LXY Book 7: Chapter 37


Book 7: Chapter 37 – Unexpected Gains!

Xue Ying and Jing Qiu were currently walking towards the peak of Snowrock Mountain in the Snow Eagle Territory.

“Jing Qiu, you should return first. When it’s time for dinner, don’t forget to call me.” Xue Ying laughed.

“Mn.” Jing Qiu smiled before turning and leaving.

Looking at the retreating figure, Xue Ying  felt an unseen pressure lashing out at his heart. His current life was extremely comfortable, but it could only exist as long as he stepped out of his comfort zone and protected it.


The demons are becoming more and more tyrannic. I must improve my combat power to the stage of grasping a complete True Meaning as quickly as possible, Xue Ying thought to himself. Thereafter, he cleared his mind and sat cross-legged on the ice-cold mountain peak. All the pressure within his heart was thrown to the back of his mind. Currently, he had his full concentration focused on the four Profound Mysteries of Earth, Fire, Water and Wind. He intended to first deepen his understanding of these four Profound Mysteries and then fuse them together again.

This was because whether it was the embryonic form of the True Meaning of Extreme Piercing or the True Meaning of Star, both were formed from a fusion of the Profound Mysteries of Earth, Fire, Water and Wind. 


Xue Ying began to contemplate.

On the mountain peak, six figures suddenly and silently appeared beside Xue Ying.

Six identical, black-robed Xue Ying’s were deep in contemplation.

Last time, I grasped hold of the embryonic form of the True Meaning of Illusions based on the Profound Mysteries of Water, Fire and Wind. Xue Ying pondered. As for the fusion of the Profound Mystery of Earth with the other three Profound Mysteries… it actually did not destroy the original embryonic form of the True Meaning of Illusions. Instead, it made it even stronger, as if the Profound Mystery of Earth was a huge boon to the embryonic form of the True Meaning of Illusions.

As he continued contemplating… 

He realised that… due to his comprehension of the Profound Mystery of Earth, his illusions had attained ‘souls,’ solidifying them—unlike the previous illusions which were purely ethereal.

As his comprehension of the concept of acceptance within the Profound Mystery of Earth deepened, he would continuously adjust the embryonic form of the True Meaning of Illusions by changing the method of how the four Profound Mysteries were fused.

Initially, he had used Water, Fire and Wind as the main base. The Profound Mystery of Earth was then fused into it bit by bit. He was afraid of destroying this embryonic form of the True Meaning of Illusions. Even though he already had two grade two embryonic forms of the True Meanings—Extreme Piercing and Star—Xue Ying still considered his Illusions as quite important. After all, when he truly mastered the grade three True Meaning of Illusions, the threat he posed to his enemies would greatly increase.

As time passed, however, Xue Ying realised one thing—the Profound Mystery of Earth was not just an aid to the True Meaning of Illusions; instead, it had become a crucial part of it. Compared to Water, Fire and Wind, its importance had become even greater.

Xue Ying continuously adjusted the method of fusion between Earth, Fire, Water and Wind, diligently pursuing an even more perfected form of True Meaning of Illusions.

This is —

The six Xue Yings suddenly became astonished

They looked into different directions.

The original mountain peak began to vibrate. Countless mountain rocks flew up towards this particular peak, causing it to accumulate and extend continuously, becoming bigger and bigger… 

“Mn?” The six Xue Ying looked up towards the sky.

It was originally afternoon, yet right now, dark clouds were rolling over and were soon covering the entire sky, causing the entire area to become pitch-black.

Si la ~

The countless dark clouds suddenly ripped apart.

A huge palm instantly penetrated through the clouds to appear in front of Xue Ying.

The six Xue Yings all stood up at the same time.

“Retreat,” Xue Ying immediately said.

All of the dark clouds instantly retreated backwards.

The gigantic arm and palm that had appeared from within the void stopped in front of Xue Ying.

“Sunset, moonrise,” Xue Ying commanded once again.

The hanging sun high up in the sky quickly set in the west… and a huge round moon slowly rose in its place.

“The big sea.”

Xue Ying smiled.

The original mountain range now had endless waves of water gushing over, flowing amongst the mountains. The entire eastern area of the Snowrock Mountain turned into an endless sea of crashing waves and frothing shores. Gradually, the violent sea became tranquil and many fishing trawls appeared. In the distance, there were even seagulls flying in the sky and big fish leaping out of the surface of the water.

“So mystical,” Xue Ying said to himself.


The gigantic palm; the endless sea;, the accumulated, titanic mountains; the seagulls; fishing trawls; the dark sky; the moonlight… 

They all disappeared!

Everything returned to its original state. It was still afternoon, and the Snowrock Mountain stood there as always. The many people within the Snowrock Castle were going on about their ordinary lives as if nothing had happened.

A mirage? Xue Ying’s heart was filled with excitement.

Earth, Water, Fire and Wind could actually form the embryonic form of Mirage. Xue Ying was extremely startled.

The True Meaning of Mirage was a grade two True Meaning.

In terms of offensive ability, it was ranked last amongst all grade two True Meanings. Grasping hold of this grade two True Meaning represented an offensive ability that barely reached the doors of the Demigod realm power. One must know, Transcendents of the Saint realm who controlled a grade two True Meaning would be able to exhibit the combat power of a Demigod with an offensive ability even greater than most.

But it was a grade two True Meaning!

The higher the grade of the True Meaning, the harder the improvement would be. Being a legendary True Meaning, its offensive ability was actually weaker than that of a grade three True Meaning by much?

Yet according to many experts, they would rather face someone who grasped hold of other grade two True Meanings than someone who grasped hold of the True Meaning of Mirage.

What was a mirage?

Reality and mirages were exact opposites!

The normal world where one lived in was considered a world of reality! As for the other face of the world of reality… it was actually the world of illusions! In other words, the world of mirages!

The world of mirages could stand as a world by itself.

It could be said that this world was the origin of all illusion techniques! No illusion technique would ever be able to surpass it. After all, this True Meaning allowed one to control the world of mirages, and in this world, one could control everything according to his desire. Other than that… there were many other mysterious and powerful secrets behind it.

What I’ve just grasped a hold of is the embryonic form of the True Meaning of Mirage, Xue Ying thought as he sighed. And yet, it is so formidable already.

In the embryonic form stage…

He could already control illusion techniques of unfathomable prowess! Turning the heavens and changing the earth was as easy as controlling them with a thought.

“Soundlessly, it could entrap the enemy into the illusion with them being none the wiser. Afterwards, I would be able to kill them,” Xue Ying mumbled. “From what I heard, experts who controlled the True Meaning of Mirage could even hide in the world of mirage… and their enemies couldn’t even find their real bodies.”

That’s right.

Experts who grasped hold of the True Meaning of Mirage did not have a powerful offensive ability.

But even finding their true bodies would be a daunting task by itself! That year, the memoirs left behind by the Deity World regarding information on the grade two True Meaning of Mirage did not contain clear information, even though the Xia Clan ancestor himself had passed down many secrets—this True Meaning of Mirage being one of them. An expert who could control the True Meaning of Mirage could even kill an enemy without having to move his real body!

Therefore, if one could kill another without even having to move their real body, how hard would it be for the enemy to find their real body?

With the enemies being firmly lodged in the world of reality, they did not have any methods of attacking the world of mirage, and thus, they could neither find nor hurt them should they hide in that world.

I initially wanted to perfect the embryonic form of the True Meaning of Illusions and yet, after fusing in the Profound Mystery of Earth as the crux of the True Meaning, not only did it not destroy the embryonic form, it actually took the original True Meaning one step further! This has allowed me to grasp hold of the embryonic form of the True Meaning of Mirage. Xue Ying was shocked.

Fusion was originally an extremely difficult task.

Simply fusing the two Profound Mysteries of Water and Fire had caused many people to stumble. Fusing three Profound Mysteries was even more heaven-shattering. Thus, the difficulty of fusing four different Profound Mysteries need not be elaborated on. In addition, the Profound Mysteries of Earth itself had many different paths. Walking down one of the paths would suffice for one to become a Deity. Xue Ying chose instead to fuse the Acceptance concept behind Earth solely because he needed it most in his spear techniques.

He specifically selected aspects of the Profound Mysteries of Earth, Fire, Water and Wind to supplement his spear techniques.

As the saying goes, ‘When one tried really hard to make the flowers blossom, the flowers did not bloom. Yet when one did not mean to plant a willow, the seed thrown unexpectedly grew into a full willow tree’.

In the case of the ‘flowers blossoming,’ however, considering that cultivators chased after powerful True Meanings, if all the flowers opened in spite of that… it would be a great joke of the world!  Also, was it really true that one ‘did not mean to plant a willow’ in the case where the willow grew into a full willow tree?


Xue Ying understood that allowing the knowledge that he grasped hold of three different grade two embryonic forms of True Meanings would put him in great danger. The Demonic Faction, the demons, and many other experts would not stop until they exterminated him. He was only lacking a single step before grasping hold of the complete True Meaning! Right now, after grasping the embryonic form of the True Meaning of Mirage, Xue Ying could certainly survive against rank five demons. Nonetheless, this current moment was his weakest.

In front of the many Demigods, he was still extremely weak.

Thus, he had to be patient!

Xue Ying did not tell a single soul regarding the embryonic form of True Meaning for Star and Mirage! He had to minimize the chances of leaking the information.


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    When he finally completes those three grade two True Meanings, he will truly be powerful, won’t he? I can’t wait…

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    1. He didn’t have a True Meaning of Illusions, but an Embryo of it, like his Extreme Piercing and Star. It’s what he used to create clones (remember the fight when he first got Extreme Piercing, or when he went in the Hundred Battle Chamber?). As it was only an Embryo, when it was only composed of Fire, Water and Wind, it evolved into the Embryo of the grade 2 True Meaning with the Earth element added. (And yes it wasn’t a technique but an Embryo, he said it was a grade 3 one and even mentioned the Mirage one as a grade 2 at the same time, saying how vast the difference in power between grade 2 and 3 was.)

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