MT Chapter 115


Chapter 115: Being questioned

Command token?

What command token!

Lin Mu and Fang Han were both surprised, “We haven’t seen it!”

“Dirty things!”  The scholarly middle aged man’s turned blue as he anxiously and angrily shouted, “You think trash like you can deceive me?  I urge you to hand over the command token!  Otherwise don’t blame me for being impolite!”


Lin Mu was young and rash, he had a very impulsive personality.  With the way the middle aged man acted, he was very unsatisfied as he snorted and said, “We really don’t know what you’re talking about!  Not to mention the fact that we haven’t seen the command token, even if we had seen it, why should we give it to you!”


The scholarly middle aged man turned into a blur and suddenly punched Lin Mu’s face.

Lin Mu couldn’t react and was sent flying a few feet away.  His face began to swell and he spat out blood, his eyes filled with amazement.

Fang Han angrily rushed out, “Why are you attacking us!”

The middle aged man’s fist was like lightning as he punched Fang Han in his stomach.

“You rogue cultivators listen to me clearly!”  The scholarly middle aged man white and fair face turned red with anger, “Let me tell you, I am the Dragon Sword Young Master Chu Xinghe’s steward, Chu Tongwen.  The Dragon Sword Young Master wants the command token.  If you dare hide it, wait for him to kill your clans!”

Central State Four Young Masters, Chu Xinghe?

Once the two of them heard Chu Xinghe’s name, their faces fell.  Their originally angry face disappeared and they swallowed their anger, “How could we dare take the Heavenly Sword Young Master’s things?  We really haven’t seen it!”


Without even finishing.

Chu Tongwen slapped out again, once again knocking them to the ground.

The Heavenly Sword Young Master’s name was like thunder to their ears.  He was the head of the Central State Four Young Masters and was far above the other three Young Masters.  He was the foremost talent in Central State.  He was the only person in Central State that had the chance to become the second marquis.

Lin Mu and Fang Han were only commanders of an ordinary mercenary group.

How could they dare to offend this kind of character?

If Chu Xinghe wanted to exterminate their clans, he just needed to say it.  Although he still wasn’t the head of the Chu Family, he already had countless resources and experts like Chu Tongwen under his control.


Chu Tian gave a cold snort in front of the two of them.

Lin Mu and Fang Han were afraid of Chu Xinghe’s reputation, but he wasn’t the least bit afraid.  That’s right, the command token was on him.  Chu Tian didn’t know what use it had, but now it seemed like Chu Xinghe wanted it, so it must be something valuable.  How could he give it to someone like him?

“Tell me quickly!  Where’s the command token!”

Chu Tongwen’s eyes swept over them and they felt a large pressure.  It was a giant mountain like pressure.

No wonder Lin Mu and Fang Han had been knocked down.

The two of them did not fight back out of fear of Chu Xinghe’s influence, but the most important reason was the fact that they weren’t even the middle aged man’s match.

This person was at the 3rd Awakened Soul Layer, it would be hard for Chu Tian to even fight him.  While the Heavenly Demon Cult Branch Lord was still not recovered, his strength was also around the 3rd Awakened Soul Layer.  But Chu Tian had not won with his strength, rather he had won because of the little fox.

If it wasn’t for the little fox’s ability breaking through the Heavenly Demon Cult’s Branch Lord’s demonic art and Chu Tian using a sneak attack, it would have been hard to determine who would have won.


There was an actual 3rd Awakened Soul Layer expert here.  How dangerous this was could clearly be imagined.

Chu Tian faced Chu Tongwen’s questioning and insisted, “We haven’t seen it!”

Chu Tongwen snorted and said ,”If I don’t waste you, then you won’t tell me!”

Chu Tian loudly laughed, “Overbearing and unreasonable, is this the style of people from Central State?”

You dare say this to me?

Seeking death!

As Chu Tongwen was about to make a move, General Xiong suddenly loudly said, “Chu Tongwen, you should know when to stop!  I don’t care what you want, but these three have uncovered Yan Wuyang’s plot and prevented the Heavenly Demon Cult from resurrecting.  They have saved Central State from a large disaster and they have all performed a large merit!”

“General Xiong, you are too innocent.  Do you really think that they were hired help?” Chu Tongwen coldly smiled, “I don’t think so!  Not only have they not done anything, they could even be members of the Heavenly Demon Cult!”

Once Lin Mu and Fang Han heard this, their faces lost all colour.

Putting this label on them, it was clear he wanted their lives!

General Xiong said, “What do you mean?””

“These people were secretly bringing goods out before they were caught by us, so they just made an excuse to fool us!  When I went down to look, half of the goods was already gone.  Just based on this, it is enough to deem them guilty!”  Chu Tongwen’s tone was very severe, “These things do not belong to you and you actually dare to embezzle them.  This crime cannot be forgiven and your punishment will be death!”

General Xiong knit his brows.

Stealing the merchandise cannot be justified, but in this kind of scenario, it could be considered as spoils of war.

“Naturally, the merchandise does not really matter.  The key point is that they are definitely lying!”  Chu Tongwen said, “General Xiong, you should be able to see it, these three people are only at most at the 2nd Awakened Soul Layer.  Can this kind of trash live in the hands of Yan Wuyang?  You think that they could make it out alive from the grasps of the reviving Heavenly Demon Sect?  Isn’t this all a giant joke!”

What he said was right.  These three people had truly weak cultivation bases.

When Chu Tongwen slapped out, Lin Mu and Fang Han had no way of dodging.

Could they cope with Yan Wuyang who practiced a demonic art with this kind of strength?  Could they fight the Heavenly Demon Cult’s Branch Lord?

Chu Tongwen fiercely said, “Now, I suspect that these three people are actually connected to the Heavenly Demon Cult!  Please hand them over to me.  I will personally bring them back to Central State to torture and interrogate them!”

“You’re slandering us!”

“We are people of Main City, how could we have relations in a place like this!”

Lin Mu and Fang Han’s faces turned very ugly.  If they fell into Chu Tongwen’s hands, would they still be able to escape with their lives?

Did they really want to add to their crimes?  If they didn’t handle this well, their clans might really be exterminated!

What was this command token?

They really did not seen any command token!

General Xiong began to speak up for them, “How did you guys escape from the grasps of Yan Wuyang and how did you defeat the Heavenly Demon Cult Branch Lord?  I hope you’ll tell us the truth and will not try to hide anything!”

“Surnamed Xiong, do you really need to waste time like this?”  Chu Tongwen snorted, “Give them to me.  In just three days, they will definitely spill their secrets.  They’ll truthfully tell us everything!”

“Ha, ha, ha, ha!”

Chu Tian loudly laughed.

Chu Tongwen snorted and said, “What’s so funny!”

Chu Tian walked in front of him and looked at him with eyes that did not contain a trace of fear, “What’s strange about this?”

General Xiong and Chu Tongwen were stunned.

“It’s very simple!”  Chu Tian’s tone became very sharp.  He slowly spoke word by word as he forcefully said, “Because, I am stronger than them!”

General Xiong was startled, “With your little cultivation?”

“It’s fine if you don’t believe me, I’ll just prove it for you!”  Chu Tian pointed at Chu Tongwen to ask, “This dog that the Heavenly Sword Young Master has raised, he should be in the 3rd Awakened Soul Layer, right!”

Calling Chu Tongwen a dog?

There were only a few people in Central State that dared to do this!

Chu Tongwen was naturally enraged, “You’re courting death!”

“Speaking of this, it truly is meeting enemies in unexpected places.  Meeting someone surnamed Chu!”  Chu Tian slowly took the Netherworld Sword from his back, “I don’t want to waste my breath, so come at me.  Since you’re not convinced, then father will hit you until you’re convinced!  Father doesn’t have any other skills, I only know how to teach dogs a lesson.”

Everyone looked at each other in astonishment!

This seemingly ordinary fellow actually dared to challenge Chu Tongwen!  Doesn’t he know that there’s no difference between this and seeking death?

Chu Tongwen wasn’t originally surnamed Chu, he was originally a very famous rogue cultivator, known as the “Life Snatching Scholar”.  Not only did he have a high cultivation base, he also had an astronomical knowledge.  Alchemy arrays, ancient symbol arrays, there was nothing he didn’t know.

There was a time he fought with Chu Xinghe, but he was defeated in a single move.

From then on, he knew that Chu Xinghe was not just an ordinary person.  He was destined to soar and become someone not inferior to the Eight Marquis.  It was also to preserve his life that he swore loyalty to Chu Xinghe.  He changed his surname to Chu and became a member of the Chu Family, choosing to become Chu Xinghe’s steward and one of his trusting servants.

This person was not only strong, he was also very knowledgeable.  Because of this, he had a very high status in the Chu Family, even higher than normal elders.

This was just a little unknown brat that didn’t know how high the heavens were.  He actually dared to illustrious “Life Snatching Scholar” Chu Tongwen?

Chu Tongwen did not get angry, rather he just smiled, “Surnamed Xiong, don’t say I’m not giving you face.  He’s the one looking for trouble!”

General Xiong’s face filled with helplessness.  Since it’s become like this, could he still stop them?

Chu Tongwen did not waste time speaking, he directly walked forward a step.  A terrifying aura was released and white source energy gathered above his head, transforming into the shape of a golden book.

Chu Tian blurted out, “A book source spirit?”

This Chu Tongwen’s source spirit was actually just like the young miss’.

“A little unknown brat like you being able to see the Seven Pages Golden Book, you should be able to die happy now!”  From Chu Tongwen’s long sleeve, a large brush pen suddenly came out.  It was three feet long and it had a sharp end like a spear.  He coldly pointed a finger at Chu Tian and said, “I’ll give you one last chance.  Tell me where the command token is, then I’ll just waste your cultivation and won’t kill you!”

Chu Tian loudly laughed.  He twisted his hand and raised the sword.

A blue and white sword qi shot out at Chu Tongwen.

He didn’t release his source spirit for this slash, nor did he add the destructive power of the Demon God’s Sword on.  Although the power of the Netherworld Sword was strong, but it did not exceed the level of a 2nd Awakened Soul Layer Cultivator.

A 1st Awakened Soul Layer Cultivator exploding out with the strength at the level of a 2nd Awakened Soul Cultivator, if it was seen normally, it would be considered very incredible.  Just with this one strike from Chu Tian, it was clear that he could kill Yan Wuyang!”

“Such insignificant skill!”

Chu Tongwen forcefully stabbed out with the pen, colliding with the sword qi.  He instantly destroyed the sword qi and it began to disperse.  A strong force spilled out and blue and white sprinkles filled the air.


Chu Tongwen was shocked.

General Xiong also had a face of shock.

This sword qi was very strong, it wasn’t like something a 1st Awakened Soul Layer Cultivator could send out.  Moreover, it seemed like this sword qi was covered in some kind of fire.  Although he didn’t know what kind of fire it was, he still knew that it was strong.  If it ever hit his body, he would not be able to imagine what would happen.

Chu Tongwen quickly drew back.

“What’s wrong?  Why are you no longer arrogant?  Why are you retreating!”

Chu Tian shot another beam of sword qi over.

“Dragon Golden Bell Roar!”

Chu Tongwen gave a loud roar and the golden book source spirit above his head flipped through several pages.  Then a deep dragon’s roar came from the pages!

A giant golden shell covered Chu Tongwen.

Not only was the golden shell sparkling, there was also a flood dragon surrounding it.  When Chu Tian’s sword qi sliced down upon it, it scattered into sparks, not leaving a single mark on the shell.

Lin Mu and Fang Han were both shocked.

Such a terrifying defense power!

They had heard that the Life Snatching Scholar Chu Tongwen’s Golden Book Source Spirit had seven pages in total.  Each page contained a mysterious ancient cultivation technique.  He could attack, defend, support, and heal, making him a truly versatile person.

Chu Tian was in trouble now!

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