MT Chapter 109


Chapter 109: Trap

Deep in the mountain, the terrain was very complex.  The surroundings were covered in large stones, perfect for placing sentries, this increased the difficulty of the infiltration without a doubt.  What was lucky was that everyone here was an Awakened Soul Cultivator.  They could feel every little movement, they could even sense the smallest breath.

A small patrol was silently taken out by Lin Mu and Fang Han.  The corpses were hidden behind some rocks and their clothes were all removed.

“Everyone, wear the bandit’s clothes.”

“This will make it easier to sneak in!”


“There should be over a thousand bandits in the Black Wind Stronghold and each one is very well trained, so we’ll be in trouble if we alert them.  We need to attract as little attention as possible.”

Their group changed into the Black Wind Bandits’ clothing.  In this dark village, with a disguise, it was much easier to move around.

Very good.

It was all going smoothly.

Now that they were approaching the centre of the camp, they had succeeded in their infiltration and everyone felt a little more relaxed.  Now they just needed to cause a commotion and distract the bandits, then the mayor’s troops would attack and smash through everything in a single move!

Lin Mu looked at Yan Jun with an inquiring gaze and said, “So, do we start the surprise attack now?”

Everyone else was ready to fight.

With over ten Awakened Soul Cultivators, if they crashed through the enemy’s lair, it was more than enough to turn the world upside down.

“The mayor’s orders are that if the situation permits, we should kill the bandit leader first.  So far, we’ve already succeeded in infiltrating, so instead of a direct attack, we should try a sneak attack first.”

Attack what?

Lin Mu, Fang Han, and Huang Haohan looked at each other, “Alright, we’ll kill the boss and earn a large merit first!”  Since they had already decided, the other rogue cultivators didn’t have any complaints.

At this time, the cultivators jumped down from their high point, “I’ve already observed the tent positioning of the camp.  There are a few big tents in the centre of the camp that are heavily guarded.”

“That’s right, it has to be the boss!”  Yan Jun didn’t even think before saying, “The boss has to be in the centre.  Since we have our target, let’s begin!”

A trace of excitement flashed in everyone’s eyes.

This mission seemed like it was quite easy!

If over ten Awakened Soul Cultivators sneaked in and killed the bandits’ boss before setting fire to the camp, it would easily cause the bandits to fall into chaos!

“Wait a minute.”

As everyone was prepared to make a move, a voice rang out.

Everyone looked over at the ordinary youth.  This was the last person recruited by the mayor.  He hadn’t said anything from the beginning until now and had been forgotten by everyone.

“There’s something wrong here.”  Chu Tian narrowed his eyes as he looked at the tents.  He reminded them, “I suggest we don’t make any rash moves.”

“If you’re scared then you can go to the side!”

“That’s right, let’s go!”

This kind of chance to gain merits at this critical moment and Chu Tian was choking up.  Of course it made people dissatisfied and their words became sharp.

Yan Jun knit his brows and said, “We have over ten people and we’re mounting a sneak attack, what is there to be afraid of? Even if the bandit boss is very strong, we still have the chance to retreat!”

Chu Tian shrugged, “I think it’s better if I stay as a support.  I’ll leave the main duties to you guys.  If something happens, I can at least provide some help.”

Yan Jun was very dissatisfied, “You…..”

“Yan Jun, we don’t have the time for this.  We killed several people on the way here and they will find the bodies soon.”  Lin Mu looked at Chu Tian, there was a trace of disdain in his eyes, “We’ll let you stay here for support then.”

Fang Han said, “That’s right, we don’t have the time!”

Yan Jun knitted his brows and pondered for a few seconds.  He snorted once, “Fine then!”

“Let’s go!”

“Little coward, you can just stay here!”

“You truly are waste!  How could the mayor recruit this kind of person!”

Chu Tian stayed by himself.

Everyone moved forward and entered into the camp.  They spread out and slowly surrounded the main tent.

The guards were all silently taken care of.  Finally the over ten cultivators approached the main tent.

Yan Jun began to give signals.

Five!  Four!  Three!  Two!  One!


The Awakened Soul Cultivators attacked at the same time!

“Ice Stinger!”

Ice began to appear around Fang Han until he turned into an ice person several meters tall.  His palms slapped the ground and several large ice cones appeared from the ground, freezing the entire main tent.

Lin Mu released his source spirit.  It was a ten meter tall willow tree which rooted itself into the ground.  Lin Mu was covered in green spirit energy as he suddenly shot out with his hands.

Hundreds of willow trees emerged from the ground.  Just like arrows, they pierced through the ice and stabbed the tent from all directions!

“Go and die!”

Huang Haohan jumped high and released a giant source spirit.  It seemed like it was a leaf fan.  Huang Haohan pushed down with his palms and the leaf fan heavily swept across.

The ice was swept away.

A giant hole formed in the ground.

Ice Giant Source Spirit, Monster Willow Source Spirit, and the Giant Fan Source Spirit.

Three young mercenaries having this kind of strength, the others all felt respect towards them.  The other cultivators released their skills and all kinds of strong attacks fell in abundance.  The giant central tent was ripped apart and only a hole was left in its place.

Lin Mu stared at the hole as he revealed a smile, “Even if it was an expert of the 3rd Awakened Soul Layer, in this kind of situation where he had no defences, there’s no doubt he would die under the combined assault of this many people!  Let’s have a look!”

Fang Han and Huang Hanhao ran over and quickly investigated.

Lin Mu anxiously asked, “How is it?”

“This is bad!  We’ve fallen into a trap!”

“There is no one here!”

Huang Haohan looked at the giant crater as he showed a panicked expression.

Lin Mu was shocked in his heart, “General…..”

He turned to look at Yan Jun, but Yan Jun had already disappeared.

Everyone still hadn’t noticed that something was wrong, “General Yan, wasn’t he just here?”

“This is bad!”

“There’s a problem here!”

“We need to retreat now!”

Everyone realized that they were in danger and had to retreat right away.  Who would have thought that before they could even turn, a giant source energy array would appear underneath them.

Everyone could feel their source spirits weakening.

“This is a forbidden array!”

“This is bad!  My spirit energy is being sucked away!”

Everyone revealed a panicked expression as a hundred men in black clothing with long blades came out from the tents around them.  They had probably been set up here for a while, waiting for them to fall into this trap.

This was all a trap!

Lin Mu’s face filled with anger, especially he noticed the leader of the black clothed men.  He angrily shouted, “Yan Jun!  You’ve betrayed us!”

“Ha, ha, ha, ha!”  A wild laugh came from afar and Yan Jun’s figure appeared.  He had a sinister expression on his face, as if he had changed into a different person as he fiendishly grinned and said, “It should be because you reacted too slow!”

Fang Han’s eyes swept across the surrounding black clothed people and then he looked back at Yan Jun.  He had an unbelievable expression on his face, “You……you are the Black Wind Stronghold leader!

Yan Jun laughed and said, “Wrong!  I’m the vice leader!”

Vice leader?

Then the boss was……

A stronger aura erupted forward.

A black robed old man slowly walked forward surrounded in a black aura.  He had a small and thin figure, and there was a cane in his hand.


“It’s you!”

All the rogue cultivators were shocked!

What exactly was happening?

The Yellow Stone City Mayor Yan Wuyang and the general Yan Jun, they were the leaders of the bandits.  Why did they do this!

Why would he hire experts to attack his own men?

Was he really that bored?

Yan Wuyang angrily looked at the group.  His eyes seemed to fluctuate as he coldly asked, “Why is there one missing?”

“That Lu Ren isn’t here!”

“Humph, how are you doing things?  Quickly bring him back.  We can’t leave anyone alive today!”

“Relax, he is just a newly advanced Awakened Soul Cultivator, he has no way of being a threat.  It’s easy for me to catch him.  This subordinate will go and bring him back now!”

Yan Jun cupped his hands and turned to leave.

Lin Mu regretted the fact that he hadn’t listened to Chu Tian’s warning.

But what they couldn’t understand was why did the mayor choose to do this kind of thing?

Yan Wuyang was a mayor, he governed over a city with over a million people.  This position was already very prestigious, so why did he have to rob merchant caravans?  If this matter was exposed, he would bring shame and ruin upon himself!

Because out of the caravans that Yan Wuyang had robbed, there were quite a few that belonged to large Central State families.  There were even a few from the Four Great Families.  This matter was enough to bring redemption on all of Yan Wuyang’s family!

The most confusing thing was.

Since the Black Wind Bandits belonged to the Yellow Stone City Mayor, why would he go to such lengths to recruit experts.  Why would he hire mercenaries and rogue cultivators, then lead them into this trap?

These people did not have any conflicts of interest with him, much less any grudges.

What was his motive for doing this?

“Yan Wuyang, why are you doing all this!”

Lin Mu didn’t know why his luck was so bad.  The first time he took a large mission, he was betrayed by his employer.

Yan Wuyang coldly looked at the trapped people, “You don’t need to know why!  You only need to know one thing.  You need to die here today because you will be the last step of the sacrificial ceremony.  Now we’ll have the Awakened Soul Cultivator souls that we were missing!  So you dying here, is your honor!”

“Fuck you!”

“Everyone, fight your way out!”

Yan Wuyang disdainfully said, “Want to escape?  You’re stuck in this large array and your spirit energy has been sucked dry, you can’t even display your source spirits.  Why do you still think you can escape?”


Lin Mu and Fang Han led the dozen Awakened Soul Cultivators to charge forward.

Although their spirit energy had been sucked out by the large array, they still had strong battle strength.  As long as the two sides crashed, they could immediately take care of the black clothed men.

“Take them alive!”

Yan Wuyang waved his hand and the countless black clothed men jumped forward like a pack of wolves.

Lin Mu roared as he rushed at Yan Wuyang, “Death to bandits!”

“You overestimate yourself!”

Yan Wuyang snorted and a black fog came from his body.  It was like an evil demonic presence as it released killing intent and charged at Lin Mu.

“This is…….a demonic art!”

Lin Mu gave a cry of shock as he lost consciousness.

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