MT Chapter 405


Chapter 405: Condition

At night, in the Minotaur Valley, several tens of thousands of Minotaurs were wildly partying as the entire valley was filled with the fragrance of meat and wine.

Chu Tian was sitting in the valley center around a campfire with the fox people.  Delores was sitting beside him and her silver hair was hanging down as she held the barbecued meat with both hands, eating in large bites without stop.

“You’re really something.”  Delores looked very discontent with the Minotaurs’ happy appearance, like the happiness of the Minotaurs was the worst thing for her, so she complained to Chu Tian beside her, “It’s fine that you sent food, but these dumb cows can eat anything, their stomachs can even digest rotten wolf meat.  Even the toughest blades of grass would be fine. You had to give them this good food, it was too cheap for these fellows.”

After saying this.


She took several fierce bites.

The forest locals even ate prey raw, so they had very poor diets.  The locals were locals and they couldn’t compare to humans of civilized societies.  Even in human society, Miracle Commerce’s source energy cooked foods were the best among the best.  Even for the elves that pursued a high quality of life, Vivian also fell in love with it the first time she ate it.

The elves also had excellent cooking skills, they could use demon beast meat and herbs to cook a fine dish.  Only, the elves’s cooking method was as complicated as alchemy, how could it be accomplished with a single source energy array like Miracle Commerce did?

After Meng Yingying invented the canned food, Miracle Commerce had established several dozen factories.  These canned food factories had required source energy chefs to work in them, but now the source energy arrays could be made with the source energy columns, allowing them to be made without people.  Although without the chef controlling the flame personally made the taste a bit lacking, that was only relatively speaking.

Chu Tian did not place fox girl’s complaints in his heart.

Because he had brought Delores, they had fiercely cut into the Minotaurs.  Although the because of the long famine, the Minotaur tribe had already sold their precious herbs and materials for food, the treasures in their store rooms were not lacking.  Especially demon beast cores, magic crystals, various skins, and etc. These had been collected by the Minotaurs for many years.

These things were not very valuable here.

But if they were sent to the Southern Summer Country, the value would be huge!

Those level three demon beast leather could be made into high quality leather armour.  Those demon beast cores and magic crystals could be used in large quantity in the laboratory.  Other than that, there were still herbs, metals, and other materials.

Roughly calculating it all.

The cost of the source energy canned food was around three hundred low grade source stone, which was three hundred million gold coins in the Southern Summer Country.  This was because they had been purchasing food in the month that were all level two ingredients, making the cost relatively high. After all, with the strength of the Minotaurs, level one source energy cooking was hard to satisfy them with.

Chu Tian had basically emptied the Minotaur Tribe and these items had a value of over three thousand low grade source stones, which could be exchanged for three billion gold coins in the Southern Summer Country!

Chu Tian basically did not do anything.

Miracle Commerce and Oldman Small Town bought this demon beast meat, so those mercenaries back in the kingdom, the hunters, and the local tribes were all grateful to Miracle Commerce.  After all, they could sell this demon beast meat for a good price which was a huge income to them without a doubt.

These purchased ingredients were sent to the Southern Summer factories to be processed and sold to the famine areas, instantly making back ten times their price and the locals were grateful to him.  Chu Tian was simply an angel that came from the sky, saving their tribe from disaster!

This kind of business that could make money and earn gratitude was hardly seen!

Now the female fox Delores had lost her prejudice against Chu Tian and even began to slightly admire this human.

Although Chu Tian never mentioned how he transported the food, Delores couldn’t ask him by her accord, so she went to find the little fox.  Could the little fox keep the secret? This fox clan had already regarded him as an ancestor and consecrated him, making this fellow feel very satisfied.  Delores only gave it a few good things and it immediately told Delores about the Space Warehouse.

It wasn’t overrated to call this Space Warehouse a miracle!

Especially for tribes in times of famine, Chu Tian could definitely earn a large profit from them!

Delores led her people to work for Chu Tian without another word.

At this time, the Minotaur chief Arnold was dead drunk.  He never thought his day today would be this happy, not only had that human given the Minotaurs a pleasant surprise by temporarily solving their famine problem, he had also given them good food they never would have tasted.

The wine was top quality wine.

The meat was top quality meat.

Arnold felt a wave of sadness, he felt like he had wasted his life!

He didn’t even know how to enjoy life.  If he knew that the human world was this beautiful, he wouldn’t have become a chief and would have left the forest to enjoy himself in a human kingdom!

This was a Minotaur in the 3rd True Spirit Layer, whether it was a small or large kingdom, he would receive a lot of respect!

Now that regret was already too late.

What made Arnold truly surprised was that the things the human merchant took were all things the Minotaurs couldn’t use like the demon beast bones, blood, cores, magic crystals, and skins.  These things couldn’t be eaten, so they had no value in the Forest of Chaos. The Minotaurs always disinclined bringing them back after hunting, but they never thought that at this moment, it could be used to save their tribe!

He would have kept a stock of these if he knew this earlier!

Arnold suddenly sobered by a bit.

That’s right!

The Minotaur tribe was not very wealthy and now most of their stocks had been traded away.  Although they had obtained several hundred thousand pounds of food, how many days would this bit last?  It was unknown how long this famine would last and if the tribe kept facing this food crisis, how would they get over it?

Arnold’s nonexistent brow knit.

Although the Minotaurs weren’t smart, this was an obvious difficult problem which wasn’t hard to see.

Arnold considered this and then said to Chu Tian, “Honourable mister Chu Tian, you have solved a great problem for our Minotaur tribe.  I represent the Minotaurs in thanking you!”

Chu Tian casually waved his hand, “Don’t mention it.  I am a merchant, this is a fair trade. You don’t owe me anything.”

Arnold’s pitch black face looked a bit awkward, “Then……The food quality is very good, I see that it can last the Minotaurs for around five days, but after five days…..”

Chu Tian pretended not to understand Arnold’s words, “What my company has is food.  As long as there is a proper price, we can provide how ever much you need.”

“But…..”  Arnold’s nose spewed out two streaks of white steam and he said in an anxious voice, “Most of the precious herbs in our stores have been traded with Green City for food half a month again and now the valuable leathers and ores have already been traded for this batch of food.  My tribe really can’t take any more out. Can we put things on credit first? As long as you provide my tribe with a month’s worth, the Minotaurs will repay you double in six months!”

Chu Tian shook his head with a bitter smile, “Chief Arnold should know that I wouldn’t earn any money on this business.  Think about it, how difficult is it to deliver food through the forest? If not for wanting to become friends with the Minotaurs, I would not have undertaken this business that loses me money.  If the Minotaurs want to buy on credit, I’m afraid it’s bit hard to say. The company must calculate cost and risk and I am a merchant, so I’m very sorry……”

The Minotaurs were anxious hearing these words.

They didn’t know how long this famine would last and if this human merchant lost heart in the Minotaurs, it would be a serious blow to their tribe.

It was like he said, transporting this much food into the depths of the forest seemed like an impossible matter no matter how it was thought about.  Not to mention that Chu Tian didn’t receive any precious materials from this trade, only a bunch of normal items. Trading such high quality food at such a low price, it was cheaper than Green City by several times.

It seemed like he really had nothing to gain!

What could they do, steal it?  No! Arnold did not know this human merchant, not to mention that a human coming here to do business was not simple.  Chu Tian had warned the Minotaurs already that if anything happened, the humans could use food to convince the large tribes around them, having them attack the Minotaurs.  The Minotaurs would suffer from their own actions.

“We can consider any condition you have.  As long as you can help our clansmen pass through this crisis, you can raise any conditions!”


Arnold sincerely nodded.

Chu Tian did give a satisfied nod, “Actually I have a special identity, but the opportunity to tell you all isn’t here yet.  However you can all understand that you will not suffer a loss working with me.”

The Minotaurs knit their nonexistent brows again.

What did this mean?  Did he want the Minotaurs to swear their loyalty to him?  This was impossible. He was just a human and the Minotaurs will not act servile just for food.

“Chief Arnold, I will allow the Minotaurs to buy on credit.”  Chu Tian said this and then sighed, “As for the other part, we can have an employment repayment plan.”


“I am after all not a local, so doing business here is very inconvenient.  If I have the help of the Minotaur elites to help open my business, naturally there will be less resistance.”  Chu Tian said this and pointed at the nearby large cans of food, “Each Minotaur elite will be paid two cans each day, what do you think?”

Each can had several dozen pounds in them, it was enough to feed a Minotaur for several days.

A single Minotaur would earn two cans, this was not low in a time of famine.  A single Minotaur would be enough to feed their family. Only Arnold was still worried because he didn’t know this human’s plans.  If he led the Minotaur elites to death, he would have no way to explain this to his clansmen.

“You don’t need to worry.”  Chu Tian added in, “If the Minotaurs are injured during employment, I will cure them and compensate them ten cans of food, letting them come back to recover.  If the Minotaurs die during employment, Miracle Commerce will compensate them with a hundred cans of food!”

The Minotaurs all took in deep breaths.

This was a hard to resist enticement.

Chief Arnold considered this for a long time before he said in a tentative voice, “The Minotaur elites are the bravest warriors in the forest, it must be four cans of food per day at least!”

Chu Tian thought about it and did not bargain, so he accepted this term.

Five cans contained several hundred pounds of meat and just a single dead cow would provide several tons of meat, so this bit of food counted for nothing!  Miracle Commerce did not lack resources, they just lacked allies, especially allies in Green City. Using food transactions to create allies was not a bad method.

“No problem!”

Other than the fox clan, Chu Tian had obtained the support of another clan.

These Minotaurs will not only support Chu Tian, Chu Tian could even hire these Minotaurs to break through the frontlines.  So if there was a need, Chu Tian could hire several thousand Minotaur elites to fight for him! With this strength and the fox clan’s support, Chu Tian was filled with confidence!

But this was still not enough.

Chu Tian had not fully used his advantage, he needed to win the support of even more locals!

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