MT Chapter 114


Chapter 114: Harvest

This little thing was being mysterious, who knew if it was lying to him.  But without waiting for Chu Tian to ask anything else, he felt his palm go empty as the little fox disappeared in a mass of fog.

It teleported over to the blood pool.  Without knowing how it did it, the little fox was floating in the air.  It forcefully sucked in and the life essence in the blood began to seethe with excitement.  Countless drops of blood seemed to float up as if it was defying gravity and together they formed a river of blood which was all drawn into the little fox’s mouth.

The pool of blood was completely dried in less than ten seconds, it was all absorbed by that little fellow.  Watching this made Chu Tian dumbfounded!

How can the little fox eat everything?


What kind of abilities is this little fox hiding?

Until now, Chu Tian didn’t know anything about his little pet, the little fox had never shown any kind of battle skills.  It only demonstrated its teleporting movement skill and its ability to restrain the power of any demonic beasts, allowing it to restrain any kind of demonic being.

The little fox had just been born not long ago.

It had more than just a few skills.

Chu Tian remembered when he received the little fox from the fox faced corpse king.  The fox faced corpse king seemed to be a servant of someone from a long time ago, but what was the Saint Lord that it had mentioned?

There was no use in trying to guess these things.

He could only find out about it step by step in the future.

While the little fox was sucking in the blood essence, its originally snow white fur turned into a bright red color.  But after a few seconds, the bright red colour was absorbed into its body and it returned to its normal snow white colour.

“Zhi, zhi!”

The little fox jumped into the bottom of the pool to gather a few things, then it hinted Chu Tian to hurry down.   

Chu Tian jumped into the hole and the little fox ran over.  It stood up and used its claws to point at some stuff beside it.

A plain ancient medicine cauldron, a dark red token, a few ancient weapons, and severals black jade slips.

These were probably relics from the Heavenly Demon Cult’s Branch Lord!

Such a small Branch Lord had this kind of terrifying strength.  The Heavenly Demon Cult at its peak was definitely not an ordinary power.

A long spear, a pair of short swords, some bloodstained clothes, and a blood red needle.

These were the items left behind by the Heavenly Demon Cult’s Branch Lord.  The first three were clearly made of quality material, they should be high level spirit weapons.  They had a very high value!

A middle grade spirit weapon was worth several hundred thousand gold coins, some could even be worth over a million gold coins.  A high level spirit weapon could reach over several million gold coins.

So, these things were very valuable.  But these things have been here for several hundred years, so the spirits residing in the weapons may have become weaker.  It was really regrettable that he would have to sell them at a discount because of this.

“This needle is a little interesting!”

Chu Tian took the blood red needle.

The needle was several cms long and was as thin as a bull’s hair.  It was hard to tell what it was and it didn’t have the fluctuation of a spirit weapon.  It seemed like an ordinary thing, but Chu Tian didn’t dare to underestimate it.

The material of this thing was not simple!

This tiny needle was actually made using something called “Blood Yin Steel”.  It did not exist in nature and was refined with a very complicated method.  The process itself was very bloody and cruel, but once it was refined, it would be very precious.

This needle was forged with “level two Blood Yin Steel”, so it could ignore any Awakened Soul Cultivator’s spirit energy.  It doesn’t matter if it was a Void Soul, Illustrious Soul, or even a True Soul Cultivator, without any defense prepared, a sudden stab from these needles would be enough to kill them.

This was a good thing that could ignore cultivation bases!

Before Chu Tian could put it away, the little fox’s eyes suddenly turned over.  It suddenly threw itself at the needle and swallowed it in a single bite.

“Fuck!  You also want to eat this?”

“Spit it out!  Spit it out for father now!”

The little fox covered his mouth with his claws and it backed up against the wall.  It raised its head to look at its vicious master and firmly shook its head.  It seemed like it would rather die than surrender.

“It seems like your skin is itchy!”

It actually dared to take a treasure from its master.  If he didn’t properly teach it today, this little fellow will walk all over father.

The little fox suddenly moved away its claws and then it suddenly blew out.  A red shadow appeared and something flew by.  Chu Tian’s cheek felt a little cool and a few hairs fell down onto the ground.


A small noise sounded out.

There was a small round crack in the wall and there was a small hole inside of the crack.  A needle covered in demonic qi flew out from the hole, tiny runes were engraved on the needle.  The force was under control as it slowly flew towards the little fox.

The little fox stretched out a claw and it held the small needle in his hand.  His eyes looked over at Chu Tian and he had a proud expression on its face, as if he was taking credit for this.

“Fuck you!”

Chu Tian knocked down on its head.


The little fox held its head in pain as it gave a aggrieved whimper.

“A pet stealing the master’s treasure is not right!  Don’t you know that?”

The little fox bared his teeth as it prepared to fight back, but once it saw Chu Tian’s lifted fist, it quickly nodded its head.  Its hands held the needle as it walked over, then it offered it to his master.

“Humph!”  Chu Tian disdainfully curled his lips, “Knowing your wrong is good.  This thing that your master does not like, you can keep it.”

A trace of cunningness flashed in the little fox’s shining eyes.

Would it really give up a treasure it like?  This fellow already guess what Chu Tian was thinking!

This needle wasn’t very strong, but it could ignore spirit energy defenses which made it a good weapon for making sneak attacks with.  If this fox that was usually ignore used the needle, it would be easy to catch people off guard.

As for sneak attacking people.

It wasn’t something that the straightforward Brother Tian would do.  It was more of the sneaky little fox’s style!

Other than that, once the little fox obtained this weapon, it would have a little more use in battles!

Chu Tian looked over the other things.  The medicine cauldron looked very normal, but there were several clear red beads around the outside of it.

“Blood Essence Bead?”

The Blood Essence Bead was created from using a living person’s blood and life essence, it was a material necessary to practice certain evil techniques.  The Heavenly Demon Cult’s Branch Lord wanted to use the Blood Essence Bead to heal himself, but before he could use it, he had already been killed.

These things could be used to directly promote cultivation bases.

These were the same level as level two pills.

But to refine a Blood Essence Bead, the process was very evil and cruel.  It was unknown how many people’s blood were completely drained.  This thing had hurt many people and had too many grievances, Chu Tian didn’t want to use it.

The few black jade slips were densely covered in runes.

A person would be dizzy from reading it.

This should be a record of the Heavenly Demon Cult’s rare cultivation techniques.  The Heavenly Demon Cult should be a cult with many years of history and these demonic arts should be evolved from ancient cultivation techniques.

But compared to the «Netherworld Flame Sword», it was far too lacking.

Chu Tian looked at it and then disdainfully curled his lip, then he rolled it up.

The last thing was a piece of red jade token, it was refined with the level three “Demonic Blood Jade”.  There were large regulations on the front and a large “demon” character on the back, it should be the token of the Heavenly Demon Cult.

Chu Tian looked at the little fox and said, “Are there any other treasures?  These things have no use to me!  The only thing useful was the needle and it was take away by you.”

The little fox gave a grimace.  A master that abuses its pet, you got what you deserved!

“That uncoordinated group should have been scattered now!”

Lin Mu and Fang Han came back covered in blood, they had obvious gone on a slaughter.

They were very surprised when they came back because the large pile of herbal medicine in the main hall was gone!

Chu Tian revealed an embarrassed smile, “I’m sorry, because I wasn’t paying attention for a bit, those things were all eaten by this little fellow.”

The little fox purposely stuck out its swelled up stomach and patted it with his little claw.  His expression showed that it was this fox that did it, you guys came too late!

The two of them revealed looks of disbelief.

How could all these materials fit inside this little beast’s stomach in just a short amount of time?  Was this little fellow’s stomach connected to another dimension?

“These items were found inside of the blood pool, they should be stuff the Branch Lord used in the past.”  Chu Tian took out the long spear, short blades, and the blood clothing, “I have no use for these things, you guys can take them!”

“These……These are spirit weapons!”

The two of them could feel a powerful aura coming from these items and they couldn’t help revealing an excited expression.  They were young mercenaries that had just begun working, where would they get the channel and money necessary to buy a single spirit weapon?

Chu Tian nodded and said, “Although the weapon spirit’s are weakened, the quality of these spirit weapons aren’t bad, their power is not bad.  If you can find an appropriate beast spirit, you can ask a weapon refiner to refine them again!”

“You can also have these demonic arts.”  Chu Tian handed over the black jade scroll that the Branch Lord had left behind, “The strength of the demonic art is good, but the practice method is very cruel, and it incites a demonic feeling in your heart.  You have to pick one carefully.”

“Many thanks Brother Lu!”

The side effects of the demonic arts are very strong, but it was still a high class cultivation technique.  How could a normal person resist it?  Moreover, they didn’t have to completely practice the demonic art.  They could just pick out a few secret techniques and they would profit quite a bit.

Chu Tian said, “We need to make use of the time we have, Central State should have been alerted of what happened here.  We need to move as many things as possible out of here. .”

The things stacked in the main hall were not normal merchandise from cities, they were merchandise robbed from caravans.

After the people from Central State arrive, they would embezzle most the things here.

Since it was like this, why shouldn’t they just take some with them.

Chu Tian took the boxes of Three Lives Demonic Insects and Electromagnetic Stones with him.

This was the Miracle Commerce’s merchandise.  Chu Tian hid it in a forest near the mountain, burying it in a hidden place.  When the time was right, he would secretly bring it back.

Lin Mu and Fang Han took large quantities of equipments.

The two of them had their mercenary group to take care of, this equipment was worth more compared to the silver and gold!

While the three people were busy moving goods, the village was completely surrounded by troops, there was no opening left at all.  Large quantities of archers were hiding in cover and over a hundred spear soldiers rushed in, just in time to see the three of them.


“Stop for me!”

The army surrounded the three people.

Two people that seemed like leaders walked over.  One was a dark skinned large built man, the other was a fair skinned middle aged man that seemed to be around thirty-forty years old.

The black skinned man coldly shouted, “This is the base of the Black Wind Stronghold Bandits, if there are people here sneaking around, they probably aren’t up to anything good.  Take them away for me!”

Lin Mu angrily said, “You are just indiscriminately arresting people?  We were fooled by that old bastard Yan Wuyang and brought here.  It was Brother Lu that killed Yan Wuyang and the Heavenly Demon Cult’s Branch Lord, that was how the Black Wind Bandits was scattered!”

“What!  Heavenly Demon Cult?”  The fair skinned middle aged man excitedly said, “It really is a ruin from the Heavenly Demon Cult!  General Xiong, I’m gonna take a look first!”

The scholarly middle aged man entered the demon’s lair!

The black skinned general’s eyes swept over the three people, he believed that the two people would not be lying.  His eyes relaxed a bit and he nodded in satisfaction, “If it really is a ruin of the Heavenly Demon Cult, your accomplishment here is no small merit!”

Chu Tian curiously asked, “What is the Heavenly Demon Cult?”

“You don’t even know about the Heavenly Demon Cult?”  General Xiong shook his head and said, “Several hundred years ago, it was a large power that ruled several large and small countries, they had a lot of influence.  Only, the Heavenly Demon Cult was very cruel and during their reign, they had enslaved the common folk.  They used live people for their cultivation which sparked the public’s discontent and was the reason for their extermination.”

A sect that ruled several large and small countries?

It truly wasn’t simple.

It was no wonder that a trivial Branch Lord would actually be that strong!

At this time, the scholarly middle aged man rushed back as he breathlessly exclaimed, “Did you see a command token!”

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