MT Chapter 107


Chapter 107: Stealing the goods

Since Ye Wudao had no way to continue playing, this shocking incident had finally come to an end.  Furthermore, since Nangong Yi had broken through to the 4th Awakened Soul Layer, he could easily be promoted to an elder of the Nangong Family.

With Nangong Yi’s personal guarantee, Chu Tian, Meng Yingying, and Meng Qingwu could officially become guest officials of the Nangong Family.  From now on, they would be under the halo of the Nangong Family.  They could enjoy the protection of the Nangong Family and be safe to a certain extent.

Nangong Yi thought Chu Tian was truly too lucky, “In all of Central State, to be able to insult Ye Wudao like this and get out safely, this little brat is definitely the first!”

Chu Tian was actually a little worried, “Ye Wudao definitely hates me to the depths of his bones, how do you know he won’t come back for revenge?  That person probably has a 5th-6th Awakened Soul Layer cultivation.  If he truly wanted to retaliate against me, just the Nangong Family guest official position would not be enough!”


Chu Tian had only wanted the guest official position was because he had killed Ye Xiong.

Ye Xiong was only a normal elder, or an elder with a few achievements.  Killing him would only make the Ye Family angry, but if they had to offend the Nangong Family to kill him, the Ye Family would still have to reconsider.

The current situation was not the same!

Chu Tian and the Ye Family could not coexist anymore!

Chu Tian had captured the Heavenly Wolf Young Master and had ruthlessly shamed him, making Ye Wudao lose face.  With his wild and overbearing personality, would he really just endure all of this?

Nangong Yi confidently said, “With the Divine Wind Marquis personally taking action, no matter how much Ye Wudao hates you, he still will not be able to do anything to you.  You can stop worrying about this!”

“What kind of person is the Divine Wind Marquis?”

“You’re a person of Central State, how do you not know about the Divine Wind Marquis?”

When Nangong Yi mentioned the Divine Wind Marquis, his eyes filled with admiration, “The Divine Wind Marquis Feng Yuntian is one of the heroes of the Southern Summer Country.  He had achieved a lot of military merits in the past and then was given the title of Divine Wind Marquis, becoming one of the eight marquises of the Southern Summer Country!”

“The Southern Summer Country has eight marquises?”

“You should understand what it means!”  Nangong Yi stared at Chu Tian and said, “The Southern Summer Country has eight states in total.  They are given to the eight marquises, each one ruling over a single state.  The area given to Divine Wind Marquis Feng Yuntian, is Central State.”

Chu Tian was shocked, “The entire Central State is managed by him?”

“That also isn’t correct!  The Divine Wind Marquis’ personality is to live simply, so he doesn’t like competing for authority.  Because of this, he’s given all the authority to others and chooses to live in seclusion.  But, with the Divine Wind Marquis’ reputation, there’s no one in Central State that dares to go against him!”

Southern Summer’s eight marquises.

The Divine Wind Marquis was one of them!

With Feng Yuntian’s reputation in the Southern Summer Country, he could still be considered a first class character!

Chu Tian had caused so much trouble that he had even called out the Divine Wind Marquis!

No wonder once the Divine Wind Marquis decided to act, Ye Wudao immediately withdrew his troops and didn’t dare talk about massacring the city again.  Because strength was authority and the Divine Wind Marquis had the deepest cultivation base in the entire Central State.

Not giving the Divine Wind Marquis face?

That was simply seeking death!

The Divine Wind Marquis’ whereabouts were usually unknown and only a few people had seen his real face.  He was just like a legend of Central State.

This time, he came out to personally mediate for Chu Tian.  How could this not make people confused?

Ye Wudao had already promised so he definitely wouldn’t risk offending the Divine Wind Marquis by acting rashly once again.  Even the Chu and Luo Families would have to be cautious now.

Since he had the protection of the Divine Wind Marquis and had already become a guest official of the Nangong Family, was there anything to worry about?

At least, in this short period of time, these families would not make another move!

Chu Tian’s fame, had increased by another level.

Chu Tian had held the Heavenly Wolf Young Master hostage in front of the Ye Family Mercenaries.  This kind of ruthless scene had been imprinted deeply in everyone’s hearts.

Annoy the King of Hell.

Do not annoy Chu Tian!

When Chu Tian returned to his house, messengers from all the large and small families of South Sky City had all come to greet him.

“The Du Family sends a congratulatory present!”

“The Li Family sends a congratulatory present!”

“The Dark Horse Commerce sends a present!”

“The Fierce Tiger Mercenaries sends a present!”


All kinds of gift floated down like snowflakes.  The Meng Qingwu sisters were completely occupied.

The Miracle Commerce had appeared out of nowhere.  In a single month, they had become a large influence.  They had become the pillar of South Sky City!

While Meng Qingwu faced this mountain of presents, she once again had a feeling that she was in a dream.

A month ago.

Southern Cloud Commerce was alone with no help.  With no background and no backers, they could only be careful and make sure not to offend any other families or companies.

After a month passed.

These two sisters had undergone a magnificent transformation and turned into Awakened Soul Cultivators respected by tens of thousands of people.

All those that had once gone against Southern Cloud Commerce now had no choice but to bring gifts as they threw out compliments.  They were simply waiting to kneel down in front of these two sisters!

These two sisters had both lived common lives, how could the be used to this respect and prestige?

Miracle Commerce had become strong.

Southern Cloud Commerce had become strong.

Meng Qingwu and Meng Yingying had become strong.

No one in South Sky City dared to look down on these sisters again!

Chu Tian repeated the words Nangong Yi had told him after he returned home.  Meng Qingwu was not the least bit surprised because Meng Qingwu already knew of the Divine Wind Marquis.

He was a kind of divine existence!

There was no one in Central State that dared to go against him!

Even the cruel Ye Wudao didn’t even dare!

Meng Qingwu could finally relax as she prepared to expand the company, “We already have made fifty thousand electric lamps and currently placed in storage.  80% of the merchandise is common electric lamps and the rest are large electric lamps, portable lamps, and etc.  Now that the time is ripe, I think it is time to sell the electric lamps to the people of South Sky City!”

They had been preparing in South Sky City for a while now.  The electric lamp factories have been working everyday.

Miracle Commerce had already prepared a preliminary set of merchandise, they were completely ready to start doing business.

This kind of matter, Chu Tian didn’t really care about.  Right now, he was only thinking about the Nether Flame Grass from the Tianchen Commerce.  As long as the Nether Flame Grass is delivered, Chu Tian could begin practicing the Netherworld Flame Sword.

Wealth is just a thing, it could be gained at any minute!

Strength is the basis of living a safe life!

Chu Tian couldn’t be relaxed just because the Divine Wind Marquis had interfered.  Even though Ye Wudao didn’t dare to openly cause trouble, wouldn’t he still be able to have sinister plots?

“The electric lamps generate a large profit and the market is very big.  Not only will cultivators be interested, even common folk will want them.  Not only will it bring us a large profit, it can also raise Miracle Commerce’s reputation by quite a bit.”  Chu Tian spoke up to here, then suddenly paused, “I’ll teach you how to make the source energy batteries.  As for the sale of the electric lamps, I’ll leave it up to you.”

The source energy battery technology had to be kept secret.

Although Miracle Commerce had already secretly began to mine crystal oil, they still haven’t announced the source energy battery yet.

Meng Qingwu had the Heavenly Book Source Spirit so she could learn things very quickly.  After Chu Tian gave a quick explanation, Meng Qingwu drew an entire set of level one source energy battery manufacturing array.

Meng Qingwu proudly said, “Relax, I will guard this battery manufacturing array!”



A guard quickly ran in, “There are two people outside, they say they are from Tianchen Commerce!”

Chu Tian was happy.

What he had been looking forward to had finally arrived!

Chu Tian quickly rushed out to meet them.  Who knew that when he met them, Chu Tian would stare at them dumbfoundedly.

Their faces were covered in blood and there were injuries all over their bodies.  The armour they wore was completely battered.

Chu Tian recognized the person in the middle.  Wasn’t that Jing Hu?

Chu Tian quickly asked, “What happened to you?”

After Jing Hu had entered the city, he had already heard everything Chu Tian had done.  From this moment on, he knew how terrifying Chu Tian was.


Jing Hu fell down kneeling on the ground and crawled in front of Chu Tian as he said with a sad face, “Chairman Chu, please forgive us.  We had secretly brought the merchandise with us out of Central State, but we were attacked by bandits on the way and everything was stolen by them!”

“What?”  Chu Tian was so angry his mouth went crooked, “You’ve lost the merchandise?  Didn’t I tell you to secretly bring it out?”

Jing Hu continued to apologize, “We did sneak out and no one knew that we were sending the merchandise to Miracle Commerce…….Only we met bandits on the way.  It was all a coincidence!”  

“You think I’m stupid?  How could a few bandits steal stuff from Tianchen Commerce?”

This wasn’t Chu Tian’s fault.  No one would believe it either!

Jing Hu had personally escorted the merchandise and Jing Hu was an Awakened Soul cultivator.  No matter where an Awakened Soul cultivator went, they would be an aloof existence.

And now.

A couple of bandits from who knows where could actually defeat Tianchen Commerce.  If the bandits were this strong, then Central State would have long fallen into chaos.

“Chu Tian don’t be anxious.  Get all the details first.”

Meng Qingwu could see that Jing Hu was an honest person.  Losing the goods also made her anxious because in the large shipment, there was not only the Nether Flame Grass Chu Tian needed, there was also materials that Miracle Commerce needed, like the Three Lives Demonic Insects for the Qi Refining Pills.

If the lost the goods, they would suffer a huge loss!

Jing Hu carefully described the events.  Nothing happened to the Tianchen Commerce caravan the entire way, but once they got close to a small city named “Yellow Stone City”, a group of ferocious bandits appeared and stole all their goods.

Jing Hu had fought back and tried to kill them all, but who would have thought that they would be much stronger than he could imagine!

“The leader of the bandits was very strong, he was at least in the 2nd Awakened Soul Layer.  Moreover, he practices an unknown evil art that makes him even stronger.  I couldn’t beat him, so I could only abandon the merchandise and escape, bringing news back to South Sky City.”

Could bandits be this strong?

Since they were already this strong, why did they still work as bandits?

Chu Tian paid special attention to a certain detail, “You said he practiced an evil art?  What kind of evil art was it!”

Jing Hu revealed a frightened expression, “I don’t know what kind of evil art it was.  I’ve never seen it before and I don’t think it is a cultivation technique from the Central State area, but it was very powerful.”

The origin of these bandits was not simple.

Because there wasn’t enough details, Chu Tian couldn’t tell at this time if these people had any relations to any of the Central State families.

Meng Qingwu asked Chu Tian, “What do you think?”

Chu Tian shook his head, “It’s hard to say.  I have to take a look for myself!”

Meng Qingwu was a little worried as she said, “Isn’t it too dangerous to leave South Sky City right now?  What if it’s a trap Ye Wudao has set?”

“It’s not likely.  The time doesn’t match.”

“But your current situation is very fragile!”

“Relax, I’ll leave the Yin Corpses in the city.  I’ll use the old method to leave, this way no one will recognize me.”

This batch of stuff was more important to Chu Tian than Meng Qingwu could ever imagine.

Chu Tian had to disguise himself and investigate the circumstances.

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