LXY Book 9: Chapter 6



Book 9: Chapter 6 – Clearing the Nest

The lofty, majestic Black White Deity Mountain was an unbroken chain of mountain peaks.

Mountain Lord He Yuan, the number one expert under the heavens, sat cross-legged on one of the mountain peaks. Two mysterious black and white bent mountains were floating by his side while countless seals aggregated to form complex solid images Mountain Lord He was currently pondering on. Although he had long since condensed a True Deity Heart, in addition to his deep comprehension in the realm of arrays, he still could not open up a Deity Sea in his body to become a Deity!

Furthermore, the threat brought by the Demon Generals meant that he, the so-called tall figure from ‘tall figures supporting a falling heaven’, could not slack off even in the slightest.


It was currently high noon, and the sunlight was shining down brightly on Mountain Lord He. It seemed like there was a layer of golden rays draping over him.

“Mountain Lord He!” Palace Head Chen transmitted.

“Palace Head, what’s the matter?” Mountain Lord He replied.

“There is an important matter which I must relay to your Black White Deity Mountain,” answered Palace Head Chen. “Immediately gather the other two Demigods of your Black White Deity Mountain at this moment. When you are all together, I’ll tell you what the matter is.”

“I have to call them now?” Mountain Lord He was suspicious. What was the hurry?

“Yes! I meant right now!” Palace Head Chen ordered.

The Transcendents of the Xia Clan might have had absolute trust in the Infernal Palace Head, but that did not mean they were absolutely subservient to them. After all, these powerful Transcendents all had their own wills! Nevertheless, this order had not gone overboard, as it only entailed gathering the Demigods of the Black White Deity Mountain. It was considered a rather common order.

Very soon.

Hu hu~

The other two Demigods of the Black White Deity Mountain—Ghost Deity Knight Feng Dong and Vice Mountain Lord Zang Nuo—rushed over! Vice Mountain Lord Zang Nuo’s combat power was formidable, situated close to that of the top ten Demigod Rankers. Furthermore, he carried the other Deity Weapon acquired by the Black Wind Deity Mountain.

Actually, the Black White Deity Mountain had many formidable mages which were split among two separate schools of thought: the Black Deity Mountain School and the White Deity Mountain School. Vice Mountain Lord Zang Nuo belonged to the Black Deity Mountain School and was a terrifying black mage. Meanwhile, Mountain Lord He Yuan was the one to draw out the best of both schools and become the number one expert under the heavens.

“Mountain Lord, what is this matter that warrants us rushing over?” Ghost Deity Knight Feng Dong asked laughingly.

“I was in the middle of experimentation, yet I had to stop all of a sudden.” Vice Mountain Lord Zang Nuo’s hair was messy, and he seemed dissatisfied with what had just happened.

“You will know in a while!” Mountain Lord He laughed as he suspiciously looked to the distant sky. Very soon, Vice Mountain Lord Zang Nuo and Feng Dong also began looking towards the distant sky.

Si la~

The sky in the distance was torn apart, revealing a pitch-black crack out of which two figures came flying side by side. One of them was a thin and bald old man—Chao Qing. The other was a figure made of plant saplings. They turned into streamers before entering the Black White Deity Mountain in a flash of light, flying towards Mountain Lord He and the other two.

“Old Man Chao, why are you here?” Zang Nuo frowned. He glanced to the humanoid plant to his side. “Ancient Tree Protector even came here as well?”

Ancient Tree Protector was one of the Xia Clan’s Deity warriors.

“I do not know the reason either.” Chao Qing was bewildered. “It was Ancient Tree Protect who found me; Palace Head Chen has let me bring him over with me.”

Right when they were full of questions—

“Mountain Lord He, you three Demigods of the Black White Deity Mountain will be moving together with Chao Qing and Ancient Tree Protector to target the purple-scaled Demon General! These are the spatial coordinates on the map! I’m sure you are aware of the reason behind this operation. You must temporarily keep it a secret from the other Demigods.” Place Head Chen transmitted this news over.

“Mn?” Mountain Lord He was startled.

Purple-scaled Demon General?

That was the Demon General with a combat power on a similar level to his. It was no wonder they were sending so many experts over in addition to Ancient Tree Protector, a Deity warrior specialized in binding. Its tree leaves and branches would frenetically bind its enemies, making it hard for them to escape. Chao Qing and Zang Nuo were also both close to the top ten Demigod rankers with Deity weapons. After losing to Chi Qiu Bai back then, Ghost Knight Feng Dong’s  comprehension of the realms had deepened considerably. He would certainly be a big help! There was no need to even mention Mountain Lord He!

The few of them teaming up together would be enough to handle the purple-scaled demon!

“He can forget about escaping from my Deity weapon.” Mountain Lord He was very confident. With the coordination of Ancient Tree Protector, he even felt certain he could kill the purple-scaled demon.

“Go. Let’s set off to the place we’ve been told!” Mountain Lord He immediately shot up to the sky. After tearing space apart and entering the crack, he rushed towards the stipulated map coordinates.


Not only them, but all of the four big Transcendent organizations of the Xia Clan had been dispatched as well.

The Water Daoist Faction, the Cloud City, and the Sea Deity Palace had all received similar orders and were starting to act!

“I’ve finished assigning them!” said Palace Head Chen. “Of the five Demon Generals, the strongest two are the purple-scaled demon and the frost demon respectively! The purple-scaled demon will be taken on by Mountain Lord He, Chao Qing, Zang Nuo, and Feng Dong; they will also be accompanied by Ancient Tree Protector! With such a powerful team, killing him should be almost a certainty! The frost demon was assigned to the Sea Deity Palace, since Grand Elder Palace Head has a Clan Protection Deity weapon which makes him undefeatable in the sea! He is bringing along two Demigods, as well as a Deity warrior I have dispatched. With the Sea Deity Palace’s advantages when under the sea…it should be enough to handle the frost demon!

“The remaining three should be easy to deal with. The Scarlet-Armored Succubus will be handled by the Faction Head of the Water Daoist Faction, Si Kong Yang, together with Chi Qiu Bai and another Deity warrior!

“The City Lady of Cloud City, as well as Vice City Lord Cun Yuan and another Deity warrior, will handle the mountain demon!

“The final group will be made up of members from the other small Transcendent organizations, with a total of three Demigods and a Deity Warrior. They will handle the Shadow Demon!

“We will focus our strength on suppressing and controlling them.” Palace Head Chen was brimming with confidence.

Xue Ying also nodded.

Even the green-armored protector would participate in this operation! That was because in the entire Xia Clan… there were only six Deity warriors in total. Of those, five would be used during this operation! The remaining one which was not being used was the one carried by Jing Qiu.

Five battles, all of them focused on suppression and control. Mountain Lord He and the rest are all extremely proficient in arrays, which they’ll use to deal with the purple-scaled demon who has a dreadful mastery over close-combat, therefore taking advantage of him. The Ancient Tree Protector is also at the apex when it comes to control over close combat. Xue Ying carefully thought about the arrangements done by Palace Head Chen and could also agree that they had at least a 90% chance of success.

Hu. This time around, more than half of the Demigods of the Xia Clan have been dispatched. It truly is an operation of cleaning the nest. Xue Ying marvelled.

Excluding those from the Temple of the Earth God and the Bloodshed Tavern, the Xia Clan had a total of seventeen Demigods. 

This time, more than half had been dispatched, while the weaker ones would not participate in the battles.

We must win!

I hope there there won’t be any unforeseen circumstances occurring, Xue Ying silently hoped. All he could do now was look forward to the operation, as he had not been required to participate in it. Although the combat power he could display was quite powerful, Palace Head Chen was afraid…Xue Ying was too important. If he could now already bring about such great contributions, what about in a few hundred years?


Standing atop the sea, Xue Ying suddenly turned his head towards a certain location in the distance. He could feel vague undulations in space. The battle has started.


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