MT Chapter 391


Chapter 391: Marauders

The small town’s patrols had around one hundred people per squad.  There were thirty barbarians, thirty orc archers, twenty bear clan warriors, five-six wolf clan scouts, and a few ogres.

The barbarians were the main strength.  Normal patrols would not receive source energy weapons because the patrol’s main job was to disperse robbers in the forest.  With the strength of the barbarian berserkers, it was enough to take care of the robbers in the forest. The ogres and bear people were the main fighting force and the orc archers and wolf people were there to provide support.

This group layout was very carefully planned.  It could charge in and retreat, it could attack and defend, it could chase and avoid trackers, how could they be completely eliminated?  Each team had several communication devices and would report to headquarters every half hour. If something suddenly happened, they could immediately report to headquarters.

Now the two patrols had been attacked.


They did not even send out a distress signal!

When the headquarters found that these two teams had not reported, they immediately sent out wolf people to search for them.  In the end, they found they had been completely killed off and not a person was left alive.

When Chu Tian led Meng Yingying to the scene, the ground was covered in corpses and the forest was dyed with blood, making this scene look very tragic.  Each berserker had several dozen arrows in them, making them look like hedgehogs. No matter how strong their vitality was, they were not lucky enough to survive such a fierce attack.

Too tragic.

How could something like this happen under their eyes?

Meng Yingying’s face turned a bit white, “Which bastard did this!  Why would they kill our people without any reason at all!”

“We are currently investigating this, but we haven’t found a trace so far.”  Nangong Yun led a group of soldiers into the forest to search, “It seems like our patrols were ambushed and the attackers did not leave behind a single corpse, this really is not a normal matter!”

That’s right.

This was too abnormal!

“The patrols had elite wolf clan members and their noses can smell people from ten miles away, it is impossible for them to be ambushed.”  Meng Yingying was confused, “Even if they were ambushed, our Oldman Small Town’s patrols cannot just die from a single attack. Could it be that other side had True Spirit Realm experts?”

“Not necessarily!”  Nangong Yun said, “Look at direction of the arrow, these arrows were fired from the sky.  Although the wolf people’s noses are sharp, but if the enemy was riding in airborne mounts, they could fire from the sky and the wolf people wouldn’t be able to track them.”

Airborne mounts?

This was precisely Miracle Commerce’s weakness.

Meng Yingying was still a bit confused, “Why didn’t we receive a distress signal?”

“Because they couldn’t send it in time!”  Nangong Yun pulled out an arrow and pointed at the black head as she said, “The arrow is covered in poison, so even if it is the bear clan, wolf clan, or orc warriors, once they were hit with an arrow, they would immediately lose the ability to resist.  The berserkers and the strong bodied ogres could resist the poison, but there were too many enemies. After a single wave of attacks, there weren’t many that could keep standing, so they could send the signal in time.”

Meng Yingying slightly knit her brows, “So evil, actually using poison!”

Generally the patrols would not bring the Storm Rifles or the portable cannons, so when they were lacking heavy firepower and being suddenly attacked by the enemy, they were completely annihilated without being able to resist at all.

But why would they attack the Oldman Small Town patrol for no reason?

Was this a coincidence or was it deliberate?

“Sir mayor, this is bad!”  At this time, an orc quickly ran over.  That big and ugly face was covered in sweat, “Another group was ambushed again.  They have sent a request for help to the small town and their situation is not good.”

Everyone’s faces changed.

Chu Tian quickly asked, “Location!”

The orc quickly said, “Around twenty miles from the canyon.  A group of guards was attacked this time.”

The patrols were different from the group of guards.

As Oldman Small Town slowly developed, they began offering transport services.  For example, the merchants that came to the small town to sell large amounts of goods, they were afraid of robbers blocking the road to Oldman Small Town.  After all, with Oldman Small Town’s quick development, the bandits and thieves knew there were large amounts of goods around this place, so there were quite a few of them waiting for prey.

It was because of this that Oldman Small Town sent out large amounts of patrols, protecting the safety of the surrounding area.

However, the patrols were only for around the valley, so there were a few merchants who still didn’t feel assured.  This was because the robbers could place ambushes in points in the nearby forest, guarding the various exits to the canyon, stopping them like this.

Demands gave rise to opportunities!

Oldman Small Town had abundant military strength and they spent most of their time doing nothing.

When Meng Qingwu came to the Oldman Small Town, in order to maximize use of resources, she had created a mercenary services.  She created a Miracle Commerce mercenary business, mainly to send protective groups out.

If the merchants were not assured, they could hire soldiers, having the powerful elite army escort them from this region.  The charge was dependent on how many soldiers were hired, but it was generally quite affordable, so there were many merchants willing to spend money rather than facing danger.

This increased their income and calmed the merchants’ worries, being advantageous to the long term development of Oldman Small Town.

The one attacked was a group of guards.

When Chu Tian’s group rushed over, it was already too late.

The battle here had just ended and they were completely annihilated.  There were several heavily wounded barbarians and ogres who didn’t die because of their strong vitality, being barely rescued.

“So many arrows, so many arrows!”  The barbarian’s eyes went wide and his mind was very fuzzy.  He said with great difficulty, “Bats, so many bats!”


Chu Tian couldn’t ask anymore and could only wave his hand, “Quickly send them back to be treated.”

“Boss, there’s something!”  Nangong Yun called from the forest.

She had found a giant bat that had been shot down with a Source Energy Gun.  It wasn’t just one, there was a bunch of dead bats in the bushes.

The guards were different from the patrols.

The guards had Source Energy Weapons, so even if they encountered airborne units, they could still fight back.  Those large bats that were dead in the forest, they must be the chief culprit for this ambush.

Meng Yingying carefully looked over the bats a few times.

These bats were truly big, each one being strong and sturdy and had long beast like claws, but they weren’t intelligent beings.  Not far away, there was a strange strong and sturdy green skinned being.

This being was like an orc, having the same green skin, but it had a large amount of natural stripes.  It was currently carrying a quiver filled with poisoned arrows and wielding a long bow.

Chu Tian knit his brows as he muttered, “Forest Trolls?”

Forest Trolls were a normal race in the forest.

The trolls had a very natural alchemy skill and were considered the alchemy masters of the forest, but they were greedy by nature, naturally liking to steal from others.  If the guards were not provided with Source Energy Weapons, they wouldn’t have suffered any injuries.

Chu Tian knit his brows and said, “Now it can be explained.  The trolls train bats and although they are only level one demon beasts, they are considered quite strong for level one demon beasts.  They have very strong middle and short range explosive power and their ultrasonic bat waves can explore large patches of the forest, so they can lock onto armies from a far distance.  This allows them to launch accurate ambushes that no one can guard against. The trolls excel in alchemy, so if they use their poison arrows, they could disrupt the battle strength of our army.”

Meng Yingying was even more confused.

Were the trolls just bored?

Why would they do this for no reason!

Chu Tian looked at the troll corpses and found a strange tattoo.  It looked like a sword inserted into a skull.

“What mark is this?”

Each troll had the same mark on them.

Chu Tian felt very strange.  This perhaps would be useful in identifying the other side, so he called several orcs over to take a look at it.  Perhaps these locals would be able to recognize it.

Who would have known that.

When the orcs saw this tattoo, they immediately began trembling with fear.

“I….I know this!”  An orc said with a face filled with fear, “They are the Troll Marauders!  It’s over, we’re in the sights of the Marauders, it’s all over! The small town can’t be protected!”

“Fuck, what nonsense are you saying?”  Nangong Yun directly slapped him, “Your mother can’t be protected!  If you keep speaking nonsense, do you believe I won’t beat your to death!”

“Nangong!”  Chu Tian stopped Nangong Yun.  He felt this situation was not simple, “What is the matter with the Marauders?”

Nangong Yun fierce nature had scared the orcs very much, so they could only confess honestly.

Not all the races in the Forest of Chaos settled in towns or villages, there were several races that were nomads.  The troll race was a very famous nomadic race.

The Marauders were a very famous organization among the trolls.

They appeared and disappeared like locusts, leaving everything infertile.

The Marauder’s mark was a skull tattoo and they tamed large amounts of bats.  This was because the bats had strong echolocation abilities that could allow the Marauders to find locals that hid in the forest, the mountains, or even the more remote corners.  The Marauders relied on this method of pillaging to make a living.

The Marauders were crazy, even daring to rob the large powers of the forest!

Because the trolls did not have a set living area, every time powerful people chased after them, they would immediately disperse.  No matter how strong the local powers were, they could not catch them.

Once the danger passed, the Marauders would group again.  This was a very hard to deal with group, so no matter who the Marauders set their eyes on, they would be in for bad luck.

Now that they were only attacking the small town’s patrols and guards, but this was just giving Oldman Small Town face.  After all, Oldman Small Town was an underground city and it would not be easy for the trolls to invade. They could only use this method to pressure the small town while also plundering some items.

Meng Yingying was very dissatisfied with the terrified orcs, “If they dare appear again, we will kill them all!  What is there to be afraid of?”

“You…..You don’t know, but there are many Marauders!”  The orcs were still trembling, “They had a strange movement and no one can track them, so no one knows where they will appear.  Even large tribes were daunted, we are just a few people…..It’s not enough! I think that after the Marauders finish their demonstration, they will give their request.  They just need something to satisfy them, it’s better than being exterminated.

Nangong Yun angrily rushed over to beat him.

Chu Tian stopped her, “Nangong, don’t be impulsive.  The situation is very special, we need to appease it right now.”

Oldman Small Town’s riches would draw hungry locusts.

But Chu Tian never thought that they would face such a troublesome enemy.

The matter of the guard being attack should have spread over Oldman Small Town already.  The locals that came to live and do business in Oldman Small Town will be filled with fear and may even escape because of this.

What was even worse was that.

That large tribes might not dare offend these Marauders and could possible withdraw from Oldman Small Town because of the Marauder threats, or even simply compromising with the Marauders.  Then, this newly established small town would have its foundations injured by this.

Chu Tian definitely could not let this happen!

This small town was Miracle Commerce’s first step in developing in the Forest of Chaos.  If they couldn’t even complete the first step, how could they implement the following plans?

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