MT Chapter 304


Chapter 304: Participating in the royal banquet

The people of the Southern Summer Country treated being granted a marquis title as the greatest honour and achievement!

Why was Chu Xinghe highly regarded by so many people and had many people work for him?  Wasn’t this because he was one of the people that had the qualification to become a marquis?  Once he received the marquis title, in order to gain benefits, many people would naturally flock to him!

Chu Tian was not interested in these empty titles.

The marquis’ greatest advantage was receiving a state to manage.  Of the state’s taxes and resources, other than delivering a portion to the Imperial Region, the remainder could be kept.  In order words, once one became a marquis, they would never have to worry about money again, lying down daily and earning plenty of money.


Of course, in order for a marquis to not be negligent, the Southern Summer Country’s hereditary system had a requirement.  It required the successor to have enough strength, prestige and merit before inheriting their parent’s position, otherwise it would be taken back by the kingdom.  In other words, to ensure the prosperity of a family, it depended on the inheritance of the next generation.

The marquis title was not just an honour, it also included a large harvest that could allow a family to rapidly develop themselves.

For such a person this young being able to become a marquis was unprecedented in the Southern Summer Country.

But why did Chu Tian not care about it at all?

The Calm Martial Ruler was not silly and knew that Chu Tian’s ambitions were not limited to a single country.  But what about the money and resources that came with the marquis title? These were all things that Miracle Commerce lacked!  This fellow wouldn’t be taken on more responsibilities for no reasons right!

If he couldn’t remain in the Southern Summer Country, this would be a large pity.

The Calm Martial Ruler could not use a forceful method or it would have the opposite effect.  So he could only do this and not force this on him, hoping that he would think it through.

“Let’s not talk about this for now.”  The Calm Martial Ruler changed the topic, “You have been showing off a lot, are you not afraid of attracting trouble?”

“The Calm Martial Ruler really knows how to tell jokes.”  Chu Tian shrugged and helplessly said, “Honestly for me, there is no difference between low key and high key.  Since they want to play, there are some things that can’t be hidden.”

Chu Tian and Miracle Commerce had gone against many people’s plans.

These grudges were inevitable, it wasn’t something Chu Tian could settle just because he wanted to.  Since it was like this, why did he need to fear going against them?

“You do have awareness.”  The Calm Martial Ruler said in a noncommittal voice, “However, you have to remember, although the Burning Sun Ruler and the Refined Ruler want to deal with you, those two will not easily move against you.”


“Those two are different from the other family heads in Central State.  You will understand the reason in the future, you don’t need this ruler to explain to you.  Your biggest problem is not the two of them, but rather the Wang Family.”

“What?  Wang Family?”

If the Calm Martial Ruler had not said it so seriously, Chu Tian would have thought that he was joking

The Wang Family has been like a mouse recently.  They were in a very difficult situation and had no way of fighting back.  Their family had a strong influence and power, so how did they end up in this kind of situation?

At this time, the Calm Martial Ruler had already exited to the base.  Looking up at the blue, empty sky, he suddenly said in a meaningful voice, “Today’s royal banquet is not simple, you need to be careful.”  After saying this, a blood red gryphon came down and the Calm Martial Ruler jumped on, heading off in the direction of Imperial City.

“The Calm Martial Ruler’s rambling on seemed to be indicating at something.”  Chu Tian asked Gu Qianqiu beside him, “Hey, do you know what he’s referring to?”

Gu Qianqiu said in a serious voice, “I think the Calm Martial Ruler’s warning is implying that there is a danger hidden in the royal banquet.”

“Damn, is your head made of wood?”  Chu Tian looked dissatisfied, “Am I a fool that can’t even understand that?  Can you say something that I don’t know!”

“Er……”  Gu Qianqiu awkwardly wiped away his sweat, “I spent most of my time in the lab, so this old man does not know what has happened in the court.  But as far as I know, there are two people that can appear in the royal banquet. The ones the Calm Martial Ruler wants you to be on guard against are probably those two people.”

“Which two?”

“The first is the first grade military marquis, the Departing Flame Marquis.”

“So it’s him!”

The Departing Flame Marquis had a high status.  Not only was he a venerated marquis, he also led the Departing Flame Army.  This kind of general was also referred to as a military marquis. There were four military marquises of the Eight Marquises.  Thunder State’s Golden Arrow Marquis, Southern State’s Western Marquis, and Cang State’s Green Gloud Marquis were all second grade military marquises, and only the Departing Flame Marquis was a first grade military marquis.

Central State’s Divine Wind Marquis, Qing State’s Green Wood Marquis, and the others had troops, but these troops were only for defenses and would not be called upon to enter the battlefield.

“Then who is the second person?”

“It’s the Battle Dragon Army’s young commander, Wang Tianlong!”

Chu Tian was not unfamiliar with the Wang Family’s history.  Although the Great Summer Country’s royal clan had receded and they almost faded away several times, the royal family’s blood was strong, so their prosperity had high innate talents.  Every time they were on the border of fading away, there was always someone that rose to shoulder their family again.

Wang Tianlong’s great grandfather had been a prestigious Southern Summer Marquis.  After having no talents for two generations, they finally lost their marquis inheritance.  Finally, the birth of Wang Tianlong gave the Wang Family hope again.

This person had revealed astonishing talent since he was young.  Not only was his cultivation talent high, he was also a talented commander.  He entered the military when he was only fifteen years old and led the Wang Family’s Battle Dragon Army when he was twenty.

In ten years, the army had increased their strength and earned even more merits, making them indeed noteworthy.

Chu Tian had put the Wang Family in a bad situation, so Wang Tianlong probably would not let him off.

Gu Qianqiu immediately added, “But there is no need to worry.  There is the Calm Martial Ruler and this old man, Miracle Commerce itself is not weak, so it isn’t easy to move against!”

Come then.

Chu Tian did not mind this.

The royal palace was very lively as the palace gates were wide open, with countless maids rushing around preparing everything.

The fire red rug spread from the main hall to the gates and the royal knights stood in lines on both sides.  Their weapons and armours were all polished, looking very bright as it reflected the light shining down. Each person was leading a gryphon mount who all did not have a single speck of dust on them.  They stood like statues standing there, greeting all the guests that came.

This group of honour guards with weapons in their hands, creating a very magnificent lineup.

With the Southern Summer King Dongfang Hao at the lead, the Calm Martial Ruler Dongfang Gan, the Burning Sun Ruler Nangong Yan, and the Refined Ruler Shangguan Cangfeng, these four people stood in front.  The other ministers were all following behind them.

“Why are you only here now?  Come over here quickly!” Meng Yingying pulled Chu Tian over and scratched her head as she said, “Something important must be happening today.  Look at this lineup, the honourable king and the Three Rulers all came, this is a scene that can scare someone to death.”

The Meng sisters, Nangong Yun, and Chen Bingyu, these four people were all here.

Meng Qingwu was tranquil as usual, Meng Yingying had an excited and shocked expression, and Chen Bingyu had a cold expression like she didn’t care.  The usually lively Nangong Yun was currently hiding behind the others, like she didn’t dare show her face.

She was afraid of the Burning Sun Ruler.

“Dong, dong, dong!”

“Sir Departing Flame Marquis is here!”

Suddenly, a set of sky shaking drum beats sounded and Nangong Yun’s face became even paler.  Her fists tightly clenched and she almost couldn’t help trembling. It was unknown whether it was from rage or fear.

“Don’t be worried.”  Chu Tian patted Nangong Yun’s shoulder, “You have to face these things eventually, they won’t dare move against you with me here.”

Nangong Yun was usually very forceful, but at this moment, she revealed a pitiful appearance like a little white rabbit.

Meng Qingwu comforted her, “Nangong, you are a member of our Miracle Commerce.  Without our permission, no one should think of taking you from us.”

“That’s right, that’s right!”  Meng Yingying waved his little fist, “Elder sister Nangong, you should just act as fiercely as normal, there is everyone here to support you!”

Nangong Yun’s heart was very moved.

Everyone was clear on what kind of power the Nangong Family was, but to protect them, they did not hesitate to go against this large monster.  This made her feel gratitude and guilt. If they resisted the Nangong Family with Miracle Commerce’s current strength, they would have to pay a heavy price.

Was it worth it doing this?

Nangong Yun considered this herself and she knew that her position in the company was not irreplaceable.  She was not as smart as Meng Qingwu and manage the entire company for Chu Tian. She also wasn’t as smart as Chen Bingyu, being able to protect Chu Tian.  Of course she also did not have a special relationship with Chu Tian like Yingying.

Nangong Yun felt that she was disposable to Miracle Commerce.

Accompanied by the sound of steady footsteps, a team slowly walked in.  This team’s dress was very strange, each one wearing heavy armour and each person was carrying a giant sword the height of a person.  The blade’s edge was engraved with large amounts of flame runes that released an incomparably hot fire energy.

This was the famous Nangong Family’s Departing Flame Army!

The Nangong Family was a family even older than the Great Summer Country, they could be considered the inheritors of the phoenix, containing large amounts of power in their blood.  The Nangong Family had an important role in the Southern Summer Country because the Nangong Family had military talents like clouds. The soldiers cultivated with the Nangong Family’s secret techniques were the best soldiers in the country.

The Departing Flame soldiers had terrifying battle strength.

They were adopted since they were young and their bodies were refined with special medicines, making their bodies as strong as stone, also decreasing their sensation of pain.  They were also given secret cultivation techniques to train in, letting them train for around ten years.

This secret technique of the Nangong Family overdrew the soldier’s potential, making their lifespan not very long and limiting their growth’s upper limit, but it guaranteed the soldier’s battle strength.  They were all in the peak 9th Awakened Soul Layer and with their special martial arts and equipment, the battle efficiency of these soldiers on the battlefield was enough to make the War Hounds Tribe tremble in fear.

The eighty thousand soldiers led by the Blazing Flame Marquis in the past were all invincible.

In the tragic battle ten years ago, the Blazing Flame Marquis’ soldiers were killed on the War Hound Plains, but they had killed three times the amount of War Hounds Tribe elites.  The Departing Flame Marquis had the final group of this kind of soldiers and they were the strongest heavy infantry in the Southern Summer Country.

The Departing Flame Marquis was standing in the front.  He had the red hair of the Nangong Family, with a very symmetrical build that was neither thin or fat.  His eyes were also red and were like two burning torches. He was wearing a dark red scale armour on the inside with a fire red cloak around him.  A burning wind accompanied him as he walked, making people feel oppressed by that heat.

Seven people were standing behind the Departing Flame Marquis.

Six of them were high level retainers of the Nangong Family with the minister rank.  They had all been nurtured by the Departing Flame Marquis and each one was a peak expert in the 9th Awakened Soul Layer.  The other person was a youth that was around sixteen-seventeen years old. His red hair showed that he was a member of the Nangong Family’s younger generation and he looked very similar to the Departing Flame Marquis.

This youth should be the Departing Flame Marquis’ most important sun, the Departing Flame Marquis’ successor, Nangong Jian.

“Greetings to the king!”

Greetings to the rulers!”

The Departing Flame Marquis led this group of eight to offer their greetings.  The several hundred Departing Flame soldiers all knelt down. The Southern Summer King and the Three Rulers gave a slight nod.  The Burning Sun Ruler had a proud expression on his face because this was the pride of his Nangong Family!

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