MT Chapter 320


Chapter 320: Crisis

The moment of the War Hounds Tribe’s sneak attack.

Chu Tian’s feet jumped back and he used his sword to slash down all the arrows.  Then he pulled Meng Qingwu into a safe corner.

“They are attacking.”  Chu Tian pulled out a treasure sword from his gourd space for Meng Qingwu, “Carefully defend yourself.”

Meng Qingwu took the sword and nodded.


The Southern Summer King released a roar of rage at this moment.

“Overconfident things, you want dare to assassinate this king?!”

A vast wave of spirit energy suddenly formed into a giant shield and all the hidden weapons falling onto the shields shattered to pieces.  This source spirit released a strong pressure when it was summoned, making the mounts of the War Hounds elites lose their mind, almost running away in terror.

The Southern Summer King was very confident, but he had reason to be confident.

A True Spirit Realm expert was a peak expert whether it was a small kingdom or a large kingdom, normal people could not go against them at all.  So, even if the griffin knights were not by the Southern Summer King’s side, he did not have a problem guarding himself.

Several dozen agile figures jumped out like crossbow bolts, coming from the broken window.  They were very quick and had the protection of source spirits, clearly being Awakened Soul Realm experts.

The Southern Summer King’s aura made them feel very shocked.

The War Hounds were clearly surprised since they never thought that they would meet such a terrifying person here.  However, fear and hesitation was the most fatal thing, so even when they were faced with such a strong enemy, they did not have any hesitation.  When the weapons used fell to the ground, they immediately surrounded the strongest person, the Southern Summer King.


Gu Qianqiu sent out a palm and under that powerful strike, the War Hounds elite’s armour and helmet were shattered.  They slammed into the broken window and fell down into a pile of flesh.

When Chu Tian blocked a blade glow aimed at him, Meng Qingwu used this chance to stab her sword into the chest of a War Hounds Tribe member, instantly piercing their armour and chest.  Blood sprayed all over Meng Qingwu, making her unable to not feel a wave of disgust.

“Young miss, not bad!”

Chu Tian never thought that an usually calm person like Meng Qingwu would be able to kill someone so ruthlessly.  It was a pity that the young miss did not have talent for fighting. Her Heavenly Book Source Spirit could allow her to become a peak scholar, but it did not have any means of making her a formidable warrior.

Meng Qingwu’s face turned white as she scratched the blood on her clothes, but she found that scratching it made the stain bigger.  In the end, she didn’t care about it anymore, “There are more and more enemies, you still have the mood to tease me? Why aren’t you making a move yet!”

Chu Tian gave a carefree laugh, “I don’t think it is our turn.”

Meng Qingwu could not understand what Chu Tian was saying.

She only saw the Southern Summer King’s robe float up.  The source spirit condensed as a shield instantly turned into several dozen spears that shot out.  It went at a speed that the War Hounds elites could not clearly see and they could only see a streak of light piercing through their bodies.  That brutal strength had completely crushed their bodies.

Meng Qingwu was very shocked.  Several dozen Awakened Soul Cultivators were all instantly killed.  Was this the Southern Summer King’s strength?

“True Spirit Realm expert?  Quickly retreat!”

The few surviving War Hounds experts all lost their courage.  They had many Void Soul Realm cultivators in the 2nd and 3rd Awakened Soul Layer and even the strongest person was only in the Illustrious Soul Realm.  Their strength was considered good for this small kingdom battlefield, but how could they go against a True Spirit Realm expert?

Before these people could even take a few steps.

A figure suddenly appeared in the corridor with a long spear in hand that swept out like lightning.  The War Hounds elites did not even have time to run before they were ripped apart by this long spear!

“This subordinate has arrived late, I ask your majesty for forgiveness!”

Wang Tianlong was wielding a bloody spear and his armour was covered in blood, clearly he had killed his way here.  Wang Tianlong had four-five Southern Summer high level generals behind him, all wearing heavy armour with the Battle Dragon Army symbol on it.

The Southern Summer King nodded, “General Wang has come right on time.  You can charge out with this king and we’ll kill the War Hounds together!”

“No!”  Wang Tianlong knelt down on one knee and said with an anxious expression, “My king, the battle situation is very dangerous, the enemy has sent too many experts this time.  I ask my king to think of Southern Summer’s situation and first retreat to a safe place!”

The Southern Summer King was very dissatisfied, “You….”

Before he could say anything.

Wang Tianlong suddenly gripped his spear and a hard to detect killing intent appeared in his deep eyes.

This detail was caught by Chu Tian’s keen senses and his face fell as he shouted, “Be careful!”

It seemed very detailed, but it happened in an instant.  The kneeling Wang Tianlong suddenly stepped down with his right foot and the strength that he had been saving for a long time suddenly exploded on the floor.  The long spear in his right hand bloomed with a cold glow as the spearhead stabbed out at the Southern Summer King’s forehead.

Too sudden!

With this sudden moment, although Chu Tian had given a warning, the Southern Summer King did not have his guard up, so he did not have time to gather enough strength, only using his conditioned reflexes to grab the spear.  The Southern Summer King’s strength was very deep and with this grip on the spear, no matter how much strength Wang Tianlong used, it would not move an inch.

Wang Tianlong already expected this.

When the spear had been grabbed, he decisively let go of the spear.  Slightly bending down and charging forward, a green dagger popped out his right armguard and he ruthlessly stabbed out.

The Southern Summer King felt a pain in his chest which was clearly the dagger entering his body.  A burning sensation instantly spread as the Southern Summer King gave a furious roar, sending out a palm with his left hand.  Wang Tianlong was sent into the iron wall with this powerful might, creating a large circle in the iron wall.

Gu Qianqiu angrily shouted, “Wang Tianlong, you rebel!”

The Southern Summer King’s face turned black as he pulled the dagger out of his chest.  This dagger was clearly covered in poison and he could already feeling the toxins enter his body.  If he had not moved to the side at the critical moment and allowed that dagger to pierce his heart, that one stab would have been enough to take his life!

The Southern Summer King spat out a mouthful of black blood as his face filled with disbelief, “You dare sneak attack this king!”

Wang Tianlong came out of the hole in the wall and he instantly changed into a different person.  His face was no longer humble, but rather deep and sinister with a taunting smile. Because his flood dragon protected him, the Southern Summer King’s palm could not kill him and could at most cause him severe injuries.

“King?  Are you worthy?  Is your Dongfang Family worthy?  My family is the king! You are just a traitor that usurped the throne!”  Wang Tianlong broke out in cold laughter, “You think that by leaving behind my Great Summer Royal Clan’s bloodline, we would be grateful to your Dongfang Clan?  That is a mistake, a grave mistake!”

Gu Qianqiu angrily scolded, “If it wasn’t for the Dongfang Family, then the Great Summer Country’s last piece of territory would have been lost!  As for you, for your own selfishness, you actually colluded with the War Hounds! Do you know how the Great Summer Country was destroyed? You evil hearted dog that even the gods have abandoned!”

The Southern Summer King was filled with regret.  

Dongfang Zhan, this experienced family elder had actually seen through Wang Tianlong, seeing that he had a terrifying ambition hidden deep within him.  Although Dongfang Zhan did not know what Wang Tianglong was after, he knew that this kind of person was dangerous, so he warned the Southern Summer King.

If the Southern Summer King had listened to Dongfang Zhan’s warning and had his guard up against Wang Tianlong, Wang Tianlong would not have the chance to sneak attack him!

It was too late to say anything now.

“Since this is a mistake, this king will make up for this mistake today!”

The Dongfang Family’s Weapon Transformation Source Spirit was released once again.  This source spirit could change into different forms, so it could react to different situations in different ways.  The Southern Summer King turned it into a purple giant sword, chopping down with an earth shaking aura at Wang Tianlong.

The Southern Summer King was a True Spirit Realm Cultivator that was weaker than the Three Rulers, but the True Spirit Realm and the Awakened Soul Realm were two different concepts and this gap was not easily overcome.  If this sword were to hit Wang Tianlong, Wang Tianlong’s defenses would be no use, killing him with a single slash!

Before the giant sword even arrived, the strong pressure made Wang Tianlong already unable to move.

The Southern Summer King angrily shouted, “Die!”

A general jumped out behind Wang Tianlong at this time and pulled out a long, black blade from his waist.  He instantly appeared in front of Wang Tianlong and used this long, black blade to block the Southern Summer King’s sword which was as strong as lightning!

Even if the Southern Summer King had suffered a sneak attack, he was still a True Spirit Realm expert.  If a person could block the Southern Summer King’s strike head on, that person had to be a True Spirit Realm expert!

The Southern Summer King took a few steps back and held his still bleeding chest.  He felt the poison become stronger as he asked with a dark face, “Who are you?”

“Is your excellency the famous Southern Summer King?”  This person took off his helmet, revealing himself to be a wolf tribe spirit beast, clearly being one of the War Hounds experts.  He had monster like eyes and mysterious aura. He was wielding a long, black blade in his hand that was unadorned and seemed like it was made of stone, with a layer of black flames surrounding it, “Hell Song Tribe’s vice chief, Underworld Flame Blade, Malim!”

A War Hounds Tribe True Spirit Expert?

This was the newly emerging large tribe the Calm Martial Ruler had mentioned?

The Southern Summer King felt regret in this moment.  The Calm Martial Ruler had mentioned this clan many times and that there might be problems with them, but the Southern Summer King never cared.

Dongfang Zhan, the Calm Martial Ruler, the two protective pillars of this country, this king has truly shamed you two!

Wang Tianlong could sneak the Hell Song Tribe’s vice chief Malim into the frontline fortress as a member of the Battle Dragon Army, this made the Southern Summer King’s heart skip a beat and he suddenly had a bad premonition.

Wang Tianlong was one of the vice commanders of the frontline fortress, the consequences would be unimaginable if he rebelled.  Since he could bring one War Hounds expert into the fortress, he could also bring in many more War Hounds experts. There may even be an entire War Hounds army inside the fortress already.

Wang Tianlong was the Battle Dragon Army’s commander!

If Wang Tianlong was rebelling, even if the Battle Dragon Army itself did not revolt, at least the Earth Dragon Knights under him would change sides.  Although there were only one-two thousand people, they were still a very strong army!

This is bad!

The fortress was in danger!

No matter how impenetrable the fortress was, that was only against external attacks.  If the enemy were to appear inside the fortress, then would the fortress still be impregnable?

Whether it was the Imperial City cavalry or the Cang State cavalry, they could not come to the rescue right now.

Even if the Imperial City still had several hundred thousand soldiers, they were mainly heavy armour troops.  Water in the distance could not put out a close fire!

“Stupid human king!”  Malim raised the unadorned black blade and spoke with fluent human language, “You have been inflicted with the special poison the Hell Song Tribe has made for True Spirit Realm experts.  You are doomed to die here and your death will be the beginning of the Southern Summer Country’s destruction.”

“In your dreams!”

“Even if you don’t admit it, the Southern Summer Country has thoroughly lost.”  Malim coldly said, “The human race does not have any chance of winning, your death is already inevitable.”

This spirit beast was calm and collected, not like the style of the War Hounds Tribe at all.  Although this True Spirit Realm expert was terrifying, the Southern Summer King had never heard his name before, so he could not understand this.

“Venerated envoy, that person is very important!”  Wang Tianlong pointed at Chu Tian and said, “Please, you must capture him!”

The Southern Summer King suddenly put his hands together and a violent energy burst into the air, turning into a rune covered long spear that immediately clashed with the long, black blade Malim was holding.  The moment the two weapons collided, there was no sound or explosions and the Southern Summer King had a strange feeling.

At the moment of the collision, it had actually all been absorbed.

This person’s weapon was like a bottomless black hole.  It could suck in the Southern Summer King’s spirit energy and nullify the Southern Summer King’s attack.

Malim coldly said, “Leave the human king to me, you can deal with the others.  Other than the one named Chu Tian, kill them all!”

Several people wearing the attire of the Battle Dragon Army took off their armours. They were revealed to be famous War Hounds experts, each one being existences in the peak 9th Awakened Soul Layer.

This is bad!

How did Chu Tian not see this?

This Malim’s personal strength was already a bit stronger than the Southern Summer King, not to mention the Southern Summer King had suffered a sneak attack, so it was certain he would lose.  Other than the powerful Malim, the War Hounds side had five peak 9th Awakend Soul Layer experts as well as the rebel Wang Tianlong.

Six peak 9th Awakened Soul Layer experts!

Gu Qianqiu and the little fox could block one each at most, so this was a fight they did not have a chance to win.  For matters to develop to this moment, this was something Chu Tian never would have imagined.

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