MT Chapter 253


Chapter 253: Imperial City

While Chu Tian was successfully returning South Sky City, the Divine Wind Marquis had finally arrived at Imperial City ten thousand miles away.

The Imperial City was the heart of the kingdom, only being a mere three thousand miles from the Spirit Beast Kingdom to the north.  There was a vast stretch of land without any natural defenses that if the Spirit Beasts were to launch a secret attack, an elite cavalry group would be able to kill the king in just two days.

It could be imagined how dangerous this place was!

Why would the Imperial City be constructed in such a dangerous place?  One had to look at the history of the Southern Summer Country.


The Southern Summer Country’s history is divided into the “Northern Summer” and “Southern Summer” portion.  The Northern Summer era was the most prosperous era in the kingdom’s history, having a population of close to a billion people and an area that was three times the current area.  So, it was known as the Great Summer Country.

The kingdom was not randomly named, but rather stressed something.

Human kingdoms had a strict hierarchy, being divided into empires and kingdoms.  An empire was a true power, being the ruler in a region, having a population of over ten billion and an area of over ten million square kilometers, letting them be known as an empire.  A kingdom’s scale, population, and area were all much smaller, so the ruler could only be a known as a king.

The kingdom’s ranked in terms of strength were warring kingdoms, large kingdoms, and small kingdoms.

The Great Summer Country was the name of a large kingdom.

The ghost masked old man Chu Tian ran into was from the Great Zhou Country, which was a large kingdom.  Their strength was ten times that of the Southern Summer Country, with their currency even being the universal currency of source stones.  When they passed through various countries doing trades, it was very convenient for them.

Seven-eight hundred years ago, the Southern Summer Country dared to have the name of “Great Summer Country”, which meant that their national strength was close to the large kingdom standards.  If they could stabilize themselves, they would have been known as a large kingdom.

Who would have thought that while the Great Summer Country was developing, the Spirit Beast Kingdom would suddenly come down south from the north, creating an unexpected disaster for the Great Summer Country.  Their defenses were instantly destroyed by the Spirit Beasts, killing the royal family, and the entire nation almost collapsed.

In this dangerous situation, the Dongfang Family led the Nangong and Shangguan Families to launch a counterattack, taking back half the area of the kingdom.  After the war was over, the Dongfang Family supported one of their own as the king and changed the kingdom’s name to “Southern Summer”.

The first generation Southern Summer King was a bold man, vowing to repay the Spirit Beasts for this blood debt.  In order to show his commitment and determination, to inspire morale in the future generation, and to warn everyone of the dangers in times of peace, he placed the Imperial City in the northern side of the Southern Summer Country, just within looking distance of the territory occupied by the invading Spirit Beasts.

Born in trouble, dying in peace.

The seemingly reckless decision of the first generation Southern Summer King had actually become the strong foundation of the Southern Summer Country.

After the Southern Summer Country was formed, they lived under the threat of the Spirit Beasts, stimulating people’s instincts to survive.  Many geniuses came from the younger generation of the Three Great Clans, charging onto the battlefield to protect the kingdom, occupying superior advantages that made the attacks of the Spirit Beasts fail.

The Southern Summer Country became stronger after being founded because the king was dealing with the Spirit Beasts to the north, allowing the south side grow in a peaceful environment.  It created a prosperous area that became a strong foundation for the kingdom.

After the Divine Wing Marquis obtained Chu Tian’s pistol, he immediately headed north to the Imperial City.

The Imperial City was the most lively city in the Southern Summer Country, with double the population of Central State’s Main City.  The walls were overlapping and seemed to be made from iron.  When the sunlight shined on it, the cold light shined.  In terms of the urban buildings, it was not inferior to Central State.  From the baptism of the flames of war, an impregnable fortress of iron was created.

The garrison of the Imperial City far surpassed the eight states.

They had over a hundred thousand of the strongest Storm Cavalry!

These elite cavalry were the nucleus in fighting against the Spirit Beasts.  The other main armies were spread across the Imperial City, letting the Imperial City prepare for war at any moment, reacting to any changes on the battlefield.

Every time he came to the Imperial City, the Divine Wind Marquis felt all kinds of emotions.

The Imperial City had lasted for five-six hundred years without falling to the enemy.  Every bloody battle made it stronger and after being baptized by the war, the citizens of the Imperial City had strong martial arts and were very powerful.

In the current Southern Summer Country, there were close to two-three hundred million citizens with several million soldiers and the Spirit Beasts were racked with internal fights, giving them no time to head south.  It was the time for the Southern Summer Country to rise, taking back this blood debt in one fell swoop!

The Divine Wind Marquis looked at the sealed crystal box.  This weapon would be the key to that!

“I am Central State’s Feng Yuntian and I have an important matter to see the Calm Martial Ruler about!”

“It’s sir Divine Wind Marquis?  Quickly, report to the Calm Martial Ruler!”

The Calm Martial Ruler’s palace was luxurious, but not extravagant, taking black as a theme, being filled with the cold prestige of the military.  Other than the royal palace, this was the largest building in the Imperial City.  The Dongfang Family truly deserved to be known as the number one family because not only was the Southern Summer King from the Dongfang Family, they also raised a country protecting pillar known as the Calm Martial Ruler.

The overall strength of the Dongfang Family far surpassed the Nangong and Shangguan Families.  Chu Tian’s calculations were very correct, there was nothing more powerful than the Dongfang Family.

A blood red robed guard came from the palace, “Reporting to the marquis, the ruler is not in the palace right now!”

The ruler’s status is very high.

In some of the large empires, the territory of rulers were considered “monarch kingdoms”.  The monarch kingdoms were states, but they didn’t have autonomy, so they couldn’t compare to kingdoms or empires.

The Southern Summer Country was not big and the rulers did not have their own territories, but they were considered “rulers”, second only to the Southern Summer King.

The Divine Wind Marquis slightly knit his brows, “Is the Calm Martial Ruler not in the Imperial City?”

The Calm Martial Ruler was the front lines commander in chief, so if there were an urgent report from the battlefield, the Calm Martial Ruler would leave the Imperial City, with this leave being from five-ten days to an entire month.  If he couldn’t see the Calm Martial Ruler soon, this situation would be bad.

The Divine Wind Marquis had a high status and could see the king, but it was not comparable to the Burning Sun Ruler or the Refined Ruler.  If there was a dispute in front of the Southern Summer King, the Divine Wind Marquis could not compare to the two of them.

This matter was very important.

The Divine Wind Marquis trusted the Calm Martial Ruler, so he had to win him over first!

The blood red clothed guard cupped his hands and replied, “The ruler was summoned to the royal palace and still has not returned yet.”

The Divine Wind Marquis let out a long sigh of relief.

The Calm Martial Ruler was in the city, then everything would be fine.


Southern Summer Royal Palace.

The golden tiles were sparkling under the light of the sun, with two golden dragons on the sides that had golden scales, looking very realistic.  They seemed like they were soaring into the sky.  There were many guards densely placed around the palace, holding long spears and sharp blades, covering the luxurious palace with a cold killing intent!

Above the nine levels of jaded steps.

The king was sitting in his throne.  He looked to be around sixty years old with a head of white hair, wearing a purple royal robe and a dignified royal crown.  There was a long sword at his waist releasing a powerful energy.  It was the Southern Summer Country’s King Sword, passed down from generation to generation of Great Summer Country kings.

At this moment, in the resplendent large hall, the bodyguards had all retreated as three men as powerful as deities walked in.

The person on the left was an old man with a full head of red hair.  Although he was old, his back was as tall and straight as a mountain, releasing a powerful aura from his body.

The person on the right was a white robed old man.  He had a medium sized stature with a refined look.  His hair had all turned white, giving him the aura of an old scholar.

The person in the middle looked the youngest.  It was hard to tell how old he was from his appearance, but the hair by his temples was greying.  He was wearing a set of dark gold armour with a helmet in his left hand.  His cheeks were high and his bones were prominent, with eyes that were like hawk eyes, making him look like he was ready to kill!

“The Three Rulers have been summoned today because there is an urgent matter to discuss.  Burning Sun Ruler, you may begin!”

“Reporting to my king!”  The Burning Sun Ruler, Nangong Yan’s body was covered in burning energy, just like an angry fire god.  The concrete floor under him was destroyed by his aura and it became even hotter, “My Nangong Family’s senior elder Nangong Zhi brought the royal proclamation to Central State, but he was actually crippled by Chu Tian!  This matter is related to the Nangong Family’s face, I ask my king to make a decision!”

“Chu TIan?”  The Southern Summer King’s voice was very deep reverberating in the hall, being full of prestige, “This king has heard this name several times.  He has a swollen head and is very arrogant.  Not only has he caused trouble in Central State City, he has even annexed the three great families.  Doing this, he clearly doesn’t place this king in his eyes.  He really is bold!”

While the Southern Summer King was speaking, although his tone was very calm, the Three Rulers could tell that the Southern Summer King was enraged by Chu Tian’s actions.

The Southern Summer King had ruled for over twenty years now.

He was the highest power in the Southern Summer Country.  Even the prestigious Three Rulers had to listen to his orders.  What did a little brat from Central State count for?

The Calm Martial Ruler came out and said, “Chu Tian has performed a great merit in Thunder State and is a truly talented individual, he should be used for our Southern Summer Country.  I ask my king to be lenient, the Southern Summer Country currently needs talented people!”

“Is our Southern Summer Country lacking in talents?”  A sharp voice sounded out.  It was the Refined Ruler, Shangguan Cangfeng, “Can he compare to the great scholar?”

The Calm Martial Ruler knit his brows.

“The Refined Ruler’s words make sense.  The Southern Summer Country is not lacking in talents.  Even if Chu Tian has merits, his crimes and merits cancel out.  Chu Tian may have talents, but he does not follow rules at all, so he’s not suited to being used by the kingdom!”  The Southern Summer King’s voice was filled with prestige and irresistible might, “If this event of insulting this king was spread across the Southern Summer Country, where would the prestige of the Imperial City go?”

The Refined Ruler could guess what the Southern Summer King was thinking, so he took the initiative to say, “I have a suggestion.  We should punish Chu Tian, otherwise he will keep expanding.  Once he poisons Central State, it will divide our land!”

“What does the Burning Sun Ruler think?”

“I agree!”  The Burning Sun Ruler was a victim already anyway, “He has crippled a senior elder of our Nangong Family, slapping the face of the Nangong Family!”

The Calm Martial Ruler, Dongfang Gan, knit his brows, “My king, please reconsider!”

“I have made my decision!”  The Southern Summer King gave his order, “Chu Tian disregards the laws and acts in an arrogant manner, ignoring the royal proclamation, defying his superiors.  Even if he has merits, it will not counterbalance these crimes.  He will be brought to Imperial City to stand trial and this matter will be left to the Refined Ruler.”

“My wise king!”  The Refined Ruler revealed a faint smile, “I advise using the Southern State troops and having the Western Marquis leading them into Central State.”

The Southern Summer King said, “Fine!”

The Burning Sun Ruler nodded, revealing a look of satisfaction.

“As far as I know, the Western Marquis has a grudge with Chu Tian.”  The Calm Martial Ruler suddenly spoke up, “If the Western Marquis is to bring Chu Tian back for his trial, then please send the great scholar as well to act as a military advisor.  Otherwise, the Western Marquis might take this chance to get his revenge.”

The Refined Ruler knit his brows.

He had deliberately given this task to the Western Ruler.  This was nothing more than giving the Western Ruler a chance for revenge.

“Alright!”  The Southern Summer King did not wait for the Refined Ruler to refute this, “We’ll send one hundred royal knights to Qing State for the great scholar to personally command, assisting the Western Marquis complete his task!

The Three Rulers were a little surprised.

The royal knights were being sent?

The Southern Summer King really wanted to capture Chu Tian!

“Alright, this matter ends here.”  The Southern Summer King was not willing to mention the matter of Central State anymore.  He looked over at the Calm Martial Ruler, “What is the situation to the north?”

The Calm Martial Ruler was not satisfied with this.

However, that brat Chu Tian had been too excessive.  The Calm Martial Ruler knew the Southern Summer King’s personality, so he did not say anything else.  The great scholar was going anyway and he was a man of integrity, so he would be able to discover the facts behind this case, protecting Chu Tian’s life the greatest extent.  If Chu Tian were to die, then that meant his destiny was bad.

“Reporting to my king.  The Spirit Beasts still have internal strife and are still killing each other.  There is strong internal friction, which might be our Southern Summer Country’s chance!”

“Yi?  Really!”

The Southern Summer King revealed a look of joy.  He discussed this matter into the night with the Three Rulers.

The Southern Summer King was becoming more and more excited, as if not caring about Chu Tian anymore.  After all, compared to Chu Tian, the northern Spirit Beasts were the greatest problem, “The military matters will be left to the Calm Martial Ruler, so continue to observe them.  Once you find the chance, you must launch an attack!”

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