MT Chapter 315


Chapter 315: First battle’s victory report

Meng Qingwu walked in front of Chu Tian who was drinking tea and reported while holding an image transferring mirror in her hands, “Central State has sent a bunch of videos with their latest research results, do you want to look at them?”

“Is that so?”  Chu Tian took a sip of tea, “Then just play one for me to see!”

Meng Qingwu turned on the image transferring mirror and an image appeared in the mirror.  It was the Central State testing facility and he saw several Yun Sect researchers placing a large crystal ball which was covered in complex runes onto a catapult.  This crystal ball was something Chu Tian paid attention to because judging by the light released by the crystal ball, this object was clearly made from refined crystal oil.

Yun Tianhe gave a start signal with his hands.


The Yun Sect researchers activated the crystal ball’s source energy array and the crystal ball lit up.  The seemingly stable oil began to seethe, releasing large amounts of light and heat. The catapult was released and the crystal ball was sent flying.


The crystal ball landed a hundred meters away and released a terrifying amount of energy.  The researchers were all knocked back and even the catapult used to launch the crystal ball was destroyed.

The recorded test stopped there.

Meng Qingwu closed the Hidden Image Mirror, “The Yun Sect has not been idle these past few months.  Now that this highly effective bomb formed from the Source Energy Battery, if we use it to develop a Source Energy Weapon in the future, it will surely have bright prospects.”

Chu Tian disdainfully curled his lips, “What invention is this?  It is nothing more than using a highly reactive catalytic array. This allows the inert crystal oil to return to an active state and uses the instability of the crystal oil to create an explosion.”

The flaw with this bomb was very obvious.

First the might and direction of the explosion could not be controlled.  The crystal ball instantly exploded and the destabilize crystal oil would splash in all four directions, making it impossible to control the explosion area.  Secondly, if the bomb could not be released right away or if it was hit in mid flight, it would cause a large amount of damage to one’s side.

Chu Tian said to Meng Qingwu, “I’ll write down some suggestions for you and you can help me send it to Central State.”

After Miracle Commerce had established the information relaying network, this kind of work became much easier.  The two Yun Sect research facilities could exchange data, letting them share their research results as soon as possible, saving a large amount of manpower and resources.

When Meng Qingwu took the suggestions Chu Tian had written and was prepared to leave, she suddenly thought of something, “That’s right, concerning the Southern Summer King’s ordered «Great Summer Beacon» first chapter, we have already finished producing it and are preparing to play it in the theaters.  There are already six more theaters in Imperial City and construction has started in Central State City. Miracle Commerce plans to add another ten theaters by the end of this month.”

“Then just start advertising and broadcasting it.  I think the Southern Summer King has been waiting for a long time.”

Meng Qingwu nodded and prepared to leave.

Meng Yingying suddenly ran into the room, “Did you hear?  There was some great news that just came out!”

Meng Qingwu was surprised by her little sister’s reaction, “What news could make you this happy?”

Meng Yingying first ran over to take Chu Tian’s cup and drink it all down before excitedly saying, “Reports of victory have been sent over from Cang State!”

Meng Qingwu and Chu Tian were both shocked.  What kind of situation was this?

It hadn’t even been a week since the Calm Martial Ruler had set off!

Reports of victory came this fast?

Had the War Hounds Tribe army all eaten shit?

Meng Yingying explained, “This was the news sent from the royal palace, so it shouldn’t be wrong.  The Calm Martial Ruler is so strong, teaching the War Hounds Tribe cavalry a fierce lesson as soon as he arrived in Cang State!”

Chu Tian felt like he needed more clarification on this, so he was prepared to ask Gu Qianqiu about this matter.  Gu Qianqiu was after all a minister of the Southern Summer Country, so he was more clear on news from the royal palace compared to them.  Who would have thought that before Gu Qianqiu could come, the Southern Summer King had already sent a messenger.

The royal messenger had come to Miracle Commerce to bring confident news.

Not only was it more clear compared to what Meng Yingying said, it even described the complete process.

When the Calm Martial Ruler’s Storm Cavalry rushed to Cang State with lightning fast speed, the War Hounds Tribe had already attacked.  They had captured three cities in a row, creating high morale and filling Cang State with fear.

In the end, the Calm Martial Ruler saw through the War Hounds Cavalry with a single glance.

The War Hounds Tribe had lax discipline, so whenever they captured a city, they would immediately begin killing and pillaging, making their formation very scattered.  When they attacked and occupied three cities, their army was very scattered, spreading over a hundred miles.

The Calm Martial Ruler separated the Storm Cavalry into three teams.  The first team acted as a rescue group, directly attacking the War Hounds Tribe main forces.  The fifty thousand cavalry soldiers were not easy to deal with, so they were at a disadvantage immediately and began to retreat.

When the War Hounds Tribe cavalry saw all these Southern Summer elites, how could they let them go.  They snatched this chance for merits and the two hundred thousand back army immediately chased after them.  The other two hundred thousand soldiers did not even have time to react, causing the two armies to take a step away from each other.  The two armies were separated and at this time, the Calm Martial Ruler sent a group of one hundred thousand cavalry in between the two armies.  A third army of fifty thousand attacked the War Hounds Tribe from behind, attacking the War Hounds cavalry while they were charging forward, destroying their supplies in one fell swoop.

Like this, a mere two hundred thousand Storm Cavalry were able to divert four hundred thousand War Hounds cavalry.  The three part divisions caused the War Hounds to retreat, lose their supplies, and have their information network fall into chaos, making it impossible for them to know how many Southern Summer cavalry had been sent and where it was possible for them to break through.

While the Calm Martial Ruler deployed his troops, he also gave orders to Cang State’s Green Cloud Marquis to lead the two hundred thousand soldiers of Cang State to unite with the Imperial City cavalry, attacking the War Hounds Cavalry.  In this battle, eighty thousand enemies were killed and the remaining cavalry were scattered, unable to muster up any battle strength.

The Calm Martial Ruler was clearly a veteran of the battlefield.

With how fast the battlefield changed, being able to accurately grasp the situation of the troops and implement tactics this quickly and resolutely, easily driving away the enemy, there was no other general in the Southern Summer Country capable of this other than the Calm Martial Ruler.

Now the Southern Summer cavalry and the War Hounds cavalry were clashing in Cang State.  Although the War Hounds cavalry had over three hundred soldiers left, with their front and back army restrained, falling into chaos, the Southern Summer Soldiers had the advantage.  Although the War Hounds cavalry had better individual strength, their strategy was too weak and they were just a motley crew gathered together.

The Southern summer King sent the royal messenger with a request.

That was to have Miracle Commerce spread the news across the nation with their broadcast system.

This victory report was a good thing, so Chu Tian would not reject this request.  He immediately announced the news to the nation.

This big victory without any accidents filled the Southern Summer citizens with confidence.  The Southern Summer King seized this chance to announce the plans for the northern expedition, inspiring morale into countless Southern Summer citizens.

Miracle Commerce seized this opportunity, advertising the Southern Summer King’s ordered «Great Summer Beacon».

This was a film filled with patriotism, filled with passion, dedication, and sacrifice.

As expected, once the «Great Summer Beacon» was broadcast, it immediately caused a stir in Imperial City.  The Flame Rose Commerce sales had suddenly increased with many mercenary groups suddenly ordering equipment from them.  The patriotic feeling in the Southern Summer Country exploded with countless youths sharpening their blades to enlist in the army, wanting to help the Southern Summer Country expand their territory.

Everything was the result the Southern Summer King wanted to see.

Now that the Southern Summer Country’s morale was raised to the peak, once the Calm Martial Ruler returned in victory, the Southern Summer Country could immediately lead their forces up north.  This was an expedition people had been yearning for for many generations!

In the next few days.

Good news was continuously sent from Cang State.

The Calm Martial Ruler won three battles, killing a total of one hundred thousand enemies and only suffering a loss of ten-twenty thousand men.  The Southern Summer cavalry used a series of attack and defensive maneuvers, separating the War Hounds Tribe as per the Calm Martial Ruler’s tactics, making them unable to gather their battle strength.

If this trend continued and there were no accidents that occurred, in just around ten days, the Calm Martial Ruler would be able to end this fight.  It was expected that he would be able to annihilate at least three fourths of the enemy army.

With these continuous victory reports, the happiest person was naturally the Southern Summer King.

On the same night, the Southern Summer King summoned Chu Tian and he asked him, “With the Calm Martial Ruler’s victory confirmed, this king is prepared to launch the northern expedition.  I wonder what your thoughts are on this?”


I don’t know how to lead troops!  Why are you asking me this?

Chu Tian cupped his hands and said, “This little one does not know how to lead troops, but with the Three Rulers’ help, this northern expedition has bright prospects.  There are several thousand Source Energy Weapons stockpiled, I think it can be used to arm the soldiers which will increase the Southern Summer army’s strength by another level.”

The Southern Summer King said with a serious expression, “The Source Energy Weapons are a secret to the Southern Summer Country, even the Burning Sun Ruler and the Refined Ruler know very little about them.  So concerning the Imperial City weapon factory, you have to be careful with this secret. We cannot reveal the Southern Summer Country’s trump card early.”


“There is a matter this king needs Miracle Commerce’s help with.”

Chu Tian knew the Southern Summer King would not see him for no reason, “May I dare ask what?”

“Since the Southern Summer Country wishes to embark on this expedition, information transferring is very important.  I want to first create a communication system in the frontline fortress before the Calm Martial Ruler returns with the troops.  This will allow the fortress to communicate with Imperial City, strengthening the mobility and strength of the Southern Summer Army!”  The Southern Summer King finished here and then said, “So I want to ask Miracle Commerce to take a trip up. Of course there will be rewards and this king will not be cheap with you!”

Chu Tian understood the Southern Summer King’s meaning.

The Southern Summer King wanted Miracle Commerce to setup communication equipment in the frontline fortress, letting them instantly send information back to Imperial City about any situations that develop.  Imperial City can also send instructions based on the situation or even send reinforcements. This would change the traditional mailing information system and would increase the army’s efficiency.

The battlefield was ever changing.

If Imperial City could have the information superiority between the two armies, it could be a decisive influence on the result of the battle.

Could Chu Tian reject this request?  The Southern Summer’s battle with the War Hounds determined the nation’s fate.  If the Southern Summer army was defeated and the War Hounds came, how could they give up the eggs under the nests?  Chu Tian had to agree even if he didn’t personally agree!

The Southern Summer King was very happy, “Good.  This king was prepared to inspect the national defenses and raise morale among the troops in preparation for the northern expedition.  So this time I will personally escort you there!”

The Southern Summer King was giving a personal escort?

This truly was a great honour!

Since the Southern Summer King gave Chu Tian face this time, Chu Tian did not give any other excessive conditions and directly agreed.

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