LXY Book 9: Chapter 3


Book 9: Chapter 3 – Great Demonic God Avatar

Third year, ninth month of investigation.

Xia Clan mainland, the Demonic Faction Headquarters.

Hidden within the Mirage was a red-robed Xue Ying spying on the headquarters. Qi Avatars were weaker than their true body counterpart. To prevent anything from happening to his, Xue Ying equipped it with his strongest Deity warrior, the Gold Man.

Xue Ying would return every half a year to supply the Qi Avatar with energy. As a result, this place was always monitored continuously. 


Their Transcendents rarely visit the Headquarters. In these three years and nine months, I have only discovered five of them! Xue Ying gently shook his head. It was still within reason as Transcendents of the Demonic Faction usually disguised themselves as Transcendents of the Xia Clan. Under normal circumstances, they would not come to the Headquarters unless it was necessary.

It was similar to how he rarely visited the Water Daoist Faction.

Only five. Xue Ying was somewhat disappointed. Other than the High Priest—Xi Yun—and Situ Hong, he had only discovered three others.

“Mn?” Xue Ying’s eyes suddenly became brighter.

Inside the crimson hall.

Xi Yun sat cross-legged on the huge throne. The scales on his body glimmered with a dim, cold light as patterns swirled around the two horns atop of his head. The aura surrounding his body was dense and powerful. It was likely that he could face the top ten Demigods using only his Demonic physique! Among the Dark Demonic cultivation methods, there were weaker ones as well as stronger ones.

In the Dark Abyss, it was believed that the Demonic physique obtained through cultivation was comparably closer to perfection than an innate Demonic physique.

After all, bloodlines had limitations while cultivation did not!

Hu— Xi Yun suddenly let out a slow, long breath that filled the entire crimson hall. His rumbling exhale was akin to that of a terrifying monster. The scales on his body and the horns atop his head also vanished.

Xi Yun opened his eyes, his sharp gaze conveying dissatisfaction. “My comprehension of the realms is still lacking. I still couldn’t train this Demonic physique technique to completion! Even though I am the High Priest, I’m still inferior to the third priest! Humph! Had I been doted on by the Great Demonic God like him, I may have also been able to train this Demonic physique technique to perfection.”

“I also don’t know his identity, which Demigod of the Xia Clan he is!” Xi Yun secretly said.

Each Demigod of the Demonic Faction had the ability to directly communicate with the Great Demonic God. They were not aware of the identities of the others!


Xi Yun walked away from the throne, dark magic slowly permeating around him before condensing into a black fog.

He left the crimson hall and went to the most secretive part of the Demonic Faction Headquarters. 

Inside a closed secret room.

This room was very spacious, covering an area of over 500 meters. Ka ka ka—the door to this secret room slowly opened. Xi Yun entered and looked towards the bronze coffin suspended in the air by the 13 chains. These chains extended towards different parts of the room, completely locking the bronze coffin in position. Its surface emitted a dense aura of dark magic.  

“High Priest.” A cloud of fog appeared before transforming into a white-robed girl.

“How is it, is everything normal?” Xi Yun asked.

“Everything is going as planned, High Priest. There are no problems,” the white-robed girl replied. “I’m always watching. The process of nurturing the avatar of the Demonic god is going well.”

Xi Yun nodded slightly. “That is good! This task is of utmost importance and has great implications! We cannot be careless at all.”

“Understood,” the white robed girl respectfully replied. 

“There are still six more years to go before we have to change the medicinal liquid. Remind me when the time comes,” Xi Yun instructed the girl.

“Yes! You need not worry, High Priest. I clearly remember the date we must change the medicinal liquid for nurturing the Great Demonic God’s avatar.”

Xi Yun nodded.

This matter of nurturing the avatar of the Great Demonic God was of great importance and had been specifically entrusted to him by the Great Demonic God! He could ignore other matters, but there could not be any problems with nurturing the avatar. The Great Demonic God had promised him a handsome reward as long as he succeeded with this task. That was the reason Xi Yun did his best to check on it frequently, he was afraid that some sort of problem would arise.

Xi Yun released his own dark magic and carefully probed the bronze coffin. He left with a smile.


Inside the Mirage.

The red-robed Xue Ying felt it was hard to believe. Fear and unease lingered in his eyes.

The avatar of the Great Demonic God? Xue Ying couldn’t believe his ears.

This… this piece of meat inside the bronze coffin is the avatar of the Great Demonic God? Xue Ying looked towards the huge body contained by the bronze coffin. The body was humanoid in shape. It sat at a full eight meters tall and was covered in deep red scales. The avatar of a legendary Deity? What is he planning on doing?

A Deity Avatar!

According to the recorded history of the Xia Clan, they were only a legend!

There were only two methods for a Deity to descend into mortal world.

The first was Deity World Projection. Weak, newly-promoted Deities could not do it. Instead, only powerful, great Deities were able to cross the distance and space to set a spatial mark and forcefully send a projection down. This process consumed a terrifying amount of Deity energy. The ancestor of the Xia Clan had only been able to send down World Projections.

The second method was the descent of an avatar!

According to some secret intelligence that Xue Ying was aware of, the descent of an avatar required a fleshy body.

This fleshy body had to be born and grown in the mortal world. If it came from another world, it would be rejected by this world. Having to be raised from its embryo stage, its descent, combined with the descent of the Great Demonic God’s soul, would require countless amounts of resources. The end result, however, would be a body that had perfect compatibility with the soul!

Of course, this fleshy body could only be used by the Great Demonic God.

In order to successfully breed a body powerful enough to become the vessel of the Great Demonic God’s soul, one had to exhaust tremendous amounts of resources. As for the Great Demonic God himself, to send his soul to a faraway location that was separated by the layers of space, he also had to pay a hefty price. It was not something that common demons, or even the ancestors of the Xia Clan could afford.

In the Xia Clan World.

In the entire history of the Xia Clan World, there had only been one case of Deity Avatars from the Demonic Faction and the Temple of the Earth God descending. That had been the battle for the faith of the Xia Clan World, an earth-shattering war that resulted in the defeat of the Demonic Faction. The Demonic Faction concealed themselves in the darkness after the battle, never again appearing on the surface. No other Deity Avatars had descended after that event.

Last time, the Deity avatars had descended to win the faith of the Xia Clan World. What could be the cause this time? Xue Ying felt an invisible pressure.

The Deity Avatar of a Great Demonic God was a terrifying existence.

Although their power was limited to the level of Demigods from the suppression of the material world, their comprehensions of the Profound Mysteries were extremely high! Many ancestors of the Xia Clan had already become Deities and had high statuses, but even now, none of them were able to send down their avatars. That being considered, one could only imagine how powerful the Great Demonic God was!

The Temple of the Earth God was a colossal force in the entire Deity World.

The domain of a Great Demonic God was not something an ordinary Deity could face. Even when suppressed to the Demigod level, using just their knowledge of the Profound Mysteries, they could easily slaughter ordinary Deities!

Although Xue Ying’s grade two True Meaning of Mirage, True Meaning of Star, and True Meaning of Extreme Penetration were powerful, he couldn’t even imagine how much stronger the domain of the Great Demonic God was when compared to his.

As for the Deity Avatar, perhaps only another Deity Avatar could possibly face it.

In the past, the Great Demonic God and a mighty existence from the Temple of the Earth God had their avatars descend and face each other! This fight was heaven-sundering and earth-shattering. The Xia Clan could only watch from the sidelines, unable to participate or intervene.

Didn’t Xi Yun and the others mention before of a plan between the Great Demonic God and the Sorcerer Palace? 

The Sorcerer God is a powerful magical beast Deity. He has no feud with the Temple of the Earth God! Moreover, the last fight had ended with the defeat of the Great Demonic God, so the Temple of the Earth God have no need to send another Deity Avatar.

If it wasn’t here because of the Temple of the Earth God…

Then is it to clash against our Xia Clan?

Xue Ying’s heart tightened.

Destroy it! We must destroy it before the process is complete! Xue Ying looked at the fleshy body inside the bronze coffin hanging in the closed secret room. If we destroy this fleshy body, the Great Demonic God will lose its medium for descent.

On that day.

Xue Ying’s body met up with Palace Head Chen as they discussed this situation. Palace Head Chen had also been frightened upon hearing the news. He knew much more of the secrets than the others.

“Deity Avatars can’t enter the Crimson Rock Mountain. If they could, the other powers within the Deity World would have already sent their avatars over. If it’s not to enter the Crimson Rock Mountain, then it must be for the sake of fighting against our Xia Clan!” The thoughts of Palace Head Chen were similar to Xue Ying’s. “Since our Xia Clan and the Great Demonic God are rivals, we don’t have to care about offending them! We must destroy the body before it’s completed! You mentioned that Xi Yun had said that the medicinal liquid would be changed in six years? We will strike before they change it. Continue to keep watch over there. We will strike before the six years are up!”

“Understood!” Xue Ying agreed.


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