MT Chapter 135


Chapter 135: The devil’s special training

His grandson and granddaughter had been brought away by the mysterious young man and he had received no news about them for two days.

Yun Tianhe was a bit worried.

Although Yun Yao was a 4th Awakened Soul Layer expert in the Illustrious Soul Realm and a peak expert in Central State, she still lacked Jianghu experience.  The mysterious young man’s mind was filled with talent, but he was still very young and seemed like a very stubborn person.  Would he cause trouble?

As for his grandson……Yun Tianhe did not even want to think about it.


What good thing has that bastard done?!

The most important thing was.

Yun Tianhe was very curious!

What had Chu Tian led them away to do?

Although they didn’t take the initiative to contact him, they always secretly ran past him.  Doesn’t this count as taking the initiative to contact him?

Yun Tianhe had no way of settling himself and took advantage of the dead of night to secretly sneak into the back courtyard of the Yun Sect where the three of them were coming from.

Yun Tianhe was a little nervous.

This old man was almost a hundred years old.  He had acted honourably his whole life and had never done something like this!

“Ah!  Ah!”

“I don’t want to practice!  I don’t want to practice anymore!”

“You demon!  This is simply torture!  I want to report back to the old man!”

Right as Yun Tianhe arrived at the courtyard, he heard the pitiful cry that came from within.  Yun Tianhe trembled, isn’t this his grandson Yun Xiao?

How could he be crying out this miserably!

Yun Tianhe silently crawled up the fence.

A two-three meter wide source energy array was drawn on the ground of the little courtyard and Yun Xiao was wearing a pair of shorts as he stood in the middle.  His arms, thighs, chest, and back were all covered in talismans.  In response to the source energy array on the ground, there was a power that seemed to be pressing down on him.

“I can’t take it anymore!”

Yun Xiao’s eyes rolled back in their sockets and he fell onto the ground.

Chu Tian was sitting in a large wooden chair.  In his left hand, he held a cup of tea and in his right, he held the Central State Academy teaching materials.  He was completely ignoring Yun Xiao’s pitiful cries.

When he saw Yun Xiao fall down, his slanted eyebrows knit together.  He immediately squeezed a law seal and the talismans on Yun Xiao’s body emitted a red glow.  The red energy currently immediately covered Yun Xiao body and he was awakened.


“It’s so painful!”

“Stop!  Quickly stop!”

Yun Xiao was awakened like a carp fighting for its life.

“Stop pretending to be dead for father!  I have a way of curing you!”  Chu Tian’s voice did not sound like a young man’s voice, “Practice it another two thousand times.  If you can’t understand the three blades by today, then you won’t eat.  Do you understand?  Also, for the scrolls I’ve written, you need to recite them back to me perfectly if you want to sleep tonight.”


“You are a demon!”

Yun Xiao’s pitiful cry reverberated in the courtyard.

This was too terrifying!

This seemed like a cruel human experiment!

When Yun Tianhe saw this, he couldn’t help being worried.

Even though Yun Xiao was a good for nothing, he was still the Yun Family’s direct descendant.  If something bad happened to him, then that would be an very important matter!

When Yun Tianhe wanted to go forward and ask about this.


A fruit pit flew past and hit him on his head.

Yun Tianhe was shocked.

Had he been discovered?

That was impossible!

He was an expert close to the True Soul Realm!

At this moment, a small and furry snow white fox was sitting on the fence while curled up.  It held a few little red fruits in its hands and was staring at him with a pair of cunning eyes.

This is bad!

Yun Tianhe quickly gave the little fox a keeping quiet hand motion.  He secretly criticized in his heart: Doesn’t this little fox appear and disappear too mysteriously?  It could appear so close beside him without Yun Tianhe noticing.

This is bad!  He can’t be revealed!

With Yun Tianhe’s age, he would lose a lot of face from being caught peeping over a wall.

The little fox narrowed its eyes and nodded.  It showed that it understood Yun Tianhe’s meaning.

Yun Tianhe let out a sigh.

At this time, the little fox stretched one claw to its mouth and then stretched out its other claw.  It’s not impossible for me to be quiet, but you need to pay a price.

What kind of pet was this!

It was too refined!

Yun Tianhe fished out a pigeon egg sized large gem and the little fox’s eyes lit up.  It first sniffed a few times before swallowing it down with a single gulp.

“Zhi, zhi!”

The little fox raised its thumb in satisfaction.

This gem was actually the beast core of a level three demonic beast.  The energy contained inside was hard even for an Awakened Soul Realm Cultivator, but this palm sized little fellow had eaten it in a single gulp.

The little fox patted its round belly and then pointed to its mouth as it stretched out its other paw.  It was showing that it was not full and wanted another one.

Yun Tianhe almost fainted.

What did this fellow treat a level three beast core as?  Was it just candy!

“Grandfather, what are you doing up there?”  Yun Yao walked out from the courtyard, “Lu Ren already knew you were here, so he had me come and talk to you.”

The little fox looked like it had encountered bad luck.  It gently jumped up and turned into a mass of fog as it instantly disappeared.

Yun Tianhe was stunned.

Had he been tricked by the little fox?

“It’s not good to speak here, let’s go somewhere else.”

Yun Yao brought him to the Yun Sect training grounds and did not wait for Yun Tianhe to say anything before she snappily said, “Grandfather, you’re actually climbing up walls to peek at your age, don’t you find it embarrassing!  Relax, Lu Ren is specially teaching Yun Xiao and he knows his limits, he won’t let him die!”

“Special training?”

“Lu Ren has changed the Yun Family’s Thirteen Thunder Blades into the Three Lightning Blades and is making Yun Xiao learn it in just two days.”

Yun Tianhe was shocked upon hearing this, “The Thirteen Thunder Blades have been turned into the Three Lightning Blades?  Can this even be done?”

“I had thought it was impossible as well, but he really did it.  I’ll demonstrate it for you and you’ll know what it’s like.”

Yun Yao did not have a sabre source spirit, so it was hard for her to display the essence of the sabre art.  Adding in the fact that she didn’t train in a foundational sabre art, she could only demonstrate the general gist of it.

Yun Tianhe was a martial arts master of this generation!

How could not see the positive changes?  He almost spat out a breath!

How was this a changed sabre art?

It had been simply reborn!

The momentum that was accumulated in thirteen slashes was now accumulated in just three short slashes.  Its might had not been reduced and had actually increased.

This martial art that had been changed by this young man.

It had turned from a normal high class martial art to a top grade martial art in the Southern Summer Country!

Yun Yao put away her sabre, “Yun Xiao has the Thirteen Thunder Blades as a foundation, so he’s very quick in learning the Three Lightning Blades.  Of course, with Lu Ren’s way of healing him, this time Yun Xiao is being run ragged by him.  He has not slept for two days, but he still can’t escape his grasp.”

“Good!  Good!  Good!”

“This is good!  This is good!”

Yun Tianhe’s old chest filled with comfort as he laughed and stroked his beard.

“These three blades will now be our Yun Family’s secret art.  Our Yun Family’s cultivation technique has been changed and now even our martial arts are being changed.  The short time that this little brat has come to our Yun Sect is truly a blessing from the gods!”

Yun Yao sighed and said, “But Yun Xiao really is suffering a lot, I’m afraid even his intestines will turn green from regret.  Chu Tian’s training method is truly too ruthless, even I’m filled with shock looking at it.  It truly doesn’t treat a human as a human anymore…..”

“Humph!  Those with blessings don’t understand them!”  Yun Tianhe was so angry that his beard shook, “If this old man was sixty-seventy years younger, I would happily change places with the bastard Yun Xiao!  If a young man cannot even suffer a little pain, how will he become someone important in the future?”

Yun Tianhe was filled with righteous indignation.

He had completely forgotten who was the one that was worried and had even snuck over to sneak a peek.

Yun Tianhe strongly urged, “You need to stick close to this mister.  If you can learn some things from him, that would be considered a blessing for your entire life, do you understand?  That’s right, try to inquire about whether he’s still single.  You’re not young anymore.”


Yun Yao’s face turned red.

“Becoming shy with just this.  Alright, alright, I won’t worry about young people things.”  Yun Tianhe happily caressed his beard, “If there’s a problem, then report back to me.  Help him watch over that little brat Yun Xiao properly.  This is a matter that relates to the entire family, so you can’t make any mistakes, do you understand?”

Yun Yao snappily said, “I understand, so please stop worrying about it!”

Yun Tianhe was in a very good mood.  He gave a loud laugh and turned around to leave.

He had not been this happy in ten years now.

This close to a hundred year old man happily hummed a song as he went off to bed with a satisfied mood.

Regardless of what goals he had for training Yun Xiao, the Yun Family had obtained a great advantage.  Moreover, being trained like this, perhaps the grandson he worried about the most would be reborn.

This really was a blessing for the Yun Family!

It really was a blessing for Yun Tianhe!

Yun Yao returned to the little courtyard.

Yun Xiao stood half naked in the array and was practicing the sabre art with tears streaming down his face, “Did you see the old man?  Quickly tell him about this demon’s true colours.  He is a pervert and a sadist!  Let the old man come and save me!”

Yun Yao shook her head, “He cannot help, you have to carry your own weight.”

Yun Xiao shouted out in grief, “Old sister, old sister, you can’t give up on me!”

The symbol array was triggered.

Yun Xiao gave a pitiful cry once again!

Chu Tian sat under the moonlight with an ordinary oil lantern beside him.  The little fox laid on his lap while he held a teacup in one hand and a scroll in the other.

This was a clearly ordinary face, but there was a deep and profound feeling coming from him.

His clear and bright eyes revealed a wise glow.

Yun Yao was completely wrong.

This person was not a young man.  He was an old monster that was over a hundred years old!

One could not see through him.  There was no way to see through him!

The book in Chu Tian’s hand was something sent from Central State Academy.  He quickly read through it and went through every page.  He then scoffed and said, “Trash, this is simply trash.   Using this to teach the students, they really are letting them down!”

This fellow’s tone was truly too arrogant!

There were textbooks in weapon refining, symbol techniques, alchemy, and cultivation techniques here.

These were all books sent from large countries.

Even if you are a rare genius with a unique talent, can you still look down on the Central State Academy textbooks?  Since it could become a textbook, it contains many basic laws that have been identified and compiled by great masters.  It has been refined over several hundred years and was the hard work of an era.

“But to be honest, since the stuff Central State Academy teaches is this bad, we will have the advantage.”  Chu Tian stretched his hands out as he stood up, “I have complete confidence that we’ll earn quite a bit!”

Yun Yao could not understand even now.

What was Chu Tian’s so called money making method!

Chu Tian asked her, “Have you prepared the materials that I need?”

Yun Yao nodded, “It has all been prepared and is stored in the house.”

“I’ll use these resources now and I’ll owe you the money.  I’ll return it once I become rich.”  Chu Tian walked through the courtyard and when he came beside Yun Xiao, he suddenly stopped and said with a devilish face, “Can you be a little more serious for father?!  Whether I can quickly earn the several tens of millions needed to buy the elemental spirit from the Treasure House will all depend on you!  If you cause father here to be unable to buy it, I will break both your legs!”


Several tens of millions?

Yun Yao knew that Chu Tian really needed money right now, but this fellow was very proud and would not want to lose face at all.  He definitely would not ask her grandfather for help.


Tens of millions of gold coins……It truly was not a small number.

Training Yun Xiao like this can actually earn him money?  If he took Yun Xiao out to sell his skills, he still could not earn this much!

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