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Chapter 410: Shaman witchcraft

Delores felt a bit of admiration towards Chu Tian.  The Shaman Religion from the Savage Highlands was a mysterious religion and was different from the summoning and taming techniques of the Demonic God Religion.  The Shaman Sorcerers mainly used curses, soul attacks, and witchcraft poisons. This kind of using a gu insect to control someone was definitely a high level witchcraft technique of the Shaman Religion.

[TL Note: Gu is an ancient chinese poison that was formed by sealing many venomous creatures in a jar where they devoured each other, concentrating their poison into one remaining individual.]

This kind of witchcraft controlled people who didn’t look any different from normal people.  It almost couldn’t be examined because there was no difference in mind, soul, and thoughts. This was pure mind control on a physiological and quantitative level.

The rune Chu Tian drew out did not vanish.  Clark had a trace of shock on his face, “To easily solve the Shaman’s witchcraft, you seem to be skilled in these techniques.  You….”


“There is no need to mention this small trick of a branch sect.”

There were records of the Shaman Religion throughout history, but when it came to Chu Tian’s era, this religion had long disappeared.  Chu Tian has read ancient books related to the Shaman’s witchcraft before. This witchcraft did not require any special cultivation techniques, rather it was just a secret technique.

Chu Tian had studied it a bit in the past.  Although he wasn’t very skills, he could still easily solve this gu insect.

Since he knew the enemy, this would be easier.

“I also thought the famine around Green City was a bit strange.”  Delores knit her brows. The famine was strange, but they couldn’t figure out what was strange about it, “In the past, only large scale migrations of beasts or large geological disasters would cause the beast population around Green City to change.  There was no warning this time and the change had strangely occurred.”

Clark was suspicious of this problem a long time ago, “The Shaman Sorcerers should have used their altar to cast a witchcraft spell on the beast herds, leading to this series of events happening.  This could be achieved in theory, but we never had any conclusive evidence and did not know where to begin. If we tell them now, the tribes will not believe us.”

It was no wonder those Shamans reacted so quickly, father had actually helped them!

They must have been preparing for several months, so they immediately grabbed the opportunity when it appeared, causing problems with Chu Tian’s plan.  This was too hateful!

Speaking of this, the influence of the Shaman Religion was not small.  At the very least around Green City, they had several hundred thousand followers.  Now they were stirring a union between the locals. When the locals attacked Green City, the Shaman Religion would mobilize their believers to attack.  For Green City, even if they aren’t broken through, they will still suffer a large loss.

“What I’m most worried about is the Shaman’s witchcraft.”  Clark seemed to realize how serious the matter was, “We don’t know when the envoy was controlled by the gu insect.  In the near future or a long time from now, the Shaman could use their witchcraft to control the gnomes, since they could do it once already.”

“This situation is a true reality.”

Chu Tian carefully introduced the Shaman’s witchcraft.

This witchcraft would not directly kill the host and after it entered the host’s mind, it would quickly control their brain, controlling their emotions and thoughts.  The host would not know that they are being controlled, they would live their lives normally and even their closest relatives would not find anything strange with them.

These people controlled by witchcraft were like time bombs.

When the Shaman Religion need to use these pawns, the Shaman priests would activate their witchcraft and the host would lose their ability for independent action, turning them into a puppet controlled by witchcraft.

There were times when Shaman Sorcerers did not need to directly control thoughts and could use their witchcraft to subtly influence the host’s thoughts.  This was because emotions like happiness and anger were created from spiritual energy and this spiritual energy was something material that could be controlled.

Delores and Clark were both stunned.

The Shaman witchcraft was mysterious and sinister, normal people knew very little about it.

This outsider was clearer on the Shamans compared to these locals that had dealt with them for decades.  The use of witchcraft to control others was clearly a secret of the Shaman Religion, how did he know about this?

No wonder, no wonder the Shaman Religion developed so quickly.  Not only did they have much influence among the surrounding tribes, there were also several Shaman altars in Green City.  The source of the problem came from there.

The locals raised an army of several hundred thousand.

They had several hundred thousand followers after all these years of development.

There were also over a hundred True Spirit Realm Shaman Sorcerers who were the backbone of the Shaman Religion and the control they had over Green City over the years, it was a very terrifying strength!

The allied army had gathered for three-four days now and there was over a hundred thousand of them gathered.  It’s said that their numbers were still growing and they would soon reach several hundred thousand. There were many tribes that had sent most of their adult males, sparing no efforts at all.  With this kind of high efficiency, who would believe it if someone said there wasn’t interference from the Shamans?

Once the locals launched their attack, the troops controlled by the Shamans would attack the city.  Adding in the attack from within the city, how should the gnomes deal with this?

Also, if the Shaman spirit beast and the Green City gnomes fought, would the Necromancers stand on the side and watch?  Even the Druids were an unknown variable.

Chu Tian had brought all the stakes to light.

“Mister’s insight is truly clear.”  Clark had not thought that Chu Tian would be so insightful.  He was so careless when he was sitting in the acting City Lord that it made him break out in a sweat right now, “The Green City situation is worse than I thought.”

The gnomes were skilled in studying and not skilled in diplomacy or military strategy.  Now that the water was becoming murkier, he could not think of a way to solve it.

Delores was also shocked deep down.

Not to mention Clark.

Who would have thought that the situation would be this bad?

Clark asked in a worried and shocked voice, “Then how many gnomes does mister think is being controlled by the Shaman Sorcerers?”

“It is very hard to refine these gu insects and it will consume one’s cultivation base and vitality to refine them, so they can’t refine many of them.  You don’t need to worry about this.” Chu Tian carefully pondered it, “Just follow my arrangements. As long as the gnomes can hold the city, I can take care of the rest.”

Can this situation really be taken care of?

Clark had no confidence at all right now.  He could only trust in this outsider now, one that would become the Green City’s City Lord.


At dusk, there were a hundred and fifty local elites gathered in the forest.  The locals were filled with morale and killing intent. When they were gathering, there were more and more locals joining them.  Of course these were all scattered small forces who wanted nothing more than to loot Green City together.

The allied army’s conference began.  Ogres, tiger people, leopard people, lizard people, snake people…..The major tribes’ chiefs and high level members all attended this meeting.  Their builds were different and each race’s leader looked different, but they all had the same angry look on their faces.

“Green City is just too arrogant!”

“They want to exterminate us and turn us into their slaves?”

“These gnomes don’t know they’re already dead, do they think this is a hundred years ago?”

“We will soon have several hundred thousand people.  At that time, adding in the Shaman Religion’s witchcraft, our battle strength will certainly double and we will easily trample those gnomes!”

The entire army was filled with a layer of strange anger, hot temper, and wildness.  Each person was impatient about crashing into Green City, burning Green City down and stealing treasure and food!

Several goat race Shaman priests stood in the corner with smiles of ridicule.

“The Minotaur chief Arnold is leading five thousand soldiers to join the alliance!”

The locals were all stunned.  The Minotaur’s battle strength was very strong and their bodies weren’t inferior to ogres.  They excelled in charging at the vanguard, so these five thousand Minotaurs charging will certainly easily pierce through the weak gnomes’ defenses.

Arnold was the Minotaur tribe’s chief and he was actually personally participating.

Arnold was the youngest Minotaur chief in two hundred years.  He was a typical blockhead, have a fiery and straightforward personality, a traditional Minotaur that couldn’t be more traditional.  However, with the personalities of the Minotaurs, it meant they weren’t playing around. Since Arnold personally came this time, it meant the Minotaurs also wanted to loot Green City.

The several large clan chiefs and the Shaman Sorcerers came to greet Arnold.

There was a chief that said, “Arnold, you only brought five thousand Minotaurs, this is just too little.  The Minotaur Valley has over a hundred thousand Minotaurs!”

Another chief also said, “We’re dividing everything based on contribution, whoever does more will receive more.  I’m afraid five thousand Minotaurs won’t be enough.”

“The Minotaurs’  support does not just come from warriors!”  Arnold gave a simple smile, “You are not lacking in warriors, so the Minotaurs brought the thing you lack the most.”

“What did you bring?”


“What?”  The various large tribe chiefs were stunned, “You’re saying you’re giving food?”

Arnold’s large body moved aside and he pointed at the Minotaur group behind him, causing all the chiefs’ eyes to follow him.  There were several thousand armoured Minotaurs dragging a large pile of canned food, giving them one by one to the local warriors.

The entire army camp was filled with cheers.

The various tribe chiefs were all stunned, “This, what is this…..”

Arnold said with a laugh, “A human merchant came to the Minotaur tribe not long ago and these were all bought from him.  There is enough good wine and food, enough for us to fight Green City!”

“Human merchant?”

“Where did a human merchant come from?  How could he possibly bring all this food into the forest?”

The chiefs all had strange looks on their faces as their killing intent weakened quite a bit.  There were already some people asking Arnold how to contact this human merchant.

“I don’t know where he’s from either.”  Arnold shook his head, “But if necessary, I can try contacting him for all of you.”

The several priests looked at each other.

They could see shock from each other’s eyes.

There was a priest who pinched a seal and mumbled something.

“Roar!”  An ogre suddenly roared out, “If we take Green City, will we be lacking in food?  Why do we need to spend a large price to buy from a human profiteer! Not to mention, who knows how much food this human has.  After we defeat Green City, we’ll have enough to last us ten years!”

“That’s right!”

“Defeat Green City!”

“Arnold, your food came just in time.  After our warriors eat their fill, they will certainly take Green City.  At that time, we’ll give you an extra part!”

Arnold nodded.  This Minotaur chief looked at the Shaman priests, as he revealed a strange look.

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