MT Chapter 108


Chapter 108: Black Wind camp bandits

Yellow Stone City was a city under the jurisdiction of the Central State Main City, but it was surrounded by mountains.  It was hard to transport things and there was a lack of resources, so Yellow Stone City was much poorer than South Sky City.

There weren’t many families, companies, cultivators, or even people.

This was his first impression of Yellow Stone City

After Chu Tian arrived at Yellow Stone City, he became even more confused.  This kind of desolate city, where did such strong bandits come from?


Chu Tian was dressed like a traveller.  He wore an ash gray robe and had a tattered bamboo hat on his head.   He was also carrying an ancient sword in an ordinary sheath on his back.  He was once again disguised as “Lu Ren”.

Chu Tian had made some revisions this time.  He had a scraggly beard and his skin was dark yellow this time, making him seem more like an ape.  He looked like a twenty four-twenty five year old youth.

“Now, where to start investigating?”

The small white fox popped its head out of his clothes.  Its shining eyes looked swept over the surroundings and then it pointed its little claw in a direction.

Several soldiers were posting an announcement on a large bulletin board and there were quite a few citizens surrounding it, curiously trying to find out what happened.

A military officer loudly announced.

“The latest news!”

“The latest news!”

“The mayor’s palace has issued a highly dangerous red rank mission, anxiously looking for Awakened Soul Cultivators!  The reward will be three hundred thousand gold coins!”

Once the military officer began to speak.

The crowd couldn’t help crying out in alarm.

A mission worth three hundred thousand gold coins?

Not to mention the undeveloped economy of Yellow Stone City, even if it was in South Sky City, three hundred thousand would still be a lot of money.  For the Yellow Stone City mayor’s palace to take out this much money, it was guaranteed this was no small mission!

“A group of bandits have appeared near the Black Wind Mountain Stronghold and have robbed quite a few large merchant caravans.  Several expert scouts have been sent, but not a single one has come back alive!  It seems the mayor has reached his limit and is about to send Awakened Soul Experts?”

“This move is too big!”

“Can it not be big?  Those bandits have already plundered an astonishing amount of wealth.  If the mayor can reclaim the Black Wind Mountain Stronghold, he can earn quite a bit!  Weapons, cultivation techniques, and treasures, there should be some of everything!”

“Yellow Stone City is so small and there are only a few Awakened Soul Cultivators, who would be willing to do such a thing?”

“Not necessarily.  With the large compensation, there are those that will come!”


While the citizens were still discussing the announcement.

Chu Tian directly went to the mayor’s palace.  As an Awakened Soul Rogue Cultivator, he could apply for the mission.

Yellow Stone City’s mayor, Yan Wuyang was a man that seemed to be around fifty years old, but his actual age was around sixty-seventy.  He had a rickety stature, gray hair, and held a long cane in his hand.  He sat there all alone in the giant dusty hall.

Old and ugly with a short stature.

With this kind of mayor, it was obviously Yellow Stone City wasn’t doing well!

Yan Wuyang gave two coughs and then used his hissing deep voice to interrupt Chu Tian’s unspoken criticisms, “What are you called?”

Chu Tian cupped his hands and said, “I am called Lu Ren.  I am a 1st Awakened Soul Layer Rogue Cultivator and have come to join Sir mayor’s bandit suppressing mission!”

Yan Wuyang’s narrow eyes stared at Chu Tian, trying to see through Chu Tian, “Every Awakened Soul Rogue Cultivator is famous, why haven’t I heard of you before?”

Chu Tian answered, “There are several cities under Central State’s governance, mayor definitely cannot know about all of them.  This one doesn’t have much fame so it is normal that mayor has never heard of me before.”

Yan Wuyang coldly said, “That kind of excuse will not fool this mayor.  This mission is very important so those without clear backgrounds are not permitted to participate.  Who knows if you’re a spy sent here from Black Wind Mountain Stronghold!”

“I have been practicing in the mountains, so I rarely come out.  I’ve just entered the Awakened Soul Realm, so I came out to gain some experience.”  Chu Tian pulled out a command token, “I have worked in the South Sky City Mayor’s palace for a while.  Here is the Mayor Palace’s seal for proof!”

This was the identity that Nangong Yi had forged for Chu Tian.

Yan Wuyang looked at it a few times and his face finally relaxed, “You have worked for Mayor Nangong before.  Can I ask how you are related to Mayor Nangong?”

“When I was working for Mayor Nangong, I was still in the peak 9th Body Refinement Layer.  They didn’t pay to much attention to me, so I’ve never talked to Mayor Nangong.”

“Who is your master?  Do you have any relatives?”

What did this old man want?

Hasn’t he asked enough yet?

“My family and master have already passed away.  I like being free, so I don’t have any close friends.”

“Alright!  I’ll consider you a pass!”

Yan Wuyang gently clapped his hands.

A maid came in carrying a plate.  On the plate was a pile of shining gold cards, “This is one hundred and fifty thousand gold coins, it can be considered your deposit.  The remainder of the money will be paid in full after the mission.  If you can eliminate all the bandits in one fell swoop, this mayor will give you even greater rewards.”

Chu Tian didn’t even care about the over a hundred thousand gold coins, he only cared about Miracle Commerce’s merchandise, “I don’t know when we’ll begin?”

“We move tonight.  There were several other Awakened Soul Cultivators recruited other than you, you should go and meet them first.”

Chu Tian met with the other Awakened Soul experts.

Yan Wuyang wasn’t a simple person.

Yellow Stone City was this desolate, yet there were still over ten Awakened Soul Cultivators recruited.  Most of them were just like Chu Tian, they had just entered into the Awakened Soul Realm, so their strength was not very strong.

There were four people that were the strongest.  They were Yan Jun, Lin Mu, Fang Han, Huang Haohan.

Yan Jun was from the mayor’s family and was the general of Yellow Stone City.  He currently had strength at the 2nd Awakened Soul Layer.  The other three came from a newly founded Central State mercenary group.  Their group had just been set up and they currently needed money.  The reward for this mission was very high so they decided to come together for it.

Chu Tian sized up the three young mercenaries.

All three of them were under thirty years old and could be considered young talents.

Lin Mu and Feng Han were in the 2nd Awakened Soul Layer.  Huang Hao Han wasn’t the same and was only at the peak 1st Awakened Soul Layer.

As for the rest of the Awakened Soul Cultivators, they were all rogue cultivators just like Chu Tian.  Chu Tian stood in the middle with his average looks and cultivation, no one paid any attention to him.

A group composed entirely of Awakened Soul Cultivators!

It could not be weak!

But this also meant that the bandits were not simple!

Yan Wuyang sat down on the mayor’s throne and spoke seriously to Yan Jun, “I want you to bring everyone and assault the bandits.  First disrupt the Black Wind Mountain Stronghold and then when the circumstances permit it, kill the bandit leader.  Once you make a move, the mayor’s troops will coordinate with you.  Once the bandit leader is dead, the army will immediately move in.”

Yan Jun cupped his hands and said, “Subordinate will follow your orders!”

Everyone received a secret information scroll.  Inside were details of the local terrain, the number of enemies, and the enemies’ strength.

“Do you understand everything?”


“Remember, the bandits are not weak and there are a lot of them.  Be careful not to be trapped in the bandit’s lair or you will be besieged by them!”  Yan Wuyang slowly stood up.  His small and rickety body cracked several times as he gently coughed a few times, “Be careful throughout.  Now go!”


“Sir mayor!”

They confidently left the mayor’s palace.

Chu Tian walked at the back of the team.  At this time, the little fox came out of his clothes.  It wrote a few words in front of Chu Tian with its little claw.

“You can also see it?”  Chu Tian and the little fox’s sparkling eyes met, “This is not a simple mission, but it’s fine.  I’m strong enough to keep myself safe, so I’ll just see what is really happening!”

The little fox rubbed its chin like Chu Tian usually does.  It nodded its head and went back in.


Night falls.

In a deep area of the mountain, there was a deep valley.  The terrain was rough and it was a very hidden place, making it a hard place to assault.  This was the Black Wind Mountain Stronghold.

If the Yellow Stone City troops launched a direct assault, they would suffer very heavy losses.  So the best method was to send in a few experts and have them secretly break in.  Then they would kill the bandit leaders and cause the bandits to fall into chaos.

The army would seize this moment of weakness and storm in from outside.

Yan Jun scanned the terrain and said, “In front of us is the bandit village.  Let’s think of a way to sneak in, and remember, we can’t alert anyone.”

“You guys should go around to the back.  In around fifteen minutes, there will be a patrol passing by.  Take care of them and be careful not to be seen!”


Sou, sou, sou, sou!

Four figures jumped out.  

The four Awakened Soul Cultivators split up into groups of two, heading either left or right.

Chu Tian looked in the distance.  The entire area was silent and there wasn’t even a single torch lit.  It was all covered in a strange fog that made people have a kind of strange feeling.

The little fox hissed twice, as if he was trying to warn Chu Tian.

Chu Tian pulled out a corpse dan for it to eat as he rubbed its head, “Relax, it’s fine!”

Everyone else stayed near a small hill as they waited for the best opportunity.

“Hey, don’t you think it’s strange?”  Fang Han was the first to break the silence as he said to the others, “Where did these bandits come from?”

“This is such a large village and there are so many bandits, how could the local residents not know anything about them?”  After Huang Haohan said this, he added in another sentence, “I bet, there’s definitely some kind of problem.”

Lin Mu also nodded.  He was the commander of the mercenary group.  He was also famous for his courage and also being overbearing, “What are you scared of?  We have over ten Awakened Soul Cultivators here.  Even if we’re discovered by the enemy, wouldn’t it be hard for them to do anything to us?  We’ll just fight our way out!  Since we’ve already taken the money, we just have to finish the mission!”

Fang Han and Huang Haohan looked at each other and nodded.

Chu Tian observed the three young mercenaries’ actions and couldn’t help shaking his head.  Young people, they had too much energy and not enough caution.  Being a mercenary was like dancing on a knife’s edge with high risks and high rewards.  If they were rash like this, it would be hard for them to keep their lives even if they were strong.

Around ten minutes later.

The Awakened Soul Cultivators came back.  Their bodies were covered with energy.  “It’s taken care of.”

“You’ve done well.”  Yan Jun gently waved his hand and said in a low voice, “The Black Wind bandits seem to be having a celebration.  This is good chance, we’ll go in now!”

Yan Jun seemed to have studied the Black Wind Stronghold quite a bit.

He seemed to be very clear about the Black Wind bandits’ situation.  With his orders, everyone began to feel confident.  Without anything to worry about, several black clothed figures jumped out as fast as lightning.

They silently entered the Black Wind Stronghold.

In the end, without alarming anyone, they smoothly dived into the Black Wind Stronghold.

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