MT Chapter 421


Chapter 421: Underground world

How could Chu Tian not be happy?

The solid foundation the gnomes had built over several hundred years, how much effort would it save Chu Tian?  This was like a person buying a house and being given a magnificent beast carriage, servants and bodyguards, and even a beautiful female maid.  This was just too beneficial.

The gnome laboratory was this era’s standard and even the powerful empires of the continent were like this.  With this solid foundation and the technology and team Chu Tian had, its future value could not even be imagined.

Chu Tian was filled with anticipation to use this laboratory.


The gnomes’ thoughts were not as complicated as the humans, but the gnomes could feel that Chu Tian’s words were not empty words.  This human seemed like he really valued research and it was beneficial for the gnomes if this kind of person became the City Lord.

There was no doubt the elves were strong, but they were not interested in this.  So, if Chu Tian fully supported their research laboratory, he would gain the approval of most of the gnomes.

There were many low level dark beings locked in the dark life form lab, like the Evil Eye, Cave Spiders, and others.  There were several hundreds of them, so it was not a small number to feel them all.

Chu Tian fell into deep thought.

What had the gnomes caught these things for?

Did they want to create life?  To create life was a peak technology, it was hard to imagine the gnomes being able to accomplish this.

Clark explained, “In the underground world, there are countless beings like this who constantly harass us.  We wanted to examine them to find their weakness, giving us a better way to deal with them.”

Chu Tian looked at a large Cave Spider and thought for a few seconds, “You’re saying that there are many of these creatures around here?”

“The underground creatures are not the same as the surface, they are much more resilient.  Most of them gnaw on the dark plants underground or directly eat crystals. Like the Evil Eye, the Evil Demon, and the other monsters directly live in the crystal ore, directly gnawing on the crystal ore to increase their strength.  They breed incredible quick and are endless like cockroaches or mice. I suspect that in the areas we know of, there are at least several tens of thousands of them. They cause a large headache for us.”

“That many?”  Chu Tian’s eyes lit up, “Good!  Very good!”

The gnomes looked at each other.  What was the City Lord suddenly calling good for.

Were all these monsters hidden underground a good thing?

“Do you have a map?”

“Map?  Of, yes!”

This was a map of the underground laboratory and clearly mark the positions of the palaces and railroads, as well as the surrounding mines and tunnels that have been explored.  As for the places where dark beings occasionally appear, there were gnomes guarding that area. They were preventing them from attacking the laboratory and preventing them from attacking Green City.

This underground world was very complicated, it was like a giant maze.

According to what Chu Tian knew about this world, the light energy was distributed in the sky and the dark energy was deep in the ground.  The deeper one went, the more negative the energy became. It was unknown how deep the Forest of Chaos underground world was, but what was certain was that there were evil dark beings deep in this world.

The gnomes did not dare explore too deep or explore too far, they were worried they would meet a terrifying monster they couldn’t deal with.  But even on this level, there were still many monsters living here.

“Come, we’re going here to take a look.”

The place Chu Tian mentioned was a tunnel.

Because the opening looked like an open demon’s mouth and the stone was a terrifying dark red colour, people called this tunnel the Devil’s Maw.

Most of the underground monsters the gnomes met came from the Devil’s Maw, so the gnomes considered the Devil’s Maw a deeper and more terrifying underground space.  In order to not annoy any beings they shouldn’t annoy, the Devil’s Maw was a place no one was allowed to explore.


Several gnome guards stationed here saw the train stop at the Devil’s Maw station and immediately ran over out of curiosity to ask what was happening.

“Sir acting City Lord.”  Clark looked at Chu Tian and asked, “Are you certain you want to go in?  Even the gnomes cannot easily explore this place, even we do not dare explore too deeply.  For you to face adventure in right now, I’m afraid…..”

“It’s fine,  I’m not a fool.  I’ll turn back once things aren’t right.”

“Alright then.”

Chu Tian drew his sword and walked in.

Delores followed without any hesitation.

Clark saw that he could not change Chu Tian’s mid, so he could tell the gnome soldiers to prepare themselves before leading some old priest in.  At this time, Chu Tian had already moved forward quite a bit.

Delores looked at the surrounding rocks and spoke while walking, “The dark aura around here is very thick, it’s very uncomfortable.”

The fungus and vines in the Devil’s Maw were mostly a strange dark purple or blue colour and the stones were a dark red colour.  The entire tone was dark with the cavern spreading in all directions, sometimes being narrow and sometimes being wide. Sometimes it would be very steep and sometimes it would cut off.  In short, there were strange noises all around them, giving off an ominous feeling.

Chu Tian felt the fluctuations in the air, “There are monsters coming.”

Before his voice even fell.

A sharp sound came from all around them, as large figures came out one after the other.  They moved very quickly and even in this rough terrain, they were able to move with such speed.

Other than Chu Tian, everyone was was in the True Spirit Realm.

Delores was prepared to make a move, but before she could even use the Demonic God Religion’s summoning technique, she felt like she had been hit several times.  Instantly her head went dizzy as she couldn’t stand straight, falling onto Chu Tian beside her.

Chu Tian quickly supported Delores.

A fierce looking figure charged forward, sweeping out with several sharp claw strikes, attempting to rip Chu Tian and Delores to pieces.

“Damn, seeking death!”

Chu Tian’s blade lit up with faint blue flames as a brilliant sword qi flew out.  The monster gave a pitiful cry as it flapped it wings and flew away. Although it hadn’t been slashed in half by the sword qi, it was still hit with the Netherworld Flames.  Without enough time to move far, its body was covered in blue white flames as it turned into ashes.

The Green Religion priests were very shocked.

Chu Tian’s casual slash was able to display this kind of power!

This was definitely not something an Awakened Soul Cultivator could release, even a True Spirit Realm expert might not be able to easily block it.  This human youth truly wasn’t simple.

“All of you be careful!”  Clark slightly recovered from his dizziness and quickly shouted, “It’s the Bat Demons!  They have a spiritual attack, it is very hard to to deal with!”

Chu Tian felt a few faint spiritual attacks, but this bit of spiritual attack could not affect him at all.  When he made his move just now, he had clearly seen what had attacked them. It was actually something with a human for, but was a monster with giant bat wings.  They all had very strong builds, weighing at least two hundred kilograms.

Spiritual attacks could affect True Spirit experts?

Then this was a really incredible monster.  Chu Tian noted that the Bat Demon’s spiritual attack was using sound waves to release a wide scope non differentiating attack.  He couldn’t help thinking that if there was such a monster on the battlefield, it would be able to sweep through a large part of it!

This was not exaggerated at all.

Even a True Spirit expert like Delores, when she was attacked without any preparations, she had lost her battle strength from becoming dizzy.  Wouldn’t normal Awakened Soul Cultivators fall down and bleed from all seven orifices?

Good, very good.  If he could tame this kind of monster and use them in Green City, would Green City have to fear invaders?  If these Bat Demons were compared to the Marauders’ bat mounts, not only would it be stronger, its intelligence would not be lower.  It should have the intelligence of a six-seven year old child, so if they could be tamed, they would be able to understand a few orders.

Chu Tian already had these goals when he came here.

Not to mention that Chu Tian had several beast taming techniques, now that he had the little fox and the Demonic God Religion’s priests, these monsters that could cause people headaches were quite easy to tame!

This was not a problem.

This was a large wealth!

The Green Religion priests used a secret technique to block the spiritual attack.  Clark forcefully raised his staff and vines began to stretch out, instantly catching a Bat Demon in flight.  This Bat Demon let out a pitiful cry as all of its vitality and moisture was drained, finally falling on the cavern floor as a dry corpse.

They did not have time to kill more Bat Demons.

The left side wall suddenly broke apart as several beams of light as thick as arms shot at them from the wall.

A Green Religion Priest used a talisman to release a light shield.  The beams of light hit the light shield and it shattered to pieces, but it still resisted the attack.

Delores had just recovered.

What happened now?

Delores found that in the dark cavern, there were many beams of lights being fired from all directions.  There were weak and strong beams, but there were a lot of them, making people unable to open their eyes any longer.

“Evil Eyes, damn there are so many of them!”

Evil Eyes has excellent dark vision and they could see even further than hawks.  Their eyes could penetrate through illusions and camouflage, as well as being able to release radioactive rays, being able to see a person clearly even if they were behind a wall.  The Evil Eye’s mouth could not make any sounds, so they used their minds to communicate with each other. Although their intelligence was not high, there was an understanding between them.

So many Evil Eyes attacking at once.

This power was enough to kill one-two True Spirit Realm experts.

Clark raised the staff in his hand high up and an emerald green barrier came around them.  The Evil Eyes’ light beams hit the barrier and they were all absorbed by the barrier, becoming like ripples on the water.

“Great Forest God, please release your great strength!”

Clark released a dazzling green light.

The next second.

Clark’s body almost exploded.

His body disappeared and turned into green leaves.  These green leaves were like countless butterflies, flying out in all directions, just like a tidal wave surging forward, blocking out their vision.  These leaves looked very delicate, but they were as sharp as divine weapons, just a single slash was enough to kill a Bat Demon. Those weak Evil Eyes collapsed with a single blow and when a leaf passed by them, they were cut into pieces.

Delores said with a gasp, “This Clark isn’t weaker than the Shaman’s Mars!”

The leaves gathered together to reform Clark’s short form.

However, there was not a single complete monster around them.  They had all been cut and turned into meat paste.

Chu Tian wanted to give a few words of praise, but he felt a strange energy wave.  There was an Evil Eye that was slashed in half which slowly came together, finally standing up as a whole.  That large head was turning left and right, as if it didn’t understand what had just happened. When it saw its struggling companions on the ground, there was a faint blue light released from its eye.


Starlight fell onto its dying companion and an incredible matter happened.  The Evil Eye slashed into pieces suddenly began to reform before standing up using its tentacles.

Clark knit his brows.  He picked up a leaf and prepared to cut the strange Evil Eye.

“Wait, this is a bit interesting.”  Chu Tian stopped Clark from killing the Evil Eye, “The Evil Eyes depend on energy for food.  If an Evil Eye ate fire crystals for a few days, the light from its eye would become fire attributed.  If it ate thunder crystals recently, the light would become thunder attributed. This Evil Eye has a strange energy, which means there should be a special mineral where it lives.  We shouldn’t finish them off first and go look for that place, perhaps we can find something useful.”

Chu Tian actually could already recognize it.

The Evil Eye was releasing a star energy beam and star energy had restorative abilities, so it could heal its companies.  This Evil Eye had most likely eaten a special ore and this ore was very helpful to Chu Tian. Chu Tian decided to try his luck and perhaps he would reap an unexpected benefit.

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