MT Chapter 102


Chapter 102: Eighteen trapped dragon array

Nangong Yi had fallen into an unprecedented condition.  He was about to understand something, but he couldn’t grasp onto how.  But every word Chu Tian said was like heavenly thunder viciously slamming into his soul!

His originally exhausted qi, it slowly recovered.

Moreover, it became even stronger!

Nangong Hai’s face fell!


Could there be a monstrous talent in this world that could allow a person to breakthrough with just a few words?

Ye Tianlang was also shocked.  This was simply a miracle.

Nangong Yi’s aura became stronger, like a giant volcano awakening.  He slowly stood up and said word by word, “Nangong Hai, you drew in a small clan for small benefits.  You tried killing a heroic youth, attack members of the same family, and completely disregarded the dignity of the family.  This behaviour is not suited for being a successor of the phoenix!”

Nangong Yi’s aura continued to grow even stronger, as if it was multiplying endlessly!

A strong wave of heat burst forward.  This strong aura forced Nangong Hai back half a step.

At this minute!

Nangong Yi was just like the incarnation of a terrifying volcano!

This hell fire seemed to have been brewing for millions of years.  Once it exploded, heaven and earth would be extinguished and all living things would be extinct!


Nangong Yi gave a roar into the sky.

The red flames shot into the sky and burst through the clouds.  It destroyed the layer of cloud above and this wild strength covered everything in a ten mile radius.  Everything was currently wildly shaking.


This was potential!

Nangong Yi was just like Nangong Hai and Ye Tianlang.  Even without releasing his source spirit, he could still release this kind of strong aura to crush his enemies……This was the sign of being in the Illustrious Soul Realm!

This indicated that Nangong Yi had broken through the Awakened Soul Void Soul Realm into the Awakened Soul Illustrious Soul Realm in this instant.  He was already a strong 4th Awakened Soul Layer Cultivator!

From this moment on!

Nangong Yi was no longer just a senior deacon of the Nangong Family.  He already had the qualification to become an Elder and was equal to Nangong Hai’s status!

Nangong Hai’s face filled with amazement, “Unexpectedly…..He unexpectedly broke through!”

Nangong Yi gave a few loud laughs and turned his head to cup his hands at Chu Tian, “This favour, I will not forget!”

Chu Tian revealed a faint smile, “Your body was already at the breakthrough point.  The little help that I gave, it is not worth mentioning!”

The wild beast aura once again burst out.

“So what if you broke through?”  Ye Tianlang wildly roared, “Die!”

With an instant slight step.

A fist shot out!

Nangong Yi moved sideways slightly and with a slight difference, he dodge this one fist.  This made Ye Tianlang’s pupil shrink, “Hyperfocus?”

That’s right!

Nangong Yi did not just simply breakthrough, he had also understood hyperfocus!


Nangong Yi roared as the volcanic strength erupted forth and Ye Tianlang was sent flying.  After soaring for several meters, he finally dispelled the strength and slowly fell back onto the ground.

At this time, Nangong Yi gripped both his fists and his body erupted with flames.  Once he used his peak spirit energy and once he reached the 4th Awakened Soul Layer, his strength was now at the point where he could even compete with 5th Awakened Soul Layer Experts!

This was the strength of the Volcano Source Spirit!

“Didn’t Heavenly Wolf Young Master wish to test the might of my Volcano Source Spirit?”  Nangong Yi stared at Ye Tianlang with a cold smile, “Today, I’ll let you test it as much as you want!”

Ye Tianlang’s monstrous complexion couldn’t remain tranquil, “With the peak power of the Volcano Source Spirit, a single attack is enough to kill a 5th Awakened Soul Layer Cultivator!  We need to work together!”

Nangong Hai nodded his head, “Alright!”

Nangong Yi released his Volcano Source Spirit and shot a fist out.  It shot at the two of them and the mighty power spewed forward.  Ye Tianlang and Nangong Hai worked together to block it.

Half the houses on the street were destroyed!

All the glass in ten li shattered!

It was just like a terrifying explosion!

Nangong Hai’s and Ye Tianlang’s clothes had been burned black and their faces were covered in ashes.  They seemed to be in quite a difficult situation.  But the one good thing was, they had blocked Nangong Yi’s attack.

Nangong Yi’s face was white and his body stumbled a bit.  He spat out a mouthful of blood.

Not good!

His injuries were too serious!

Add in the fact he had just broken through and his cultivation wasn’t stable.  Under this kind of condition, he had no way to continue fighting.

Nangong Hai had a face of envy.  Nangong Yi had been born into the Nangong Family branch family.  He did not have many resources since he was young, but he had given birth to this strong Volcano Source Spirit.  Moreover, he had gave birth to a daughter that had a God Level Source Spirit.

Because this father and daughter pair had too much potential, they would be in harm’s way if they stayed in Imperial City.  So, the Nangong Family had arranged for Nangong Yi to become a small city’s Mayor.

Who would have thought that in this area barren in resources.

Nangong Yi would still grow stronger!

He was only thirty nine years old!

He was already an Illustrious Soul Realm expert!

Chu Tian clapped his hands and walked over indifferently.  He saw that Nangong Yi was exhausted and no longer able to fight, “Alright, alright.  It’s fine if you fight up to this point.”

“This matter happened because of me, so I should be the one to take care of it.  Moreover, you’ve had your time in the limelight, now it is my turn to perform.”  Chu Tian did not seemed to be panicked at all.  His bright as stars eyes stared at Ye Tianlang, “This fellow, I’ll deal with him!”


Chu Tian wanted to personally make a move?

A cold glow flashed in Ye Tianlang’s monstrous eyes, “People keep saying that you are mysterious and originally I didn’t think so either, but it seems like it’s true!  The Chu Family is truly blind, even treating you like a bastard, but……it is all over.  No matter what, today I cannot let you leave alive!”

Chu Tian had to die!

He couldn’t even have a single breath remaining!

Otherwise, even if he was wasted, he would still be a threat to the Ye Family!

Chu Tian walked forward, “A bunch of petty people like you actually want to get rid of me?”

Nangong Yi stared and asked, “Are you serious?”

Chu Tian nodded and said, “Get back and watch me!”

Where did Chu Tian get his confidence?

Other than Nangong Yi, Ye Tianlang didn’t care about anyone else here!

Actually, even if it was Nangong Yi, Ye Tianlang wasn’t sure to lose.  He was a super class talent!

“You aren’t even in the Awakened Soul Realm, killing you will be easy!”

“This point, I approve!”  Chu Tian lightly snapped, “But, I want to introduce my bodyguards to you first.  Come and greet Young Master Ye.”

The eighteen black robed people slowly walked out.

Ye Tianlang relied on his wolf like intuition.  He could feel that among these eighteen people, the person with the lowest cultivation was at the 2nd Awakened Soul Layer.

How did Chu Tian have this many experts by his side?

This was completely illogical!

Ye Tianlang didn’t even spare them a glance, “What a joke!”  You think you can win with more people?  You truly are too innocent!  Not to mention a trivial eighteen, even with thirty eight people you still can’t beat me!”

“Try it then!”

Chu Tian gently ringed his bell.

Those eighteen corpse soldiers that didn’t move and stood like sculptures, seemed to suddenly awaken from their sleep and jumped up together.  Just like eighteen shadows, they distributed themselves around Ye Tianlang.


Ye Tianlang gave a low hum and turned into a wolf man.  He stepped off the ground and shot forward.  His wolf claws ignored the corpse soldiers and he directly attacked Chu Tian!

However, as soon as Ye Tianlang moved.

The eighteen corpses all shot corpse poison at Ye Tianlang from all around him.

Ye Tianlang’s heart turned cold, he had no choice but to dodge the Yin Corpses’ attacks!

The eighteen Yin Corpses drew back upon contact, distributing themselves all around Ye Tianlang.  Moving in sync with each other, each one taking care of the others.  It seemed like in this chaotic movement, there seemed to be a profound meaning.

What was happening?

Ye Tianlang felt a bit of danger!

The aura of the mysterious eighteen black robed people began to fuse together.  The way they moved and how they moved was very strange, it was as if they were moving a huge body, just like a giant spirit.  Ye Tianlang was being suppressed in the center of the array, making it hard for him to show his full strength.

Chu Tian saw Ye Tianlang’s solemn expression and immediately gave a taunting laugh, “Why aren’t you making a move!  I will just stand here, come and kill me!”

Eighteen Trapped Dragons Array!

This was a mysterious array that could defend and attack.

It would take at least eighteen Awakened Soul Cultivators to set up!

This kind of array was very difficult to practice.  It required all eighteen people to be in sync and required a lot of practice.  It was a kind of array powerful bodyguards trained in to allow them to protect their masters.

However, Chu Tian had the Soul Controlling Bell so he could control the corpse soldiers as he wished.  These eighteen corpse soldiers did not have any self awareness and were like eighteen chess pieces in Chu Tian’s hands.  They could move at will and could form any battle arrays.

Dang, dang, dang, dang!

A stream of crisp bell sounds rang out.

The eighteen black figures began to move at high speeds, even leaving behind strange illusory figures.  This made Ye Tianlang feel a bit absent minded, unsure of how to break through this array.

A good opportunity!

Chu Tian grasped this opportunity.

He immediately controlled the eighteen corpse soldiers and they rushed forward in groups of two.  The corpse poison collected together and formed a giant ball of corpse poison which shot at Ye Tianlang.


Ye Tianlang loudly roared with the intention to break out, but then he saw a pair of palms in front of him.

“Little ants! Scram!”

Ye Tianlang shot out with both palms and the four palms met.  With a hong sound, the cruel poison palm power was like an irresistible force as it made his body feel paralyzed and sent him flying.

Ye Tianlang showed an incredibly shocked expression.

Could 2nd and 3rd layer fellows send him flying like this?

With a single corpse soldier, it would be impossible to match palms with Ye Tianlang.  That attack just now was several blows gathered in one attack and then all the force was collected together.  It was then sent to the foremost Ying Corpse and then erupted forward.

Ye Tianlang did not know the circumstances and charged forward.  It would be weird if he wasn’t heavily injured!

Ye Tianlang didn’t even have time to catch his breath before the corpse soldiers appeared in front of him.  Their attacks were like waves crashing forth, one after the other without stop, continuously coming.  Ye Tianlang had too many problems to deal with, he couldn’t help showing a face of distress.

“Heavenly Wolf Young Master?  Such a good reputation!  However, you aren’t worth having it!  The way you look now, is there any difference between you and a dying dog?”  Chu Tian was disturbing him with the Soul Controlling Bell and stirring him up with his words, “From what I can see, you should just change your name to Stray Dog Young Master!”

How could Ye Tianlang accept this kind of insult?

Attacking his heart with anger.


A large mouthful of black blood came out!

This isn’t good, he had been poisoned!

Ye Tianlang couldn’t comprehend the current situation, why had things turned out this way?  With his strength, sweeping through South Sky City and capturing Chu Tian, shouldn’t this have been something easy to do?

Right now, not only did he not capture Chu Tian, he was being stomped on by him.  He had already suffered heavy injuries and could be defeated at any moment!

The people of South Sky City looked on dumbfoundedly!

Was this really happening?

Was this really one of the Central State Four Young Masters?

In the younger generation of the Central State area, he was one of the most dazzling young talents.  Arriving in a peerlessly elegant style on his golden peng, singlehandedly arriving in South Sky City and defeating the Mayor, and no one could fight back against him.

Everyone thought that once the Heavenly Wolf Young Master personally arrived, in front of this overwhelming might, Chu Tian would be doomed.

No one could have thought.

Chu Tian would be this fearless.  Even if Nangong Yi hadn’t broken through, he still had the ability to fight the Heavenly Wolf Young Master!

Now, it all seemed like an overstatement and this Heavenly Wolf Young Master was being suppressed like this.  He was being played around with these eighteen black robed people, making him look like a stray dog!

“You villain!”

“Using numbers to bully someone, what skills is this?”

Using numbers to bully someone?

Why not mention the things that your Ye Family has done.

You little brat came here to kill me, then don’t mention going back with a complete body!

It’s decided!


Chu Tian decided to make a move.  He would teach a fierce lesson to the Ye Family and the other Central State powers.

He would let them clearly understand.

It’s fine to annoy the King of Hell!

It isn’t fine to annoy Chu Tian!

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