MT Chapter 127


Chapter 127: Enemies often meet on a narrow path

Tong Yue had been crippled, but Tong Bowen was not angry.  Rather he was chuckling to himself.

Tong Yue’s cultivation base was high and he was very head strong, making him very overbearing and selfish.  It was for this reason that their father did not pass his position to him.

Tong Yue kept this matter in his heart and after several years, the emotions had continued to grow stronger!

While he wasn’t the head of house, he would still have the head’s power.  Sticking to his ways and acting as he wished, he did not put Tong Bowen in his eyes at all.  This filled Tong Bowen with grievances, but due to Tong Yue’s power and influence, Tong Bowen did not dare to move against him.


“My cultivation base!  My cultivation base has been crippled!”

“Second brother, what are you staring at?  Why are you not catching this villain!”

Tong Yue roared out in anger and grief.  He never would have thought that for a moment of grief, he would suffer this kind of consequence.  The cultivation he had spent several tens of years to build had been wasted, how could Tong Yue accept this?  This was simply depriving him of his name!

[TL Note: Chinese people are proud of their names, so basically spitting on his pride]

You’re now a cripple, what right do you have to order me around!

Tong Bowen secretly criticized him.  Then he coldly said, “This matter is all Big Brother’s fault.  This young man showed kindness to our family, so how could you repay kindness with disrespect?  While Big Brother can have no morals, Bowen will not be shameless!”

“Good, good, good!”  Tong Yue desperately ran out the door, “You thing that sides with outsiders, I will not let you off!  This little brat dares to steal young master Jing’s fiancee, just wait for your deaths!”


Jing Family!

Chu Tian asked in a surprised tone, “Tianchen Commerce’s Jing Family?”

He had wanted to find the Tianchen Commerce anyway.

But Central State City was so big that he did not know where to find Tianchen Commerce.

Now it was all good.  Someone from Tianchen Commerce would take the initiative to come over.

Tong Bowen’s brows slightly knit together.  He was afraid of the Jing Family and afraid of Tong Yue reporting to them, so he immediately said, “Come, someone take my Big Brother to get healed!”

“No!”  Chu Tian revealed a strange expression, “Let him go find the Jing Family and tell them that Tong Xiaoyu’s engagement will be cancelled.  If the Jing Family does not agree, tell them I’m waiting for them here!  Let them come and find me!”

Tong Bowen, Tong Ming, and Tong Xiaoyu looked at each other in amazement.

Does this little brat still want to live?

The Jing Family was not one of the Four Great Families, but they were still a large family in Central State City.  They had been doing business for many generations and had very deep finances.  Just a single Tianchen Commerce was worth several hundred million and the Jing Family also owned several other companies!

The Jing Family was not strong, but they had strong financial power.  They had many connections in Central State City and many large families were either direct or indirect collaborators with the Jing Family.

Who dared to provoke such a large and rich family?

Tong Yue had not hesitated to offer his own niece just to make sure that he could flatter this large family.

This young man had travel worn clothing and carried a plain ancient sword, was probably just a rogue cultivator based on his average appearance.  How could a nameless person without potential possibly afford to offend a large family like the Jing Family?

Tong Bowen quickly said, “You can’t!”

“I already said let him go!”  Chu Tian had a powerful aura, “If there is a problem, father here will take care of it.  What is there for you to be afraid of!  You don’t even dare to protect your own daughter and you have no courage to stand up for yourself. Does becoming a head of household mean that everyone can just step over you!”

The aura coming from Chu Tian’s body forced Tong Bowen to move back a few steps as he revealed an embarrassed expression.


“Just wait for me here!”

Tong Yue quickly fled the Tong Family.

Tong Bowen had a face of panic as he said, “The Jing Family’s young master Jing Hao is not just a simple playboy.  You cannot imagine the consequences of offending him!”

Chu Tian found it very strange, “What kind of earth shattering things can an idiot like Jing Hao do?”

“You must have just come to Central State City, so you don’t know the news yet.”  Tong Bowen wiped the sweat off his head as he said, “Jing Hao and the vice chairman Jing Xian had met with members of Miracle Commerce half a month ago and they have signed a resource exchange contract with Miracle Commerce.”

Chu Tian poured some tea for himself as he said, “So what’s wrong with that?”

“When the news had reached Central State City at first, no one really cared about it then.”  Tong Bowen spoke up to here and then a trace of envy flashed in his eyes, “Who would have thought that this seemingly equal transaction would have deeper connotations!”

Chu Tian almost broke out in laughter, “What connotations!”

Tong Bowen said with a serious face, “Jing Hao and Miracle Commerce had signed a secret contract which allows Tianchen Commerce to receive products directly from Miracle Commerce.  A week ago, a batch of Qi Refining Pills was delivered to Central State and caused a giant stir throughout the entire city!”

“Do you know how sought after the Miracle Commerce Qi Refining Pills are?  With Tianchen Commerce’s speculations, a single pill can sell for as much as forty thousand gold coins!  People finally realized at this moment just what Jing Hao and Jing Xian were planning.”

“They’re planning to use the large families’ pressure to create a regular route for Miracle Commerce and planning to reap long term benefits from it!  It’s said that from now on, every month, no, every week, Miracle Commerce will be supplying new commodities to Tianchen Commerce.  They will be sending Qi Refining Pills and even electrical lamps!”

“Because of these successful negotiations, Jing Hao has become a very popular person in the Central State City merchant community!  The Jing Family puts a lot of importance on him right now.  If you forcefully cancel the engagement, wouldn’t this be slapping the Jing Family’s face?”

What is happening?

The two of them had been beaten and extorted by Chu Tian, but they had become famous from it?!

A bottle of Qi Refining Pill truly had a shocking might.

It had increased Tianchen Commerce’s reputation by a large amount!

The people of the Main City were very unfamiliar with Miracle Commerce, but the rumours of Miracle Commerce had already spread through the streets of the Main City.

The news of Chu Tian holding the Heavenly Wolf Young Master hostage in front of the Ye Family wolf riders had been spread through the city for a long time.  This was a small company in a small city, but no one in Central State City dared to look down on it.

A company that could offend three of the Great Families and could remain safe and sound.

What kind of terrifying power did they have?

A company that could produce the Qi Refining Pill and the electrical lamps.

How advanced were they in terms of technology?

The rumours about Chu Tian had been very embellished.  They made him seem like a monster that had three head and nine arms!

Tianchen Commerce dared to negotiate with this cut throat chairman and could receive this kind of benefits.  Everyone admired their courage!

The young Jing Hao had been able to take part in these successful negotiations and had become a rising star in his family.  Naturally he became one of the most important people among merchant family juniors in the Main City!

Chu Tian had expected none of this!

When Tong Bowen saw Chu Tian’s dazed face, he thought he was scared.  He could only give a long sigh.

Tong Xiaoyu stood there with a guilty face, “Big Brother, you should leave first.  We’ll go and explain everything.”

Chu Tian smiled and waved his hand.  He didn’t care about any of this.

The Tong Manor’s gates suddenly flew open and an arrogant youth wearing a brocaded robe swaggered in, bringing over ten guards with him.

“Son of a bitch!  Who dares to steal my fiancee?  Are you tired of living?”

A familiar voice rang out.

It really was this bastard!

“I am Tianchen Commerce’s junior chairman Jing Hao!”  The youth wearing the brocaded robe really was Jing Hao, but now he was even more arrogant.  It seemed like he forgot he was poisoned judging by the way he swaggered about, “It was your Tong Family that requested the marriage and you have already accepted the gift, plus the news has already been spread, but now you dare to cheat me?  Do you even want to give me any face?  Are you even trying to give Tianchen Commerce any face!”

Jing Hao’s contemptuous gaze swept across everyone in the Tong Family, his heart filled with a sense of superiority.

You dared to play tricks with me?

I am a very important person in the Main City right now!

I am the star of the Jing Family!

A small family like you counts for nothing!

Jing Hao’s eyes swept across everyone here and then his eyes fell onto Chu Tian drinking his tea.  Because Chu Tian had been disguised, he could not recognize him.  He fiercely shouted, “How bold!  When you see this young master, you actually dare to sit there and drink tea?”

Tong Yue revealed a look filled with hatred, “Young master, it’s that person!”

Jing Hao snorted and was about to release his rage, but his pupils suddenly contracted and the expression froze on his face.  He displayed a very strange expression, almost as if he had just seen a ghost.


Why does this sword seem so familiar?

Jing Hao stared at the ancient sword on the young man’s back.

Have I seen this before?  Wait!

Jing Hao felt like he had been struck by lightning and a loud voice rang out in his mind……Isn’t this Chu Tian’s sword!

“You, you……Where did you get that sword!”

Chu Tian slowly stood up and revealed a smile that Jing Hao was very familiar with, one that caused a chill to run through his spine, “This sword?  Of course it’s this little one’s sword!”

Although his appearance had changed.

His temper and manner were all the same!

A terrifying suspicion appeared in Jing Hao’s mind!

At this moment, a little head appeared from behind Chu Tian.  The little white fox learned from Chu Tian and revealed a smile, it gazed at Jing Hao with a strange look.

Little white fox!

Oh, damn!

It truly is that evil star!

“After so long, I had thought you had died.”  Chu Tian smiled as he said, “Young master Jing has not died and now looks so radiant.  He’s even prepared to accept a concubine.  This one is truly ashamed.”

“So bold!”

A Tianchen Commerce guard exploded with rage.

Tong Bowen quickly walked out.  He lowered his head and said, “Please appease your anger young master Jing, this is all a misunderstanding!  Please listen to my explanation!”

Was this young man not afraid of stirring up trouble?

He dared to use this kind of tone to provoke the honoured young master Jing!

It’s over, it’s all over.  Everyone already knew Jing Hao’s temper, the Tong Family would definitely be implicated today.

“Tong Bowen and the others are also accomplices!”  Tong Yue angrily said at the side, “Young master Jing, you can also see that these people are insulting you and planning to steal your fiancee.  If this matter was known, wouldn’t everyone laugh at you?”


Jing Hao angrily turned around and slapped Tong Yue’s face!

Tong Yue went flying several meters and said with wide staring eyes, “Why……”

He spat out a mouthful of blood and fainted on the spot.

Jing Hao was like a cat whose tail had been stepped on.  He angrily shouted, “What are you staring at?  Drag this fellow out for me and hit him.  Hit him for me and break both his legs!”

Everyone was shocked.

What was happening?

Jing Hao turned around and his expression completely changed.  He no longer dared to be arrogant and had a humble face instead.  He awkwardly coughed and then stiffly said, “To be honest, something went wrong with my cultivation lately and my body has not been good lately.  I’ve been feeling dizzy and my kidney has been feeling weak, even my memory is becoming worse.  I’ve even been going to the brothel less.”

After saying this, he began to cough again.

“Eh…..Because of my physical condition, I’m not suited to taking a concubine right now.  I’ve come to the Tong Family to cancel the engagement!”

Jing Hao came to cancel the engagement?  Who was he fooling!

He had just walked in with in an arrogant manner and had been looking down on everyone in the manor.  How was that the manner of a person cancelling an engagement would act!

He had changed in an instant and quickly displayed this sickly appearance.

Chu Tian sighed and said, “I can see you’ve been going to brothels too much, so you’re lacking in yang energy.  A young man needs to know limits and not over indulge himself, don’t you know this?”

Lacking in yang energy!

Jing Hao’s face turned green and he trembled as he said, “Mister is right!”

Chu Tian continued by saying, “This one knows a bit of medical skills, perhaps I can help you improve your condition.”

Jing Hao leaned over and said, “Then I’ll have to trouble this mister.  Please come and relax at the Jing Manor mister!”

Tong Bowen finally understood.

Jing Hao was scared of Chu Tian.  It could be said he feared Chu Tian!

Chu Tian did not follow behind Jing Hao.  He ignored Jing Hao and walked over to Tong Xiaoyu.  Then he revealed a faint smile to her, “Do you know why I helped you?”

Tong Xiaoyu was at a loss as she said, “Because Big Brother is a good person.”

“Good person?”  Chu Tian rubbed his chin and then laughed as he said, “Of course I am a good person, I’m even better than you can imagine.  Do you like Mechanical Beasts?  I’ll give you a test.  I have two blueprints here, if you can design the thing drawn here, then deliver them to the Jing Manor in three days.  Then, you will be able to obtain something you will not expect.”

While he was speaking.

Chu Tian handed two scrolls over to Tong Xiaoyu.  Then he called the cowering Jing Hao at his side as he left.

Tong Xiaoyu opened the blueprints and was immediately drawn in.

She had a strong talent for Mechanical Beasts since she was little.  Although the blueprint Chu Tian gave her was a little vague, with many places that were incomplete, with Tong Xiaoyu’s intuition, she could tell that this was something very interesting.

Who was this mysterious Big Brother?

He has to be someone famous!

She had met someone famous!

Tong Bowen excitedly asked, “Xiaoyu, can you finish it?”

Tong Xiaoyu put away the scrolls and nodded as she said, “This blueprint is complete.  That Big Brother does not seem to be skilled with Mechanical Techniques and drew these blueprints based on his incredible memory.  So, there are a few flaws here and there, but they can be easily fixed.”

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