MT Chapter 330


Chapter 330: Going all out

This kind of attack was unprecedented.

Unlimited duplication of pain and unlimited sources of pain, when the hard to endure mental torture reached over ten thousand times, it launched an instant attack on one’s mind.  It was like a giant wave slamming down again and again on a weak damn, giving no doubts on what the results would be.

Perhaps Malim was a soldier with very strong willpower.

Only, a mental demon was enough to make any soldier collapse, not to mention one that increased by ten thousand times?  Perhaps even the strongest warrior in the world would have their mind destroyed after this kind of attack. Even if they did survive, they would turn into a lunatic.


This was the Endless Purgatory!

Chu Tian’s incomparably strong Divine Sense attack!

The pain and suffering was like water continuously attacking a dam, causing the entire structure to collapse.  When Malim’s consciousness was about to collapse, the entire spiritual world popped like a bubble.

The power of the Nine Eyed Demon God disappeared.

Chu Tian’s face was white and dripping with sweat, “Damn, just a little more!”

Malim was thrown back into the real world and he gave a pitiful cry as he fell to the ground with his entire body convulsing.  His spirit had suffered severe injuries and he could not heal himself temporarily.

But his spirit did not completely collapse!

Malim’s cultivation base was higher than Chu Tian’s and because of that higher cultivation base and his strong willpower, Chu Tian could not directly crush him.  He could even block the Divine Sense attack in the beginning, making Chu Tian waste quite a bit of strength. So the entire attack’s might was not displayed and it had been forcefully cut off, allowing Malim’s spirit to not collapse completely.

This is bad!

He really had no strength to launch another attack.

Meng Qingwu had no idea what just happened because the flow of time in the spiritual world and the real world was completely different.  Chu Tian had tortured Malim in the spiritual space for an entire day, but only a few seconds passed in the real world, so spectators could not understand what just happened.

All Meng Qingwu saw was Chu Tian locking eyes with Malim before Malim was seriously injured like his mind was broken and Chu Tian collapsing onto the ground.

What had happened?

Chu Tian was on the ground unable to move, but he yelled through clenched teeth, “Fox, now, take care of him!”

The little fox’s eyes released an emerald green light, using all its strength to control the Thunder Hawk Beast.  The Thunder Hawk Beast’s beak turned blue and it condensed a bolt of lightning.

The Thunder Hawk Beast was vigorously resisting the little fox.

The little fox gave a sharp cry and the Thunder Hawk’s body trembled as the little fox penetrated the Thunder Hawk Beast’s mind.  The Thunder Hawk Beast was finally under the little fox’s control as it let out a sharp cry as well.

“Da….Damn!”  Malim’s body was still trembling and he couldn’t even raise his blade, “My body….Ah!  I want to kill you! I want to kill you!”

Chu Tian had already fainted.

Malim had suffered severe spiritual injuries.  Damage to one’s spirit was very hard to recover from and it would follow one for the rest of their life, but Malim could still live after suffering this fierce attack and Chu Tian had already lost all way of resisting after using this strong power.

“You all….will….die!”

Malim’s body was trembling as it kneeled there, his eyes were unable to focus.  He threw his head back and roared with two red eyes like beast going wild, reaching out towards the long blade on the ground.

“Hell Nether Flames!”

The trembling blade released a turbulent flame that began to spread in all directions.

Malim could not launch a focused attack and could only release a large range attack with his True Spirit Realm cultivation, killing everyone here.

The Thunder Hawk Beast dived with a cry as a bolt of thunder hit Malim, instantly sending him flying and landing heavily on the ground.  He could not hold onto his blade which flew several meters away.


A black flame dragon swept across the floor, creating a shockingly deep mark.

Malim stood up with an unwilling roar.  When the Thunder Hawk Beast dived down with outstretched claws, he used his hand to grab it.  Half his body was pushed into the ground and the Thunder Hawk Beast flapped its wings trying to run.

Malim released his spirit energy with a roar and a terrifying power was sent into the Thunder Hawk Beast’s body, slamming it into the ground.  He was trying to rip the Thunder Hawk Beast in half.

The little fox was anxious.

If the Thunder Hawk Beast was killed, they would have no other ways.

The little fox was not very strong.  Its demonic techniques only had a summon and control skill which were useful against demon beasts and would have no use against Malim.

At this critical moment, Meng Qingwu drew out Chu Tian’s Netherworld Sword and charged at Malim.  When Malim was struggling with the Thunder Hawk Beast, she stabbed her sword into Malim’s back.


Meng Qingwu was sent four-five meters back by the spirit energy and felt a sharp pain in her wrist like they had popped out.

It wouldn’t work!

The other side was too strong!

Even if his spirit was damaged, she could not hurt him.

The little fox found a magazine that fell beside Chu Tian and it immediately went over to pick it up.  This was one of the cartridges hiding Blood Yin Steel. It broke the cartridge and swallowed all the needles before forcefully waving at Meng Qingwu.

Meng Qingwu nodded.

The little fox shot out several dozen Blood Yin Steel Needles, each one infused with a demonic clan’s spell, shooting at Malim faster than the speed of sound.

Malim’s spirit had been shattered, how could he sense this attack?  He did not even have the ability to release protective spirit energy.  All the needles fell onto Malim, with even two of them directly hitting his eyes.


Malim gave a wild roar as he sent a claw out, leaving five deep claw marks in the ground.  This was the attack of a True Spirit Expert, it would kill Meng Qingwu without a doubt, but Malim’s spirit had been shattered, it was hard for him to lock onto Meng Qingwu.

Meng Qingwu knew she had to take a risk.  She raised Chu Tian’s Netherworld Sword and stared right a Malim.  As long as there was a chance, she had to succeed!

The Netherworld Sword released a glow at this time.

Faint blue and white flames appeared on the blade.

Meng Qingwu was very shocked.  This sword had lent its power to her, but Meng Qingwu was clearly not the Netherworld Sword’s master!  This was probably because of the difference between the Netherworld Sword and ordinary Soul Contracting Items.  Normal Soul Contracting Item’s weapon spirit did not have a high intelligence, but the Netherworld Sword’s weapon spirit already had independent thought.  So when Meng Qingwu used the Netherworld Sword, the weapon spirit “Netherworld” would decide whether to reject her or now.

Today, Chu Tian had already fainted and Meng Qingwu had to kill this Spirit Beast to save its master’s life.

Netherworld did not reject Meng Qingwu because of this and instead released its power to strengthen her strike.

Meng Qingwu released all her spirit energy and suddenly jumped forward.  The sword created a blue and white arc and it chopped right at Malim’s neck, directly causing his head to fall down.

Blood splattered everywhere.

This peak War Hounds expert had actually dies in the hands of the weak and unskilled in battle Meng Qingwu.  Meng Qingwu never thought that she would have the chance to kill a True Spirit Expert.

The little fox let out a sigh, it could finally keep its little life.

Meng Qingwu simply searched over Malim’s body, only finding a small and simple bag.  Meng Qingwu could feel spatial energy within it, making it a spatial item, meaning it was a storage bag.  Although the space was only five cubic meters, it was still a spatial item.

Meng Qingwu did not have time to look inside before she took Malim’s black blade and moved to Chu Tian’s side.  She fell down onto his chest and listened, hearing that his heart was still beating slowly and weakly, but he shouldn’t die from this.

Meng Qingwu was not clear what kinds of injuries Chu Tian had, but she knew this was bad.

Meng Qingwu clenched her teeth as she carried Chu Tian on her back and moved in the direction of Imperial City.  Chu Tian had carried her yesterday and she was carrying him today, the two of them were a real pair of rarities.

But Meng Qingwu did not have to walk far, only going around a few dozen kilometers before finding a Southern Summer sentry tower.  When she proved Chu Tian’s identity, the soldiers arranged a beast cart and sent the two of them back to Imperial City.

Imperial City was already in a mess.

The great scholar had arrived ahead of Chu Tian’s group by a day to deliver the news of the frontline falling to the enemies.  Gu Qianqiu was heavily injured when he arrived in Imperial City. Because many people had personally witnessed it, the news could not be locked down and it instantly attracted the fear of many people.

In just a short day, several thousand soldiers escaped from the frontlines.

The news these people brought filled the Imperial City citizens with shock.  The Fang King led the War Hounds army to attack the frontlines, causing it to break down.  The Southern Summer King inspecting the frontlines was also assassinated by Wang Tianlong!

Two large pieces of sad news arrived at once!

Imperial City was not prepared for this at all!

Now while the Calm Martial Ruler was out and the Cang State were trapped, even if the Calm Martial Ruler obtained the news, he would not be able to come back in time!  The Imperial City garrison had four hundred thousand people and two thousand royal knights, but was that enough to block the War Hounds Country’s army?

When the Southern Summer King fell, he passed the throne to the Calm Martial Ruler, Dongfan Gan.

Perhaps even the Southern Summer King did not imagine that the Southern Summer Country’s situation would be this bad.  The War Hounds had broken through the frontlines in a single day and now they were currently marching south for the Imperial City.  There would be a large battle in just a few days!

Whether it was the nation’s heads, the commanders, they were all in a daze right now.  The entire country was filled with panic and the current situation was very bad.

At this time.

Miracle Commerce’s Meng Qingwu brought Chu Tian back.  Meng Qingwu was a famous person in the Imperial City and was named the Southern Summer’s number one beauty.  This time, Chu Tian and Meng Qingwu had gone with the Southern Summer King for the inspection, so when the War Hounds broke through the frontlines, they were most likely in a dangerous situation.

What people could not believe was that Meng Qingwu had actually come back alive.

Meng Qingwu had returned, but her appearance did not look good.  Her snow white clothes was already covered in dirt and blood, and her hair was in a complete mess.  Her face was thin and weak and she was walking with a limp, clearly suffering a wound to her thigh.

Chu Tian’s situation was even worse.  He was currently unconscious and his life signs were very weak.

“Elder sister, Chu Tian!”

Meng Yingying, Nangong Yun, and the others had been worried in Imperial City for an entire day.  When they learned that the two of them came back safely, they immediately ran to welcome them.

“You both scared me to death!”  Meng Yingying’s eyes were covered in mist as she tightly hugged Meng Qingwu, “You two are Yingying’s most important people, if anything happened to either of you, I wouldn’t want to live!”

Meng Qingwu patted Meng Yingying’s back and let out a sigh of relief, “I thought several times that I wouldn’t be able to see you again.  It was all because of Chu Tian risking his life that I could come back. But Chu Tian’s situation is not good…..”

Meng Yingying became nervous.  When she saw Chu Tian covered in blood, she couldn’t help covering her mouth, “What happened to Chu Tian?  Why is he injured? He’s injured to this extent…..”

“I don’t know either!”

It was unknown what Chu Tian was injured by, it was like he injured himself.  As for what the situation was with his injuries, Meng Qingwu could not guess, but looking at his weakening life signs, it seemed very serious.

“What are we standing here for?”  Nangong Yun came over and placed Chu Tian over her shoulder, “Yingying, quickly call those old men at the research facility over, let them have a look at Chu Tian!”

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