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Chapter 385: Spiritual technology

Chu Tian increased by two levels after drinking the Fairy Wine, going from the 8th Awakened Soul Layer to the peak 8th Awakened Soul Layer and to the 9th Awakened Soul Layer.  All of this did not happen in closed door cultivation over several days and it had all happened in just a single hour. All of this was impossible before, but it was all because the strength of the Fairy Wine and the Flower Fairies’ help.

Life really was filled with pleasant surprises.

When he wasn’t careful, he became stronger again!

Chu Tian never imagined this would happen when he was caught by the elves.


When he opened his eyes, Chu Tian did not even have time to speak when he saw the little fox laying on the grass.  There were Flower Fairies serving it from the side as various precious jade like fruits were moved over to it. The little fox refused to close its mouth as it poured the incomparably precious Fairy Wine into its mouth cup after cup!

Lulu and the Flower Fairies had looks of surprises, “The little white fox can really eat, it’s still not full.  We’ll take some more out.”

Fuck!  Damn fox!

Countless precious items were being wasted by it!

The little fox was leisurely enjoying itself, but when it saw that Chu Tian was awake, it was filled with surprise.  It instantly swept all the things in front of it into its stomach, fearful that Chu Tian would take it all away.

The Flower Fairies let out shocked gasps, “The little white fox can really eat!”


Can this fox ever be full?

If this fox stayed in the Flower Fairy Gardens for three-five days, perhaps the items stored over thousands of years in the garden would all be eaten!

Although the pure Flower Fairies wouldn’t care, it still wasn’t easy for them to store all these treasures.  Chu Tian quickly picked up the little fox and did not let them keep serving it. The little fox made a face before rubbing its round stomach.

It was fine, it was about full anyway.  After all, it had eaten a large amount in the Lost Forest and now that it had eaten some more in the Flower Fairy Gardens, it had enough energy stored within itself.  Even to the small fox, it could be considered full!

“This is the gift the little white fox wanted!”

Several Flower Fairies brought several purple puppets over.

When the little fox saw the puppets, it immediately revealed a happy smile.  It casually used its claws to take them all before cupping its claws to the Flower Fairies, looking very grateful, causing the Flower Fairies to smile.

This was nothing other than three Soul Puppets!

In order to protect their retreat back at the Southern Summer frontlines, the little fox had lost its Soul Puppet, so the little fox did not have the ability to summon anything.  Now that the Flower Fairies had given it another three Soul Puppets, each one being better than the previous one, this meant that the little fox could store the souls of three powerful demon beasts.  Its battle strength would be much stronger now.

Lulu flew in front of Chu Tian, “The Fairy Wine really did help you a lot, we’ll give you another few cups.”

The Flower Fairies were very friendly which touched Chu Tian.

“No, no need.”  Chu Tian was not polite, but with his current limited strength, a cup of Fairy Wine to him was enough to have a large effect on him.  He cannot absorb another cup for another month and after breaking through two levels, he could not keep wasting a precious item like the Fairy Wine, “Good things can be tasted, but too much makes it cheap.  You should leave it for future guests!”

Chu Tian did not have an abnormal digestive ability like the little fox.

If he drank another cup of the Fairy Wine, perhaps it would damage his body.

The Flower Fairies would have to spend a lot of time and effort to brew this Fairy Wine, so this top grade Immortal Grade Wine cannot be wasted!

“Thank you very much for increasing my cultivation.”  Chu Tian did not have any other merits, but he still had his courtesy.  The Flower Fairies had helped Chu Tian, so he gave the Flower Fairies a bit of benefits.  Chu Tian directly said, “I also need to give the Flower Fairies a gift, so I’ll create a world for you all!”

Create a world?

What did he want to do?

The Flower Fairies were all confused.

Is this something a mortal can accomplish?

Chu Tian took out the Spiritual Crystal from the Lost Woods, “I invite the Flower Fairies to create a new world with me!”



“But can we create a new world?”

“We can if I say we can!”  Chu Tian revealed a confident smile as he placed the crystal on the ground, “Let’s begin!”

The Flower Fairies were very pure and did not waste time saying anything.  They were not willing to doubt and only believed it was true because in their eyes, the wise and friendly Chu Tian wouldn’t like to them.  Or even in the Flower Fairies’ eyes, they did not know the meaning of lies.

Because each Flower Fairy believed it was true and they watched Chu Tian with faces filled with expectation.

Chu Tian first drew a large source energy array which was another unprecedented source energy array.  It was completely different from any source energy array seen before. The Flower Fairies watched as this incomparably complex source energy array was drawn bit by bit.  Although they couldn’t see what it did, with the Flower Fairies innate skills of sensing energy, they could feel that the source energy array was releasing an extraordinary and profound spiritual energy wave.

Chu Tian placed the Spiritual Crystal at the eye of the source energy array and had the little fox spit out several energy columns.  He placed the energy columns in position and the entire source energy array was activated. A vigorous and a strong spiritual energy was released in large waves.  It formed a spiritual barrier that couldn’t be seen, but could be sensed.

Spiritual energy was a rare kind of energy.

No one on the continent knew the origin of this kind of energy.

Therefore the continent’s civilization could not release spiritual energy from a source energy array.  So there was no doubt that this was something that surpassed the current era.

Chu Tian said to the Flower Fairies, “Come with me!”

After saying this, Chu Tian walked into the source energy arrays and the Flower Fairies followed him.  When the Flower Fairies entered the array, they felt the spiritual energy in the air enter their minds.  With the Flower Fairies’ innate talent and physiques, this kind of spiritual energy was easy for them to resist.

Chu Tian however said, “Open your mind and accept it!”

The Flower Fairies had no vigilance at all as they did what Chu Tian said.  The spiritual energy entered their mind in a slow and stable manner. Everyone was soon affected by the spiritual energy and their surroundings were filled with illusions.

Lulu and her sisters found that they had appeared on a vast prairie.

The prairie was vast and wide and they couldn’t see the edge.  The wind blew across them that made them feel nice and warm. Even though they knew that it was an illusion, it felt like being in the real world.

At this time.

A violent wind appeared above them as a large shadow covered the ground.  When the Flower Fairies looked up, they were all shocked by what they say.  A fifty meter long green dragon was currently spreading its wings and flying above their heads.  It was as shocking as a mountain.

“Lulu!”  Chu Tian was standing on the giant dragon’s back, looking at the Flower Fairies with a look of satisfaction, “I’m here!”

The Flower Fairies’ eyes went wide in shock.

Chu Tian snapped and the green dragon instantly exploded, turning into countless flower petals, falling like beautiful rain drops, covering the entire grassland.  Chu Tian fell like a feather to the ground, “This is all an illusion. I have already given spiritual authorization to you all, so you can also do this. Give it a try and see!”

The Flower Fairies released their spiritual energy.

The vast empty grassland suddenly turned into a large forest, instantly covering the entire prairie.  The grassland had instantly turned into an endless forest.

The Flower Fairies quickly realized.

In this spiritual world, they were basically omnipotent.  As long as they thought of something, it would instantly form!

Illusions weren’t strange.

Being able to control illusions wasn’t strange either.

But this kind of controlling illusions at will to suit one’s heart’s desires was hard to imagine.  The Flower Fairies wandered the illusion world, sometimes turning it into a forest, sometimes turning it into a sea of flowers, sometimes turning it into an ocean.  The various animals would also change according to their will. This was simply an illusion paradise.

Chu Tian watched the illusion as he said, “How is it?”

The Flower Fairies were very satisfied, “We thought that illusions could only hurt people before, but we never thought it could be used like this.  This is really too amazing!”

Chu Tian laughed, “It’s even more amazing.  The time passing in the spiritual world does not match that of the real world.  I can greatly slow down the time in the spiritual paradise, so even if a day passes in here, only an hour will pass in the outside world.”

The Flower Fairies expressed their admiration, but didn’t care that much.

This was because Flower Fairies were a race that wouldn’t age or become sick, so they did not have any concept to flow of time.  However, if this was placed in the human world, it would cause a giant stir!

This meant that if humans lived in the spiritual world, they would be able to live several times their lifespan.  To the short lived humans, this was a prayer sent from the heavens!

Why was Chu Tian so erudite?

This was because in the age Chu Tian lived in, spiritual technology was very developed.  Chu Tian already had an eidetic memory and his strong cultivation allowed him to withstand an even higher time deficit.

Chu Tian had studied in the Spiritual Library for a year and several dozen years had passed outside.

So even though he was young, he had a rare wisdom, so no one in the current era could surpass him.  Chu Tian’s two lifetimes added up to less than a hundred years, but his learning time was several times that.  Not a single elf could compare to him.

Chu Tian had found after going into the Lost Woods that the Bewilderment Crystal had a strong and stable property.  It was very suitable for being the main material for crafting this spiritual world.

The value of this item was not just for simply creating illusions!

If Chu Tian were to create a spiritual laboratory, the Yun Sect’s productivity would increase by several folds.  If he created a Spiritual Library, there would be many more talents and scholars.

Or even.

If Chu Tian studied spiritual technology to its peak.

Chu Tian could make a Spiritual Network!

This network would connect each person’s mind and allow them to form a Spiritual Network between the different races of the forest, or even the continent.  It would make the spiritual world a second world and each person could have a new identity in this spiritual world. It would also provide many kinds of entertainment, learning, trade, and other activities.

The continent would enter the era of the Spiritual Network.

Chu Tian and Vivian, as well as the elves were working together to create the spatial technology.  Now he planned on working with the Flower Fairies to explore this spiritual technology, this hidden treasure!

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