MT Chapter 126


Chapter 126: Mechanical Insect

This was a young man with a noble aura who was followed by a small girl.  That small girl seemed to be carved from jade and was around thirteen-fourteen years old.  A trace of guilt seemed to flash in her eyes.

Chu Tian knit his brows, “I was clearly here first, why are you selling it to him!”

“Did you pay for it yet?”  The clerk looked over at the gold coin cards in Chu Tian’s hands and revealed a look of disdain, “Since you haven’t paid for it yet, this doesn’t count as a transaction.”

“Since you say it like this, he also hasn’t paid yet.”


The young girl clerk impatiently said, “Young Master Tong’s reputation is worth a million gold coins, can you compare to him?”

“Where did this nameless brat come from?”  The young man said with a taunting expression, “Scram before I lose my patience!  Why don’t you look in a mirror first, you clearly look like a country bumpkin!  You have no right to fight for something with me!”

The little girl quickly pulled on the young man’s clothes and said in a soft voice, “Big Brother, forget about it!  We’re in the wrong this time!”

“What are you afraid of?  It’s only a rogue cultivator.  Although our family is not considered a large family, it’s still easy for us to take care of a single rogue cultivator.  Since this person doesn’t want any face and ignores right and wrong, we have no reason to give him any face!”

“You’re making me lose my patience.”  Chu Tian laughed and said, “That is not a sane thing for you to do!”

The young man’s eyebrows raised in anger as he said, “Who the fuck do you think you are?  Come!  Throw him out onto the streets!”

Without finishing his words.


Chu Tian let a slap fly out.

The young man heavily landed several meters away.  His face had been distorted and he spat out several teeth.

What had happened?

Even with his peak 9th Body Refinement Cultivation, he actually couldn’t see how his enemy had made a move!

The young girl clerk called out in surprise, “You…..You actually dared to hit young master Tong!  Someone come, someone come!  There’s someone causing trouble here!”

Before the Treasure House guards came over.

Chu Tian walked forward a few steps, who knew what he was planning to do.

“You’re not allowed to hurt my big brother!”

The little girl pulled out a few large block of wood from her pocket.  What was surprising was the fact that the blocks of wood began to change shape and turned into wooden bees.  The structure of each bee was very detailed and each one had a strong crystal stone embedded in them.

Once these wooden bees detonated, it would have a strong explosive force.

Chu Tian stood there without moving, letting the wooden bees surround him.  Chu Tian looked at the little girl with a calm face, “Do you want to fight me?”

“I, I……”

The little girl’s face turned red and her voice became faster.  Although she seemed like she was carved from jade, she was actually a very introverted person.  She didn’t like to speak and even stuttered a bit.

“I’m sorry……Big brother only wanted to……help me cure my illness!”

The young man covered his face as he stood up and he looked at Chu Tian with a gaze filled with hate, “You think you’re that great since you’re in the Awakened Soul Realm?  There are tons of people just like you in Central State City!  Wanting to steal something from my Tong Family, I think you’re just tired of living!  Xiaoyu, blow him up!”

The little girl looked down, “Forget it, we’ll give this medicine to you!”

The wooden bees all returned to the cloth sack.

The little girl held the cloth sack while turning around, “Big Brother, let’s go!”

The young man angrily said, “What are you doing?  We’re buying this to cure your illness!”

The little girl shook her head and said, “We came late…..Stealing from others is not right!”

“Wait!”  Chu Tian suddenly asked, “Did you make these Mechanical Insects?”

The little girl was a little shy, but the moment Mechanical Insects was mentioned, her eyes began to light up, “Yes, it’s made by Xiaoyu, but it isn’t well made…..”

This stuttering little girl seemed to have talents with mechanics.

Chu Tian’s heart skipped a beat as he said, “What is your name?”

The guards began to encircle him.

The girl clerk pointed at Chu Tian and said, “He’s the one causing trouble!”

The guards angrily said, “Daring to cause trouble in our Treasure House, little brat, you’re seeking death!  Scram for me right now!  Otherwise I’ll give you something to look at!”

Chu Tian ignored these violent fellow and he sized up the little girl as he said, “I can clearly see that you do not have any illnesses, only a special physique.  Am I right?”

“I am called……Tong Xiayu.”  The little girl asked in surprise, “How did you know?”

“I can cure it for you!”

Tong Xiaoyu large eyes revealed a look of disbelief, “Really?”

“Xiaoyu, you can’t believe him!”  The young man quickly pulled the little girl behind him and he looked at Chu Tian with a cautious gaze, “This is a person of unknown origins, who knows what he’s planning!”

Chu Tian lightly said, “The choice is in your hands.  You want this Jade Spirit Silkworm because of its energy absorbing ability which can extract the dark energy inside Tong Xiaoyu’s body, right?  This will not work at all and will only alleviate the pain that she feels!”

The young man revealed a doubtful expression, “Can you really heal her?”

Chu Tian spread his hands, “How do you know without letting me try first?”

“Alright, then give it a try!”  From this youth’s appearance, he should be a rogue cultivator that just came to the city.  In the worst case scenario, he would just fail with his treatment, “If you can cure Xiaoyu, we’ll consider this whole thing settled.  If you can’t cure her, don’t blame me for being impolite!”

“Big brother!”

Tong Xiaoyu voiced her complaint.

The young man immediately left the Treasure House, “Humph, let’s go!”

This fellow may seem like a playboy, but he was still very clear headed.  He knew that the person who slapped him had the possibility of curing his little sister, so he suppressed the anger and humiliation he felt and forced himself to be rational.


Tong Family mansion.

Several dignified people were sitting in the main hall.

Tong Yue’s fierce gaze swept across the people in front of him.  His eyes demonstrated a displeased look, “Tong Ming, Tong Xiaoyu, why did you bring an outsider here?  What kind of people are allowed to enter the Tong Family mansion?  Do you still know the rules!”

The young man Tong Ming quickly said, “Uncle, we met him in the Treasure House.  He said he could cure little sister’s illness, so we brought him here to let him have a try!”


A teacup shattered on the ground.

Once Tong Yue stood up, a strong aura was released.  It was strength at the peak 1st Awakened Soul Layer, but it was enough to make it hard for Tong Ming and Tong Xiaoyu to breathe, “All the masters that we’ve invited were unable to come up with a method and now you think some random person off the street can compare to those masters?  Do you even have a brain!”

Tong Ming lowered his head and did not dare to say anything.

Although the Tong Family’s head was Tong Ming’s father, Tong Yue had a higher rank and more prestige than him in his family, so he did not dare talk back as a junior.

Tong Yue coldly said, “Tong Xiaoyu will be married in half a month.  You should be clear just how important this marriage is to our Tong Family.  The reason why all the other families are giving our family face is because of this marriage.  Don’t cause trouble for us at this time!”

Tong Ming helplessly said, “Yes!”

“Throw that person out for me!”

Chu Tian gave a cold laugh, “What kind of thing are you trying to make me leave like this?”

Tong Yue saw that Chu Tian had actually contradicted him and flew into a rage, “Trivial little outsider, daring to cause trouble in the Tong Family!  Someone come!  Break his legs for me!”

A Tong Family guard charged forward.

“Alright, let’s see if you have the skills to accomplish this!”

Chu Tian stretched out a hand and prepared to pull out the Netherworld Sword.

“Why is it so noisy here?”  A gently voice came from outside the door and a scholarly middle aged man walked in, “Big brother, why are you so angry?”

Tong Ming and Tong Xiaoyu showed a happy expression and shouted at the same time, “Father!”

“Bowen, you’ve come right one time!”  Tong Yue coldly said, “A swindler has come to our Tong manor and is claiming he can cure Xiaoyu’s illness, but is just here to cheat us.  How do you think we should deal with this?”

Tong Bowen revealed a shocked expression, “What?  Cure Xiaoyu’s illness!  Can you really cure Xiaoyu?”

Chu Tian nodded, “It’s not hard!”

Tong Yue wanted to say something, but Tong Bowen quickly said, “Then let him have a try!”


“We have nothing to lose from this anyway.”

Tong Yue gave a snort, “Alright, little brat, we’ll let you give it a try!”

Chu Tian looked at the two of them with a bewildered expression.  Who was the head of the Tong Family here?

Of course, Chu Tian did not care about this at all.  Chu Tian was only interested in Tong Xiaoyu’s talent in mechanics, so he wanted to nurture her.

“Little fox, come out!”

A fist sized snow white little fox lazily came out from his clothes.  It sat on Chu Tian’s shoulder and gave a yawn with its little claw.


The little fox knew what Chu Tian wanted so it jumped onto Tong Xiaoyu’s body.  Its claws grabbed onto her neck and it suddenly inhaled sharply.

Something unbelievable happened!

Countless traces of dark energy began to seep out from Tong Xiaoyu’s pores.  The dark attributed energy condensed and entered the little fox’s stomach.

It licked its lips with its red tongue as if it was very satisfied.  Then it jumped back onto Chu Tian’s shoulder.

Tong Xiaoyu revealed an expression of pleasant surprise, “I feel like I’m completely cured!”

Chu Tian shook his head and said, “There has been an accumulation of dark energy in your meridians. It has been taken care of, but because of your special physique, after a while, you’ll continue to accumulate even more dark energy.  So, you’ll need to follow me for a while until it can be permanently controlled.”

Once Tong Yue heard this, he flew into a rage, “How could you do that!  Xiaoyu will be married in just half a month!”

Chu Tian pondered, “Getting married at such a young age?”

Tong Xiaoyu lowered her head and did not say anything.  This arranged marriage was set up by her family, but she did not like it.

“Tong Xiaoyu cannot go with you!”  Tong Yue’s eyes fell onto the little fox licking its claws on Chu Tian’s shoulder and his eyes revealed a look of greed.  A little beast that could actually absorb the accumulated dark energy was definitely a priceless treasure, “Since that little beast can cure Xiaoyu’s symptoms, then you can just leave it here!”

Chu Tian’s eyes revealed a cold look, “I helped you free of charge and instead of showing gratitude, you actually try to steal my pet?”

“Humph!  Watch your mouth!”  Tong Yue waved his hand, “I’ll give you ten thousand gold coins.  Now leave your pet behind and scram immediately!”

How could there be such a shameless person?

The little fox’s fur stood up as it angrily looked at Tong Yue.

Chu Tian was a little angry now, “And if I reject your proposition?”

“Reject?  You don’t have the qualification to reject me!”  Tong Yue coldly laughed as he said, “Then just leave your life behind too!”

Tong Bowen’s face turned ugly, “How could you do this…..”

“Second brother, don’t say anything else!”  Tong Yue didn’t even put his second brother in his eyes.  He had a greedy look on his face as he said, “You also saw just how useful his beast was to Xiaoyu.  He is just a nameless brat, we’ll just kill him.  There’s nothing wrong with that, right?”

As soon as he finished.

Tong Yue released his spirit energy and gave a loud roar.  He jumped out and his body was covered in the glow of his source spirit, then a claw shot out at Chu Tian.

“Not even at the 2nd Awakened Soul Layer!”

“Why are you so arrogant!”


Chu Tian drew out the Netherworld Sword.

A blue and white sword glow shot out!

Tong Yue fell onto the ground with a pitiful cry, his right arm had been cut off.  He wailed, “No, my hand!”

The severed arm was covered in Netherworld Ghost Flame and was currently being burned away.  Even with a powerful treatment, he had no hope of ever attaching it again.

“You want to kill me with this little power?”  Chu Tian’s palm slammed into Tong Yue’s dantian, “I’ll waste you first then!”

The Demon God’s Sword’s power instantly burst forth and destroyed all the meridians in Tong Yue’s body.  His spirit energy quickly dispersed.

Before he was a highly dignified peak 1st Awakened Soul Layer Cultivator.

Now he was just a cripple.

Tong Bowen, Tong Ming, and Tong Xiaoyu were all shocked.

The Tong Family was only a small family and Tong Yue was the person with the highest cultivation in the family, that was why he could ignore the family head.  He had acted arrogantly and even Tong Bowen did not dare to offend him.

They never would have thought.

A peak 1st Awakened Soul Layer Cultivator couldn’t even block a single attack from this young man!

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