MT Chapter 412


Chapter 412: Green Protector

Luz also couldn’t describe the reason.

When he saw the young human back then, he had a bad premonition in his heart.  What made him make his decision in the end was not the dormant poison in his body, but rather the human’s methods.

He could break their witchcraft.

The five gnomes were clearly being controlled by witchcraft and the gu insects were in their heads, but the Shaman Sorcerer could not control them which made Luz very unsettled.  The Shaman Sorcerer’s curse almost could not be broken, this was something the Shamans had faith in.


Now the facts were in front of him.  Not only was the gu insect technique broken, he clearly understood everything with the Shaman Religion and the gnome Clark was also making his preparations.  With the Shamans falling into a disadvantageous situation like this, the 90% success rate of this battle was at least cut in half.

Luz’s ancestry came from the Green City Area and they had been Shamans since his father’s generation.  He rarely had contact with the Savage Highlands and if it wasn’t for them sending High Priest Mars, they two places would have been two factions from the same origin.

The human had calculated this point thoroughly.

Although Mars had absolute authority in the religion, being able to command all the priests, the local Shaman Sorcerers made up the large part of their members.  It shouldn’t be said that they fear High Priest Mars, but rather they fear the large Savage Highlands behind him.

Once the Savage Highlands was angered, there was no need to mention a small Green City Shaman Religion.  Out of fear of this giant, the Green City Shamans had to accept Mars’ leadership, becoming the Savage Highland’s power in Green City.  If it was the normal development path, the Shaman Sorcerers would weaken the gnomes before finally taking control of Green City.

Who would have thought the gnomes would surrender to the Eternal Forest.

This filled the Savage Highlands with anger.  To avoid having the city fall into the Eternal Forest’s hands, they decided to destroy Green City.  The Green City Shamans were tied to Green City and if there were no Green City, it would have a large effect on them.  The gnomes weren’t weak and if they went all out with the gnomes, they would have to pay a large price. Not to mention that Green City already belonged to the Eternal Forest and the strength of the elves was far beyond the imagination of the Shamans.

Luz could already vaguely feel that he had become a chess piece for the Forest of Chaos giants.  Once he was used to test the Eternal Forest’s bottom line, he would be discarded.

Luz pondered a long time to make his decision.  He said to the Shaman Sorcerer beside him, “Have priests Corolla and Hilton come over, there is something I want to discuss with them.”

Corolla and Hilton were Luz’s trusted friends and a few of the leaders of the Green City Shamans.  He had to discuss this matter with them.

After Chu Tian led Delores and Clark away from Luz.

Clark said in a worried voice, “You’re letting Luz off like this?  He is not an easy to control person. It wasn’t easy for us to obtain that opportunity, if Mars knows about this, I’m afraid it will be bad for Green City.”

Clark was already holding this young person in a completely new esteem.

Chu Tian had come to the Green City area for only a weak and had only simply studied the situation of the local forces to be able to come up with this kind of plan.  It was bold and radical and if it succeeded, it would relieve a large amount of pressure for Green City. However, once it failed, Green City would lose an opportunity because once the Shamans knew about this, it would be harder for the gnomes to plan anything in the future.

Fuck, this damn old gnome, you actually don’t believe me?”

Chu Tian had a face filled with disdain as he spoke to Delores on the side, “Do you believe me?”

“Sir City Lord can break the witchcraft which will be a large psychological attack on Luz, making him doubt if the witchcraft technique is effective or not.  Sir City Lord has also poisoned him, creating a large threat to Luz’s life and no one in this world is willing to die.” Delores seemed like she had understood something, “The most important thing is that sir City Lord is making use of the Shaman’s internal conflict, especially between Mars representing the Savage Highlands and Luz representing the Green City Shamans.  This fierce relationships is not visible normally, but this is a special period of time and there may actually be something behind it. So, I feel that this plan can be attempted.”

Chu Tian said with a nod, “After I become the City Lord, you can be the City Lord’s assistant.”

Delores revealed a look of joy and immediately thanked him in a charming manner.  Clark looked very awkward on the side. It seemed like this human had already treated himself as the City Lord which made him a bit dissatisfied.  Even if this human had some skills, he was still a human in the end and the gnomes would not be convinced by the humans.

“What should we do now?”

“We have already taken care of the Shamans, now we just need to prepare against the other influences being predatory fishes.  As far as I know, other than the Shamans, the most troublesome people in Green City are the Necromancers and the Druids.”

“That’s right.”  Clark’s expression became serious again.  Although he was a bit dissatisfied with this human, this concerned the survival of Green City, so he did not dare be negligent, “The founder of the Undead Religion is the Lich Saigest.  This Lich is very mysterious and strange, rarely making an appearance, even those Necromancers under him are also strange. We cannot guess their motives like the Shamans, so we can’t guard against them.”

“What about the Druids?”

“The Druids are different from the Shamans and the Necromancers.  The Druids are a wide spread religion across the Forest of Chaos. The Druids in Green City do not have any background, but they are unruly and do not care about the rules of Green City.  They have always followed their own rules which has been a headache to me.”

“It’s like this!”

The gnomes really didn’t have any skills, allowing foreign forces to ruin a city like this.  It was no wonder they had to rely on the Eternal Forest.

Delores asked, “Our main enemies this time are the Shamans.  Although we can’t be certain that Druids and Necromancers will not wait for their chance, we will waste strength if we deal with them at the same time.  I’m afraid it will be disadvantageous to us if we do this.”

“You’re right.”  Chu Tian did not plan on defeating them all at once, after all, Green City was not strong enough to fight all three at once.  He asked Clark, “How many Green Protectors does Green City have?”

“There are a total of three thousand.  There are two thousand weakened by a strange illness and the others need to protect the channels, so we have no way of moving them.”

“A strange illness?”  Chu Tian slightly knit his brows, “Let me have a look.”

Clark led Chu Tian to the Green City’s open temple.

This was a special place to cultivate the Green Protectors and there were several hundred Green Protector seedlings which were currently growing underneath the altar.

Other than that, there were several hundred large Green Protectors here.  They were all complete, but they couldn’t be used.

The Green Protectors were a powerful synthetic life form, made by the gnomes when they extracted samples from the ancient war trees remains, cultivated with the techniques of the Green Religion priests.  It could be considered the gnomes’ greatest invention.

Each Green Protector could be used in theory for a thousand years!

When Green City was at its peak two-three hundred years ago, they had around twenty thousand Green Protectors.  It was enough to create a large scale barrier that made outsiders unable to invade. Now, Green City had less than three thousand Green Protectors and two thousand of them were sick, otherwise how could the Shamans be so courageous?

The temple had a Spring of Life in the center.

This was not a normal Spring of Life, it was refined with the blessing of nature by the Green Religion priests.  Each drop was equal to a barrel of normal Water of Life and it was an incredibly valuable treasure, having good effects on curing injuries!

These ill Green Protectors had degrade to the point that they couldn’t hold on anymore.  They were like rotten wood with yellow and withered leaves. Although the gnomes did not hesitate to irrigate them with high level Water of Life, this only slowed down their dying speed and there was no change for the better.


“Sir Clark, how can you bring a human here?”

“This is our clan’s sacred ground hiding our clan’s secret, how can we let a human see this!”

Wherever a human went, they would not be well received.

Those gnome priests all had looks of hostility in their eyes.

Chu Tian was too lazy to care about them, as he directly sent his Divine Sense into the Green Protector.  He could vaguely feel that there was a strange energy inside the Green Protector which was like a seal, suppressing the Green Protector’s vital energy.

Clark calmed down the other gnomes and had them be patient.

He didn’t have any hope anyway, so why wouldn’t he let this fellow give it a try?

Each gnome was very intelligent.  The knowledge of any gnome taken into the human world would allow them to be titled a Great Scholar or a Country Scholar.  At least in the forest, there weren’t any clans that could be considered smarter than the gnomes.

All this knowledge gathered together couldn’t solve this problem.  Perhaps it could only be solved if they invited a Sage here and it had to be a Sage skilled in plants and vital energy.

This young human, how could he be a human Sage?!

In any case, the gnomes’ eyes were filled with disdain.

Chu Tian waved his hand, “This should be a slow acting death energy curse.  I think it should be done by the Lich, it suits their method of acting.”

Delores asked in a curious voice, “Is there a way to cure them?”

“There is, but with an ordinary method, we would need to waste quite a bit of energy because their vitality has been deeply absorbed by the curse.  I’m afraid it can’t be cured in a day, so they won’t be cured in time for the battle.” Chu Tian hesitantly took out a little jar which had a red liquid inside of it.  He gave the jar to Delores, “Pour this into the Spring of Life, then water them with the spring water.”

The gnomes were all stunned.

What did this human want to do?

Delores immediately complied, but she was stopped by several white bearded gnomes.  They looked at the fox girl and the human with eyes of vigilance. One was a foreign race and one was a sly human, who knew what they were thinking.

Clark gave a soft cough, “Let them try, it’s better than nothing.”

Delores glared at the gnomes before pouring the bottle into the Spring of Life.  Almost instantly, the spring water was covered in a layer of dark red, as a strange energy filled it.  Delores could feel the energy inside and she instantly looked at it with a questioning gaze.

Chu Tian nodded, “Water them.”

Immediately, water was splashed onto the half dead Green Protector.

An incredible matter happened.  When the red water fell onto the Green Protector, the water instantly spread with a chi chi sound.  The colour of dying embers disappeared as everywhere it went was filled with vitality. The leaves that had withered was instantly revived.

The gnomes were all stunned by this.

What is going on?  They could not understand it at all!

Chu Tian revealed a pained expression.  The Divine Blood could break any curse and the Spring of Life water filled the Green Protectors with vitality, so naturally there were excellent results.  Chu Tian did not have much Divine Blood and these things could be used to refine Divine Blood Yin Corpses, so using it like this was a bit extravagant.

But the effects were quick to appear.

Not long passed before quite a few Green Protectors were completely recovered.  This newly added battle strength would be enough to stabilize their rear.

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