MT Chapter 290


Chapter 290: Yingying was angry

The young miss’ birthday celebration hall was destroyed, so there was no way to continue.  After Meng Qingwu sent off all the guests, she had a private meeting with Chu Tian. There was a strange expression on her beautiful face, “How could you cause such a large disturbance as soon as you came?”

“Young miss can’t misunderstand other’s good intentions, isn’t this me sticking up for you?”  Chu Tian said in a strong manner, “If there is a brat who dares to bully you sisters, no matter who it is, I will not endure it!  Even if it is the Southern Summer King’s son, I will still beat them!”

Meng Qingwu’s heart felt warm.

Chu Tian’s personality was like this.  He was very protective of the people by his side, so this can’t be blamed on him.


Chu Tian saw the young miss’ serious expression and asked, “What’s wrong?  Could it be that person surnamed Wang has a deeper family background than the Three Great Clans?”

This was impossible!

The Three Great Clans were already the top influence in the Southern Summer Country.

Although Chu Tian’s information network was not fast, if there was a larger power than the Three Great Clans that appeared, how could Chu Tian not know about them.

“The Wang Family cannot compare to the Three Great Clans, but they have a special position.”  Meng Qingwu stopped and asked Chu Tian a question first, “Have you heard of the Great Summer royal family?”

Great Summer royal family?

What was that!

Meng Qingwu knew he did not from appearance, “The Great Summer royal family was the royal family of the Great Summer Country.  When the Great Hound Kingdom’s Fang King attacked the Great Summer Country’s Imperial City, they slaughtered the Great Country’s royal family.  The royal family’s direct descendants and several main branches were all slaughtered, so the Dongfang Family became the new royal family.”

Chu Tian was curious about this, “Is this related to the Wang Family?”

“Of course it is related.”  Meng Qingwu said in a slightly serious voice, “The Great Summer’s royal family could not be completely extinguished, for example the far off branches in the remote regions.  When the Dongfang Family led the Three Great Clans to reclaim half the territory from the War Hounds, these Great Summer royal family descendants were all brought to Imperial City.  These branch families did not have the qualification to succeed the throne and they did not have the power of the previous royal family. The first generation Southern Summer King accepted them in order to commemorate the previous royal family, but in order for them to avoid chaotic lives, he ordered them to abandon their nature and change their surname to ‘Wang’.  Do you understand now?”

This was the origin of the Wang Family?

They were the descendants of the previous royal family!

But what does it matter if they were the old royal family?

This world did not care about legitimacy and they did not have that either.  A family could become a royal family, but they had to have an overwhelming might.  On this point, the Nangong and Shangguan Family could barely compare to the Dongfang Family, but this Wang Family came far from that.

This was also the reason why the Southern Summer King tolerated them.

Meng Qingwu explained, “From the generation of the first Southern Summer King, the Wang Family have spread their influence, creating two different Marquises.  That allows the Wang Family to quickly grow their strength. In this generation, there will soon be another Marquis title granted.”

What do you mean by soon?”

“There has not been an official title granting yet, but based on his military merits, it is just a matter of time.  This person is the Wang Family’s big young master Wang Tianlong. He hasn’t reached thirty years old yet and is already in the 9th Awakened Soul Layer, but his battle strength is comparable to the Eight Marquises.”

This was indeed quite powerful.

Wang Tianlong should not be inferior to Chu Xinghe.

“Ten years ago, after the Nangong Family’s Blazing Flame Army was destroyed, this person led the Battle Dragon Army to make up for the drop in frontline strength.  After ten years of tempering, the Battle Dragon Army is the strongest army in the Southern Summer Army, having illustrious merits and a widespread reputation. So, everyone thinks that Wang Tianlong’s bestowal of a Marquis title is only a matter of time.”

“What did you say?  Battle Dragon Army!”  Chu Tian seemed like he thought of something, but it couldn’t be this coincidental, right?  He followed up by asking, “How is the Winged Dragon General Wang Tu related to him?”

“You know Wang Tu?”  Meng Qingwu felt this was a bit strange, thinking that Chu Tian knew nothing, “Wang Tu is one of the vice commanders and also the big young master’s paternal uncle.”


It really is true that enemies will inevitably meet.

This grudge was not formed in vain.

Even if Chu Tian did not beat Wang Yuan, Miracle Commerce still could not coexist with the Wang Family.

Wang Tu’s mount was indirectly killed by Chu Tian.  Chu Tian looting the scarlet blood temple could not be kept a secret forever and how could Wang Tu swallow such a great loss?

Forget it, forget it.

So what if the Wang Family is strong?

So what if the Wang Family’s big young master can become the youngest Marquis in history?

“I, Chu Tian, have antagonized many people, it doesn’t matter if there is one more.  If they want to retaliate, just let them come.” Chu Tian said this and then his tone changed, “Speaking of this, this future youngest Marquis of the Southern Summer Country seems to be interested in the young miss.  Does the young miss not care at all?”

Meng Qingwu glared at him, “If you mention this matter again, I’ll be angry.”

Fuck, I was just asking casually.

We can talk it out, there’s no need to get angry!

Chu Tian quickly changed the topic, “Where did that girl Yingying go?  She usually sticks to me, but since I came to Imperial City, she did not even say a single word to me before leaving.  This doesn’t conform to her personality!”

“You’re still mentioning this, it’s all your fault!”

“Fuck, this matter is related to me again.  I haven’t done anything to annoy her!”

“Have you forgotten the promise you made to Yingying in Central State City?”

“What did I say?”

“Damn, you really forgot?  You clearly said that once the royal proclamation came, you would come immediately.  Do you know how happy Yingying was when the royal proclamation was sent? She sent out people to ask about you and personally went to welcome you, but in the end?  You didn’t come even after half a month.” Meng Qingwu looked at him, “Do you think Yingying wouldn’t be angry?”

Chu Tian patted his head, he really had forgotten, “I encountered a sudden matter halfway, I couldn’t do anything!”

Meng Qingwu put on a serious expression, “You didn’t even explain when you saw her, what did Yingying think?  She is a sensitive and pure person, so she thinks you don’t care about her at all. It would be strange if she weren’t sad!”

“Alright, alright, I was wrong.  I’ll just go apologize to Yingying, alright?”  Chu Tian turned around to leave, “Young miss, bye bye!”

Meng Qingwu watched Chu Tian’s quickly leaving figure and her autumn water eyes sparkled a bit, revealing a complex smile.

What kind of person was this fellow?  He was normally overbearing with high pride, not suffering any loses, but he was willing to lower himself to apologize to this angry little girl.  This was truly a contradictory person.

Chu Tian arrived in front of Meng Yingying’s room with a large pile of gifts.


“Yingying, are you there?”

“Little Yingying, say something.”

“I know you are inside.  If you don’t say anything, I’ll come in.”

A snort came from inside the room.

Since there was no refusal, it was agreement.

Chu Tian opened the door and walked in.  Meng Yingying was sitting in front of a desk, currently reading a book, focused completely on the book, not looking back at all, “I’m studying right now, don’t bother me!”

This girl really was angry.

Chu Tian walked to Meng Yingying’s side with a smile, “What book are you reading?  You know that my knowledge is deep and I can help guide you.”

“Who needs your guidance.”  Meng Yingying’s little face looked to the side, “I can learn by myself.”


This little girl was quite stubborn!

Chu Tian pretended not to hear, “Are you still angry?”

“You know and you’re still asking!”

“Nangong, big sister Bing, and I met a fortuitous encounter on the way, so we were delayed.”  Chu Tian could only apologize to the angry little girl, “In order to make up for my wrongs, I’ve brought you gifts.  You can just treat them as reparations.”

When Meng Yingyin heard this, her face relaxed a bit, but her face still gave no room for discussion, “Humph, don’t think you can coax me with a few gifts, I’m not a child.”

“I’ve prepared several top grade Soul Items, several dozen bottles of pills, and also….”  Chu Tian listed a large amount of items that stunned Meng Yingying. Where had he come across all these treasures?

Chu Tian suddenly thought of something and said with a sigh, “Do you know, in order to prepare these presents for you, I fought with a demon for a day and night.  In the end, I fainted for three days and almost died!”

“Ah?”  Meng Yingying immediately turned her head over in a panic, “Really?  You can’t lie to me!”

Chu Tian revealed a pained expression, like he had severe injuries that had not healed yet, “If you don’t believe me, ask Nangong.  I was really unconscious for three days and I thought I wouldn’t wake up again in this life.”

“Where are you hurt?”  Meng Yingying quickly came over and rubbed Chu Tian’s body, “Is it serious?  Why are you so silly? The company will have money and we can gain influence, why do you take risks like this for no reason!”

This girl was really too dumb.

Just these few sentences were enough to shift her attention.

Chu Tian did his best to keep pretending, “Didn’t I do this for you sisters?  Although Miracle Commerce has money, we can’t convert that into cash for the time being.  So, I took a risk to gain large amounts of pills to help you increase your strength. You also know that we have many enemies and Imperial City is not safe.”

After saying this.

He pretended to be very sad, “Who would have thought that after a narrow escape and helping you beat up the person bullying you, this young miss would be angry with me for coming to Imperial City late.  It really hurts my heart.”

“I, I……”  Meng Yingying’s face turned red, instantly feeling guilty.  Those clear sparkling eyes suddenly misted over, “It’s my fault, it’s my fault.  Don’t be sad, alright? I’ll just apologize to you!”

“Forget it, if a beautiful woman makes a mistake, I can forgive them once.”  Chu Tian patted Meng Yingying’s shoulder, “But not next time!”

Meng Yingying nodded and then said, “Then you shouldn’t risk yourself for us in the future.  If you lose something, then how can we live on?”

After saying this, she looked down in embarrassment.

“Relax, relax, everything is in the palm of my hands!”  Chu Tian said this and then suddenly asked, “In the hall today, you said you already liked someone.  Who is it?”

Meng Yingying’s face turned as red as an apple, “Do I need you to care?”

“Nonsense!”  Chu Tian had an appearance of a devil, “If anyone dares steal my little Yingying, I have to call twenty brothers to cut him to pieces!”

Meng Yingying wished she could jump into a hole in that moment.

This bastard was clearly pretending to be a fool!

When Meng Yingying was feeling helpless, someone suddenly ran in and shouted, “Chairman, there is a royal proclamation asking the chairman to immediately enter the royal palace!”

Fuck, interrupting me at the most important moment!

Chu Tian impatiently waved his hand, “I know, I’ll go soon.”

“There wouldn’t be dangers in seeing the king, right?”  Meng Yingying was very worried. She had come to Imperial City for half a month now and still had not seen the Southern Summer King, but she knew that the Southern Summer King was a very overbearing person, “Not only have you come late, you’ve even injured the Wang Family’s little young master.”

“With the great scholar and the Calm Martial Ruler, what is there to fear?”  Chu Tian said in a high spirited voice, “Isn’t it just the Southern Summer King?  I’ll go see him for a bit, you just keep reading your book. If you don’t understand anything, remember to ask.”

Chu Tian left Meng Yingying’s room and couldn’t help smiling.

This dumb little girl was really silly cute, believing everything he said!

To coax this girl, isn’t it very easy?

Chu Tian was in a very good mood.  He immediately changed into a set of clean clothes and sat in a luxurious beast carriage, heading off to the royal palace.

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