MT Chapter 129


Chapter 129: Challenging the Yun Sect

The Yun Sect had two headquarters, one to the south and one to the north.  The northern institute was an internal research institute and the southern institute was an institute for guest officials.

The Yun Family was a family with a strong academic background, but a family would still be limited no matter how strong they were.  The Yun Family was very generous and gave excellent treatment to the scholars they invited.

The southern institute was constructed just for this reason!

The southern institute’s main door was four zhang high and eight zhang wide.  It was carved from pure white jade that had no imperfections and was incredibly beautiful.  It was completely engraved with various obscure texts and runes, being called the “White Gate” by the people of Central State City!


All the scholars of Central State City aimed to pass the White Gate and all took pride in the White Gate.  This gate was considered the goal of countless youths.

However at this moment.


Just like an explosion!

The pure white jade gate was smashed apart!  They only saw a man with a black cloth on his head being thrown in.  Everyone inside the gate was scared silly.

There was actually someone that destroyed the famous White Gate!

The person on the ground was like a giant bug as he quickly crawled forward a few meters.  He took off the cloth to reveal a black and blue pig face and loudly shouted, “Save me!  There’s a brute trying to hurt me!”

“Isn’t this consecrate Jiang?”

“What is happening?”


At this moment, a large foot slammed onto Jiang Qi’s body.  The ice like blue blade came forward and he was frozen by the feeling of the cold blade.

Breaking the main gate of the southern institute!

Heavily wounding a southern institute consecrate!

Even a fool would be able to understand what was happening, but the Yun Sect juniors did not even have the time to fly into a rage.

The young man’s dagger like eyes swept across the crowd and then he gave a fearless smile, “I’m here for an explanation!  You little ones should not waste my time, bring someone in charge over!”

Jiang Qi did not have a low status in the Yun Sect.

He was still a consecrate!

Not only did someone dare to beat him, the assaulter also dared to come to the Yun Sect.  This was not only looking down on the Yun Sect, he was also challenging the Yun Family!  Where did someone like this come from?

The young man was wearing a gray robe and he had a bamboo hat on his head.  With an ordinary scabbard and a ragged clothing, he looked just like a weary traveller.  He was very young and seemed a little disorderly.  His hair was messy, his appearance was mediocre, and there was not a single distinguishing feature about him

Jiang Qi’s face filled with anger, wishing he could break out of this hold.  He had finally realized just how strong this young man was and did not dare to move at this moment.

The Yun Sect, the holy ground of Central State scholars!

How could something like this happen now?

The dignified Yun Sect consecrate was now being held hostage by this young man.  It was fine that he was beaten like a pig, but now he was wildly demanding for an explanation like he was the victim here.

Was there even logic here?

This was a clear challenge and clear provocation, this was simply slapping their face!

The Yun Sect juniors looked at Chu Tian in indignation.

Out of the Central State Four Great Families, only the Yun Family did not go into politics, business, or the military.  They did not build up their influence, but there was nobody that dared to question the Yun Family’s status!


It was simple!

The Yun Family was a true scholar family!

The famous Alchemists and Symbol Masters in Central State, half of them came from the Yun Family.  Out of all the popular talismans and pills on the market, at least half came from the Yun Family.  Central State’s Symbol Master Guild, Alchemy Master Guild, and even Central State Academy were all filled with people from the Yun Sect.

If the Chu Family was the family that was the most martial arts based.

Then the Yun Family would be the most scholarly family in Central State.

The Yun Family juniors were all filled with a sense of honour and Central State scholars all considered it an honour to enter the Yun Sect.

Now that Chu Tian was holding a Yun Sect scholar hostage, how could these proud juniors accept this?

“Nobody has dared to provoke the Yun Sect in all these years.”  A sound came from the large hall, “You are truly brave!”

A middle aged person came out followed by two old men.  The middle aged man was wearing the clothes of a Yun Family Elder.  Although he wasn’t a high level elder of the Yun Family, his eyes were filled with killing intent, giving him an angry appearance.

Out of the two old men, one was tall and one was short.  They were both dressed like scholars and were both visibly angry.

Once Jiang Qi saw these two old men, he immediately cried out, “Fifth Brother Disciple, Sixth Brother Disciple, save me!”

The middle aged man was called Yun Guangyan and was the executive elder of the Yun Family southern institute.  He was in charge of handling the everyday needs of the Yun Sect.  The tall old man by his side was named Gao Haoran and the short old man was named Li Tai.

Gao Haoran and Li Tai were not simple people!

They were both disciples of the grand scholar Gu Qingqiu.  Because they had been out studying, they came to Central State and ended up in the Yun Sect, becoming key members of the southern institute!

Who was Gu Qingqiu?

He was the royal tutor of the Southern Summer Country, specially teaching the royal family juniors.  The Southern Summer Country’s king had personally bestowed the title of “Grand Scholar” to him and he was the role model of all the Southern Summer Country scholars.

Gao Haoran and Li Tai had studied under Gu Qianqiu, how revered was this status?

What was worse was the fact that Jiang Qi who was being held hostage was also the junior disciple of the two of them.  That meant that he was also a disciple of Gu Qianqiu.

Jiang Qi acting arrogantly and Jing Hao not daring to offend him!

Wasn’t it just for this reason

“Ha, ha, ha, ha!”  Chu Tian looked at the crowd and slowly began to laugh, “You have to understand something!  I am not offending the Yun Family like this, rather I’m just removing a tumor from your Yun Family.  If this kind of insect was allowed to remain in the Yun Sect, your Yun Sect would be in danger!”

Yun Sect in danger?!

Yun Guangyan was filled with anger, “What kind of thing are you, daring to boast like this?  Are you not afraid of provoking the Yun Family’s anger being this wild?!”

“This one is Lu Ren who is nothing more than a simple wandering rogue cultivator.  I have come a long way to come and compare notes with your school.  This is because I have heard of Central State’s great Yun Family with its strong origins and strong background, as well as the terrifying Purple Lightning Young Master.”

“I’ve heard of the Yun Family which is a several hundred year old clan as well as the hundred year old patriarch Yun Tianhe who has not only lived to the present, but also has a reputation as a very knowledgeable, courteous, righteous, and generous person.  Also I’ve heard that the Yun Sect is the place for scholars to gather with its acclaimed power and nationwide reputation.”

Yun Guangyan flew into a rage, “If you want to come and learn, why did you harm our people!”

“You have to ask him about that.”  Chu Tian used the sword’s blade to pat Jiang Qi’s face, “Where did this idiot come from?  He’s so weak, yet he dares to be so arrogant.  Placing no one in his eyes and wanting to take my tongue with a single word.  This kind of black hearted and stupid person can actually be considered a scholar?  I couldn’t control my anger and gave him a beating, but what surprised me was the fact that he belonged to your Yun Sect.”

“What made me disappointed was that even a degenerate like him could find a place to stand in the Yun Sect.  It seems like the Yun Sect gets its fame from deceiving the world.  The Yun Sect’s scholars are just a disorderly crowd gathering together, not worth mentioning and not worth stopping for!”

Jiang Qi was so angry he almost fainted.

“You’re seeking death!”  Yun Guangyan was so angry he began to tremble, “Jiang Qi is a disciple of the grand scholar Gu Qianqiu, what do you count for?  You’re just a simple commoner, a nameless peon and you actually dare to hold Sir Jiang hostage and cause trouble for our Yun Sect?  Your mouth continues to spew trash and you keep tarnishing our Central State scholar’s holy ground, we will not let you continue doing this!”

“Ha, ha, ha, ha!”

“Such a good grand scholar’s disciple, such a good commoner peon.  I already guessed the Yun Sect was not all that it was cracked up to be, but I never would have thought that the Yun Sect would be filled with blind people like you!”

“If the leaders are not virtuous, the people cannot be expected to be the same.  You are a revered elder and yet you do not try to set a good example, demonstrating good morals and justice.  You only know how to bully the weak and curry favours with the strong.  For a degenerate like you to appear, what kind of place is the Yun Family?  What kind of place is the Yun Sect?”

“You unjustly claim to be the premier academic body of Central State!”

Chu Tian wore a severe expression as he looked at Yun Guanyan.  Not only was he not afraid, he spoke in a sarcastic tone.

“The Yun Family juniors standing around, when you see an elder of your family acting like this, how do you feel?  Why is the Ye Family so notorious?  It is because they act very ruthlessly and then everything slowly developed around their actions.  If this continues, in my opinion, the Yun Sect will be following the same steps soon!”

“You don’t do things benefiting the family and instead shelter dirty insects like this.  You appear to be a Yun Family elder, but you are just a traitor to the Yun Family!”

The Yun Family juniors stared blankly at one another.

This fellow’s mouth was really sharp!

The elder was scolded to the point he couldn’t retort!

Moreover, this fellow was too wild.  There was no one else in Central State City that dared to do something like this.

Yun Guangyan’s face turned ugly.  This person had a very glib tongue and could easily distort facts, but Jiang Qi’s temperament was also well known.  He was normally very arrogant and many people in the Yun Family were not pleased with him.  The young man’s words were very harsh, but they were not exactly wrong.

“Humph!  That’s enough!”

Gao Haoran walked forward, “That’s enough!  Jiang Qi is a member of the Yun Sect and if he does something wrong, it is up to the Yun Sect to deal with him!  It is not something for a wet behind the ears brat like you to concern yourself with!”

Li Tai was even more direct, “You’re just a trivial commoner, yet you dare to disturb our Yun Sect like this.  You dare tarnish our scholar’s holy ground, treating it as warning the world!”

Chu Tian broke out in wild laughter again, “This one had wanted to come learn at the Yun Family’s school, but who would have thought that I would run into a bunch of incompetent old frogs!  Since it’s like this, let’s forget about learning from you.  Let’s just compare notes instead!”


“Compare notes?”

“Ha, ha, ha, ha!”

“That is truly the funniest joke I have heard!”

“I haven’t heard wrongly, right?  A unknown valley bumpkin wants to compare notes with the Yun Sect!”


Everyone began to laugh.

They had seen people who did not fear death, but they had never seen anyone this crazy.

In the Yun Sect, all kinds of scholars converged and there were countless experts.  A young man that was under twenty years old actually dared to challenge the Yun Sect?  Knowledge was different from one’s cultivation base.  It required talent, but it also required time to build.  Rome was not built in a single day!

Gao Haoran and Li Tai were so angry that they were confused.

They were disciples of the grand scholar Gu Qianqiu, being challenged like this by an unknown brat, there was no difference between this and an insult.

Yun Guang angrily roared, “What kind of qualifications do you have to challenge the Yun Sect!”

Asking what qualifications I have?

The fact that I, Brother Tian, am even coming to challenge your Yun Sect is already giving you face!

“This little one doesn’t dare compete in astronomy or geography, but as for arrays, talismans, weapons refining, alchemy, martial arts, literature, and art……This one partakes in a bit of everything!”  Chu Tian did not intend to be modest, he acted as arrogantly as possible, “Everyone in the Yun Sect can come altogether!  Let me see if there are any bookworms with skills here!”

Everyone in the Yun Sect coming at once?

Wasn’t this seeking death?

“How bold!”

Yun Guangyan wanted to pull out his blade, he had no way of enduring this kind of insult anymore.

“Elder please wait!”  Gao Haoran revealed a cold smile, “We will take this brat’s life, but we can’t lose any prestige for the Yun Sect.  If he wants to challenge us, then let’s give him a chance first!”

Yun Guangyan’s expression changed, “This……”

Li Tai stared at Chu Tian and said, “If you lose, release our disciple brother and poke out your eyes!”

Yun Guangyan knit his brows.  The two of them seemed to be truly angry.  They had high statuses in the Yun Sect and the Yun Family had been declining over the years, so the Yun Sect had to be preserved.  These external scholars were the key to supporting the Yun Family’s influence, they could not be offended.

“I’ll give you guys a single joss stick’s time!  Who wants to come first!”

“I’ll test you then!”  A young man stood up, “Do you know what the «Medical Nerve» is?  Where did it come from and when was it passed on to humans!”

This was a test on history and culture!

«Medical Nerve» was an ancient book that existed in legends.

Out of all the people here, there was no one who knew where it came from.

Chu Tian gave a calm smile, “The «Medical Nerve» book lays the foundations of alchemy.  Its predecessor was a cultivation technique that stems from an ancient period which was created by the ancient god Yarayamu.  After the ancient dragon king Cassadi first revised it, the great sage serving the elf king Ugalabu extracted the basic alchemy theory that would become «Medical Nerve», but it was then stolen by the spiritual beasts.  Three thousand year later, there was a war between the spiritual beast and humanity, and that is when it was spread to the human continent!”

[TL Note: Man, these ancient names all sound like nonsense in chinese…..]

That young man’s body was trembling.

Gao Haoran, Li Tai, and Yun Guangyan also knit their brows.

This was a very obscure topic, but this little brat could recite it so naturally.

Medical Nerve was a great foundational alchemy book which did indeed stem from a long time ago.  There was a cultivation technique that allowed one to extract the essence of things for oneself, but because the world had changed by quite a bit since the ancient period, there was no way to train in this cultivation technique.

There were only obscure and abstruse fragments and formulas left.

It was all compiled into the «Medical Nerve» by the elves!

Another youth stood up and said, “Can you recite the first five thousand characters of «Medical Nerve»!”

From this remark.

Everyone’s expressions changed.  This was clearly making things more difficult for him!

This «Medical Nerve» was very obscure and complex.  Not to mention reciting it, the average person could not listen to it for long.  As for the first chapter of «Medical Nerve», even great masters would feel dizzy from reading it.  How was it possible for him to recite it?

Chu Tian disdainfully curled his lips

What did the Medical Nerve count for?  The later generation had fully restored it and had already made major modifications.  Chu Tian had long remembered the entire Medical Nerve.

“The real «Medical Nerve» has eight thousand characters in the first chapter.  After it was spread to the human race from the spiritual beasts, the translation process caused several fragments to be lost.  If you want to study the true Medical Nerve, you must be proficient in the ancient elf language!”

“I will use the ancient elf language and recite the first chapter for you!”

“Just treat it as a gift that I’m bestowing upon you!”

“How much you can remember will all depend on you!”

Chu Tian held Jiang Qi in one hand and the Netherworld Sword in the other as he walked over to the wall.

A bunch of strange words began to come out of his mouth, it was clearly not the human language.  There were over twenty tones in his voice and it came out very melodically.  There were thousands of crests and falls, just like he was singing, but it was also like a kind of chant.  A strange charming power began to attack everyone’s minds.

Medical Nerve!

Countless scholars had spent their entire lives just to fail at trying to decipher it.

Chu Tian could actually speak in pure ancient elf language and recite the first chapter of Medical Nerve.  This profound writing began to attack the souls of everyone in the crowd.

Chu Tian kept on reciting as he continued to move his sword.

The complex and profound writing was being carved onto the wall.  Each character as filled with an ancient wisdom.  Every word of the ancient elf language that was carved seemed to carry the mysterious aura of the elven forest.

Chu Tian began to recite faster and his sword also started moving faster, it was almost as if he had been possessed.

At this moment, he was like a poet reciting a hundred poems.  At this moment, he was wildly swinging his sword of pride.  At this moment, he was like a well learned scholar!

The words displayed the pinnacles of wisdom and art, emitting a soul stirring charm!

After he recited the last character!

The wall exploded into pieces!

The priceless chapter had been destroyed!

The eyes of all the scholars of the Yun Sect turned red……No!  NO!  They hadn’t seen enough yet!

At this moment, the young man turned around.  He had a bright smile and a wild posture.  The sun shined through the gap in the wall and covered his body in a golden glow.

In that instant.

He seemed like a deity descended from the heavens!

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