MT Chapter 338


Chapter 338: New king succeeds the throne

“The Source Energy Cannons a hundreds of times stronger, but the energy consumption is also hundreds of times more.  Not only does it require a high density battery, it also requires the Source Energy Cannon’s body to be several times sturdier compared to before.  With our battery and refining technology and the items we have on hand, I’m afraid it’ll be difficult to meet the standard.”

Chu Tian didn’t care about Yun Tianhe’s questions.

“No need to worry, I have already thought of a high density crystal oil refining method in Imperial City.  The battery factory and weapon factory can barely conform to the standard. As for the material, when we evacuated Imperial City, we took several hundred years worth of metals from the royal treasury.  It will be enough to withstand the power of the Source Energy Cannons.”

Chu Tian proposed another heavy firearm design.


This firearm was made with very rare metals and could shoot for a long time at high speeds.  This added together created super strong bullets, super fast shooting, and long term firing of bullets.

Whether it was the Source Energy Cannon or the heavy Source Energy Gun, they were all super powerful weapons, so they required a high level of technology and materials.  Chu Tian had to personally help with the research to ensure they could make it before the War Hounds arrived. The Yun Sect already had a strong research power, but now combining the Imperial City Yun Sect and the Central State Yun Sect, this was increased by several times.

Several hundred scholars worked day and night, with dozens of facilities operating at the same time, involving the several thousand members of the Yun Sect.  After large amounts of experimenting and calculating, they had results in just a few days.

Several Miracle Commerce airships travelled between Central State City and South Sky City, transporting large amounts of crystal oil.  Miracle Commerce’s five main warehouses were filled with crystal oil. After there were enough materials, the several dozen factories began to turn.  There were over ten thousand workers and over a thousand symbol masters that began their work.

Meng Qingwu personally supervised the factories.  There were several hundred fist sized things that were made, perfectly shaped like some kind of fruit with runes carved over the surface.  There was highly compressed crystal oil inside of it with a red button at the top. If this button was pressed, the Source Energy Battery within would activate, letting the compressed crystal oil inside return to an explosive state.

This was the Source Energy Grenade.

The structure was not complex and was quite simple.  Because each soldier could carry one or two of them onto the battlefield, it would have a terrifying effect on the battlefield.  Even if it landed on an Awakened Soul Cultivator’s body, they might die without leaving a trace.

In the Source Energy Weapon warehouse, there were an entire fifty thousand Source Energy Guns and over five thousand Source Energy Submachine Guns.  This far exceeded the Imperial City’s storage and was enough to make up for the lack of strength from the Central State army.

Not bad.

When Meng Qingwu saw the neat line of weapons, her heart was filled with confidence.  It was at this time that the Giant Shark Gang brought great news to Meng Qingwu.

“After the Fang King took over Imperial City, he wanted to immediately attack the Calm Martial Ruler, but he was instead ambushed by the Calm Martial Ruler at the three big northern ports.  All the ships have been captured and those that haven’t have been burned down with the ports. The Calm Martial Ruler is now leading close to three hundred thousand cavalry to meet us in the south!”

The Central State’s garrison was too weak, the Calm Martial Ruler had come right on time!

The Calm Martial Ruler had the highest position of the Three Rulers and was someone that had supported the Southern Summer territory by himself.  Not to mention bringing elites to Central State, the Calm Martial Ruler had also stolen all the boats and burned down all the ports. This would no doubt delay the War Hounds Kingdom, buying more time for Chu Tian in Central State.

“Immediately prepare to welcome them.”

Meng Qingwu led a group of Miracle Commerce staff to the Central State port to clear out most of it and prepare a temporary military camp.  Two days later, several hundred warships appeared on the horizon. The Calm Martial Ruler coming to Central State this time had brought a total of two hundred and eighty thousand elites, most of them being the Azure Storm Cavalry, the main force of the Southern Summer army!

The four hundred thousand cavalry were the most important combat force in the Southern Summer Country, half in Imperial City and half in Cang State.  If during the fight, these cavalry had been present, it was unknown if the Fang King could have taken Imperial City or not. Now that this army had arrived in Central State, it would be a great help to defending Central State!

The Imperial Region falling should have been a large blow to the Calm Martial Ruler.

But the Calm Martial Ruler did not seem angry or breathless, he just seemed strangely calm.  It was probably as the Southern Summer commander in chief, he was very good at hiding his emotions.

The Calm Martial Ruler rebuked himself over the Southern Summer disaster.  He had not seen the true goal of the War Hounds invasion of Cang State. The War Hounds’ army had entered Cang State pretending to attack Cang State City and seeming like they were really aiming to attack the breeding farms, but those were all fake.  The real goal was just to draw the Southern Summer’s cavalry unit away, letting them lose their use, so the Fang King could lead his personal army into Southern Summer.

This actually was not the Calm Martial Ruler’s fault.

The Southern Summer Country’s information had clearly been delayed, not knowing that the War Hound Plains had been unified and that a Spirit Beast Warring Kingdom was supporting the War Hounds Kingdom.  The new Fang King was clearly a veteran general, having studied the Southern Summer army’s main characters. In this situation where he was lacking in information, the Calm Martial Ruler could do nothing since he was not a prophet.

“The previous king has given his order!”  Gu Qianqiu respectfully came forward with a bow and said, “He asks the Calm Martial Ruler, Dongfang Gan to take the position of the Southern Summer King!”

The surrounding officers all knelt down.  Whether it was the Calm Martial Ruler’s prestige, fame, or background, they were all suited for this position!

The Southern Summer Country was a shaky group without a leader, they needed someone to take charge and give orders!

Who knew that the Calm Martial Ruler would coldly say, “How can a general be the Southern Summer King?  This ruler cannot accept the throne, it would be proper for Dongfang Haoran to inherit the throne!”

No one would believe it if it was anyone else saying it, but the whole nation knew the Calm Martial Ruler’s personality.  He was just like Dongfang Zhan, although he held power, he was not interested in material enjoyment. When the previous generation Southern Summer King picked between the two princes, he favoured the swift and resolute Dongfang Gan more.  Who would have thought that when his royal father wanted to pass the throne to him, Dongfang Gan would lead his troops to block the War Hounds without saying a word.

Dongfang Gan’s action told the previous king that he belonged on the battlefield and not the palace, so the previous king could only helplessly pass his position to Dongfang Hao.  Dongfang Hao had a great ambition while lacking the talent to be a wise king, but he was good at managing the kingdom, having the mind of a king, so the Southern Summer’s government management was considered not bad.

Now that Dongfang Hao was dead?

Dongfang Gan was still not willing to be the Southern Summer King?

The great scholar sullenly said, “The prince is talented, but he is still young.  He lacks experience with the battlefield and with governing, how could he be a king?  The Southern Summer Country is in a very special period, I ask the Calm Martial Ruler to not reject this!”

“We ask our king to take the throne!”

“We ask our king to take the throne!”

Everyone loudly shouted together.

Dongfang Gan said with knit brows, “If I become the king, who will lead the battle?  Southern Summer does not need a king right now, but rather a general that can defeat the War Hounds!”

“The Calm Martial Ruler’s words are wrong!”  Meng Qingwu spoke up, “This war determines the fate of the nation, so with the king personally leading the army, it will increase the morale of the soldiers.  As long as we can get past this disaster, when can we not fight back! Prince Dongfang Haoran is not yet thirty and can break through to the peak 9th Awakened Soul Layer.  How about letting him gain experience by following the Country Guarding Ruler, one day becoming a pillar of the Southern Summer Country not inferior to the Calm Martial Ruler.  Otherwise, if the prince assumes the throne too early, he will lack the strength and prestige to calm the public and it will waste the prince’s greatest stage to grow. What is the Calm Martial Ruler hesitating for?  If the Calm Martial Ruler ascends, it will bring benefit and if the Calm Martial Ruler rejects the throne, it will bring mistakes, so please reconsider!”

Gu Qianqiu gave Meng Qingwu his approval.

She really was the wise and beautiful vice chairman of Miracle Commerce, this logical argument was much more use than these other people.

The Calm Martial Ruler gave a sigh before finally agreeing.

Dongfang Gan was surrounded by the army as he finally underwent a simple and brief coronation, turning Central State City into Imperial City.  After Dongfang Gan ascended the throne, he immediately sent out several royal proclamations.

First, he titled Dongfang Haoran as the Calm Martial Ruler, inheriting the noble title left behind by Dongfang Gan.  Of course, it was only the title so far. Dongfang Haoran did not have much military experience and his strength was not good enough, so he couldn’t control the military.  The control of the military still remained in Dongfang Gan’s hands.

Second, the Country Guarding Ruler Chu Tian was also titled the “Profound Marquis”, becoming a first grade military marquis of the Southern Summer Country.  He had the rights to move all the forces of the six counties and govern over all six counties. All the marquises would have the Country Guarding Ruler as their head!

Third, Meng Qingwu had killed the Hell Song Tribe’s vice chief Malim, so she was being titled a marquis.  She would be named the “Cloud Dream Marquis” and would be Southern State’s marquis.

Of these three royal proclamations, two of them were for Miracle Commerce.  Chu Tian was both a ruler and a marquis, as well as a first grade military marquis with power, this was unprecedented in the Southern Summer Country.  Other than Chu Tian, Meng Qingwu also became a marquis, gaining control of the Southern State army that once guarded the Western Marquis’ manor. This was the first female marquis in the several hundred years of Southern Summer history!

Regarding this, no one had any objections to this.

The Three Great Clans could no longer recover after Imperial City fell and the other big clans either ran, died, or turned to the War Hounds, so how could they care about this?  Of the several marquises left, other than the newly titled Cloud Dream Marquis Meng Qingwu, the Green Wood Marquis, the Golden Arrow Marquis, and the Divine Wind Marquis were all on Chu Tian’s side.  Even the scholars led by Gu Qianqiu were all on Chu Tian’s side.

The new Imperial City and Central State were all Chu Tian’s territory!

Because of this, from the marquises to the citizens, not a single person objected to this and rather were filled with excitement.  Chu Tian being entrusted with such heavy responsibilities in the Southern Summer Country was a good thing to the Southern Summer Country!

After Dongfang Gan announced the royal proclamations, he wanted to head to the Yun Sect to look for Chu Tian.

In the end, before he could even move, news came from the Yun Sect.  Chu Tian had been working hard the past few days, causing his injuries to act up and could only recuperate in bed without continuing working.  This caused Miracle Commerce and the Southern Summer Country to be filled with panic.

The Calm Martial Ruler had finally taken the throne.

But now something had happened to Chu Tian.  What should they do about this?

In the minds of the Central State people, Chu Tian’s position did not lose to the Calm Martial Ruler.  As long as Chu Tian was present, there was nothing that was impossible. But, once Chu Tian fell, then how could the people have confidence?

What should they do?

Find the medicine, they had to find the medicine!

Meng Qingwu decided to use all of Miracle Commerce’s channels, using any price to buy a single Immortal Grade Medicine.  In just a single night, the news of Miracle Commerce buying an Immortal Grade Medicine to cure Chu Tian spread across the entire kingdom.  However, even with the news spread, not a single word was sent back.

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