MT Chapter 361


Chapter 361: Forerunners

In the era Chu Tian was born, barbarians had long ceased to exist.

Chu Tian had done his research on this race.  It’s said that the barbarians were the closest relatives to humans in the ancient era, but they were mixed with ancient era beast blood.  The forerunners for the barbarians were very strong, but after several tens of thousand so years, the barbarian blood’s wild power became thinner and thinner, so the race became weaker and weaker.

The barbarians were a rare race on the continent that depended on physical strength.  Although they couldn’t awaken Source Spirits and were not suited to practicing any cultivation techniques, the barbarians had a very strong life potential energy.

If they cultivated a cultivation technique without any attributes and raised their physical strength to a peak, the barbarians would still be a very strong race.


The Wild Blood Medicine was a kind of medicine that could incite a wild transformation.

What was the wild transformation?

The wild transformation was like the demonic transformation.

When the Hell Fire Demon invaded Thunder State, the abyss aura turned large amounts of humans into demons.  It allowed many weak humans and weak cultivators suddenly turn into terrifying abyss demon soldiers, allowing them to even threaten higher level cultivators.

This was the effect the demonic transformation had.

The wild transformation was like the demonic transformation, but the base was different.  Dark energy invading a life form was the reason for the demonic transformation and the wild transformation used the power of wild beasts to provoke one’s potential, allowing one to develop their physical strength.

The demonic transformation was more radical, so it couldn’t be reversed.  The wild transformation was not as intense as the demonic transformation, but a normal life form needed to pay a large price to use the wild transformation.  It could increase one’s strength, but the price was losing one’s reasoning, turning one into a wild and bloodthirsty being that didn’t separate friend from foe.

The person undergoing the wild transformation would wildly kill everything they saw.  They wouldn’t feel pain or be tired, finally withering away.

The barbarian had a special physique and bloodline, being one of the creatures that could accept the wild transformation.  The «Berserk Art» cultivation technique was tailored for berserkers. It not only allowed berserkers to incite a higher potential, it also suppressed the berserker’s wild state, allowing the berserkers to keep their mind while in battle.

The most important thing was that with each wild transformation, this cultivation technique would quickly evolve!

After this group of soldiers with terrifying strength was formed, Chu Tian would bring them to battles everywhere.  Letting the berserkers participate in battle would make the berserker’s strength higher and higher!

Each berserker had a strong destructive might and once they underwent the wild transformation, they would not feel pain, tiredness, or fear.  They would be a group of killing machines that never stopped!

This was a group of soldiers that could be quickly trained!

Gu Qianqiu began the berserker transformation on the other barbarian warriors.

These barbarians were already the barbarian race’s elites.  When they underwent the wild transformation, in a close combat situation, they could instantly cripple a 2nd-3rd Awakened Soul Layer Cultivator.  If these soldiers could form a large army, it would become a sharp knife in Miracle Commerce’s hands. Even in a warring kingdom, this would be considered a trump card army!

They could even grow to a more advanced army.

Chu Tian had planned on creating a berserker army in a single month!

The initial cost of creating these berserkers would not be low and it was mainly spent on making the Wild Blood Medicine.  When the barbarian army was formed, they still needed Wild Blood Medicine to become stronger, but compared to the value this army had, Miracle Commerce could accept this price.

A strong army could not lack strong equipment!

Chu Tian had ordered a special set of equipment for this barbarian army.

The first things were conventional weapons and armour.  The barbarians warriors had infinite strength, so weak normal armour and weapons didn’t suit them.  Therefore, the berserkers received a set of thick profound iron armour and another giant axe that was several hundred pounds.  The armour itself was made of level three metal engraved with runes, so normal Awakened Soul Cultivators would find it hard to break it.  If normal humans were to wear this armour, they wouldn’t even be able to take a few steps, but it was as light as a feather to the berserkers.

When these heavy profound iron axes were raised by the barbarians, they had enormous power that could split apart the land itself.  If there were tens of thousands of these barbarians, they would become an unstoppable force on the battlefield. At least in the Southern Summer Country, other than the airborne griffin knights, there wouldn’t be another army that could penetrate their defenses.

Would only conventional equipment be enough?

This was Miracle Commerce’s subordinate army!

Chu Tian arrived at the weapons department of the Yun Sect, “How is the personal cannon research going?”

Yun Tianhe was working with a group of scholars and Meng Qingwu was also helping the laboratory.  She said to Chu Tian, “There’s no success right now.”

The personal cannon was something Chu Tian was building for the berserkers.

This weapon was a compressed Source Energy Cannon.  Although it didn’t have the same destructive might as a Source Energy Cannon, it was much more portable that could definitely be carried with the barbarian soldiers’ strength.  With a few dozen people, they could carry a cannon onto the battlefield and greatly increase the army’s destructive might.

Although it was just making it smaller, it wasn’t that simple, so it was normal that it wasn’t completed yet.

“What about the Source Energy Sword?”

“We have a bit of results, but it can’t be used yet!”

When he passed by a laboratory window, Chu Tian saw some researchers working on a strange weapon.  This weapon looked to be a small hilt with a high intensity energy structure as well as an array on the outside.  When this weapon was activated, a high energy light beam would appear from the hilt.

This seemed like it was a flashlight.

However the different part was that the beam released was condensed.  This powerful energy combined to form an almost substantive material. It created a very terrifying temperature that could cut through steel like tofu.

This was the fundamental close combat Source Energy Weapon.

Chu Tian had provided the diagram and had the researchers attempt to make one.  From what could be seen now, the effects were not very good and each sword did not seem stable.

“Where is the main problem?”

“The main problem is material and energy!”  Meng Qingwu replied, “Most of our materials come from the Southern Summer Country, so even if we use the highest level materials, it is still very hard to contain the strength and temperature of the sword.  Other than that, our energy battery is very weak, so the sword can only be maintained for ten seconds, making it very hard to stabilize the sword. Almost all of our high level materials were used up to make the Source Energy Cannons.”

Chu Tian gave a sigh.

There really wasn’t a perfect matter!

He had planned on creating five-eight thousand berserkers, with each one wearing heavy armour and carrying a heavy battleaxe.  They would also be equipped with Source Energy Grenades and Source Energy Swords. The personal cannons and Storm Rifles would be distributed according to the enemy being fought.

If he had this kind of army, Chu Tian could kill his way into the Forest of Chaos.  Even if the locals were strong, could they block this kind of lineup?

Perhaps a hundred Storm Rifles could make the locals flee like rats!

“We need a large amount of weapons.”  Meng Qingwu was very clear on the situation of Miracle Commerce, “Especially powerful weapons Source Energy Cannons and Storm Rifles.  Only, the material required to make these weapons are very high level and the Southern Summer Country doesn’t have a supply. Perhaps we’ll be stuck here for a long time.”

“Time is precious, we can’t waste it.”  Chu Tian said, “From tomorrow onwards, we will be moving separately!”

“Are you entering the Forest of Chaos first?”

When Miracle Commerce wasn’t ready yet, wouldn’t rushing into the Forest of Chaos alert the enemy?

The Eagle Burial Kingdom could move against the Southern Summer Country at any time, so Chu Tian had to quickly prepare ahead of time, “You will stay in Southern State to prepare for the installations on the outer layer of the Forest of Chaos, as well as preparing for war.  I will enter the Forest of Chaos. Relax, I’m just looking for materials and asking for information, I won’t make any large moves.”

Meng Qingwu was still a bit nervous, “Perhaps this is too dangerous.”

“I will bring Vivian, everything will be fine.”

Vivian had a deep cultivation and had spatial energy, so even if they met someone they couldn’t beat, they could still run away.  So, having Vivian follow Chu Tian meant he was very safe.

Just like this then!

Meng Qingwu would take care of all the work and begin to develop the berserker army.

The next day, the hundred barbarian led away by Miracle Commerce were reborn.  They were had a set of awe inspiring armour and weapons as they followed Meng Qingwu back to the barbarian city.

They created a large stir in the barbarian city!

The tribe chiefs never would have imagined that after their clansmen left for a few days, they would all change like this.  Their strength had increased by more than five-six times. If they picked any individual out of the hundred people, perhaps they would be an existence even an intermediate level Awakened Soul Cultivator would fear!

The barbarians were all filled with jealousy.

The Southern State Marquis Meng Qingwu announced: These over a hundred people had already joined Miracle Commerce and were currently trained troops of Miracle Commerce headquarters.

This was equal to obtaining a stable job!

Miracle Commerce was famous for their well treatment!

Not to mention each of the berserker barbarians gaining incredible strength, their family would also be taken care of by Miracle Commerce.  The berserkers had signed a contract with Miracle Commerce where they wouldn’t be restrained as long as they devoted five years to Miracle Commerce.  The berserkers would then have the choice to leave the armed forces and return to living in the barbarian city.

Miracle Commerce did not need to actively recruit.

In just a few short days, several tens of thousand of young barbarians begged to become Miracle Commerce’s soldiers.

Giving them strength, freedom, and caring for their families.  To the barbarians, this was an opportunity to become extraordinary!

Of course Miracle Commerce was not polite.

Meng Qingwu used her Southern State Marquis status to announce: Anyone who has success in cultivating the «Berserk Art» would be able to join Miracle Commerce’s army and accept the transformation into a berserker.

As soon as the news came out, in just two short days, the number of people in the berserker reserves passed over a thousand.

Miracle Commerce produced Wild Blood Medicine in large capacity, barely meeting the demand with their supply.  However, with the increasing number of people in the army and the Wild Blood Medicine materials being used up, this work could not be completed in a short period of time.

Recently Meng Qingwu had been in charge and Chu Tian had not appeared in the past few days.  Only the high level members of Miracle Commerce knew that he had already left Southern State and was headed to the unknown region to the south.

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