MT Chapter 106


Chapter 106: Comparing to see who’s more ruthless!

The goal in the Body Refinement Realm was to connect one’s meridians, allowing spiritual energy to enter the body and build up the body’s spirit energy reserves.  It was the most basic foundational stage.  The Awakened Soul Realm was the first step into true cultivation.

Cultivators in the peak 9th Body Refinement Realm could awaken a source spirit, but that source spirit would be asleep.  Only when they entered the Awakened Soul Realm could they truly awaken their source spirits.

The moment a source spirit awakened!

There have been none that could shake the world and there were none that could cause this kind of phenomenon.


Once the demon god opened his eyes!

The heaven and earth changed!

In this very short period of time, a terrifying pressure exploded out, leaving an oppressive fear causing the wolves to be scared off.  The wolf mounts that the Ye Family was so proud of, unexpectedly collapsed with a single attack!

“Chu Tian!”

Ye Wudao was about to go crazy from his anger.

Chu Tian look at the chaotic Ye Family Mercenaries and laughed, “Ha, ha, ha!  How strong are the Ye Family Mercenaries?  Just a bunch of ruffians.  The fight hasn’t even started and they’ve already scattered!  Being the Ye Family’s head, not only do you have a waste of a son, you also have to lead a bunch of weak subordinates.  It truly is hard on you!”

“Chu Tian, you are going too far!”

“Going too far?”  Chu Tian coldly snorted and loudly shouted, “Ye Xiong has already been in South Sky City for over ten years, he was extremely arrogant and killed countless people.  Why don’t you think that he’s gone too far?  The Ye Family’s waste of a son didn’t know his own strength and came to South Sky City to cause trouble.  Why don’t you think that he’s gone too far?  You old dog, you have no hesitation in raising your army and using it to attack a city of innocent people.  Why don’t you think you’ve gone too far?”

“Everything was done by your Father Chu Tian!”

“If you have the skills then come for me.  What skills do you have if you vent on other people?  This is how someone incompetent acts!”

Chu Tian arrived beside Ye Tianlang and snapped his fingers.  Xiong Tianyan threw out a bucket of water and woke Ye Tianlang up.

Ye Tianlang looked around in panic, “Father!  Quickly, save me!”

Ye Wudao clenched his fists and roared, “Fine!  I’ll give you another chance!  Release Tianlang immediately!  Today I’ll only take your little life!  No one else here will be implicated!  Otherwise, the Wolf Fang Mercenaries will immediately begin slaughtering the entire city!”

“Ha, ha, ha!  That is not up to you to decide!”  Chu Tian took out a long whip, “Your Ye Family truly doesn’t know how to educate its members, you can’t even teach your son properly.  That being the case, then I’ll have to teach your son for you!”

Ye Wudao was filled with the desire to kill as he shouted, “You dare!”

Chu Tian shouted, “Old Xiong, take off his pants!”

Ye Tianlang shouted angrily from the shame, “No, NO!”

Xiong Tianyan didn’t waste words and pulled off Ye Tianlang’s pants.  His smooth buttocks was shown to the people outside the wall, pointed right in the faces of the ten thousand Wolf Fang Mercenaries.


Chu Tian used his full strength to swing the whip once!

The white buttocks, it was instantly ripped open!

“Who told you to put no one else in your eyes!

“Who told you to be so arrogant!”

“Who told you to send troops out to massacre a city!”

Chu Tian continued to swing the whip.  He hit Ye Tianlang’s butt over ten times, until it was covered in blood.


This brat was crazy!

This was the infamous Wolf Fang Mercenaries!

This was the infamous Heavenly Wolf Young Master!

This one move, it made the Ye Family members go insane!

How was this just simply slapping Ye Tianlang’s butt!

This was simply slapping the Ye Family’s face!

“Attack the city!  Immediately attack the city!”  Ye Wudao lost his mind as he angrily roared, “Don’t leave a single person alive!  Kill them all!”

“You can try!”  Chu Tian coldly smiled as he took the Netherworld Sword from his back.  He raised the sword and placed it right under Ye Tianlang’s neck, “If anyone dares to move forward a single step, then Father will cut off this dog’s head!”

“You dare!”

“I don’t dare?  Things are already like this, there is nothing that I don’t dare to do!”

Ye Wudao’s life energy swelled and he almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

Chu Tian loudly laughed and said, “If the city were destroyed, I would die anyway.  That being the case, what is there to be afraid of!  Ye Wudao, since you dare play with me, then I’ll play with you to then end!  Father isn’t scared of death!”

After Chu Tian finished, he raised his long sword high up.

Ye Wudao was startled as he angrily roared, “Stop!”

A sword glow fell down!

Ye Tianlang pitifully cried out, “My hand!  My hand!”

A severed arm fell outside the city!

Ye Wudao rushed forth to catch his son’s severed arm.  Seeing the blood gush out, he quickly injected his spirit energy to maintain the vitality of the severed arm!

A cultivator, a martial artist.

If they lost an arm, what kind of loss would that be?

Ye Tianlang and Ye Wudao couldn’t accept this kind of loss.  The entire Ye Family couldn’t accept this kind of loss!

Chu Tian pointed the Netherworld Sword at Ye Tianlang and said, “I’ll give you five seconds to immediately withdraw your troops!”

Ye Tianlang screamed, “Impossible!”

“For every second that passes, I will cut off a limb.  Once all his limbs are gone, I will waste his cultivation, and then kill him!  Ye Wudao, you only have this one son.  If you don’t want to lose your heir, then I suggest you take your dogs out of South Sky City!”



Ye Tianlang gave a pitiful cry and another arm was chopped off.  It flew down from the city walls.

Cruel, bloodthirsty, ruthless, and merciless……This was a true maniac!

Ye Wudao’s heart went cold!

In all these years!

This was the first time Ye Wudao had met someone crazier than him.  Chu Tian would really kill Ye Tianlang, he wasn’t the least bit scared!


“Everyone retreat!”

Ye Wudao’s angry roar rang out like a beast’s!

The Ye Family Mercenaries revealed unwilling expressions, but there was no other way.  Their young master was in their hands and the enemy was a crazy man who didn’t care about his own life!

The Ye Family Mercenaries withdrew a kilometer away, leaving Ye Wudao remaining by himself.

Chu Tian began to laugh, “Now you’re listening!”

Ye Wudao took a deep breath and calmed down.  His eyes were as sinister as a wolf’s, “Chu Tian, I’ll acknowledge the fact that I’ve underestimated you.  But do you think that by holding my son hostage, you’ve already won?  Your way of doing this is bringing harm to the entire city.  Don’t you have any conscience?”

This Ye Wudao, he tried using a psychological approach.  

Because he could tell that Chu Tian was a person with high principles.  A person who was responsible for his actions, he wouldn’t implicate other people.

Ye Wudao coldly said, “It’s no use killing my son.  The Ye Family has countless male offsprings, can you kill them all?  But once you kill my son, I will begin to massacre the city’s people.  From top to bottom, nothing will be left!  In the worst case scenario, the Ye Family will just leave the Southern Summer Country!  Chu Tian!  You have to think about this carefully!  Do you want this entire city to be buried with you?!”

Nangong Yi, Xiong Bing, and the others began to sweat profusely.

The two of them were both extremists!

Now that this situation had occurred.

They had no idea how to resolve it!

It was impossible for Chu Tian to let Ye Tianlang go and Ye Wudao would definitely not retreat.  No matter what happened today, it would result in a fight to the death.

Ye Wudao coldly said, “Release him immediately!  I will only kill you, this is my final concession.  If you continue to argue then I won’t want this son anymore and I’ll massacre the entire city!”

If Ye Wudao really didn’t want this son anymore.

He would really order for the city to be massacred.

Right now, without giving the order, he had no way of massacring the city.  

Chu Tian knew that Ye Tianlang was Ye Wudao’s only son.  Compared to a city of a million common folk, Ye Tianlang was more important to Ye Wudao!

Massacring the city?

If the Ye Family really massacred a city, they would no longer be able to stay in the country.  They would lose the foundation they’ve built over the years and would have to leave the Southern Summer Country, roaming to find another place to go.

This was losing situation for both of them!

Ye Wudao had governed the Ye Family for this many years, he wouldn’t do this kind of thing!

Chu Tian slowly raised the Netherworld Sword and blade was covered in a blue glow.  He said word by word, “Then let’s try it!”

After finishing!

Chu Tian swung the blade at Ye Tianlang’s neck.

The blade was getting closer and closer to Ye Tianlang’s neck!

Ye Wudao clenched his teeth and his pupils shrank.  Not good, definitely not good.  Ye Tianlang was someone trained with all of the Ye Family’s resources, he could not die right now.  Otherwise, the Ye Family would suffer a huge loss and would decline.

Forget it!

He couldn’t want to keep his face anymore!

Even if he couldn’t kill Chu Tian today, he still had to save Ye Tianlang!

The corners of Chu Tian’s mouth raised into a cold smile.  He knew they would still stop him from killing Ye Tianlang.  At this time, the initiative was in Chu Tian’s hands.  He could give any conditions and even if he asked an outrageous price, Ye Wudao wouldn’t be able to refuse!


At this moment!

The wind surged and the clouds parted!

“Stay your sword!”

An incomparably terrifying aura burst out from above the clouds and instantly locked Chu Tian in place.  Chu Tian felt a mountain like pressure fall upon him and the sword in his hand would not move!

Nangong Yi’s face fell, “Such a terrifying aura!  Where did it even come from!”

In the air, there was a person’s figure floating.  His feet were standing on a tornado and he wore a simple blue robe.  He had long grey hair and possessed a unique, elegant style.  He seemed to be around thirty-forty years old, but his actual age was much greater.



It was as if an immortal had arrived.  That strong aura, everyone could not help but tremble from it.

“Divine Wind Marquis?”

“It’s actually the Divine Wind Marquis!”

Above and below the city walls, all the military officers and even the Ye Family Mercenaries, the minute they saw this man, they all kneeled forward and respectfully shouted, “We greet the Divine Wind Marquis!”

Nangong Yi and Ye Wudao also had to bow!

The Divine Wind Marquis stepped on the tornado and slowly descended down to the ground.  He slowly looked at Chu Tian on the wall and finally landed beside Ye Wudao, “Ye Wudao, sending troops to destroy a city, you truly are arrogant.”

Although his voice was small.

It still pushed the clouds away.

It contained the pressure of heaven and earth.

Ye Wudao’s forehead broke out in a cold sweat.  Even though he himself was quite a famous person, his hands still couldn’t help slightly trembling, “It was a spur of the moment decision, I ask Divine Wind Marquis to give me my punishment!”

The Divine Wind Marquis lightly said, “It was to save your child, so we’ll forget about it this time.”

The Divine Wind Marquis stared at Chu Tian, a trace of admiration flashed in his eyes.  A person that could face his pressure and not tremble at all, he was definitely not someone simple.

This person was really the youth he had imagined.

The Divine Wind Marquis revealed a faint smile, “Good courage!  Seems like another formidable person is gonna appear in Central State!”

Chu Tian didn’t have the word fear in his dictionary.  At this time, Chu Tian didn’t know whether he was an enemy or a friend, he just knit his brows and asked, “Who are you?”

Nangong Yi and Meng Qingwu were both worried.

This little calf did not fear the tiger!

There was no one in Central State that dared to talk to the Divine Wind Marquis like this!

“I am Feng Yuntian.”  The Divine Wind Marquis Feng Yuntian didn’t seem to mind, “What is your name?”

Everyone’s mouths fell wide open in shock.  This kind of awe inspiring Divine Wind Marquis, actually introduced himself to this youth.

Chu Tian replied, “Chu Tian!”

“Alright, Chu Tian.  I’ll remember you.”  Feng Yuntian looked at Ye Tianlang and said, “Let’s end today’s matters here.  Why don’t you both give me a little face and find a way to reconcile?”

Chu Tian asked, “How do we reconcile?”

“We’ll write everything off!”  Feng Yuntian said, “If you let Ye Tianlang go, I’ll won’t let anyone from the Ye, Chu, and Luo Families enter into South Sky City.  Is this good enough for you?”

Chu Tian was a little sceptical, “Would they obediently listen to you?”

Feng Yuntian gave a confident smile and said, “They would at least have to give me some face!  Ye Wudao, what do you say?”


Hateful to the point of going crazy!

Ye Wudao had no choice but to endure as he said, “Since the Divine Wind Marquis is personally mediating, then there’s nothing left to say.  As long as they release Tianlang!”

Chu Tian pondered for a few seconds.

Who the Divine Wind Marquis was, Chu Tian wasn’t very clear on.  This person had a profound cultivation base that even Nangong Yi from the Nangong Family had no choice but to salute to him, this meant that his status was not simple.

With this kind of person acting as a guarantor, then it would be fine to comply.

“Alright!  I’ll let him go!”

As soon as he spoke.

Feng Yuntian released a tornado from his right hand which picked up Ye Tianlang and delivered him to Ye Wudao’s side.

Too fast!

Chu Tian was secretly shocked.

This Feng Yuntian was really strong, he was completely able to rescue the hostage that Chu Tian was holding.  His so called reconciling was actually helping him…..But why did he do this?

“This matter will end here.  I hope you will both properly follow through!”

Feng Yuntian’s figure flashed and instantly disappeared into the sky.

Suddenly appearing and suddenly disappearing, it was as if he had never even been here.

“Chu Tian, just live your remaining years in South Sky City!”  Ye Wudao held his amputated son as he bitterly looked at Chu Tian and shouted, “Return to Central State!”

The Wolf Fang Mercenaries were like the tide as the left South Sky City.

This earth shattering conflict was finally over.

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