LXY Book 9: Chapter 5



Book 9: Chapter 5 – Bring in the Net

“After this, I’ll attempt the second awakening!” Xue Ying’s eyes gleamed with expectation. The second awakening would grant him a might that matched a primordial being’s. Normally, the average abyss demon had greater strength than a primordial being, while the average primordial being was more powerful than a native Transcendent! But that was only based on the average strength. In the same way that demons were categorized into lower, middle and upper grades based on their innate talents, native Transcendents were also accordingly split into different categories! And the same situation applied to primordial beings!

The primordial being experts at the apex of power were similarly frightening.

Regardless of one’s innate talent, as long as they awaken their bloodline, they will reach the peak stage of the Demigod realm! Xue Ying thought. There are even cases of outstanding characters who can depend solely on their innate talents to become ranked Demigods!


How could the five Demon Generals be so formidable?

Considering their comprehensions of the realms, they did not hold any advantages over humans. For instance, the purple-scaled demon whose combat power was around Mountain Lord He’s—he had reached the third stage realm in his True Meaning of Particles, while Mountain Lord He had grasped hold of a grade four True Meaning. However, Mountain Lord He had long since condensed a True Deity Heart! There was an enormous, qualitative difference between a True Meaning at the stage three realm and a True Deity Heart. Strictly speaking, Mountain Lord He was on an entirely different level in terms of his comprehension of the realms.

Furthermore, Mountain Lord He carried a Deity weapon. Even so, the purple-scaled demon could still depend on his tyrannical body and innate talent to match his might! 

Primordial beings had great advantages in these areas too!

The tyrannical primordial beings did not require any deep comprehension of the realms and could just be tyrannical beings. If their comprehension of the realms was deep, then they would become even more powerful.

However, it’s quite hard for me to undergo an awakening. Xue Ying frowned, According to the recorded statistics within the Xia Clan history, there is approximately a 10% chance of having an awakening once one’s body reaches the middle stage Saint realm.

Wanting to rely solely on luck? Hoping to achieve a secondary awakening without tempering the body? There had never been such cases happening in the entire history of the Xia Clan!

Beginning stage Saint realm had an extremely low probability of awakening.

Middle stage Saint realm had a great increase in probability, with one in ten achieving it!

Peak stage Saint realm? An absolute certainty in awakening! But nobody had ever attained this stage. 

Even though there is a 10% chance, all the individuals that could rely on one’s own combat power to luxuriously use one million kilograms of Origin Stones in tempering the body are amazing characters with deep comprehension of the realms. Xue Ying thought, Furthermore, the higher the comprehension of the realms, the higher the chance of having an awakening, especially so for those who grasped hold of a True Meaning related to the physical body.

True Meanings could similarly strengthen one’s fleshy body, even allowing one to attain the Undying Body based upon it. Such Undying Bodies did not depend on one’s life essence; instead, it depended on the Laws of Profound Mysteries.


Xue Ying was deep in thoughts, In the True Meaning records passed down from the Deity world, there are too few records detailing the True Meaning of Mirage! The True Meaning of Extreme Piercing has nothing recorded, but the True Meaning of Star is recorded in detail. According to what I’ve read, once the True Meaning of Star reaches the third stage realm, one will be able to attain the Star Undying Physique?

The records detailing the Star Undying Physique passed down from the Deity world were extremely exaggerated. Solely depending on the Star Undying Physique would allow anyone to suppress for an entire era!

Let’s take it slowly. The deeper my comprehensions of the realm, the more formidable my control over my fleshy body becomes and thus the greater the hope of attaining an awakening! Xue Ying knew that this could not be rushed, which had him temporarily placing it aside.


Standing up, he waved his hand before having the Origin Stones placed on the beach remain beside him. Following that, Xue Ying continued walking by himself on the beach late at night, occasionally seeing some flickers of light coming from the distant fisherman boat.

“Jing Qiu.” Xue Ying had simultaneously chatted with Jing Qiu using the communication wristband. To find out about what was happening in Snowrock Castle, he would always find some time to talk to Jing Qiu every single day.


Fifth year, ninth month of investigation.

Hong long long~

This was a more chaotic region of sea.

Xue Ying continued walking within the Mirage, thoroughly observing every single corner underneath the seabed. Suddenly, his mind shook.

Mn? I found it!

He carefully examined a battleship in the distance; this ship was located approximately 15 plus kilometers underneath the seabed, with a group of weaker demons within it. The strongest demon was a gray-robed old demon, and his body was faintly discernible as he sat cross-legged cultivating.

He is the Shadow Demon of the five Demon Generals! Xue Ying nodded slightly. His combat power is similar to that of the Mountain Demon. Other than the sleeping Mountain Demon, the other Demon Generals are all cultivating! These Demon Generals are making use of every single opportunity in cultivating so as to improve their combat power!

The intelligence of the Xia Clan was based on the previous combat powers of the Demon Generals.

The souls of human were greatly nourishing to the demons! The Demon Generals would always consume human souls, and if they were left untouched, they would cultivate for the next hundreds of years. Their combat powers would certainly increase, and there might even be a qualitative change of combat power for the Demon General! Of course, the probability for one to become a Demonic God was quite low. Once any single one of them attained a qualitative change and thus acquiring a combat power that could suppress an era, however, it would be extremely troublesome for the Xia Clan!

This is the fourth! Xue Ying revealed a grin. He felt elated. Only one more left! Onward!


When he first began searching for the generals, he spent quite a lot of effort. But the moment he found one, the successive Demon Generals were all found easily!

Just three months later, Xue Ying discovered the location of the final Demon General!

This was also the Demon General that made Xue Ying worried the most, as he had revealed an extremely powerful combat power amongst the five Demon Generals during the earliest period of time. This Demon General was the very first one who had been regarded as having a combat power comparable to the first ranker on the Demigod rankings! The moment he arrived, he had revealed such a dominant combat power. The Xia Clan even thought that he might be hiding some of his power, which made Xue Ying worried about the Demon General possibly discovering him!

During the afternoon.


This was quite a beautiful island. The sea breeze blew gently through the sparsely populated island as the sunlight shone brightly overhead.

A silvery-white battleship was hidden a few kilometers underneath the island. No other demon underlings were inside the ship. Only a single being resided in it… 

It’s him!

Xue Ying depended on the reflection of reality in his Mirage to investigate this Demon General.

He was an icy-blue demon of large stature. His fleshy body was like a masterpiece with his scales seemingly carved out of chilling ice, a serene expression on his face as a frosty aura emitted from his body naturally. Currently, he was cultivating in a cross-legged position like the previous Demon Generals.

No disturbances? His aura did not have even the slightest of changes, and his expression did not change either. He did not discover me? Xue Ying was startled yet happy. He had mostly been apprehensive and worried about the purple-scaled small demon and this frost demon. This frost demon was an upper ranked demon. At times, there might be occasions that would make others very ecstatic—like this frost demon not discovering him at all!

Could his comprehension of the realms be on the same level as Mountain Lord He, or is it actually weaker? Xue Ying silently considered.

However, I’ll still need to examine them again!

On the same day.

Xue Ying went to investigate the locations of all five Demon Generals. They were all still in their original positions. Other than the sleeping one, the other four were consuming the souls of humans and cultivating!

None of them has moved. Fantastic. Xue Ying stood above the vast and mighty waves of the sea, his eyes full of killing intent. Truthfully, when he had been investigating the demons, he had the urge to just go and kill them when he saw those demons consuming the souls of humans. He knew he had to keep himself in check though! They would only act when it was time to act. Otherwise, killing one of them would cause the other four to be alerted.

Xue Ying exhaled, calming himself down before using his communication wristband. “Palace Head Chen!”

“What’s the matter, Xue Ying?” Palace Head Chen asked.

“In order to defend our Xia Clan, the locations of all five Demon Generals are found. They did not discover me at all!” Xue Ying transmitted over. “We can commence action!”

This simple sentence was filled with boundless killing intent.

“Good. We shall not delay any longer. Time to bring in the net!” Palace Head Chen replied.


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    1. Yeah but i think he forgot about the other one, where he had to make seals with a single thought and imprint them on his body. He only reached the second level, and there were 5 of them or so, with the fifth giving him 6 times his normal strength. I understand that he stopped training after the first level because his understanding of the myriad existence of fire and water was low at the time. But i dont get why he hasent trained further on it now that he has a much deeper understanding of things.

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