MT Chapter 364


Chapter 364: Hotel

The small town gave people a very strange feeling.  Every person tightly wrapped up, not only wearing a large hood, but also wearing all kinds of strange masks.  They all rushed around without talking to people.

This was a convenient town made to exchange materials, so most of the moving population came from the surrounding villages, so they were all on guard against each other.  As for the population living in the town? Whether it was the Great Zhou Country’s alchemist or the boss of the weapon shop, they were all criminals who had escaped from somewhere.  Each person was a hidden danger.

Who was willing to deal with these kinds of people?

There were also a kind of people hiding in the little town.


They were hunters, robbers, or slavers.  Their jobs were to find suitable villages and slaughter them for profit.  Rabbit race, fox race, and elven girls could all be sold for a good price.  As for dwarves, bear race, tiger race, and etc. would all make good slaves.

The Forest of Chaos was rich and even the smallest village would have several treasures stored.  Therefore, plundering and slaughtering was the fastest way of becoming rich. There were no laws or rules here, who could resist this kind of enticement?

Being surrounded by all this danger, the small town in the Forest of Chaos was different from that of a civilized country.

Coming here each time was very dangerous.

It was not just a danger to one’s own life, it could even destroy one’s entire tribe!

It was because of this that Chu Tian’s group was too eye catching.  The five of them did not hide themselves and were just swaggering around.  Other than the elf that they couldn’t judge, the other four looked very young and did not seem very powerful, so how could they not be eye catching?

They were simply large pieces of meat!

After the five of them had arrived in the small town, they felt over ten different gazes  filled with bad intent.

“Dongfang, go and ask around.”  Chu Tian ignored the person in the corner sharpening his knife, “Dongfang, go and ask around to see if this town has the things we want.”


Dongfang Haoran turned to leave.

This Dongfang Haoran was the previous Southern Summer King’s eldest son.  He had the chance to become the new Southern Summer King and had now joined Miracle Commerce.  Destiny truly played people. However, Dongfang Haoran was not interested in the king’s throne, he could grow better from being in Miracle Commerce.

This fellow was a uncut jade.  As long as he carved him properly, he could become another Calm Martial Ruler or even surpass Dongfang Gan.

Chu Tian had already decided to train Dongfang Haoran into Miracle Commerce’s general.  Commanding the Miracle Commerce’s armies would all depend on him from now on. However, Dongfang Haoran was still too young, so bringing him along for experience was a good thing.

“We should find a place to rest, there should be a hotel here!”

The four of them had not even taken four steps.


Several strong and large figures appeared in front of them, with each person holding a weapon.

Chu Tian looked at them.  There were a few fierce looking foreign races, mouse race thieves, large barbarian men, and a green scaled lizard man as the leader.  Because of how close they were, Chu Tian could even smell the fierce stench coming from their bodies.

Chu Tian knit his brows, “Can I help you?”

The people looked at each other as they revealed looks of greed.

“Your goods aren’t bad!”  That lizard man leader three down three low quality source stones and pointed behind Chu Tian as he said, “Those three women, I’ll buy them!  Take this money and scram!”

Chu Tian was a bit stunned.  What was he doing?

Three pieces of low quality source stones?

That fierce looking lizard man looked at Chu Tian, “Are you deaf?  The money has already given to you, the women are now ours. If you don’t scram soon, be careful we’ll teach you a fierce lesson!  Go ask around, who dares to offend me in this small town!”

Meng Yingying, Vivian, and Chen Bingyu’s faces fell.

Although they knew the Forest of Chaos’ environment was bad, they never thought anyone would act this unscrupulous and unreasonable in broad daylight.  It really filled them with rage. Although there were many people surrounding them, they were all there to watch the fun.

Chu Tian narrowed his eyes and said, “It seems like you don’t understand the situation!”

“Refusing to accept a toast!”  The lizard man pulled out the sword at his waist and released an emerald green spirit energy, “Then you can die!”

Not weak!

He was in the Illustrious Soul Realm!

In this unknown little town, even the smallest character was at the 4th Awakened Soul Layer.  It was no wonder they could act so arrogantly, the entire strength of the Forest of Chaos was way above that of the Southern Summer Country.  However, he offended the wrong people!


No one could clearly see what was going on.

The lizard man chopped down on that ice crystal like blade with his blade, but his blade was instantly shattered like tofu.  The lizard man’s people were all shocked. This was a high level Soul Weapon, but it actually shattered instantly, how was that possible?

“I want this sword!”

The lizard man’s wrist swept out like a eagle claw, trying to grab this sword.  Chu Tian’s wrist flicked and the Netherworld Sword came out. Before the lizard man knew what had happened, his entire arm had been cut off.  He gave a pitiful cry as he held his broken arm and moved back, but that cut off stub was covered in blue white Netherworld Flames.

The flames quickly spread, withering his muscles wherever it went.  It spread over his entire body in just a few seconds and that strong man turned into as thin as bones, instantly disintegrating and turning into ashes.

The other people all revealed looks of terror seeing this.

They couldn’t understand no matter how they thought about it.  Only the neighbouring small villages knew about this small town, how could such a powerful character appear in a small village?

It seems like it was too late to run!

Chen Bingyu raised her hand and large amounts of crystalline snowflakes flew out, instantly hitting those people.  Several sharp ice thorns formed in these people turning them into giant ice porcupines, not being able to resist at all as they were instantly killed.

Meng Yingying spat at the corpse as she said, “These fellows wanted to have ideas about us?”

This kind of bad people, even Meng Yingying would not have pity on them!

The surrounding people were all filled with fear.  Wherever these four people went, everyone moved away from them, with no one daring to approach them.  If they could kill some fools to stop others from bothering them, that would be better, but would the situation proceed like Chu Tian wanted?

The surrounding people were talking in whispers with eyes that were filled with schadenfreude, looking like they had just seen a good place.  Chu Tian knew that this matter would not pass as simple as he wanted it to. However, even if it was like this, Chu Tian was not afraid. He did not believe that a small village on the border of the Forest of Chaos would have anything that would threaten him.

“This is considered a hotel?”

Meng Yingying stood in front of an incomparably crude stone house that seemed like several stone balls buried in the ground.  It was covered in vines and moss, with poisonous insects crawling through the cracks. The inside of the stone building was not good, with each room being sealed, not even having windows.

There were no lamps.

The light in here was something filled with the illuminated liquid of fluorescent bugs.

Each stone room was less than two meters tall and the inside was less than ten square meters, just like a dog kennel.

Meng Yingying felt that it would be better to camp in the forest than to live in a place like this.  In the Forest of Chaos, safety was the number one concern. Although they were very crude, they were quite firm on the other hand.

What made it impossible for Meng Yingying, Vivian, and the others hard to accept was.

The owner of the hotel was an orc.

The orc was a different race from the spirit beast and there were many of them living in the Forest of Chaos.  Their specialty was their green skin and incomparably strong bodies. They had two large buckteeth and looked more barbaric than the barbarians.

The orc boss was wearing an apron with a body that was covered in scars and two short axes on his back.  There were several dozen long hair braids on his back and his mouth was filled with stink, which could knock people out from three meters away.  The wall behind him was covered in the meat of various demon beast meat which already had maggots in them and there were bottles of wine brewed from an unknown ingredient.

“Looking for a room?”  The orc said in the spirit beast language, “Each day is a single low grade source stone!”

“So expensive!”  Meng Yingying’s eyes went wide.  One low grade source stone was worth one million gold coins and four-five million gold coins were enough to buy a good hotel in the Southern Summer Country, “You must be cheating us because we’re outsiders!”

The orc dug through his large nose as he ignored Vivian and Meng Yingying’s disgust.  He pulled out a sticky booger from within, “So what if I’m cheating you? It’s your choice!”


“Yingying, enough!”  Chu Tian didn’t want to cause trouble, so he took out three low grade source stones, “At most three stones, take us to a room!”

The orc’s eyes lit up and immediately took the source stones.  He had a smile on his face, “Good, good, come with me!”

That green skinned fellow led them to a room.

Meng Yingying looked at this dirty orc and she began muttering in her heart.  The orcs were known as the most notorious race, even more so than the barbarians.  Was it worthwhile to live in this kind of place?

When the orc boss received the money, he instantly became much warmer.

Dongfang Haoran came back at this time, “I didn’t find any ores being sold at the market, there were only local products being sold here.”

Was this a futile journey?

They even had to live in this damn place!

“It’s not strange at all.  A little town’s weapon refining skills are low, so they might not even be able to harvest high level ores even if they find them.  Even if they can harvest them, they wouldn’t be able to refine them.” Chu Tian shook his head as he said, “At least this isn’t a fruitless journey.  At least we can obtain more information in this little town, perhaps even finding the closest city.”

While they were talking.

The orc boss came back carrying a dirty tray.  He warmly placed it in front of everyone and they saw that there was a bottle of wine and several black pieces of beast meat.

The boss took his greasy and dirty hand and rubbed it against his dirty apron twice.  He revealed a large grin, revealing his frightening yellow buckteeth, “Honourable guest, please have a taste, this is our orc clan’s wine.  It’s free of charge and you’re sure to love it!”

After saying this, he personally poured a cup and gave it to Chu Tian.

Chu Tian looked at the muddy liquid in the cup and his expression became strange.

The orc boss was very angry, “In the orc tribe, rejecting the wine of friendship is a very big offense!”

“Old brother, it’s fine if you drug the wine.”  Chu Tian said with a voice filled with disgust, “Can’t you use a better wine at least?  If you give this kind of muddy wine, who are you hoping will drink this!”

The orc boss was shocked.

He had bought this poison from the town’s alchemist and he was promised it wouldn’t be see through.  There were many foreign visitors who had been poisoned to death by the orc boss, so how could this fellow see through it.

“You dare reject kindness!”  The orc boss slammed the cup down and took out his two short axes.  In a fierce voice, he said, “I’ll let you see the consequences of rejecting an orc’s goodwill!”

The hard treatment after the soft treatment failed?

Dongfang Haoran kicked out and the orc boss was sent out the door.

This powerful?

The orc boss quickly stood up.  Before he could even speak, an arrow pierced through the stone wall and penetrated the orc boss’ chest.


Where did this arrow come from!

The orc boss did not even understand how he died.

More and more arrows came through the walls on all sides, wildly being fired at the people inside the hotel.  It was clear the people shooting from outside the hotel wanted to kill the people inside. Chu Tian’s group of five felt this was very strange.  Who the heck was shooting outside? Could this place become even more chaotic?

“I’ll do it!”

Vivian opened an opening in space and brought everyone out of the hotel.

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