MT Chapter 110


Chapter 110: Heavenly Demon Art

Chu Tian saw the camp was abnormal with a single glance.  In fact, he had seen through all of it even earlier.  When he saw Yan Wuyang at the mayor’s palace for the first time, Chu Tian felt a faint demonic qi surrounding Yan Wuyang’s body.

It was probably because he practiced a demonic art.

Chu Tian wouldn’t have cared under normal circumstances, but remembering Jing Hu’s description of the bandit leader, he felt that this was not as simple as it seemed.

Demonic art?


What was a demonic art?

A demonic art was a cultivation technique that used very bloody materials to practice, such as life essence blood or souls.  Cultivating a demonic art made one more irrational.  As their understanding of the cultivation technique deepened, they became more hot tempered.  They would become bloodthirsty and lose control of themselves as they became obsessed with danger.

So while demonic arts were strong, there weren’t many people that practiced them.

The mysterious bandits had a person that practiced a demonic art and the Yellow Stone City mayor also practiced a demonic art.  How could there be such a coincidence?

Whether the two had connection or not, it was hard to make a decision earlier.

After entering the Black Wind Stronghold, Chu Tian had investigated the camp and found that it was all one big trap!

No wonder Yan Wuyang only wanted rogue cultivators.

No wonder Yan Wuyang only wanted young mercenaries with no backers.

If these people were to go missing, no one would make a big fuss about it.

Chu Tian had seen through Yan Wuyang’s trick.  Although he had told Lin Mu about it, who would have known that they would ignore him and actually taunt him.  He had no other way so he could only retreat.

“The large array has been activated.”

“Those fellows truly are too unfortunate!”

Chu Tian felt a vibration from far away.  The battle must have begun on that side.  Lin Mu and the others had their battle strength suppressed by the array, they couldn’t possibly escape from this trap.

They were in trouble now.

Whether they lived or died, Chu Tian couldn’t care less!

Who told those idiots not to listen to him?

Chu Tian could just leave, but the problem was that Miracle Commerce’s merchandise was still in their hands.  If he left, what would he do about the Nether Flame Grass, Three Lives Demonic Insects, and the Electromagnetic Crystal Stones that were worth over a million gold coins?

One-two million gold coins meant nothing.

The problem was that the Nether Flame Grass and Three Lives Demonic Insects could be considered rare materials.  Even with the Tianchen Commerce’s channels, it would be hard to collect another batch in a short period of time.  If it was delayed ten-fifteen days, it would have quite an effect on Miracle Commerce.

Time was money!

While Chu Tian hesitantly stood outside the Black Wind Stronghold.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha……I finally found you!”

A strong aura burst forth in the dark night, just like a terrifying spiritual attack.

The corners of Chu Tian’s mouth drew back into a cold smile.

His right hand moved.

The Netherworld Sword was unsheathed.

The sword edge glowed with a dazzling glow as it swept through the darkness leaving a purple sword glow.


The black figure was knocked back several meters.

Yan Jun’s blade had been split in two as he revealed a fitting shocked expression, “My weapon is a high levelled spirit weapon.  Such a strong treasured sword!”

Under the moonlight, the Netherworld sword shined like a piece of ten thousand year old ice.  Nothing had changed and nothing had been damaged!

Chu Tian wore a simple blue robe.  He held the sword in his right hand and pointed it at the ground.  His eyes shined like water as he looked around, then he smiled and said, “Chasing me all alone, that is not a smart thing to do!”

“Ha, ha, ha, ha!”  Yan Jun broke out in laughter as his eyes turned red.  His body was covered in demonic qi, “You think that with a divine weapon, you can beat me?  I’ll let you realize just how stupid that idea is!”

Yan Jun spirit energy condensed into the shape of a giant green ape.  As his spirit energy increased, his strength also increased.  His muscles began to inflate as his entire build became larger.

Four Armed Spirit Ape Source Spirit?

The Four Armed Spirit Ape was a very strong spirit beast.

This spirit beast was naturally born with four arms and had incredible strength.  It had a body as hard as diamond and lived in the most dangerous place.  The four armed spirit ape was a special kind of spirit beast that could practice human cultivation techniques.

Ya Jun had a Four Armed Spirit Ape Source Spirit.  Not only would his attack and defence increase, he would also experience an increase in his cultivation technique practicing speed.  So he had quite a strong battle potential.

Chu Tian stared at the Four Armed Spirit Ape Source Spirit and his brows slightly knit together, “Although I don’t know what kind of demonic art you’re practicing, I have to say that you’re practicing this demonic art the wrong way.  It can be used to instantly increase your strength and has quick effects, but it destroys your potential!  You are being used by others!”

“Ha, ha, ha, ha!”

“You think I’ll believe you?”

“Die under my fist!”

Yan Jun fist was covered in a black qi until his entire fist turned black.  It was just like a ferocious ghost wrapping around his fist.

“Howling Ghost Fist!”

The wild energy suddenly shot forward!

Chu Tian swept his sword across to block the fist’s strength, but its wild strength burst forward, just like a large stone falling down a waterfall.  The surrounding soil was blown away and the earth was pushed back several meters leaving a large hole.

“This sword can suck in my power!”

Yan Jun had used all his strength in this one attack.  A normal spirit weapon would have already been broken, but this sword in his hand had not only blocked Yan Jun’s attack, it had also sucked in most of Yan Jun’s power.  The surplus energy had been sucked into Chu Tian’s body and not much was left.

This was the power of the Netherworld Sword.

Actually the Netherworld Sword was not only a sharp weapon, it was also a very strong defensive tool.

Chu Tian loudly roared.


The Demon God’s Sword Source Spirit appeared behind him and the Netherworld Sword was covered in spirit energy.  The sword glow suddenly increased in intensity and its strength increased by several times.  Yan Jun was forced back by this terrifying strength.

Yan Jun began to feel deep fear.

Such a strong source spirit aura!

There were many people with sword source spirits in Central State, but he had never heard of this source spirit!

This sword source spirit was stronger than any other sword spirit he had seen.  It seemed to comparable to the legendary God Level Source Spirit.  With this kind of source spirit, it wasn’t a problem to skip ranks and fight people!

A very dangerous sword!

A very dangerous source spirit!

Even if this person hasn’t cultivated a top class cultivation technique, he couldn’t be underestimated just based on these two things!

Yan Jun’s expression became very solemn, “You seem to have some skills, but with just this ability alone, you can’t beat the «Heavenly Demon Art» the sage taught me!”

“Heavenly Demon Art?”  Chu Tian shook his head, “What nonsense is this?  Don’t waste my time.  Let’s fight already!”

“Humph!  I’ll let you taste the power of my Heavenly Demon Art!”

Yan Jun suddenly lifted up his hands and his expression became even fiercer.  His skin quickly became darker as tadpole like stripes began to cover his body.  Finally it turned into a dark purple colour and covered his body like a tattoo.

Chu Tian’s expression became solemn, “His spirit energy has at least doubled.  The amplification effect is actually this strong!”

Yan Jun released the full cultivation technique as his body was covered in profound purple runes, just like a terrifying totem mark.  His skin began to turn dark and his body was covered in a demonic qi, giving off a very strange feeling.

The little fox sat on Chu Tian’s shoulder.  Its furry white tail swung back and forth as its bright, shining eyes revealed a look of disdain.

“Your time to die is now!”

Yan Jun stepped forward and instantly disappeared.

Actually he didn’t disappear.  Rather he moved at an extreme speed that seemed like he had disappeared.

How fast!

Chu Tian’s eyes couldn’t keep up and when he had caught up, Yan Jun had already appeared behind him.  His palm cut down just like a steel blade, trying to pierce through Chu Tian’s body.

At this crucial moment.

The little fox sucked in with his nose and something strange happened.  The demonic qi surrounding Yan Jun seemed like it could not resist as it left his body and was sucked into the little fox’s nose.

Yan Jun was shocked.

This little beast that was as small as a fist, it had seemed normal so he hadn’t paid any attention to it.  He never would have thought that this little beast would have this kind of ability.

Glass Body!

Chu Tian’s body was instantly covered in a starlight glaze.  When Yan Jun’s hand sliced down, a loud sound rang out.  A large part of the starlight glaze had cracks appear, but it had withstood the attack.

The terrifying strength was rebounded.

Yan Jun’s arm broke in several areas.  He gave a pitiful cry as he was sent flying and crashed onto the ground.

“It seems this little thing has its uses!”

Chu Tian fondly looked at the little fox.  He had really underestimated his opponent.  This ancient cultivation technique seemed to be quite strong.  Although the «Heavenly Demon Art» drew upon one’s potential, it seemed like it was more powerful than he imagined.

If the little fox hadn’t sucked in most of Yan Jun’s demonic qi, even if Chu Tian wasn’t killed in a single hit, he would still have suffered heavy injuries.

The little fox sneezed and then stood up on its two legs.  Just like a person, it crossed it’s two claws and the look of disdain turned into one of pride.

“Here’s a reward!”

Chu Tian took out a corpse core and the little fox immediately happily grabbed it as it began to nibble on it.

Yan Jun lied on the ground.  He had lost all his battle power as he said with a panicked expression, “What kind of cultivation technique is that?  It can actually withstand the power of my Heavenly Demon Art!”

Yan Jun was very clear just how strong his attack was.

Even if half his demonic qi was sucked in by that mysterious spirit beast, he still had at least half of his original strength.  Even same level cultivators would have found it hard to block this attack.  This person was clearly someone that had just advanced into the Awakened Soul Realm.  Not only had he blocked it, he had actually reflected it and heavily injured him.

This heaven defying defensive power was just too terrifying!

His source spirit was clearly a sword.  The sword source spirit was clearly an attack source spirit, it wouldn’t provide any kind of defense.  This was only possible if he practiced some kind of defensive cultivation technique and had practiced it into the large success realm.

How could Yan Jun know?

Chu Tian’s «Starlight Immortal Body» had only just entered the small success realm.

“Heavenly Demon Art?  Although it has this kind of power, it still harms one’s own potential.  It hurts oneself eight hundred times and the enemy one thousand times.  It is only a small path, it can’t enter the great halls of cultivation.”

After he finished, the sword in his hand fell and a head fell to the ground.

Yan Jun had been killed.

Chu Tian stared in the direction of the Black Wind Stronghold as he muttered, “Where did they learn this ancient demonic art?  What kind of experiences they had, this is finally becoming a little interesting!  The bandits inside the Black Wind Stronghold should be the elites of the Yellow Stone City army.  If I go in killing by myself, I’ll be overwhelmed by their numbers.”

The little fox put down the half chewed corpse core as it pointed in a direction.

“You want me to go that way?”

The little fox nodded and Chu Tian followed the little fox’s directions.  He bypassed all the patrols and soon he left the deep valley as he arrived in front of a large cave.

The cave was vertical to the ground.

There were several black clothed bandits guarding the outside.

A thick demonic qi came from the dark cave and slowly ascended up.  Chu Tian’s intuition told him that this kind of mysterious dark cave was related to these people.

When Chu Tian was prepared to enter, a sound rang out from the distance and he quickly restrained his aura.  

Yan Wuyang was walking in front as he brought the injured captives with him.  There were black clothed guards all around as the slowly came over.

They had all been captured?

“Go in!”

Yan Wuyang forcefully brought Lin Mu and the others into the dark demon’s lair.

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