MT Chapter 247


Chapter 247: Mister Qiu

Qing State’s east side situation was bad, but could it not be bad?

Western Qing State was connected to the other states by the Four States Lake, but eastern Qing State was blocked off by the Green Ridge.  After being separated from the Southern Summer Country for several months, bandits roamed all over and rebellions occurred everywhere.  It was a place that citizens could not make a living in anymore!

Qing State was rich in resources, but facing this severe beast disaster, they were sure to suffer losses.

Chu Tian and Chen Bingyu arrived in front of the marquis’ palace.  The Qing State’s Green Wood Marquis personally occupied the mayor position, so the marquis palace was also the mayor’s palace, being situated in the center of Qing State City.


“Stop!”  Several guards wielded their weapons, “Who are you, do you think you can freely enter this place?”

Chu Tian lightly said, “I want to see the Green Wood Marquis.”

The guard gave a cold laugh and said, “What kind of thing are you to have the qualification to see the marquis?”

“I am a foreign merchant and seeing Qing State suffer from the Snake Scorpion Beasts, not being able to make a living, I came to offer my help.”  Chu Tian said in a calm manner, “Please tell the Green Wood Marquis that I have a method of clearing the Green Dragon Trail!”

“What?  Just depending on you?  Stop joking!”  The guards gave a cold laugh as they stared at Chu Tian, “Scram now and stop wasting father’s time!  You better go and appraise yourself again!”

Chen Bingyu coldly said, “The citizens of Qing State can’t even make a living and the Green Wood Marquis doesn’t even have the mentality of welcoming all scholars?  The marquis can’t even recognize talents, no wonder Qing State is facing such a disaster!”

Chu Tian felt this was strange.

Chu Tian was very clear on Chen Bingyu’s temperament.  If she could say something in a single word, she wouldn’t say a second.  If she didn’t need to speak, then she wouldn’t.  In most situations she would remain silent, so why would she take the initiative to speak up for him?

He hadn’t taken that slap in vain!

The marquis not being able to recognize talents, this was a large accusation.

If this was said in normal times, it wouldn’t mean much, but this was a very special period!

Although the guards did not believe that the two of them had a brilliant plan, but it would harm the Green Wood Marquis’ reputation if they didn’t pass this on.  If this was investigated, then they would not be able to block this.

“Alright, alright, I’ll be honest with you.  You can’t see the Green Wood Marquis because the Green Wood Marquis has already gone to settle eastern Qing State, how could he have time to idle here?”

What?  The Green Wood Marquis wasn’t here!

This was something Chu Tian did not know, however the Green Ridge was five-six thousand kilometers long and had six different paths through.  The largest was the Green Dragon Trail that was used to transport goods and armies.  Now that the Green Dragon Trail had been sealed, the other five can still be used.  Although it was narrow and dangerous, they could still pass through.

How could they sit by and do nothing while eastern Qing State fell into chaos?

Since they couldn’t clear the Green Dragon Trail right now, they could first solve the chaos in eastern Qing State and then slowly think of a method.  If nothing could be done, they could ask for help from Imperial City.

Chu Tian revealed a frown because his plan didn’t account for this change.  He never thought that the Green Wood Marquis wasn’t here and who knows when he would be back.

At this moment, a green robed youth came out.  This person was beautifully dressed, with a thin body, and a pale face, making him look very weak.  His eyes were releasing a sharp glow, making it clear that he was a hidden master.


“We greet the successor!”

Chu Tian’s heart skipped a move, this was the Green Wood Marquis’ successor?

The green robed young man directly ordered, “I need Evil Banishing Grass, Clear Bright Flower, Black Silt Root, and Rotten Corpse Grass.  Go to the market and buy everything that they have!”


“It seems like you’ve almost discovered the cure for the Snake Scorpion Beast’s poison.”

The green robed youth knit his brows and looked at Chu Tian, with his faze becoming a bit sharper.

Chu Tian ignored this person’s sharp gaze and revealed a mysterious smile before adding in, “The formula for the poison’s cure isn’t bad, but you’re missing one crucial part.”

The Green Wood Marquis’ successor stared at him, “What are you saying?”

“Add in some juice from the Rotten Poison Mushroom, that should create a perfect antidote.”  Chu Tian said this before his voice changed, “However, it doesn’t matter even if you make this antidote!  The use of an antidote to combat the poison is a good use of alchemy, but using this antidote method to solve Qing State’s crisis is completely impossible!  Whoever wastes time trying to study this antidote is really an idiot!”

“How bold!”

The guards all trembled in fear.

It’s over, the successor was angered!

This young man was simply seeking death!

The Green Wood Marquis’ successor was filled with rage, “Mister Qiu is a world shocking talent, using everything he has to save the citizens, what kind of thing are you?  You actually dare to come before the marquis palace and insult Mister Qiu?!  Come, immediately catch this wild fellow!”

Chen Bingyu’s eyes flashed with a trace of killing intent.

“It’s fine, it’s fine.”  Chu Tian raised his hand to stop her and then said with a laugh, “I haven’t tried being in a prison, so let’s try experiencing it because not long will pass before someone will personally free us.”

Two guards directly cuffed the two of them, “Come with me!”

“I can leave.”  Chu Tian said to the Green Wood Marquis’ successor, “Remember what I said and pass it on to Mister Qiu!”

The two of them were taking into a prison room in the marquis’ palace and were locked in the same room.  Chen Bingyu’s face was filled with dissatisfaction,  what kind of person was she?  Even the Southern Summer Eight Marquises need to give her face, but she never thought that she would be imprisoned one day.

“What?  Are you angry?”

“Why not just break in?  With the absence of Green Wood Marquis, no one could stop me.”

Chu Tian resentfully said, “Violence cannot solve our problems, don’t just attack people randomly.”

Chen Bingyu narrowed her eyes and looked at him, “You’re still blaming me for attacking you.”

“I’m not.”


“Alright, I’ll admit I am.”

“Small minded.”

“Your thinking is not normal.”  Chu Tian thought about it, “Can we just talk normally?”

Chen Bingyu sat on the ground and revealed an ice cold emotionless expression.  No one knew what she was thinking under her ice cold expression.


Qing State Marquis Palace.

In a laboratory.

“Mister Qiu, the materials you needed have been brought over.”

The Green Wood Marquis’ successor Mu Xuan quickly walked in to the laboratory where a simple old man was standing.  He was wearing normal grey robe, with white hair, and a kind expression.  Only his face looked very pale because it had been several days since he had rested.

“Alright, bring it over.”

Mister Qiu was a wandering scholar and once he knew that Qing State was in danger, he took the initiative to help the Green Wood Marquis.  The Green Wood Marquis did not care at first because there were many wandering scholars, but he let him stay out of respect for the elderly.

In the end, everyone was shocked.

The knowledge of this old scholar far surpassed the Green Wood Marquis’ expectation.  In front of the famous scholars of Qing State City, it was like comparing a bright fire with a little firefly!

The over a hundred scholars of Qing State City had researched the Snake Scorpion Poison together and hadn’t had any results in a month, but this old scholar had made a breakthrough in just two days.  Just this point was enough to show that this person was a great talent!

The Green Wood Marquis was prepared to go to Central State and ask the leader of the Yun Sect, Yun Tianhe to come to Qing State for help.  After all, Yun Tianhe’s knowledge was considered first class in the Southern Summer Country.  However, this wandering scholar that accidentally came was not below Yun Tianhe which made the Green Wood Marquis very happy.

If he could have this old mister remain in Qing State City and become a retainer to him, then it would be a great blessing to Qing State City.

Who would have thought that no matter what conditions the Green Wood Marquis gave, this old scholar would ignore it all and lock himself in the laboratory, only focusing on studying the Snake Scorpion Beast’s poison.  When the Green Wood Marquis saw that this person was indifferent to fame and fortune, he gave up on this idea.  He would try again after solving the problem in Qing State!

Mister Qiu nodded and then immediately work on the medicine.  After a series of complex procedures, he finally made several different medicines.

“Now I’ll start the eighty first antidote trials.  I’ll have to ask the successor to help me record the results.”

Mister Qiu dripped the antidote into a container that had the Snake Scorpion Beast’s poison inside.  When the medicine flowed inside the contained, the jet black liquid quickly began to fade.  After it was reduced to a certain extent, it no longer continued to disappear.”

“There is still 48% of the poison remaining, the antidote’s effect is too weak!”  Mister Qiu knit his snow white brows, “The eighty first trial has failed.  The next attempt will have an extra portion of Clear Bright Flowers.”

“There is still 41% of the poison remaining, the antidote’s effect is too weak.  Failure!”

“There is still 45% of the poison remaining, the antidote’s effect is too weak.  Failure!”


The experiments ended and Mu Xuan had recorded several pages of notes, with a series of shocking bright red “failure” words on them.  The best result had only 30% of the poison remaining which meant that Mister Qiu had found a way to restrain the poison, but he didn’t have a way to completely eliminate it.

Mister Qiu said with an anxious expression, “There is always a part missing, but just what is it?”

“A part missing…..”  When Mu Xuan heard these words, a spark lit up inside his mind and he unexpectedly asked, “Mister Qiu, would adding the juice of Rotten Poison Mushrooms give a better effect?”

“Rotten Poison Mushrooms?  Rotten Poison Mushrooms?  Rotten Poison Mushrooms have an attribute of…..That’s right!”

“Great, great, great!  This is great!”  Mister Qiu revealed a look of joy, how could he have not thought of this, “Quickly, prepare some Rotten Poison Mushrooms!”

Mister Qiu added the Rotten Poison Mushrooms into the original antidote recipe.

When he finished the medicine, he poured it into a container.  They saw the pitch black container quickly fade away and in just four-five seconds, the originally black liquid had turned clear as water.


They had really succeeded!

“The poison remaining is less than 1%!  This has a strong poison eliminating effect and is the antidote that we want!”  Mister Qiu looked at Mu Xuan with a look of high esteem, “What is really surprising is that even though the Green Wood Marquis’ successor is so young, you have a strong knowledge and vision into medicine.  It really is the blessing of the Green Wood Marquis, no the Southern Summer Country.  That was this old man’s mistake!”

Mu Xuan revealed an awkward expression, “Mister Qiu, you’re mistaken.  I don’t understand medicine at all!”

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