MT Chapter 279


Chapter 279: Scarlet blood leader

At night.

When a dim mist covered Scarlet Swamp Town, the citizens would bring their day’s harvest back home.  Whether it was tough reed, lotus root herbs, or even strange insect herbs, this was what they depended on to make their livelihood.

At this time, a blood figure ran through through the streets of the town.  It fell down on the road and was covered in mud, finally crawling to a waste warehouse.

The youth looked very cold.  He used to have a handsome face, but because of several scars on it, it made him look very aggressive.  It was clear that this was not a good person.


The youth looked at a giant blue stone beside him and when he saw the strange black mark on it, it was like he was relieved as he revealed a look of joy, “This is truly great……”

The youth walked to the front door of the warehouse and knocked using a rhythm on the wooden doors.

Zhi ga!

The wooden doors were opened by an invisible strength.

A sudden wind came from inside.

A hoarse and cold voice entered his ears, “Enter!”

The youth walked into the warehouse.  In the center of the abandoned warehouse, there was a skinny old lady sitting there.  Most of her hair had fallen out and her fingers were scarlet. Her eyes popped out and were bloodshot.  She looked like a monster that was neither human nor ghost and her body was covered in a blood red mist.

There was a black clothed large man beside the old woman, holding a blood red large saber with both hands.  With a strong face and wild beard, this was the perfect image of a wild man. There were two black clothed people standing around them with fierce appearances that showed that they weren’t good people.

“Strange.”  The large man looked at the youth with a stunned expression, “Why is it only you?”

The youth kneeled on the floor, “The two branch lords were both killed on the road!”

The old woman frowned.

“What did you say?  The branch lords have such deep cultivation, how could they be killed!”  The large man said in a cold voice, “If they were killed, how could you have survived?”

“When we were in the woods at night, the branch lord sent me out to hunt some animals.  When the prey had been prepared, a sound suddenly came from the woods. Those people had deep cultivations and I couldn’t fight back at all.  In the end, the two branch lords were killed and I snatched one scarlet blood token before running!”

After say this.

The youth took out a token.

“This…..really is a scarlet blood token!”  The large man’s eyes flashed with a cruel and greedy look.  The scarlet blood tokens were the tickets into the headquarters and the large man did not have one.  The leader already had one, so the other ten scarlet blood tokens were given to others.

“A good and evil disciple you are!”  The large man’s face was covered in anger as he spoke, “The branch lords are dead, but you survived alone.  You are nothing more than scum!”

These words were just said for appearance.

Who didn’t know the style of demonic cultivators?

On the basis of profit, they only cared about themselves.  They were cruel beyond compare, even taking advantage of their allies.  Who cared about those kinds of restraints?

“Leader, look……”

The ugly old lady slowly opened her eyes and stared at the youth with blank eyes, “What is your name?”

“This small one is Leng Jun.  I’m…..”

Before he even finished.

A dry hand suddenly grasped his throat, grabbing him off the ground.

The youth said in a surprised voice, “Sir leader, what are you doing.”

“With such a weak cultivation, how could you escape alone after the two branch lords were killed?”  The old lady’s voice was like sand being rubbed together, creating a deep and hoarse voice, “Do you think I would easily trust others?  Speak, just how did you come here.”

The vitality in the youth was surging, like it would burn up at any moment.

The old woman’s strength was incomparably deep and her methods were very cruel.  Under the power of her aura, even if it were a True Soul Realm, their minds would fall into the enemy’s hands, not to mention an Illustrious Soul Realm expert.

“This little one is a junior from the Leng Family, who has received the grace of the Heavenly Demon Cult’s Meng En.  Our ancestors have handed down teachings for several generations, waiting for the revival of the sacred church! If you don’t believe me, you can find out with an investigation!”  The youth said with a painful face, “As for the branch lord being killed……This little one truly escaped by luck. If the leader does not believe, this little one has nothing else to say.”

Cang State’s Leng Family?

It seemed like there was a slight impression.

The old woman stared at the youth.  When faced with this strong aura, his body temperature, heartbeat, expression, and even his eyes did not show any unusual reactions.

The old woman said to the large man to his side, “Go and look outside.”

The large man charged out of the warehouse as fast as lightning.

“Search his body.”

The two people took out all the things on the youth’s body.  They found a treasure sword, a book, and a diary. When Heavenly Demon Cult members handed the items to the old lady, the old lady looked it over one by one.  This treasure sword was filled with a bloody qi and it was a rare top quality Soul Item. It was very close to the scarlet blood branch attribute.

A common cultivator would not use a weapon with such a heavy bloody qi because this kind of weapon could easily harm its master, but it suited the style of the Heavenly Demon Cult.  The book contained information on the Heavenly Demon Cult and the diary contained a detailed record of the cultivator named Leng Jun. It went from accepting his inheritance to his attainment with his cultivation.

The large man had already returned, “Reporting to the leader, there is nothing strange outside.”

The old woman slowly recalled her aura, “You do seem like a real sacred church believer.  Being able to escape in that situation, you should have quite a bit of skills.”

The youth quickly said in a humble voice, “This little one has admired the sacred church since my childhood, but I’ve only learned a fragmented cultivation technique.  This little one hopes that the leader can accept this little one and allow this little one join the sacred church!”

“There’s an extra token.”  The old woman ignored the youth and kicked the token.  The scarlet blood token fell in front of the youth and he heard a cold voice, “Since it’s like this, I will bring a single person into the headquarters to see the master.  As for who it is, you can pick amongst yourselves.”

After saying this.

The old woman’s eyes flashed with a cruel and teasing light.

When the large man heard this, his eyes suddenly filled with killing intent as the long sabre passed through the chest of a person on the side like a blood flood dragon, turning it into dust.  When the long sabre came out, it brought a wave of blood as it slashed at the other person.


The Heavenly Demon Cult members were not normal people.  The large man had launched a sneak attack against one person, but it wouldn’t be easy for him to launch a sneak attack on the other one.

“Blood barrier!”

That person’s spirit energy formed a giant barrier.  When the blood wave sabre fell on it, it instantly slashed the barrier apart.

That person was forced back a step.  His face turned red and he spat out a large mouthful of blood.

This blood was not spat out because of injuries, but rather he was using a mysterious method to send out essence blood mixed out a large amount of spirit energy, turning each drop of blood into a fatal weapon.  This large mouthful of blood was spat out and with this short distance, it had a strong might that sent the large man flying.

“Blood Curse Sword!”

The person quickly cast a few seals and the blood beads stopped in the air.  It finally condensed together forming a treasure sword of blood covered in curses in the air.


The blood sword turned into a streak of light that was like a fatal poisonous snake that shot at the large man’s chest.

The large man roared into the sky and demonic energy was released.  His entire body turned black and a large amount of runes were engraved all over his body, making the large man’s aura explode by several times.

The other person’s face fell, “Heavenly Demon Art?!”

This demonic art greatly amplified battle strength, but it had a strong aftereffect.  The side effect would not show itself in the short term and would gradually consume their potential over a long period of time.  In a normal life and death situation, they would not use it easily.

The large man’s blade increased several times by the demonic art slashed at the Blood Curse Sword.

That dark red glowing blade slashed down in a quick manner, slashing at the other person’s head.

“Wait a minute.  I don’t want the scarlet blood token!”

The large man seemed like he hadn’t heard him at all.  With a blade glow, the body was sliced up and turned into a pile of hashed meat.

“Hee, hee, hee.”  The old woman gave a few strange laughs.  Seeing these members kill each other, she was not angry and instead said, “How ruthless, you really are a promising youth.”

“Many thanks for the leader’s praise!”  The large man was still covering with demon qi, looking like a terrifying demon god.  When he heard the leader’s praise, he couldn’t help revealing a look of wild joy. He turned around at the youth and then said with a fierce smile, “Many thanks for sending me this scarlet blood token.  Since you gave me this fortune, you can be assured that I will be quick and not let you suffer any pain.”

“This chance is very important.”  Who would have thought that at this moment, the weak youth would slowly stand up and pick up the sword on the ground.  His eyes revealed a strong desire to fight, “I cannot hand it over!”

“Ha, ha, ha?  Hand it over?”  The large man broke out in a wild laugh, “You should worry about your own life first!”

The youth Leng Jun softly said, “You think you can win against me?”

The large man was a bit stunned and even the old lady revealed a strange look.

This youth was only at the 5th Awakened Soul Layer, but the large man was in the 6th Awakened Soul Layer, not to mention he had a high attainment in the Heavenly Demon Cultivation Technique, making his battle strength formidable.  Even if he fought two demon cultivators on the same level, he could easily win, meaning he wasn’t simple.

Demonic cultivators and normal cultivators were not the same.  

The cultivation techniques of demonic cultivators were very cruel, making them different from normal cultivators, making their battle strength greater than that of normal cultivators.  A trivial injured demonic cultivator at the 5th Awakened Soul Layer wanted to challenge a powerful 6th Awakened Soul Layer cultivator?

“I have changed my mind.”  The large man coldly took a step forward, “I have decided to properly cut you up and let you regret your stupidity.”

The youth did not speak and slowly raised his treasure sword.  Gripping the hilt with a single hand, the red sword edge was slowly pulled out, releasing a strong bloodthirsty aura in all directions.


The large man released a red sabre glow, slashing at the youth’s face.

“Sword!”  The youth roared out and his spirit energy was wildly released, forming a sword source spirit.  When the source spirit was released, an incomparably strong aura was released like a Spiritual God filled with prestige and power.

God Level Source Spirit?

This was close to a God Level Source Spirit!

Whether it was the large man or old woman, they were both shocked!

The owner of this source spirit was destined to be a super level talent, easily sweeping away others of the same level, even easily jumping levels in fights, having a limitless future.  No one would have thought that this common fellow was actually the owner of a God Level Source Spirit. No wonder he could escape alive.

The blood red treasure sword came out of its sheath.

The youth was covered in a blood mist that transformed into a blood red sword glow, slashing through the space.

The instant the sword hit!


A clear snapping sound rang.

The sabre was broken.

The youth steadily landed on the ground and then like he collapsed, he fell to the ground.  The large man’s body also fell to the ground, with a head rolled to door of the warehouse, with eyes wide open that were filled with shock and disbelief.

This was the strength of a God Level Source Spirit?

So strong!

The youth pointed at the body with the sword and then turned to the old woman, “Leader, I…..”

He did not even finish.

“You really pretended quite well!”  The old woman erupted with an ice cold aura, with killing intent blotting out the entire sky, “You almost even fooled me!  However, do you really think that members of the Heavenly Demon Cult are all blind?!”

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