MT Chapter 423


Chapter 423: Eye of the Star

They could be considered lucky this time.

The Star Elementals wouldn’t do anything, they only attacked the invaders that came into their territory.  When the invaders left, they would not pursue, so they could escape this underground space alive.

Chu Tian did not have time to explain, his body was filled with a tidal wave of star energy.  If he couldn’t quickly refine this energy, perhaps his body might explode at any moment.

So when they returned to the surface, Chu Tian quickly found a secluded valley in Green City to cultivate.  He sat cross legged on a large stone as his body was surrounded by star energy, looking like it could explode at any moment.


This situation was very dangerous, but it was also a very beneficial opportunity.

The star energy had been refined by the Star Elemental for countless years, so directly swallowing this energy was not inferior to taking in a ton of Star Crystals.  Once this energy was refined, it would certainly raise Chu Tian’s «Starlight Immortal Body» by another level!

Because he cultivated the «Starlight Immortal Body», Chu Tian’s body had been tempered by star energy for a long time, so he had a very high tolerance for star energy.  Otherwise, if this crude power entered his body, even if his body didn’t explode directly, he would become half crippled for being seriously injured.

It’s beginning!

Chu Tian began to rotate his cultivation technique.

The star energy stopped attacking his body and was evenly spread across his body.  It seeped into his muscles and bones inch by inch, as if it was being integrated into his body.

It was refined again and again.

Chu Tian could clearly feel that his body was being strengthened at an extreme speed.  With the refinement of the star energy, his muscles were filled with vitality and various aspects were increased by over ten times.  Finally, his cultivation technique took the elemental energy within his body and refined it into the Starlight Immortal Body.

These effects would naturally have immediate effects!

Chu Tian could clearly feel his body quickly being strengthened by his cultivation technique!

The starlight around Chu Tian gradually was no longer like a gloss made of diamonds, rather he began to glow from his body to the tips of his hair, making him look like a person made of light.  He was even a bit dazzling. The stone he was sitting on suffered the pressure of the immense power and cracks began to form on it, as if it was being ground down into powder.

Chu Tian understood.

He had already succeeded.

This was the Large Success Realm known as the Sacred Light Body!

The «Starlight Immortal Body» had four realms respectively, the Glass Body Realm, the Diamond Body Realm, the Sacred Light Realm, and the Immortal Body Realm.  The Glass Body Realm was the Small Success Realm, the Diamond Body Realm was the Obscure Realm, the Sacred Light Body Realm was the Large Success Realm, and the Immortal Body Realm was the Perfection Realm, meaning the cultivation technique has been fully cultivated.

Comparing the Diamond Body to the Glass Body, not only was it a large increase in terms of defense, the reflective might was also significantly increased.

When comparing the Sacred Light Body to the Diamond Body, not only was it another increase in terms of defense, the Sacred Light Body’s strongest effect was its self recovery effect.  Now that Chu Tian’s internal organs were heavily injured, as long as he activated the Sacred Light Body with his spirit energy, those injuries could be quickly healed.

Moreover, the Sacred Light Body increased defenses against curses, corrosion, demonification, and other strange attacks.  Chu Tian’s defense and battle strength had undergone a large increase.

In other words.

When the «Starlight Immortal Body» was cultivated to the Large Success Sacred Light Body, it was no longer a simple defensive cultivation technique, but also a cultivation technique with a powerful healing effect.  Even if one received a fatal wound, one would be able to heal it.

However, the largest pleasant surprise was not just his cultivation technique increase.

With the increase of his cultivation technique this time, Chu Tian could feel his cultivation bottleneck weakening.  This also meant that he was close to the turning point and he could make an attack on the True Spirit Realm!

How could he let this good opportunity pass by?

Chu Tian quickly condensed the vital energy within him and began to attack the higher realm.  Chu Tian had lived another life and had experienced this before, so naturally he was familiar with this.  It was like easily lifting a heavy weight as he smoothly attacked his bottleneck.

Three days later.

There was an earth shaking bang coming from the valley.

The spiritual energy from the surrounding dozen miles were all condensed and it was like an incomparably large mouth had swallowed all the spiritual energy before everything returned to calmness once again.

Chu Tian slowly opened his eyes and they were glowing, but they were also as sharp as a falcon’s.  He let out a long sigh and like a slash or a sudden bolt of lightning, he instantly smashed the giant rock in front of him.

He had succeeded!

The True Spirit Realm!

True Spirit Cultivators were completely different from Awakened Soul Cultivators.  Awakened Soul Cultivators only began using their source spirits and True Spirit Cultivators transformed the spirit energy inside their body into true spirit energy.  When they reached the True Spirit Realm, each layer would bring a significant increase in power.

Chu Tian had surpassed an entire realm, but there was no earthshaking phenomenon.

This was different from the past.

It had to be known, around a year ago, when he broke through to the Awakened Soul Realm in the Yin Corpse Canyon, it had caused the entire world to tremble.  The following cultivation breakthroughs he had had caused shocking phenomenons.

This time was clearly a large realm increase, but it was no different from a normal cultivator.  Why was it like this?

This was the benefit that came with reaching the True Spirit Realm, Chu Tian was completely different from before.  The current him could control his strength and restrain his aura from leaking out, naturally suppressing the phenomenon.

The Awakened Soul Realm was separated into the Void Soul, Illustrious Soul, and True Soul stages.

The True Spirit Realm was also separated into three stages.  The first to third layers were the Earth Spirit Realm, the fourth to sixth layers were the Heaven Spirit Realm, and the seventh to ninth layers were the Spirit Transformation Realm.

Chu Tian was in the 1st True Spirit Layer, the Earth Spirit Realm, but having the Perfection Realm «Netherworld Flame Sword» and the Large Success Realm «Starlight Immortal Body», his strength was clearly above that of normal cultivators.  However, to think that he only had these trump cards was a large mistake.

The True Spirit Realm could be considered a divide!

After Chu Tian reached the True Spirit Realm, the abilities he found hard to use before could be used now.  For example, his spatial abilities. The starting point of forming spatial energy was in the True Spirit Realm and in terms of source energy array, the lowest spatial source energy array was a level three array.

This was also the reason why Chu Tian wanted to recruit Vivian.  It was because Chu Tian could not develop the Space Warehouse while he was in the Awakened Soul Realm.

Now it was fine.

From this day forth, he would open a new world!

Chu Tian could feel that there was still a bit of the swallowed Star Elemental inside him that hadn’t been refined yet.

This remaining thing was not energy, but rather it was an innately formed cultivation technique.  Chu Tian had named it the «Starlight Art». This was a cultivation technique combined from different movement techniques and body techniques, it would work together with the Starlight Immortal Body since they came from the same source.

This would make up for the «Starlight Immortal Body’s» lack of speed and attack power.  Although it wasn’t very useful for Chu Tian in the future, he could give it to Yingying and the young miss, allowing them to increase their battle strength.  Even the young miss who had a source spirit without any potential for fighting, she could also have a decent battle strength.

“There was a lot harvested this time.”

Chu Tian took out a thing from his chest.

This was a stone like the Star Crystal, but it was different from normal Star Crystals.  There seemed to be an eye design inside this Star Crystal that was releasing an ancient and mysterious aura.

Eye of the Star!

A very precious item!

It was the core of the giant meteorite!

These Star Elementals’ core was this Eye of the Star.  Chu Tian could even use this Eye of the Star in his hand to create another Star Elemental.  If Chu Tian were to swallow this Eye of the Star right now, his «Starlight Immortal Body» had the possibility of increasing by another large increment!

This sounded very attractive, but Chu Tian would not do this.

Chu Tian understood that this precious material had an even more important use, which was to lock onto spatial coordinates.  It could be used as a Space Door’s core.

This Eye of the Star was not big, so it wasn’t enough to form a large Space Door, but it was enough to create a Spatial Transfer Array.

The Spatial Transfer Array and the Space Warehouse were two completely different things.

The Space Warehouse was only a locked space which could be used to transfer items, but the space could not be used to transfer living beings.  The Spatial Transfer Array was not the say, it was an array that could transfer living beings. In other words, Chu Tian could create a Spatial Transfer Array in Green City and then he could create another Spatial Transfer Array anywhere else on the continent, then he could lock their coordinates with the Eye of the Star, allowing both sides to transfer things to the other side.

This was the value of the Eye of the Star!

In the underground space, there seemed to be more than one Eye of the Star!

If he could obtain large amounts of the Eye of the Star,  Chu Tian could create transfer points all over the continent, making it easier to send people and transport things in the future.  This would have an inestimable effect on Green City’s development.

Chu Tian put away the Eye of the Star.

The Eye of the Star was the core of the transfer array, but just having the Eye of the Star was not enough, he still needed to find some precious Spatial Crystals.  These Spatial Crystals were not as precious as the Eye of the Star, but as rare materials with a space attribute, it wasn’t that easy to find them. However, there was a few stored in the gnomes’ research lab, so Chu Tian could borrow a bit first.

When Chu Tian came out of the valley.

Delores came forward to greet her, “You’re out this fast?”

Chu Tian shrugged his shoulders, “Of course, why not think about who I am!  Yi, where did Clark and the others go?”

“A plague suddenly broke out a few days ago that infected most of the gnomes in Green City, so they went to investigate.”

“A plague?”

“You don’t know yet?  Actually there has been a plague in the forest for a long time, but it was confined to the southern forest.  It has recently been spread to Green City.”

“Come, we’re going to take a look.”

There was a bit wrong with Green City.

The entire city was covered in an indescribable strange feeling.

Before Chu Tian came to Green City, there was already a plague in the southern forest.  Several local tribes had already been annihilated by it and large parts of the forest was covered in plague.

Now without knowing why, the plague had spread to Green City.  It had infected thirty-forty thousand people in just a few days, so the situation was very dangerous.

There might really be something afoot.

Chu Tian had eliminated the tax to keep the merchants, but now it seemed like most of them were about to leave again.

Delores said, “Sir Clark suspects that it was done by the Undead Religion and he should have taken people over to ask for an explanation, but Clark doesn’t have any evidence.  Even if he did have evidence, he wouldn’t have a way of dealing with those Necromancers.”

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