MT Chapter 367


Chapter 367: Spider people

The five thousand dwarves neatly stood in the large hall.

Chu Tian sat in a high place looking down on them and couldn’t separate them in terms of gender or age because the dwarves were of the same height and looked the same.  Their faces were covered in hair, especially the faces covered in beards which had already become their defining feature. It was the same even with men or women. Their general height seemed to be one meter and forty centimeters.  They seemed to grow horizontally instead, becoming triangles filled with muscles.

“Kill Kanun!”

“Kill Kanun!”


“Reclaim Oldman Mines!”

“Reclaim Oldman Mines!”

The dwarves had already put on their armours as they raised their weapons and cheered.

Following this, the entire warehouse worth of meat and wine was taken out, letting each person fill their stomach.  This was to prepare them to fight all out and fight to their deaths.

The dwarves was not a good race to get along with, not only were the very irritable, they were also very stubborn.  Once the dwarves recognized a fact, even the heavenly emperor could not change their mind. So once one was recognized as an enemy by the dwarves, this grudge would remain for their entire lives.

Actually even anyone with a bit of brain would know that Oldman Mines would not remain,  The dwarves would not have the power to defend it even after recapturing it, so this hundred year old mine was destined not to belong to the dwarves.  Still, could these several thousand people not defend their homeland?

Would the dwarves run away?


Chu Tian understood these tenacious fellows.  They knew that staying in the mind meant death, but they weren’t willing to give it to anyone.  However, this was actually an opportunity for Chu Tian.

Chu Tian was very interested in the Oldman Mines and the dwarves.

Because the dwarves that could keep living were all elites among their clans.  Putting aside their fighting strength, they were all generally speaking expert blacksmiths.  Chu Tian was strictly a merchant, so the benefits these dwarves could bring him were huge.

Miracle Commerce was still lacking in refining materials and producing items, so if they could annex Oldman Town, wouldn’t that greatly make up for Miracle Commerce’s shortcomings?

Not bad, not bad!

Deceiving others is what I specialize in!

Vivian was eating a fruit she noticed Chu Tian secretly smiling, “What is big brother Chu Tian smiling about?”

“He’s most likely thinking about harming someone!”  Meng Yingying understood Chu Tian the best.

Vivian was shocked, “Big brother Chu Tian is a good person, how could he hurt people?”

These words almost made the silent Chen Bingyu on the side choke.

Did the little elf selectively lose her intelligence?  Far away, Chu Tian had destroyed the barbarian’s home without any mercy, but in the end, the barbarians were singing praise to him and filled with gratitude!  If anyone were to fight him to life and death in the future, they would surely be as pitiful as the barbarians.

Dong, dong, dong!

The dwarves hit the battle drums!

The chief personally led his tribe with his armour on.

Chu Tian walked over to the four of them and said, “We should leave too!”

The Oldman Mines was at the end of a canyon.  This canyon was very ordinary and if one flew above in a flying demon beast, they would just see the normal sea of trees and no other defining features.

Who would have thought that there would be several mineral veins underground that attracted the dwarves to this place!

This region had many canyons and each canyon had many forks.  Although the terrain was very normal, the structure was very complicated.  The entrance to the Oldman Mine was a very ordinary looking mountain wall.

Chu Tian looked at it from afar.  The entire mountain wall was covered in vines and moss, even with a small waterfall covering it.  No matter how one looked at it, there was nothing special about it, it seemed like an ordinary place.

“This is the Oldman Mine, the covering on the wall was designed by the dwarves.”  The dwarf chief spoke while removing a foot long stone key from his chest. This key’s structure was very complicated and there were several different shaped crystals mounted to it, “As long as we insert this key, the stone cliff will separate.  Dwarven brothers, let us kill our way in and reclaim our mine and property!”

The dwarves shared the same hatred as they prepared to rush in.

“Wait a minute!”  Chu Tian blocked the crude dwarves, “Kanun has several times your troops, so charging does not have any chances of victory.”

“We have to fight even if we can’t win!  Us dwarven brothers do not fear strong enemies!”

“That’s right, dwarven brothers do not fear strong enemies!”

“We have to kill Kanun even if we lose our lives!”

“Don’t be too excited!”  Chu Tian said to the dwarves, “First, let’s not rush right now.  How about waiting for a bit while you let us go in and assassinate Kanun?  Then the spider army will fall into chaos and wouldn’t you all have your chance?!”

“Assassinate Kanun?”  The dwarf chief’s expression changed, “Can you do this?  Other than here, we have no other ways of entering!”

Would I mention it if I couldn’t do it?

Chu Tian first looked over a detailed map of the Oldman Mine.  After sizing up the area, he couldn’t help praising it. This mine was truly very big and the dwarves had built a palace inside of it!

The Oldman Palace’s design was very suitable with the entire palace being divided into three floors.  The excavation and refining areas were on the lowest level, with six main mine tunnels and several dozen work rooms.  The living area and storage area was on the middle floor, with over twenty thousand rooms and fifteen streets. The top level was the breeding, cultivating, and activity area, with over eight hundred rooms and special breeding areas.

The entire structure of the mine was like an upside down trapezoid.  The top floor was the biggest, being able to accommodate several tens of thousands of people.  If they could solve the problem of food and supplies, it was possible for even two-three hundred thousand people to live in here.

How was this a mine?

This was simply an underground city!

“I want you to lead us inside.”  Chu Tian gave the map to Vivian, “Do you think it’s possible?”

“Of course it’s no problem!”  Vivian raised her chest and confidently replied.  However, she did have one worry, “Only I don’t know the situation inside the mine and I don’t know where Kanun will appear.  If we teleport inside and there are a large amount of enemies gathered, wouldn’t we be falling into a trap?”

“Ji, ji!”

The little fox’s head popped out and there was an extra large jade ball that had appeared in his hand at an unknown time.  This was not an ordinary jade ball, there was a pupil on it and it was releasing a strange power.

“Stop showing off!”  Chu Tian slapped the little fox’s butt, “Do work!”

The little fox gestured with its claws a few times.

“You little fellow, actually trying to bargain with me.  Is your skin itchy after not being beaten for too long?” Chu Tian had a clear understanding of the little fox’s style.  This fellow would not work without profit, so he could only agree, “Alright, alright. I’ll give you a portion when the time comes.”

Vivian did not understand Chu Tian’s pet too well, she just knew that it had a few skills.  Moreover, it possessed a human nature and its intelligence was much higher than normal people’s.

The little fox gave a satisfied response as it held the divine eyeball and began releasing its Divine Sense.

After a few seconds, the little fox opened its eyes.  Its crystal like eyes were sparkling as it jumped into Vivian’s hand and pointed at a spot on the map.

“No problem!”

Vivian released her spatial energy to lock onto the position as she brought everyone one by one away.  The consumption increased when she teleported with people, so she could not hold on if there were too many people that came with her.  Four people already consumed a third of her spirit energy, so she did not dare take anyone else.

The last one to come was Meng Yingying.

Meng Yingying felt space changing around her before she appeared in an unfamiliar environment.  Her four sides were sealed and there were no lamps here, but it was not dim at all, rather it was quite bright.

Meng Yingying took a soft step.

Hua la la la la……

This was the sound of jade meeting silver, creating a clear sound.  When she looked at it, Meng Yingying was instantly stunned. This was because under her feet were silver “rivers”.  She had accidentally kicked something when she took a step and a large amount of metal kept falling down. It was very bright as it flowed down like a river.

Meng Yingying picked up a silver ingot.  The silver was very smooth and covered in a faint glimmer.  This was clearly a kind of energy filled metal like mithril.

The entire ground was covered in the same kind of metal!

When she looked around in shock, she found that this silver river was only a small stream and there were mountains of materials all around her.  There were mainly metals in these mountains and most of them were level three and up materials!

“This is too much!”  Meng Yingying excitedly said to Chu Tian, “This is exactly what Miracle Commerce needs.  After we divide these materials, we’ll be able to make weapons immediately!”

There were so many high level metals in here!

They could turn them into many Storm Rifles and Source Energy Cannons!

Miracle Commerce’s science and technology would all be able to skip another level!

“Come back here!”  Chu Tian grabbed the little fox’s tail and pulled it out of the mountain of treasures, “You little fellow, I know why you chose to come to this place!”

The little fox’s mouth was filled with fine gold which it swallowed into its mouth.  Then it turned into mist as Chu Tian felt his hand become empty. The little fox had jumped several meters away and a small hill was being loaded into the little fox’s stomach at a visible speed.

“Little fox, how can you be this disobedient!”  Meng Yingying was somewhat curious, “These are all metals, can you digest them after swallowing them!”

The little fox disdainfully looked at Meng Yingying.

You’re asking this kind of stupid question?  This fox does not need this junk, but the master really needs it.  When this fox stores a part of it in my stomach to bargain with, I’ll be able to make a killing of my master!

This bastard would become naughty if it wasn’t beaten every three days!

This damn fox was asking for it, he should be taught a proper lesson!

How could the little fox be easy to grab?  Chu Tian ran all around, but he couldn’t grab it in the end.

The storage room’s doors suddenly opened.

“What is going on?

“Why is there noise suddenly coming from inside!”

Several strange intelligent beings walked into the storage room.

They seemed to be a mix between humans and spiders.  Their top half was just like a human’s, but their bottom half had the eight legs of a spider.  They walked very fast and each leg was as hard as a steel blade.

The spider people, one of the Spirit Insects!

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