MT Chapter 138


Chapter 138: Wild challenging demon

The Yun Family’s eldest grandson had a lofty and honoured status, never lacking the praise of others.

But for a wild and unruly person like Zhao Kun to be willing to admit defeat, how could the feeling be the same?

No matter how cheap Yun Xiao was.

He still had self respect!


A person who was regarded as Central State’s largest playboy and was looked down by others as well as being talked about by the members of the Yun Family, naturally it would not feel good!

Today he stood up from his failure and felt pride.

It was impossible to describe the excitement Yun Xiao felt!

At this moment, Zhao Kun was filled with respect towards Yun Xiao and everyone had faces full of awe, making Yun Xiao feel like he was flying through the clouds.  He was a person that liked to show off and this treatment made him feel even better than going to the brothels!

How could the others know?

Yun Xiao did not understand a single word he said to Zhao Kun, everything had been taught to him by Chu Tian and he had memorized it all.

“Hai, hai!”

“It’s fine if you’re close!”

Chu Tian really couldn’t take this idiot, he completely forgot himself with a little happiness.  He really was like poop stuck on the wall.

Yun Xiao was scared and shocked by Chu Tian, how could he dare to disobey him?

Yun Xiao quickly gathered himself and revealed the elegant appearance of an expert.  He nodded at Zhao Kun, but did not enter the building.  Rather he walked forth and moved over to another little courtyard.

A nearby lackey loudly shouted, “Vermillion Bird 25th ranked Yun Xiao is here to issue a challenge!  He asks the 24th ranker to come forth and fight!”


He still wants to fight!

The crowd was stunned, Yun Xiao could still keep fighting?

In a normal situation, the student would keep track of his strength and only when they were strong enough would they make a challenge.  One on hand continuously challenging like this used up one’s strength which decreased one’s battle strength, on the other hand, wouldn’t beating people like this be embarrassing them?

Yun Xiao actually wanted to fight them one after another?  Wasn’t this a little too arrogant!

A person had a limited amount of spirit energy, so how much could he fight?

But those that liked seeing this kind of excitement did not mind something like this.  They were astonished, but also very excited.

How could they have not seen it earlier?  This idiotic second generation rich master was actually a ruthless person!

At this moment, a wild and large man came out of the courtyard.  He looked at Yun Xiao with a cold gaze, “What’s going on?  Zhao Kun, how could you lose to someone like this!  Boss has even guided your cultivation and helped you enter the Vermillion Bird top thirty, you really make this boss disappointed!”

“Wu Yong, don’t say that too early.”  Zhao Kun gave a sigh, “Fight with him and you’ll know.”

Vermillion Bird 25th Ranked, Wu Yong.

He was born in a military family and although his family was not big, it could still be considered a local power, so he had a lot of resources to use since he was young.

Wu Yong gave a cold snort and said, “Then I’ll let you learn how strong my demon tiger art is!”

Without saying anything else.

He began to attack!

Wu Yong’s figure went into a crawling position and he released a fierce aura.  He was just like a giant tiger as his killing intent locked onto his target.

This would be a good show.

This «Demon Tiger Art» was a close combat cultivation technique.  A single hit contained a terrifying amount of destructive might!

Wu Yong’s legs stepped off as he charged forward.  He released a tiger roar from his mouth and with spirit energy embedded into the roar, it shot out like a bomb at Yun Xiao.

“Good move!”

Yun Xiao gave a loud roar.

The sabre bloomed with lightning.  The endless imposing aura and the sparkling of the lightning was just like ten thousand bolts of lightning weaving out under a sunny sky.  It gathered its potential quickly and it was hard for people to believe that it could be blocked.


A sabre slashed down as fast as lightning, causing the tiger’s roar to break.  The wild lightning slash continued forward at Wu Yong.

“How could it be this strong!”

The shocked Wu Yong wanted to dodge it, but he was not fast enough.  Yun Xiao’s slash became even more impressive as the lightning roared out, instantly destroying the «Demon Tiger Art»’s body protecting spirit energy.  The terrifying power sent Wu Yong flying several meters and at the same time, his body turned pitch black as he suffered the same fate as Zhao Kun!

“You let me win!”

Yun Xiao gently cupped his hands and sheathed his sabre.

He won with a single slash again!

This sabre’s power was too strong!

It required almost no charge time and could directly send out lightning blades.  It truly deserved the name Three Lightning Blades.

Yun Xiao revealed a profound face and said, “Brother Wu, your «Demon Tiger Art» has reached the Small Success Realm, but it doesn’t have a good imaging which makes it lacking in power.  If you can make this change, then your power will increase by several times……”

Yun Xiao recited the words Chu Tian had taught him.

Wu Yong was completely stunned.

Was this really that Yun Xiao?

He was just like a martial arts master!

“I……I have lost!”

The crowd roared out.  Beating someone was easy, but making them submit was hard.

Could Wu Yong refuse to submit?  Not only had Yun Xiao defeated him with a single slash, he had even pointed out the flaws with his cultivation technique, giving him many benefits.  There were few people that could do this in the Central State Academy!

If one considered the previous incident a coincidence.

Then what would this be called?

First it was Zhao Kun and then it was Wu Yong, it seemed like Yun Xiao had been completely reborn.  Everyone began to wonder if the person in front of them was really Yun Xiao and not a monster who transformed to look like him!

Yun Xiao felt his body fill with energy as if he could fly off into the sky.  He was just very excited as he continued to challenge the next person.

“Vermillion Bird 24th Ranked Yun Xiao is here to issue a challenge!”

“Vermillion Bird 23rd Ranked Yun Xiao is here to issue a challenge!”

“Vermillion Bird 22nd Ranked Yun Xiao is here to issue a challenge!”


The crowd looked on with stunned expressions.

This fellow didn’t seem like he had eaten some stimulants, he seemed like he had eaten several jins of aphrodisiac.  Even after a dozen rounds, he still would not fall!

Of course this was Chu Tian’s doing.

Chu Tian had already refined some pills that were made with Yuan Essence Grass which would restore Yun Xiao’s spirit energy and allow him to remain at his peak condition.

He continued to challenge people as if he could not be stopped!

Three slashes!

Yun Xiao never exceeded three slashes.

Each match was ended before three slashes and Yun Xiao did not just only defeat his enemy, he also gave them all a piece of advice.  This was not just ordinary advice, he was changing the cultivation techniques of others!

This made everyone burst out in screams!

He was too crazy!

Just challenging over ten people continuously was already strange enough, but he was also changing all their cultivation techniques!

From these people, there were some that practiced the school’s cultivation techniques and some that brought their own cultivation techniques.  Every single of the cultivation techniques were different, but they had one thing in common which was that they were classical cultivation techniques with hundreds of years of history.

If they could be changed so easily, could they be considered classics?

Even if the Yun Sect Master and Central State Academy’s vice principal Yun Tianhe was to personally come forward, he still could not change them this easily!

But this idiot was doing it!

This most incompetent junior of the honoured Four Great Families!

Yun Xiao’s reputation quickly spread throughout Central State City.  The other courtyards all received the news.

“Did you hear?”

“Yun Xiao has changed into a cultivation technique master and is wildly issuing challenges in the Vermillion Bird Courtyard!”

“That’s impossible, right?  It’s not as if everyone is unfamiliar with what kind of person that fellow is!”

“I also heard about it and this is all true.  It was spread just now and everyone is running over to the Vermillion Bird Courtyard.  As long as we can hear just one sentence from him, we’ll save ourselves countless years of hard cultivation!”

“Wait for me!  I want to go as well!”


The countless students came in swarms.

The Vermillion Bird Courtyard was completely surrounded.

It had been a while since things were this chaotic in the four great courtyards!

Yun Xiao really did defeat his enemies within three slashes and then gave some cultivation advice in front of everyone.

It’s true!

Yun Xiao had an average cultivation base, but he was a master of cultivation techniques and martial arts!”


“He still wants to fight!”

“What number is this already?”

“I can’t really remember, but it should be around the twentieth one now!”

“I give up……”

Yun Xiao’s actions had never been heard of before in the history of Central State Academy.  With his actions today, Yun Xiao was destined to become famous within Central State Academy!

The entire Central State would have to re-evaluate Yun Xiao.

Even the entire Yun Family would have to re-evaluate Yun Xiao!


Yun Yao kept silently watching and when she received the latest news about Yun Xiao, she quickly rushed home to report the good news to her grandfather.

“Right now that little brat is going crazy!”

“Everyone is giving him nicknames like cultivation technique master and wild challenging demon……”

Yun Tianhe spat out his mouthful of tea!

Cultivation technique master?




How could he not know his own grandson?

This brat couldn’t possibly be a cultivation technique master.  Being a brothel master, master of play, or master of eating was more suited for him!

Yun Yao’s face was filled with excitement as she said, “It’s true, you can ask around if you don’t believe me.  Even if you don’t ask around, the news will be spread around the entire city tomorrow!”

This was the first time Yun Tianhe felt that he was old and his brain wasn’t as flexible as before, “Where did the nickname wild challenging demon come from?”

Yun Yao gave a bitter smile and said, “Yun Xiao is fighting his way up the Vermillion Bird rankings.  From the latest news, he has already beaten twenty people and is still moving up in the top ten!”


Yun Tianhe wanted to pinch himself.

Was this all a dream!

Yun Yao gave a sigh, “Ai, it has to be said, Lu Ren has trained him for only three days and that brat has completely changed……It really makes me feel terrified.  It is all simply unbelieveable!”

Three days!

What could three days accomplish?

Yun Xiao was instinctively lazy and loved to indulge himself.  The Yun Family had used countless methods, but they could not change him.  If he wasn’t a direct descendant from the legal wife, he would have already been kicked out.

This kind of half wasted person had accepted the short training of three days and had been completely reborn!

Yun Tianhe did not know whether he should be happy or terrified.  His grandson being reborn was naturally a good thing, but that young man was too abnormal.  This kind of talent was something that shouldn’t have existed in the small Southern Summer Country!

Who was he?!

“Him letting Yun Xiao show off like this is probably to hide himself.  The reason why he’s acting so carefully is most likely because he has personal enemies.  You must stay close to him and ensure that no mishaps occur.”  Yun Tianhe stood up and thought aloud, “A genius would not appear out of nowhere, I need to find out his true identity.”

Yun Tianhe rid himself of all thoughts of keeping Chu Tian here.

There were some people that the Yun Family could not keep.  This rare talent would have ambitions and it was impossible for him to stay in the Yun Family.  If they tried to force him to stay, it might bring them all kinds of troubles.

Having this person stay for awhile was already a great fortune, so Yun Tianhe did not dare to ask for more.

This so called highest tree in the forest would be destroyed by the wind.  If Yun Tianhe wanted to protect him, he had to find out his identity first.  That was so he could prepare the necessary countermeasures.

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