After storing it, he entered the emerald flying ship along with the others.

Xiu! The ship rapidly rose in the air before making its escape with a terrifying speed of over 300 kilometers per second. The previous effect of world isolation had also disappeared.

The Battleship D9 charged into the 100-kilometer wide area.

There were Palace Head Chen, Si Kong Yang, Chi Qiu Bai, Chao Qing, City Lady Bu, Grand Elder Palace Head, and Gong Yu as well as many other Demigods of the Xia Clan. Even the Demigods from the Palace of the Earth God had arrived. This mighty group of Xia Clan Demigods even included the Meishan Master.

“Where is he?”

“Xue Ying?”

All of them looked around.


A figure wearing a thick green armor emerged from the Mirage. The green armor immediately transformed into fog before returning to the form of the green-armored protector. Xue Ying still worse the flowing metal armor. This golden armor stuck to his entire body, causing even his face and his irises to be gold in color. At the moment, Xue Ying looked like a sculpture made of gold.

“You’re here.” The edge of Xue Ying’s mouth lifted up slightly. He was trying his best to reveal a grin, though his vision was cast far away at a figure standing in mid-air—she was none other than a beautiful woman wearing a cerulean robe. His vision had naturally turned to the person he desired to see the most.


Having depended until moments ago on that frantic determination, Xue Ying let go of his resolve. In an instant, an earth-shaking pain overcame him and pushed him into unconsciousness.

Just like a metal sculpture, Xue Ying fell down from the sky.

“Xue Ying!”

“Xue Ying!”

The expressions on the faces of Palace Head Chen, Si Kong Yang, Chao Qing, and all the other Xia Clan Demigods all changed as they frantically rushed to him.


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