MT Chapter 277


Chapter 277: Scarlet blood headquarters

The Heavenly Demon Cult members were all killed by Nangong Yun and the two branch lords were fighting Chen Bingyu, but they had no strength to fight back already.

“I will remember this enmity!”

One branch lord began to run, charging at Chu Tian like a meteor.

The branch lord saw that this young man was not strong, but he had a high position among the three.  If he could catch him, that fierce woman would become more cautious and the two of them could escape.


Starlight Immortal Body!

Chu Tian was covered in a layer of starlight.

The Heavenly Demon Cult branch lord swiped at him, “Want to stop me with this defense?  Break for me!”

This was a True Soul Realm expert, so the Starlight Immortal Body dimmed a bit and Chu Tian was forced back several steps.  However, the most shocking thing was that Chu Tian had been attacked by a True Soul Realm expert, but had not been hurt at all.

The branch lord was shocked.

He had sent out a quick attack because of the poison.  It only contained 20% of his strength, but this attack was still enough to take care of any Illustrious Soul Realm cultivator.  How could this young man incredibly block it?

“I don’t believe this.  If you have the skills, then block this attack!”

The Heavenly Demon Cult branch lord sent out another attack with 40% of his strength.

This time the other side’s defenses would be shattered like glass as well as turning his body into a meat patty.  Who knew that when the palm approached, the other side would suddenly take out a silver thing. Hearing an ear grating whistle sound, a dense group of beams came forward like rain in a storm.

Too close.

Too sudden!

The Heavenly Demon Cult branch lord did not think that Chu Tian would counter attack, so he did not condense a strong protective spirit energy.  In this face of this quick and intense unexpected attack, his protective spirit energy was torn to shreds and the violent energy left him lacerated.  He took several steps back and was severely injured.

What was this thing?

While the Heavenly Demon Cult branch lord was shocked.

A Raging Flame Slash was released!

The head of the branch lord was cut off and he fell down dead.

The branch lord at his peak could not compare to the Three Rulers, but he could at least compare to the Eight Marquises and was even a bit stronger than them.  In the end, he died at the hands of someone in the Illustrious Soul Realm and did not even know what weapon had killed him. This kind of death could not let him rest in peace.

Chu Tian trampled the headless corpse, “With your stupidity, you want to go against father?  Be a bit smarter in your next life!”

On the other side, under Chen Bingyu’s relentless attacks, the branch lord was slowly being pushed back.

Chu Tian raised the Source Energy Gun.

A group of light bullets swept out.

The Heavenly Demon Cult branch lord was hit by seven-eight bullets.  Although they didn’t injure him, he was still confused for a second by this.  Chen Bingyu seized this chance to send a palm attack at him, but when she raised her hand.

Chu Tian called out, “Stop!”

The Heavenly Demon Cult branch lord stared at the weapon in Chu Tian’s hand with a look of panic, “You…..What is that treasure!”

Chu Tian’s Source Energy Submachine Gun was also specially made with Saint Grade metal.  The cost alone was enough to shock a person to death, so the might was increased, letting him kill an Illustrious Soul Realm expert and it could even affect a True Soul Realm expert.

“Now isn’t the time to be curious.”  Chu Tian walked in front of the Heavenly Demon Cult branch lord and pointed the hot muzzle against his head, “You will answer whatever I ask you.  If you dare to not speak or lie to me, father will directly blow your head off!”

“I’m dying anyway!  Just do it!”

“As long as you honestly answer my questions.”  Chu Tian softly said, “I won’t kill you!”

The branch lord’s face filled with doubt, “Why should I believe you?”

Peng, peng!

Chu Tian shot two bullets into the branch lord’s legs, making him give a pained cry, “I can take your life at any moment, so you have to believe me!”

“Alright!  What do you want to know?”

“Where were you prepared to go?”

“We’re going to meet up with the leader and then we were to head to the scarlet blood headquarters to awaken a head venerable of our scarlet blood branch.  We would have the head venerable restore our strength and then we would resurrect the Heavenly Demon Cult!”

“That head venerate can restore all of your strength?”

“The scarlet blood branch’s blood chalice is in the headquarters, it can quickly restore our strength.”

“Then why doesn’t the scarlet blood head venerate take the initiative to find you?”

“The Heavenly Demon Cult has a forbidden cultivation technique named ‘Dreaming of the Yellow Springs’ that can let one fake their death.  The deeper one’s cultivation, the deeper their slumber. I woke up two-three months ago, the leader has recently awakened, and the head venerable is still sleeping, needing us to personally awaken him.”

Chu Tian pointed to the corpse of a demonic cultivator, “What about these people?  They couldn’t have been people who faked their deaths!”

“When the Heavenly Demon Cult fell, there was an incomplete inheritance left behind.  These are people that received the inheritance of the Heavenly Demon Cult and are not a true part of the Heavenly Demon Cult.”

The Heavenly Demon Cult was a large sect with many different branches of inheritances, the scarlet blood branch was one of it.  Their main cultivation technique was the «Scarlet Blood Grand Technique», a technique that allowed one to suck out the essence blood of others.

The two branch lords had the same aura as the one from Blackwind Stronghold because they were from the same branch, so they had the same cultivation technique.  In the scarlet blood headquarters, there was a sleeping head venerate who should be the leader of the scarlet blood branch.

The branch lords were already this strong, so the leader would have a stronger cultivation.

Then what about the head venerate?

They did not dare imagine it!

At their peak, they would not be weaker than the Three Rulers and may be even stronger!

“As long as you don’t kill me, I will recommend you to sir head venerate.  Our sacred church requires more people right now and sir head venerate will certainly have a use for you.”

Chu Tian gave a cold laugh.

Chen Bingyu walked in front of the branch lord.  

When the Heavenly Demon Cult branch lord felt a strong killing intent, he immediately shouted in a panicked voice, “You promised that you wouldn’t kill me.”

“When did demonic cultivators believe in the promises of others?”  Chu Tian began to laugh, “Then again, I said I wouldn’t kill you, but that did not mean that others would not kill you!”

The branch lord did not even have time to beg for mercy.

Chen Bingyu slapped him to death with a single palm!

“Good!”  Nangong Yun laughed, “Good kill!  So satisfying!”

These demonic cultivators had wandered all over Cang State and the Imperial Region, killing who knows how many innocent citizens.  Dying quickly like this, it was making it too easy for him! If it were by this old lady’s hand, something surely would have happened to him!

Chu Tian said to the two of them, “See if they have anything of value.”

The little fox snuck into a person’s clothes.

Chu Tian’s hands quickly reached out and grabbed its large tail, pulling it out.  The little fox had a jade bottom in its mouth. There was a strong blood smell coming from inside of it.

Chu Tian reached out a hand at the little fox and said with a firm voice, “Hand it over!”

The little fox held the jade bottle in its mouth as its eyes looked over it and it sniffed it with its nose.  Then it opened its mouth and presented it to Chu Tian with two claws, looking very obedient.

Nangong Yun said in a shocked voice, “When did it become this obedient?”

“It most likely has a limited energy and wouldn’t fill its stomach.”

How could Chu Tian not understand the fox.  If this fellow really found a precious item, it would have sucked it into its stomach.  How could it take it out like this?

The little fox understood Chu Tian.

At most it would get a slap on the butt.

Chu Tian opened the small jade bottom and the strong scent of blood came out.

“What is this thing, it’s so disgusting.  I’m about to puke!” Nangong Yun revealed a look of disgust.

“This is a blood pill refined from blood essence.  Back in the Blackwind Stronghold Heavenly Demon Cult branch, I also found these things.  The cultivation technique of the scarlet blood branch most likely requires blood essence to restore strength.  The two branch lords were collecting these things to recover.”

“Is this thing useful?”

“This thing has a strong evil aura, so it is of no use to us.”  Chu Tian threw it into the gourd, “But it is useful for refining Yin Corpses and I was just lacking this item.”

“I found a book!”

Nangong Yun pulled out an old sheepskin scroll.  This was the map of the Heavenly Demon Cult scarlet blood branch’s headquarters, clearly marking the position of the headquarters itself and the altar.

“The scarlet blood headquarters are in the Scarlet Swamp!”

Nangong Yun found the position on the map.

“The Scarlet Swamp is the largest swamp in the Southern Summer Country.  There is poison and vicious beast there, creating a patch of barren land!”

Chen Bingyu silently took out a book.

This book came from the Heavenly Demon Cult branch lord’s body.

“This seems to be a picture book.”  Chu Tian took a few simple glances at the book and his eyes slightly sparkled, “Yi, this is interesting.”

“Let me see it!”  Nangong Yun jumped onto Chu Tian’s shoulder without hesitation and looked over it a few times, “What do these strange marks mean!”

Chu Tian replied, “It’s a series of secret signals.”

“Secret signals?”  Nangong Yun thought of something, “You’re saying the Heavenly Demon Cult contact each other with secret signals?  This also means that if we can obtain these secret signals, we can contact the remnants of the Heavenly Demon Cult and even contact their leader?”

“That’s right!”

“Then what does the back say?”

Nangong Yun saw Chu Tian flip through the book.  There were several strange Heavenly Demon Cult secret techniques and several illustrations filled with data, introducing some kind of Sacred Items of the Heavenly Demon Cult.

There was a seemingly normal chalice described.

Blood Chalice: The unsurpassed Sacred Item of the scarlet blood branch.  It can collect various kinds of blood essence to refine ‘True Blood’, or change it into unending power.  The chalice is owned by the scarlet blood branch and provides infinite spirit energy, healing all wounds, improving cultivation, and sweeping away all obstacles!

“This thing is the blood chalice these demons mentioned?”

“It should be!”

True Blood was a very precious material.

Only it was very difficult to refine.  The one advantage of the blood chalice was that it could collect vitality from various living things to automatically refine it.  For the demonic cultivators of the scarlet blood branch, this was like having an endless supply of precious materials, so this item was an incomparable treasure to them.

Although this blood chalice did not have any direct uses to Chu Tian, it was a good material collecting item.

Chu Tian used the divine blood to refine the Divine Blood Yin Corpses, but the vitality in the Divine Blood Yin Corpses was too weak and couldn’t contain the strength of a Spiritual God.

If he had this blood chalice with an endless supply of materials, it would be much easier to refine the Yin Corpses.

“The headquarters is in the Scarlet Swamp and one can only enter with the scarlet blood token.”  Chu Tian said to the two of them, “Each branch lord should have one on them, so go and have a look.”

“Found it!”

It was the same as the one from the Blackwind Stronghold.  The three of them had one for each of them and they had a map, so how could they easily let go of a good thing like this?

They properly searched over the others.

Chu Tian found a journal on one of the members.

It was mainly filled with cultivation and life experiences.  This demonic cultivator was born in a Cang State City family who all practiced demonic cultivation techniques, but no one knew about their relation to the Heavenly Demon Cult.

When he heard of the scarlet blood branch appearing in the Southern Summer Country, this youth immediately defected.  As long as the Heavenly Demon Cult was revived, what did the Southern Summer Country count for.

It was a pity that this was doomed to be a mistake!

The Heavenly Demon Cult had been destroyed, so what kind of wave could they cause now?

“We shouldn’t stay here for long, let’s go!”  Chu Tian placed his hand into the gourd, “We’ll take a detour and head directly to the Scarlet Swamp!”

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