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Chapter 300: Series

The Southern Summer King had to admit that he had truly underestimated Chu Tian.

This person could be used by the Southern Summer Country and could become a pillar of the country.  However, if he couldn’t be controlled, he could be the center of unrest.

He had two choices right now.

The first was to suppress Chu Tian before he developed.


The second was to give Chu Tian a helping hand before he developed.

The Southern Summer King’s personality leaned towards the first option.  The Southern Summer King liked to have control and did not wish to have anything he could not control.  It was better to destroy the tree that could become a pillar which could also grow too much and topple the house.

The fact was that Chu Tian was not just a person!

Miracle Commerce was already a large power that was already beginning to affect the citizens.  Not to mention the fact that Chen Bingyu was an expert at the peak 9th Awakened Soul Layer and there was also a large power like the Giant Shark Gang.  In the center there was also the Calm Martial Ruler, the great scholar, and further away were the Divine Wind Marquis and the Golden Arrow Marquis. They had too many supporters, pulling them all around themselves.

The most important thing was that the Southern Summer Country required Chu Tian’s genius!

Now that the Source Energy Weapon was being secretly developed, the Southern Summer King knew that once the Source Energy Weapons were popularized in the army, the Southern Summer Country fighting back against the War Hounds was just around the corner.  The Southern Summer King would accomplish the hopes of all the previous kings and become immortal in the Dongfang Family.

For all kinds of reasons.

Chu Tian could not be touched.

At least he couldn’t be touched for now.

The Southern Summer King was not an outstanding king, but he could sit on the throne for decades so he was not an ordinary person.  He knew how to control his emotions and control his disdain for things, looking at the larger picture.

Chu Tian pretended to provide wine as a punishment.

“Does this king care about a martial arts competition between you juniors?”  The Southern Summer King seemed to not care about what just happened, “As long as no one loses their lives, this competition will help stimulate your progress.  Not only does this king not reject this, rather this king supports this behaviour. Scholar Chu is the pillar of the country, although your personality is a bit frank, this kind of personality is trustworthy.  This king will be depending on you in the future, how could I bear a grudge over these small matters!”

When the Meng sisters heard this, they let out a sigh of relief.

Whether this was sincere or an act, since he said these words, the Southern Summer King would not use this to cause trouble for Chu Tian.

“Good wine, good wine!”  The Southern Summer King tried the honey wine and began to give out praises, “Not only is Scholar Chu a true talent, I never thought you would be so skilled in making wine.  This king has an useless prince, if he had half your talent, the Dongfang Family would have a worthy successor.”

Chu Tiang laughed and said, “The prince has heaven given talent.  What would my king like to talk about?”

“Oh?  Yes!” The Southern Summer King put down the wine cup and looked at Chu TIan with a series expression, “This king wants to know, what is your evaluation of Haoran?”

This question was one that was hard to answer.

But Chu Tian did not think much about it and honestly replied, “The prince has talent and can become a pillar of the country!”

The Southern Summer King pondered it and said, “Your meaning is that Haoran is suited to be the next Calm Martial Ruler and is not suited to be the Southern Summer King?”

This was the truth.

Dongfang Haoran’s disposition was more like the Calm Martial Ruler’s.

“Forget it, it’s fine not to mention this topic.”  No one would have guessed that the Southern Summer King was thinking this.  He did not mind Chu Tian’s evaluation and changed the topic, “Miracle Commerce’s movies are not bad and this king likes them, so this one wants to cooperate with Miracle Commerce to make a movie.  The material cost will be taken from the state treasury and you will be paid a satisfactory production cost. Miracle Commerce and the Dongfang Family will equally split the profits. Do you have any opinions on this?”

Was there such a good matter!

These people could not understand this move.

Not only did the Southern Summer King cover the cost of the materials, he would also pay a production fee, and he would only take 50% of the profits.  This was giving Miracle Commerce all the benefits, so what did he hope to accomplish with this?

Chu Tian calmly asked, “What is the Southern Summer King’s request?”

“One single request.  The movie’s characters and storyline will all be provided by us.  Miracle Commerce will be in charge of producing it and distributing it.”

They understood!

After seeing the effects of the Miracle Commerce movie theater, they could see the influence the movies had.  So, he wanted to take this chance to produce a movie about the royal family, consolidating the position of his own family and his own status.

They had already expected for this kind of movie to be requested.

They never thought the first person to ask for a cooperation would actually be the Southern Summer King.

But of course this also showed that the Southern Summer King had a strong insight.  He knew the value of the movie, so he was the first one to try benefiting for it.

“About this…..The business has just begun, so naturally we’re focusing on quality first.”

“What is there to worry about?  If Miracle Commerce can do it, this king can do it.  Even during the production process, this king can allow the people of Miracle Commerce to be involved.”

“What movie does my king wish to make?”

“It will be about the rise of the kingdom as well as the brave deeds of the Dongfang Family going against the War Hounds Tribe.  The story of the founding of the nation to this day will all be made into a series of movies. I suggest it be divided into ten different segments, letting the glory of the Dongfang Family be forever remembered in the minds of the people.”


He wanted to make a series.

This large amount of propaganda, the Dongfang Family’s ambitions were not small!

Chu Tian looked at Meng Qingwu with a questioning glance because in terms of management, Meng Qingwu was more insightful than Chu Tian.  Whether this matter can be accomplished all depended on Meng Qingwu.

Meng Qingwu nodded to Chu Tian before saying to the Southern Summer King, “We can make this promotional movie in cooperation with the royal family, this would be Miracle Commerce’s honour.”

“Good!”  The Southern Summer King was very satisfied, “This movie should be named the «Great Summer Beacon».  This king wants to see a soul stirring historical masterpiece that can be passed down for tens of thousands of years, letting the future generation of the Dongfang Family see the efforts of their ancestors!”

The intent to cooperate was set.

“This matter is decided.”  The Southern Summer King did not intend to stay, “This king should see my good for nothing son, so I’ll leave first!”

“We bid farewell, my king!”

Several people cupped their hands as the Southern Summer King left.

Meng Yingying, Nangong Yun, and the others looked at each other in blank dismay.

This was one of the Imperial City’s Pride, Dongfang Haoran?

This was the Southern Summer King with the highest position in the Southern Summer Country?

Meng Yingying was very curious, “Why are they completely different from the rumours?  That prince seemed like a blockhead and the king was not as overbearing as the rumours, he even seemed like an amiable person.”

Nangong Yun was also very curious.

Meng Qingwu shook her head, “The Southern Summer Country is a small country, but to become the king, he has to be special.  Even the Three Rulers are respectful to him, so he is not as simple as you think he is.”


Another two days passed.

The four theaters were filled with people every day.  These people had been attracted by this suspenseful, moving, and exciting story which quickly became the topic everyone talked about.

Miracle Commerce’s movie,  «Scarlet Blood War» became even more popular because the lead was Chu Tian.  A storm had currently been set off in Imperial City.

Especially after Chu Tian had defeated one of the prides, Dongfang Haoran recently.  This created a large stir and made Chu Tian’s fame in Imperial City rise again. His past in Central State had been quickly dug up and the people of Imperial City were shocked once again.

There was no doubt.

Chu Tian became the brightest star in Imperial City.

Countless people had already taken Chu Tian as their idol.

Even Meng Yingying was now considered the “country’s princess” by the Imperial City citizens.  Her image was just like a princess, pure and fine beauty, attracting the wild praise of countless people.

This was not just the influence from the movies.  When the «Scarlet Blood War» began showing, a series of interesting events occurred in Imperial City.

The once powerful minister Zuo Yan of the Nangong Family could not take the gossip and left Imperial City on his own accord, going somewhere else for the storm to blow over.

The Wang Family was not as lucky.

The beautiful manor of the Wang Family was decorated with feces and rotten eggs by people.  The juniors of the Wang Family did not dare take to the streets, being afraid of being attacked and getting beaten.

In short, the Wang Family who were the prosperity of the previous royal family had received deep hostility from the world in just a few short days.

Even bringing a group of bodyguards was no use.

The look of disdain from bystanders made them feel nervous and uneasy.  This was not a method of continuing on!

“We ask the king to take action for our Wang Family!”

Wang Tu knelt in his audience with the king, speaking with an aggrieved expression.

“Although this subordinate was wrong, the Wang Family is innocent.  Our several hundred years reputation was destroyed by that brat Chu Tian!  My Wang Family’s Battle Dragon Army has bled for the country, achieving many merits in battle, but faced with the disdain of the citizens, it makes the hearts of the soldiers bleed!  This subordinate asks for the closure of the Imperial City theaters and ask Miracle Commerce to account for their actions!”

Perhaps Wang Tu did not know.

The Southern Summer King had already came to an agreement with Chu Tian and now the movie was already being produced.  So, Wang Tu’s request to close the theaters was an impossible matter.

“The theater’s effects have exceeded expectations, but these theaters are already popular in the city and if they are closed for this reason, then the citizens will be filled with rage.  At that time, the Wang Family will not be able to wash off this stain and this king will incur the wrath of the citizens.”

Wang Tu righteously said, “Once these movies appear, they will ruin the country’s nature.  Once the citizens are enchanted by these stories, they will fail to pay attention to the northern battlefront.  It will also affect the martial spirit of the Southern Summer Country, so how will we repel the War Hounds Tribe then?”

“General, no need to be anxious.”  The Southern Summer King had already prepared for this, “Chu Tian’s current spotlight is indeed too strong, this king wanted to suppress him as well, otherwise his success will go to his head.”

Wang Tu was filled with joy when he heard this, “My king is truly wise!”

Wang Tu entering the palace to complain was within the Southern Summer King’s expectations.

Actually when he had left Miracle Commerce that night, the Southern Summer King had already thought of a plan.  He would avoid offending Chu Tian and would be able to frustrate him.

The Southern Summer King wrote  royal proclamation and stamped it with the royal seal before taking out a royal token, “Take it!”

Wang Tu looked over the royal proclamation and felt his brain fill with blood.  He kneeled down the ground and shouted with an excited expression, “Thank you my king for your grace!”

“Don’t let this matter spread and finish it as soon as possible!”


Wang Tu was filled with joy as he left the royal palace.

The Southern Summer King revealed a strange smile.

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