LXY Book 9: Chapter 7


Book 9: Chapter 7 – Despair of the Demon Generals


The sound of a large explosion coming from the distance could be heard, the undulations of space intensifying.

Xue Ying’s facial expression slightly changed as he immediately stepped forward, his figure distorting before entering the Mirage. As he moved closed towards the battle by flying at his fastest speed, he finally saw a huge battle occurring!

Atop the indigo-colored sea, a big, tall icy-blue demon was currently roaring as he tried his best to escape!


“Frost demon, you’ll never escape from this!” A shout resounded across the heavens. A silver-robed woman with a crown atop her head was also there. Her crown was no other than one of the two Clan Protection Deity weapons of the Sea Deity Palace—the Sea Deity Crown— a weapon best suited for Transcendent mages. It was currently emitting countless threads that were enveloping an area of over a thousand kilometers of sea.

Countless seals appeared on top of the seawater, ultimately forming threads that bound the frost demon.

Some distance away, in another location, there was a Transcendent mage garbed in black robes. This old man was currently casting a spell which caused a dazzling ball of light to condense in the sky. For a moment, this ball had been even brighter than the sun! The dazzling light let off by this ball enveloped the frost demon, causing his scales to emit chi chi sounds as he roared in pain. 

“You’re on the sea, yet you still wish to escape our Sea Deity Palace?” The strongest existence on the entire mortal world while in the ocean, the Grand Elder Palace Head of the Sea Deity Palace, continued his pursuit of the frost demon!

“You’ll do it by yourself?” The large, tall, icy-blue demon continued in his quick escape. The current circumstances were not advantageous for him, since fighting those two Transcendent mages left him able to use only 60 to 70% of his full strength. As such, it was vital for him to extricate himself from this predicament.

“That’s right, by myself! Today, you only have one path available—death!” The Grand Elder Palace Head’s body was currently that of a river, his figure turning indistinct as his long, water-like, transparent hair flowed in the wind. His eyes were filled with killing intent. Currently, he was holding onto a black rod, a rod which was none other than the strongest Deity weapon of the Sea Deity Palace—the Sea Origin Rod! The World Energy in a surrounding area of over ten thousand kilometers flowed in the direction of this Sea Origin Rod.

“Die!” The Grand Elder Palace Head flew with extreme speed, chasing after the demon.

The rod was abruptly jabbed upwards, causing it to briefly turn into a golden light due to its terrifying speed before finally reaching the frost demon’s back. The demon immediately turned, extending his sharp claws to defend against the attack!


A layer of frost began forming, freezing everything in the surroundings—including the surging water and even space itself. Ice was forming on the surface of the jabbed out rod.

Peng! After grabbing a hold of the rod with his sharp claws, a strange tremble appeared. 

The frost demon immediately opened his eyes wide as his body started shaking and trembling. His bones broke apart in a burst of crackling and rattling, while purple blood spurted out of his mouth. There were even signs of blood flowing down from his ears and nose.

Pa! After jabbing out, the Grand Elder Palace Head immediately lifted the rod upwards!

A single word could be used to describe Grand Elder Palace Head’s rod techniques—fast! 

Just as before, it turned into a stream of golden light.

The rod’s head was directly whipped upwards against the frost demon’s chin. With a pu sound, it completely shattered his entire chin, the whiplash causing him to fly backwards!

Hu. The Grand Elder Palace head’s river-like figure promptly followed up with a two-handed downwards chop on the demon!


The frost demon was hit by the attack, directly falling into the sea below.

How could his rod techniques exert such physical strength?! The frost demon was anxious. Even though his body was recovering rapidly, he still began feeling distressed. He was not afraid of not matching up in terms of speed, but his Laws of Profound Mysteries were under complete lockdown due to the surrounding spells! Although he had grasped hold of the grade three True Meaning of Frost Space, the surrounding seawater was under the full control of the Sea Deity Palace’s Deity weapon. Under its suppression, his Frost Space could not exhibit adequate strength.

An upfront battle?

In a battle on the sea, this Grand Elder Palace Head could fully suppress even Mountain Lord He. The demon was clearly at a disadvantage when only capable of using his physical strength.

Am I really going to die here? The frost demon became sullen due to this unbearable feeling of being completely suppressed.

“Die.” Grand Elder Palace Head continued his attack.

The frost demon gritted his teeth. From his savage expression, it was obvious that he was unwilling to display the innate technique of an upper rank demon. Hong. A frost fog of absolute cold suddenly surrounded him, blocking the suppression of the spells. Simultaneously, the figure of the frost demon began turning smaller before finally reaching a height of 1.6 meters. With his scales having become even more densely connected, his originally handsome appearance was now even more elegant.

“I, Ralph, am a noble demon of the upper rank. How could I die in this mortal world,” the frost demon, Ralph, said with savagery. Faced with an incoming attack, he merely raised his right arm to defend! Under the impact, Ralph merely took a step back, vague signs of blood trickling down the edge of his mouth. His bones showed no sign of breaking.

“Is that so?” The Grand Elder Palace Head sneered. Hua, a green-gray colored fog rushed out from his wrist. Within moments, it surged and completely wound around Ralph, the frost demon.

“Deity warrior?” Ralph was shocked. He had already been having a hard time battling even without this added variable. Now, with this Deity warrior of condensed fog winding around him and binding him, how could he continue fighting?

“We’ve long known that you are a noble demon of the upper rank. My Xia Clan had guessed correctly that you were hiding certain techniques all this time, so why wouldn’t we prepare accordingly?” The Grand Elder Palace Head grinned. “Upper rank demon? Hmph. Since you’ve come to my Xia Clan, you’ll die just as well!”

“No, no… How did you find out I was here? And you just happened to be able to restrain me!” Ralph was turning crazy. “I was within the battleship, so how could you discover me?”

“Dead demons need not ask questions!”

“I’m not willing, not willing!”

“How? I did not bring even one underling with me. There should have been no way for any of you to discover me. I’ve been very careful. I, Ralph…have yet to return to my clan, yet to become a Demonic God, yet to kill that damnable brother of mine to seize of position of patriarch! I’m not willing!” Ralph madly struggled, trying to find a path of survival.

Within the Mirage, Xue Ying was coldly watching this scene. For this demon to have dared to kill so many of the Xia Clan, he should have been prepared to in turn be exterminated by them!


In another location, the thin, small purple-scaled demon, Yan Ze, was feeling even more miserable.

Hong! The two Black White Bent Moons crashed down at the same time akin to rotating millstones, smashing right into the demon as his body emitted sounds of breaking. Mountain Lord He was coldly looking at this scene from a distance.

By the side, the gigantic Ancient Tree Protector was swaying its branches while Thunder Chao Qing was being even more tyrannical!

Though, the dark mage, Zang Nuo, was sneering as he operated the arrays.

“He won’t be able to struggle for too long.” Ghost Deity Knight Feng Dong became relaxed as he no longer needed to act.

“How did you find me? How? This is impossible! There is no way that I’ve revealed myself!” The thin, small demon covered in purple scales—General Yan Ze—was raving with madness. “I’ve not told any of the other Demon Generals nor the Demonic Faction of my location! My underlings have no idea either, as they have all remained in my battleship! How exactly could you discover it?”

“I’m not willing. I am not willing to die like this.” General Yan Ze’s eyes were filled with anger and desire. How prudent had be been? Yet even after hiding and waiting for the right opportunity all this time, a disaster had descended upon him!



Faction Head Si Kong Yang’s entire body was emitting dazzling golden light. With one palm as bright as his body, he slapped the head of the scarlet-armored succubus.

The body of the succubus was completely shattered.

And then it condensed back into a body.

But Faction Head Si Kong Yang would just send another slap! This battle had proceeded really quickly, since Si Kong Yang and the other had quickly gained absolute dominance. The scarlet-armored succubus had no way to resist. Each time, she would get destroyed to the fundamental layer of particles. In just a few more repeats, she would be dead.

Her body once again condensed, as he soul hissed with unwillingness. “Your Xia Clan should have never been able to find me! This is impossible!”


The gray-robed old demon looked towards the Demigods of Xia Clan ahead as the terrifying destruction-attribute arrays enveloped him, destroying his body time after time. He had even been bound by countless amounts of seals, making it hard for him to escape.

“Tell me, how did you discover me! How?” The gray-robed old demon roared with unwillingness.


Gigantic mountains had been razed to the ground, and entire mountainous regions were ripped apart.

The white-robed, militant-looking Cloud City Lady was currently surrounding this region, assisted by the other Demigods and the Deity warrior.

The Demon General, the mountain demon, was currently lying on the ground as if he were a huge mountain himself. Bound by a white-colored silk net, he…had been captured alive!

“How could it be, how, how did I get discovered? It is impossible!” The mountain demon fell into despair as he lay there.


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  1. I notice none of them are dead yet, and noone is making sure the demonic human faction, or the others, aren’t making a move.
    Something could happen to “save” the demons. Like an other temporal temple, Hell Rank, mission.

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