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Ice and Fire Nine Layer Heavens – Ultimate Cauldron of Nine Dragons

Nian Bing nodded and said, “Thank you, I will definitely remember your words.”

Zi Xiu asked, “When are you planning on leaving?”

Nian Bing thought for a moment, then answered, “I think today. Feng Nu came to the college to challenge and I ended up revealing my dual element magic. If I stay here any longer, it would be hard to avoid some unnecessary trouble.”


Camel Chef Zi Xiu nodded and replied, “That’s fine. You would have left sooner or later anyway. I’ll wait for your return. I hope that you can take over my class, so I can live freely for a few years.”

Nian Bing laughed. Quietly, he said, “Aren’t you living freely right now?”

Zi Xiu cast a lecherous sidelong glance to Feng Nu who was still eating Rogue Golden Jade Noodles. He teased, “Lad, you must seize the moment. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know countless women, but I haven’t met anyone as good as her. It appears that she has a favorable impression of you. Find the opportunity to get her in bed with you. For woman, her first man will always leave a profound impression on her. As long as you work hard enough, she won’t ever leave you. From your looks, you’re definitely a virgin. The taste of a beautiful girl is a great luxury of the mortal realm! Even a good dish can’t compare.”

Nian Bing went blank for a moment. When he finally understood, his face immediately flushed red. Flustered, he responded, “You are the lascivious camel, but I’m not a dirty old lecher. I don’t have your interests, and I don’t want to hurt anybody.”

Zi Xiu knocked Nian Bing’s head. Although he was shorter than Nian Bing, his arms were long. “Lemme hit your head. You stinky brat, women’s hearts are extremely subtle. It’s said that a woman won’t love a good man. If a man isn’t a bad boy, then the woman won’t get on the bed. Even with my appearance, I can get beautiful female companions, so put your face to good use. Who knows how many beauties you could capture. Let me tell you, once you’ve had a taste of one, your cooking will change. When I was young, I had a poor understanding towards cooking. I was my master’s worst disciple, but ever since I tasted a woman’s flesh, I don’t know why but my thoughts gushed forth. The thoughts one can only have to a woman’s every complex emotion transformed my cooking. Different emotions produced a different dish.”

Nian Bing’s heart stuttered. The Camel Chef’s reasoning seemed to be nonsensical. “Senior, could you tell me some of the details?”

Zi Xiu chuckled. “That is up to you. It’s just like right now; your culinary skills showed a breakthrough when you competed against me. How did this breakthrough come about? A part of that was indeed me putting pressure on you, but it was mainly the encouragement of a beautiful girl that gave you determination. Nian Bing, remember, humans produce the best food under two kinds of emotional states–great happiness and great sorrow. No matter whether it be excitement or sorrow, both can cause the culinary arts to reach its fullest extent, nothing held back. So, you must keep emotions in mind! The thing that can make your emotions stirred up the most is love. Boy, give it a try.”

Only several years later would Nian Bing completely understand. However, at that time he would be at the peak in the culinary world. After those two emotions, he would be studying a third.

“I’m stuffed! This was really a productive time. Nian BIng, you make really good food. I’m somewhat unwilling to part with you,” said Feng Nu as she put down her bowl in satisfaction. She looked at Nian Bing with eyes brimming with mirth.

Perhaps it was because of Zi Xiu’s influence, Nian Bing steps forward, bringing him right in front of Feng Nu. He said quietly, “I won. Are you going to honor your promise and let me kiss you now?”

Feng Nu giggled. “What did I promise you? I only said that if you won I would think it over. Also, b-before I already kissed you. You were paid in advance.”

Nian Bing replied dissatisfied, “How could that be paying in advance? Anyway, we’ll just say you owe me one. Okay, I didn’t ask you earlier, so when are you leaving? Where are you going?”

Feng Nu looked at everyone around her and said, “I am leaving now. My goal has already been achieved, and I even got to eat delicious food. It’s now time for me to leave. If fate wills it, we will meet again.”

Nian Bing watched Feng Nu with disappointment. “I am also leaving here for Profound Orchid City. It would be nice if we were going in the same direction.”

Feng Nu was surprised. “You aren’t staying here to study?”

Nian Bing shook his head. “No, I’ve already learnt many things in my three months here, but it is time for me to leave.”

Feng Nu grinned as her beautiful eyes flashed with amusement. “You really have something to do in Profound Orchid City?”

Nian Bing went blank, but he was quick to respond in pleasant surprise. “Could it be you’re headed there too?”

Feng Nu smiled. “Yes! If it weren’t for me not revealing it to others, I would definitely think you were intentionally trying to follow me.” When she said this, she suddenly realized her subconscious slip of the tongue, and her pretty face flushed bright red.

Nian Bing laughed out loud. “You are very beautiful. It wouldn’t be surprising if I were to go there just to be with you! Then we should travel together. I don’t have much to pack up.” After saying this, he walked over to Zi Meng. “Principal, I think, I will be leaving.”

Zi Meng smiled and looked at Nian Bing, then Feng Nu. “Thank you for the delicious food you’ve served. It’s just a pity that the next time I get to eat your food won’t be for some time.”

“No way, you aren’t allowed to go,” was Hei Ye’s response. He wiped off the soup dribbling down his mouth.

Nian Bing was stunned temporarily. “Teacher, there really are things that I have to leave to do.”

Hei Ye looked at him coldly and stretched out his arm. “You stayed here for several months but haven’t paid your school fees. Pay up first, then you can leave.” When he said this, even he couldn’t stop himself from smiling.

Nian Bing thought for a while before sticking out his own arm. A light flashed, and a small box appeared on his palm. He presented it to Hei Ye with a smile. “Teacher, thank you very much for giving me your pointers for the past few days. This will be my school fee, please accept it.”

Hei Ye looked at the box made of lead. He looked at Nian Bing and accepted the box with suspicion. “What’s this?”

Nian Bing smiled. “Naturally, it’s something that suits your status. Open it, and you will know.”

Hei Ye gave Nian Bing a look and slowly opened the box. In an instant, the kitchen that had just returned to it’s original state after the treasured knives were put away was bathed by a golden light exuding a serene aura. The peaceful aura was a pure and holy sensation. The aura pervaded everyone’s body and their gazes were naturally attracted to the box in Hei Ye’s hand.

Hei Ye looked at the golden stone in his hand with surprise. As a magic scholar, how could he not know what this was? “Heavens! How many treasures do you even have? This is a pure Holy Brilliance Stone. And it’s so big too! This is the first time I’ve seen one this big. Where did you finagle this from?”

“This was my winnings from a bet,” he answered. “Teacher, although you don’t cultivate light magic, it will improve your cultivation speed twofold.”

Hei Ye looked at the soft golden light and his eyes showing his intoxication. Breathing in deeply, he covered the box again and stuffed it into Nian Bing’s hands. “No, this is too precious. You have more use of it than I do. My cultivation has already settled, so it’s no good. There’s no way for me to break through into the magister realm. But you, you are different! This divine object that can stabilize your emotions is very useful for you. As long as you have this stone with you as you cultivate, there is no need to fear that your ice and fire will rebel.”

“Father, Big Brother and I also want to go to Profound Orchid City.” Zi Qing Meng’s voice suddenly rang through his head. Right now, she was very calm, her violet eyes clear as water without any signs of emotion1.

Zi Xiu replied, “Little Meng, what trouble are you trying to stir up. Today you’ve witnessed the level of Nian Bing’s culinary arts. You should know that you have to work much harder. Stay at the college and continue training in your culinary arts. You still haven’t graduated.”

Zi Qing Meng shook her head. “No, Second Uncle, I don’t want to go outside to raise my culinary arts. Big Brother and I want to enter the army. This term will end in two more days. Big Brother and I have already planned this. As the country rises and falls, the common man bears responsibility. Our Profound Orchid Empire has taken great losses from the Harmonic Flower and Strange Lu Empire. Big Brother and I must give our strength for the country.”

Zi Xiu frowned. “Our Zi Family only has you two as successors. If you go join the army and something happens to you, who will look after us when we get old? No way, I don’t agree. It’s too dangerous.”

“Never mind it, let them go. Young people should experience and see the world. They were always going to leave home, and the outside world will be good experience and training for them.” Zi Meng’s attitude was the exact opposite of Zi Xiu’s. His eyes were kind as he said, “You can go, but I don’t want you to make a fuss about your status in the Orchid Dream College. Since you want to join the army, then you must begin at the very bottom. Understanding the struggles of every different rank of soldier will be most advantageous to you. Do you understand what I mean?”

Zi Qing Jian’s voice boomed. “Dad, relax. Little Sister and I definitely won’t cause the Orchid Dream College to lose face. Brother Nian Bing, let’s travel together. Just wait here for a moment. We need to prep a few things and then we can go.”

Nian Bing couldn’t really refuse Zi Qing Jian’s proposal, but he was dissatisfied. It wasn’t easy for him to get an opportunity to be with Feng Nu alone. Now that it was destroyed, he was really unwilling.

Feng Nu gave an icy smile. “It seems that our journey is a very bustling affair.”

The air had long turned cold. Although the coldest month had already past, the air was still cold enough to pierce the bones. The trees lining the avenue were bald and desolate. As the north wind brushed passed the people’s clothes, the sky was dark. Although it wasn’t snowing, it wasn’t enjoyable weather. The gloomy weather made it very easy for people to feel depressed.

Two hours earlier, Nian Bing, Feng Nu and the Zi siblings had said their farewells to Zi Meng, Zi Xiu, and Hei Ye. They departed from the college and the city and treaded upon the road to Profound Orchid City. They silently walked for two hours. Although Nian Bing was weaker than them in body strength, Feng Nu and the other two weren’t using their martial arts to walk, so although it was tiring, he was able to keep pace.

Dark skies, oppressive atmosphere. The first one to become impatient wasn’t actually Zi Qing Jian who had a straightforward temperament. Since they had left the college, Zi Qing Jian cast glances at Feng Nu from time to time. His mind was full of worry; whether it be from being away from home or for some other reason, he didn’t know.

“Feng Nu, I have something I want to ask you.” The first to speak was Nian Bing. He had spent the whole time walking with how to confront the Zi siblings, the best way to diverge paths with them. He had a favorable impression to Zi Qing Jian, but he was allergic to Zi Qing Meng’s capricious temperament. He didn’t like girls with poor personalities.

Feng Nu replied while walking, “I know what you want to ask. You guessed correctly, the first time we met I lied to you. But Hua Tian really is my master. And I didn’t lie about why he died. As for the other things, could you please not ask? If there comes a time, I will tell you then.”

Nian Bing watched Feng Nu’s neutral expression and inwardly sighed. He knew that there was no point in asking. Feng Nu and him were almost the same age, but she had nearly attained the strength of a martial saint. From just this, he knew she definitely wouldn’t be so simple. Especially since Zi Meng had said that she had a Nine Flame Body. What did those words mean?

Feng Nu seemed to sense Nian Bing’s internal dissatisfaction. She turned to him and smiled. “Don’t you also harbor secrets in your heart? We’re in the same boat.”

Nian Bing smiled calmly. “If I said I would trade my secrets for yours, would you go for it?”

Feng Nu huffed out a laugh. “Give me a break. I don’t believe that you would speak of your secrets so lightly. You look honest, but you are slyer than anyone else. Who knows what kind of story you will concoct to fool me.”

Nian Bing wore a put-upon expression. “You accuse me wrongly! Am I that kind of person?”

She snorted. “You aren’t? Not even considering other things, you won’t even explain clearly the details about your Ice and Snow Goddess’ and Flame God’s Stone.”

Nian Bing’s words stuck in his throat. It’s true, those two precious stones were left to him by his parents. They represented a part of his life that had to do with his secret. “Fine, I won’t ask you. However, the fact that you surpassed Senior Hua Tian’s Nine Heavenly Flame Qi is really weird to me.”

Feng Nu’s gaze sidled over to Nian Bing. “To put it simply, Hua Tian learnt the Nine Heavenly Flame Qi from my seniors. The reason why he passed down his forging skills and devoted to his life to forging swords was for a favor. I can only say this, but I hope you don’t mistake anything.”

Nian Bing’s heart stuttered. He strung together the past events in his mind and he instantly analyzed something. With a smile he said, “Feng Nu, Big Brother Qing Jian, we should take a rest up ahead.”

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