LXY Book 9: Chapter 28


Book 9: Chapter 28 – Save

The Transcendents present in the great hall watched with held breaths, hoping to hear that their ancestor, Purple Thunder Emperor, could treat Xue Ying. After all, their achievement of destroying the Demonic Faction Headquarters and annihilating the fleshy body of the Great Demonic God would move anyone and be commemorated in the records of the Xia Clan as great victory! But for the one who facilitated this achievement, Xue Ying, to fall before their eyes, they were unable to accept such a thing.

Time passed slowly, worry strangling them all.

“Indeed, the Sorcerer God is an existence who could take the step into becoming a World Deity.” The Purple Thunder Emperor sighed. “He had actually refined the hexing poison—the Six Ghosts Resentment—as a Deity, and the Sorcerer God’s saber he took along as a companion weapon for a long time has been imbued with that poison. Fortunately, the poison which seeped into the saber was merely a trace of the original.”

Cultivating hexing poisons… 


Considering the innumerable dazzling existences in the Deity world, several types of terrifying hexing poisons had naturally been created long ago.

The descendents who reached a certain comprehension of the same realms as the Sorcerer God and found some precious materials could easily refine and therefore acquire such a terrifying hexing poison. The Six Ghosts Resentment was actually a hugely infamous hexing poison as well as the Sorcerer God’s greatest accomplishment as a Deity. Whenever he used this poison, he could send it into the bodies of his enemies by piercing them with his Sorcerer God’s saber, causing them to suffer through agonizing pain and inflicting serious damage to their bodies… 

Even when the saber couldn’t reach its mark, the hexing poison could still be released into the air to enter the bodies of his foes.

The Sorcerer God’s saber was, therefore, merely a weapon meant to be used as an intermediary.

After using it for such a long time, the saber was naturally imbued with the Six Ghosts Resentment hexing poison. Despite it being much less potent than the original, it could still deal with Demigods.

“Ancestor Purple Thunder, is this hexing poison called Six Ghosts Resentment?” Palace Head Chen could not help asking.

The Purple Thunder Emperor nodded in response. “Mn. That’s right, it’s the Six Ghosts Resentment. After joining the Bloodshed God Palace, I was able to experiment with countless different hexing poisons and personally witness their effects; that’s how I was able to recognize it. Before joining them, I’m afraid I would not have been able to tell it apart from the others.” 

There were countless types of hexing poisons out there. If one was to cure any specific one, they would have to first recognize it.

What if they couldn’t recognize them?

Many experts studying the Dao of Medicine would want nothing more than to have countless hexing poisons placed in front of them for research and analysis. Alas, ordinary organizations inside the Deity world could not provide such an opportunity.

“Can you cure it?” Palace Head Chen asked.

The Purple Thunder Emperor swept his gaze across everyone present at the scene before saying, “Almost all of the Demigods from the current generation of the Xia Clan should be present here, right? This little doll, Dong Bo Xue Ying, has been afflicted by a very troublesome hexing poison. Curing him is indeed possible, but I must clarify the situation before I continue.”

They all listened carefully.

Of them, Chi Qiu Bai, Chao Qing, Si Kong Yang and Jing Qiu—the ones who were closest to Xue Ying—were even more nervous.

“First of all, even if I do mix some medicine for him to consume, he will have to keep consuming it over a very long timespan. As time passes, the Six Ghosts resentment will slowly adapt, making it so he’ll have to drink greater and greater amounts of medicine as its effects gradually lessen. The longest he could use this medicine is 200 years; that is when the medicine will completely lose its effect and Dong Bo Xue Ying will die. If he drinks through the medicine too fast, his lifespan will most likely be affected.

“Secondly, the hexing poison has already invaded his body, which means he will have to suffer through the pain it causes for that whole time! None of you could ever understand this pain since you’ve never felt it, but I can tell you—this hexing poison is so painful that it is also known by the name of ‘Torment’! The reason behind Dong Bo Xue Ying’s fainting was the pain he felt which was so extreme that caused him to lose consciousness. In the future, whenever he takes medicine, the pain will gradually weaken, but after the medicine is digested, the pain will return. Under this enormous pain, he will be certain to request more medicine; the more he drinks, though, the sooner he’ll die. Though he could theoretically live for 200 more years, in reality, many might not even reach 100 years.

“Not only that, since the hexing poison has invaded the layer of fundamental particles forming his body, he will no longer be able to cultivate. His Primordial Bloodline will never awaken. Similarly, the poison reached his Dantian Qi sea so he can’t cultivate Qi again. Whatever Qi is left in his body will slowly be used until he’s left without any.

“And finally, the excruciating pain caused by the Six Ghosts Resentment hexing poison remains terrifying even with the medicine slightly lessening it. Under such pain, it’s truly difficult for one to calm themselves down and focus on comprehending the Profound Mysteries of the World.


“Even if we save him, he’ll survive 200 years at the most, and 100 in the worst case scenario. During that whole time, he will have to suffer pain day in and day out, all the while being unable to cultivate his body or his Qi, or to comprehend the Profound Mysteries of the World!” The Purple Thunder Emperor explained. “Rescuing him would also require a huge amount of medicine—a prescription for 200 years. The price of sending down that much medicine is equivalent to that of sending down a Deity weapon!

“Now that I’ve joined the Bloodshed God Palace, I can afford to pay that price. But… is that price worth paying just to save a person who will end up crippled?”

The Purple Thunder Emperor looked towards the group of Xia Clan Transcendents. “Do you want to save him or not—make your decision!”

Silence fell.

Nobody had expected this outcome.

It had already been impossible for them to imagine that the Six Ghosts Resentment hexing poison could cause a Transcendent to faint. Not only that, Xue Ying could only lessen the pain by taking the medicine. Unable to alleviate the pain, he would have to resist it day after day, night after night. Under such torture, how could he be able to calm himself down and focus on comprehending the Profound Mysteries of the World? He could no longer cultivate his body or his Qi, and his lifespan would not be very long with 200 years being the theoretical upper limit.

On top of that, sending down the medicine had a price equivalent to a Deity weapon?

Only the most powerful ancestors throughout the history of the Xia Clan had been able to afford the price of sending down Deity weapons, yet the price of sending down this medicine was equivalent to that?

“Are there no other methods which would allow Xue Ying to fully recover? Since everyone knows about the Six Ghosts Resentment hexing poison, is there really no way of curing it in the entire Deity world?” Palace Head Chen asked.

The Purple Thunder Emperor replied, “There is! Forget Six Ghosts Resentment, even stronger hexing poisons can be cured through various methods in the Deity world. But the Xia Clan cannot afford to use any of them! I could easily save Dong Bo Xue Ying if he were in the Deity world, but since he’s in the mortal world, us Deity world experts can’t send down our true bodies, which means we can only rely on medicine and other external materials to apply treatment. The price of sending down a prescription of medicine which could instantly expel the Six Ghosts Resentment…is similar to the price of sending down 100 Deity weapons. Even if all of us Deities of the Xia Clan were to gather our treasures together, we would still not have enough!”

Palace Head Chen did not ask any further.

Even if they did have enough… 

The descendents would not request their ancestors to give up all of their treasures. And even if the descendents were to agree, the ancestors might not; after all, the ancestors had their own lives in the Deity world and were still fighting for themselves.

“Don’t delay any longer. If you don’t make your decision, this little doll might not be able to hold on.” The Purple Thunder Emperor looked towards the Demigods.

Jing Qiu felt nervous and anxious.

What would the decision be?

Would they save him, or not?

Of course, she hoped that they would save him, lest Xue Ying died! But the Demigods of the XIa Clan had to ponder this question considering the huge price. The Purple Thunder Emperor was willing to save him, but Xue Ying would only end up as a cripple.

The Demigods exchanged looks with one another, but they made their decision without the need of open discussion.

“Save him!” Palace Head Chen was the first to say it.

“Save him!” Mountain Lord He said without hesitation.

“Xue Ying has done so much for our Xia Clan. He’s the Transcendent with the greatest talent in the entire history of our Xia Clan. He used to have a bright future ahead of him, but for the sake of his clan, he went through tough times as he assaulted the Demonic Faction Headquarters and annihilated the Great Demonic God’s fleshy body. He’s contributed so much, but he ended up under the joint attack deployed by the Sorcerer God and the Great Demonic God, thus ending up in this state. If we don’t save him, can our Xia Clan still be seen as the Xia Clan? The Transcendents of our Xia Clan might truly die upon perishing, but we would never abandon a fellow Transcendent of our clan!”

“Save him!” Great Elder Palace Head added.

“Had it required ten or even eight Deity weapons which would end up shaking the foundations of our Xia Clan, I might have hesitated. But losing a single Deity weapon could never shake our foundations! On the other hand, if we don’t save Xue Ying, our Xia Clan would no longer be the Xia Clan for whom we’d all be willing to pay any price for!” Chao Qing’s said, his voice and even his eyes like thunder.

“Save him!”

“Save him!”

“Save him!”

As soon as she heard those words, Jing Qiu’s eyes began to redden.

The Demigods present had agreed unanimously. Their determination caused even the Purple Thunder Emperor to grin.

The current Xia Clan was still like the Xia Clan in his mind!

They could encounter trials and tribulations time and time again, but even after being beaten down to point where they had to retreat back into the Infernal World, the members of the Xia Clan would never lower their heads! Whether they were under the invasion of the Abyss Demons or of the Outsiders, whether they were threatened by the Demonic Faction or other powerful deities, or whether they were facing the hidden pressure of the Temple of the Earth God, the members of the Xia Clan would never lower their heads! They would rather die standing than live kneeling!

This world was the Xia Clan World—nobody should have even thought of grabbing it.

The Temple of the Earth God? They could spread their religion, but they had to follow the Xia Clan’s regulations! The Demonic Faction? They did not follow those regulations and were forced into hiding forever. The moment they revealed themselves, they would be killed.

As for any other Outsiders…kill them all!

Xia Clan Transcendents would never be scared in the face of death, and they would never abandon one of their own!


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  1. If follow normal trend, this poison will actually help him make a breakthrough on his bloodline. Pretty much before this event, DBXY already noted that his bloodline power had reach bottleneck, and he has no ideal at all how to breakthrough it.

  2. I mean, what they say sounds nice, but think about it. He’ll only gain at most 200 years of life, and every moment of that time; he will be in unimaginable amounts of pain. He won’t be able to cultivate, he won’t be able to do anything, his entire life’s goal is gone. He might be able to spend time with his family, but would this be quality time and not just him lying in a bed screaming his head off, would this be life worth living?

    So by saving him, you enforce upon him two hundred years of untold suffering and you also have to pay a high price to boot. They try and spin it to be the moral thing to do, but, is it? Personally, I’d have put him out of his misery. And to thank him for everything he’s done, I would use the total cost of the cure as recompense for his family. Of course plot armour will save the day and miraculously he will not only recover but grow much stronger as a result, but disregarding that and based on the information they have right now, I would let him die.

  3. Now their is two options which one of them has already been said to be improbable. The first is that his bloodline awakens or he fuses the 3 together which both have been said to not be possible in his current state. The second option is he and the dieing demigod go to the plot armor mc reward/cheat red mountain and everything eventually turns fine and dandy. I don’t know which if we knew when the other worlders would decend to the mountain it would be easier to awnser.

  4. It’s not like the are forcing him to suffer up to another 200 years. they are giving him a chance at life. What he chooses to with it is up to him.

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