MT Chapter 248


Chapter 248: True expert!

“No need to be modest!”

“I’m not being modest!”

Mister Qiu did not believe him, “According to this old man’s research, the Snake Scorpion Beast’s poison is different from normal poison.  It is made from microorganisms inside the Snake Scorpion’s body, so this is a complex biological poison.”

So what?


Mu Xuan did not understand this at all.

“Biological poisons are not like normal poisons and even tiny creatures will have their own advantages and disadvantages.  This also means that this pure medicine will not be able to cure this poison.  So, this old man’s idea of curing it with an antidote will not work as smooth as I thought.  It is because after this poison suffers the attack of the antidote, it will immediately adapt itself to it and that was why we couldn’t completely eliminate all of the poison in the previous experiments.”

“But…..”  Mu Xuan was a little surprised, “What does this have to do with the Rotten Poison Mushrooms?”

“Of course it’s related.  The Rotten Poison Mushroom is a slightly poisonous herb and the main use is to stimulate living creatures, making them maintain a strong activity.  If a human consumes a large amount of Rotten Poison Mushroom, he will die of madness.  If it is used in the antidote, then it would strengthen its detox ability and would be able to retrain the Snake Scorpion Beast’s poison, making it clean out the poison one time!”

Mister Qiu was becoming even more excited.

“This is not the most wonderful place.  There are millions of medicines in the world and the Rotten Poison Mushroom is compatible to all of them, letting me refine everything without changing the formula at all.”  Mister Qiu had an excited face and grabbed Mu Xuan’s arm, “I can say that there aren’t more than three people in the Southern Summer Country who can think of this.  You are filled with talent and if you’re given time to nurture this, then just your insight alone could make all the well known scholars jealous!”

“This, this…..”  Mu Xuan did wish that he had thought of this, “It really wasn’t me that thought of this!”

“No need to be modest!”  Mister Qiu was a little unhappy, “Over these days, you have observed my experiments and know my techniques and my refining arrays, only you could think of this Rotten Poison Mushroom.  Otherwise, even if it is a powerful scholar, they have not seen my refining process and don’t know the refining situation, even I, the refiner would not have thought of using the Rotten Poison Mushrooms!”

“But he had clearly thought of it!”

“What do you mean by this?”

“Mister Qiu, I will not hide it from you.”  Mu Xuan gave a bitter laugh, “When I was ordering people to buy materials, I met a very arrogant young man who said that he was a foreign merchant.  After hearing the list of materials, he randomly said this and was remembered by me.”

“What?!”  Mister Qiu’s expression changed, “How could he know the formula just from hearing the materials list!  Impossible!  Not to mention whether he has studied the Snake Scorpion Beast’s venom, even if he did study it, how could he know my formula from just a few ingredients and how could he know my refining techniques.  This is impossible!”

“That person was dressed like a merchant, so I didn’t believe he had these skills at the time.”  Mu Xuan let out a sigh, “What made it harder to accept was the fact that person was so arrogant, saying disrespectful things!”

“What did he say?”


“You might as well say it.”

“He insulted Mister Qiu, calling you an idiot!”

Mister Qiu’s white brows stood up, “What?”

“He said that everything Mister Qiu was doing was useless and it had no meaning at all!”  Mu Xuan saw Mister Qiu’s expression and then he lowered his voice to add, “I thought this person was too arrogant, so I ordered people to catch him.”

There really was a person like this?

Mister Qiu thought Mu Xuan was hiding his incompetence and only this kind of matter could be the truth.

The so called onlookers had a clear view.  Mu Xuan had watched him over the past few days and had an understanding of the antidote type, type of Snake Scorpion Beast poison, and the refining techniques.  He should have had several ideas and being hit by a stroke of genius, although it wasn’t very simple, it wasn’t strange either.

If the formula was deduced by an outsider from a few materials and not the entire materials list and even fixing the flaws with the formula, then this would be too terrifying!

Mister Qiu had looked through countless ancient books.

There were no recordings from any ancestors.

This Snake Scorpion Beast’s poison should have no cure!  Could he have really ran into a peerless rare genius?

“Take me to see him!”

The two of them entered the prison cell.

A youth wearing a brocaded merchant’s robe was sitting in the cold and moist prison cell.  His face was very calm.  There was a small fox sitting on his shoulder, looking at them with a taunting gaze.  There was also a black veiled woman with a nice stature, standing there like a statue, not saying a word.

“Four hours and thirty two minutes.”  The brocaded robe youth slowly opened his eyes, “Too slow.”


Mu Xuan and Mister Qiu both stared at him.

This fellow had already guessed that the two of them would come find him.

Chu Tian did not even look at Mu Xuan and those dark star like eyes looked at the old man to his side, “You are Mister Qiu?  I can respond to your questions!”

Mister Qiu felt like he had run into a true expert!

He was silent for a few seconds before saying, “This Qiu is not talented and thanks to this mister’s reminder, I was able to create a perfect antidote that could counteract the poison of the Snake Scorpion Beast.  However mister seems to think this medicine is useless.  Can this medicine really not solve Qing State’s problems?”

“Saying you’re an idiot is not wrong at all.  You still haven’t understood it now?”


Mu Xuan flew into a rage!

Mister Qiu’s face also sunk.

It had been a while since anyone dared to talk to him like this in the Southern Summer Country.  If this fellow didn’t explain it all, how could he be satisfied?

“This antidote has at least four large defects!  Haven’t you thought of them yet?”

“I haven’t thought of them, please tell us, mister.”

“The first defect.”  Chu Tian stuck out a finger and said in a tranquil manner, “You have studied this poison before and you can agree this is a strong poison, isn’t that right Mister Qiu?”

“That’s right!”

“Since it’s a strong poison, it can activate in the blink of an eye.  The Snake Scorpion Beast’s poison is a paralysis poisons, so if one is poisoned, they will instantly lose all sensation of their body, isn’t this right?”

“This is indeed the specialty of the Snake Scorpion poison.”

“Then I find it strange.  While the warriors are fighting with the Snake Scorpion Beasts and they are poisoned, even if everyone brings an antidote with them, would they be able to stop and use it?  Would they have the time to cure the poison?”


That’s right!

This poison reacts so quickly.

It would be fine to cure the poison after the battle, but how could they do so during the fight?

“The second defect.”  Chu Tian raised another finger, “Using an antidote to fight the poison is a clever technique, but using it here while thinking you’re clever is actually a stupid idea!”

“Is there something wrong with this Qiu’s techniques?”  Mister Qiu knit his brows, “Please give me your opinion!”

“The Snake Scorpion Beast’s poison is a biological poison, so it will reproduce inside a person’s body, making the amount of antidote needed critical.  If it is too little, it won’t dispel the poison and if it’s too much, the antidote will stay behind and turn into a poison instead.  Do you think this point is right?”

Mister Qiu’s mouth opened wide, finally understanding the meaning of Chu Tian’s words.

“The amount of poison in the culture dish is set.  You have been setting up this poison and assuming that it would be a constant amount of poison, but is the real situation like this?  Once the microorganisms enter one’s body, the rate of reproduction, its spread rate, and its strength all matter, but this is hard to measure.”  Chu Tian words were a relentless attack, “Only considering the medicine’s effect and not worrying about the actual situation, this really is a failure.  This is not behaviour suited for an alchemy master!”

Mister Qiu revealed a look of guilt.

“The third defect!”  Chu Tian raised a third finger, “The Snake Scorpion Beast’s poison is a continuous attack.  The poison mist will envelop a person’s body, letting them be constantly poisoned, so will having an antidote even be useful?  It would be useless on the spot.  If the root of the problem is not fixed and only the poison is only dispelled once, they will just be poisoned again.  Does Mister Qiu agree on this point?”

Mister Qiu was already completely in a daze.

“The fourth defect.”  Chu Tian looked over Mister Qiu a few times, “Mister Qiu does not seem normal, so you should have lived a noble’s life!”

“Nonsense!”  Mu Xuan was very dissatisfied with Chu Tian’s manner and had finally caught an opportunity, so he immediately refuted, “Mister Qiu is nothing more than a wandering scholar.”

“Mu Xuan!”  Mister Qiu gave a low roar.  There was a pressure that covered the entirety of Mu Xuan’s body.  Mu Xuan could clearly feel that Mister Qiu’s aura was not below his father, the Green Wood Marquis…..Could Mister Qiu’s wandering scholar status be a disguise and he was actually an important character?  For example, a scholar from a large kingdom?

“It seems like I wasn’t wrong on this point.”  Chu Tian lightly said, “This is no wonder the medicine Mister Qiu makes, although its effects are alright, it costs quite a bit, using herbs that can’t be bought in large supplies on the market.  It would be hard to refine a few hundred, so how will you use this antidote to equip an entire army?  Based on these four points, the antidote is useless and only exists in name.  Does Mister Qiu agree on this?”

“This old man has used several days, consuming many resources and manpower, but it was all for nothing!”  Mister Qiu sighed into the sky, “Mister’s words are sharp, but you have expanded this Qiu’s knowledge!”

Mu Xuan was stunned, “Could there really be no method then?”

“There is a method and I can help you.”  Chu Tian calmly said, “Of course, I don’t work for free, so you should give some kind of reward.”

“How much money do you want?”

“It should be two-three hundred million properly speaking.”  Chu Tian said this and then emphasized, “However we have been jailed for no reason at all, so you must compensate us for our emotional damage, so I think just five hundred million!  It’s not much, right?”


Five hundred million!

How is this not a lot!

“Five hundred million gold coins is half the marquis palace’s treasury!  How greedy!”  Mu Xuan’s teeth became itchy with anger, “You’re also a scholar, but Mister Qiu came from afar to help Qing State for free, while you charge a sky high price for this help!  What kind of scholar are you!”

“I respect those that are scholars, but I’m not a scholar!”  Chu Tian shook his beautifully brocaded robe, “Look, I am a trader that can’t afford to not make a profit.  Taking money from others’ disaster, that is all.  Five hundred million to solve Qing State’s disaster, it all depends on you if you take out the money or not.”

“If mister can solve this problem for Qing State.”  Mister Qiu’s eyes sparkled a few times, “Even if the Green Wood Marquis does not take out this money, this old man will give it to you!”

This was not a small amount!

It was an entire five hundred million!

Even the Qing State’s marquis palace would have to shear their meat to take this out, but this Mister Qiu did not even blink an eye at it.  What kind of person was he?

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