MT Chapter 427


Chapter 427: Self destruct

The Abomination was formed by several Necromancers, so there were around ten True Spirit Realm experts inside it.  The Necromancers had spent the death energy stored within the temple for many years to create this Abomination, so this was a very large loss to the Undead Religion.

But the bigger the price, the more they would receive.

This Abomination’s strength was close to the 5th True Spirit Layer.  It was already hard to deal with, but it also contained the Lich’s thoughts.  This meant that the one controlling the Abomination’s body and strength was the Lich.

After the Abomination gained consciousness and a head, it could use various secret techniques and cultivation techniques.  This increased the Abomination’s battle strength by several times.


Dong, dong, dong!

The Abomination took incomparably heavy steps.

When a step fell, the gnomes could feel the ground trembling.

The Abomination actually ran very fast.  Even if there was a mountain in front of it, it could easily shatter it!

“Stop it!”

Clark and the Green Religion priests made their move as the ground suddenly exploded.  Several large logs shot out of the ground and each log had runes engraved on them. They interconnected and formed a source energy array, with the Abomination standing right in the center.  It paused for a second before it began to lose energy.

This was still only the beginning.

Countless vines came out and the Abomination’s large body was wrapped up like a little hill.  These vines wildly tightened and the pressure they released was enough to even shatter iron. The Abomination’s body was constantly compressed, but it was not squashed.  This showed that the Abomination’s body was at least several times harder than iron.

“Quickly kill it!”

Even if the Abomination was strong, it was still a single being and a single being would always be limited.  Clark worked with the Green Religion priests to seal it as the other gnomes immediately pulled back their bows to shoot at it.

Its shaking body began to release an ash green poison smoke.  They were very fast and in an instant, they surrounded the Abomination in arrows and the Abomination could no longer be seen.

The Abomination was very strong, but an individual’s strength was limited in the end and there were several thousand gnomes here!

Could the Abomination fight all these people even with how strong it was?

When the gnomes were about to charge in.

The Abomination gave a low roar.

Chu Tian could feel that a very powerful death energy was gathering inside the Abomination, so he quickly stopped the gnomes.


The Abomination was covered in a layer of black by the death energy.  This energy began to spread out around it and everywhere this energy went, everything became the colour of black obsidian.

The ground, the plants, and the living beings.  There were little black crystals that also formed in the air.

There was a small group of gnomes that couldn’t retreat in time and were instantly enveloped in the energy wave.  In the end, they turned into obsidian statues, with looks of astonishment and shock frozen on their faces.

This attack had killed several dozen gnomes!

Clark went into an uncontrollable rage!

The Abomination spoke in an ice cold voice, “The Green Religion strength is only mediocre, now look at our Undead Religion’s might!”

The Abomination continued charging forward.

Everything began to change colours, turning into dead things made of obsidian.

The gnomes quickly retreated and no one dared to face this Abomination, this monster was just too strong.  The Abomination did not pay any attention to the normal gnomes and directly charged at Clark.

“Die, Clark!”

When Clark was faced with this wild strength, his head was covered in a cold sweat.

This is bad!

At this crucial moment.

Chu Tian raised his sword, but he wasn’t aiming at the Abomination, but rather a statue inside the Undead Religion temple.  The Abomination felt Chu Tian’s movement and its killing intent instantly exploded. With a roar of rage, it let go of Clark and charged at Chu Tian.

“Too late!”

Chu Tian broke the statue with a single slash.

The Abomination began to shake like it was convulsing.

Chu Tian looked at it with a cold smile and said, “Even with the strongest Divine Sense and technique, it is impossible to control a puppet from that far away.  As long as the middle connection is cut off, I want to see how you cause more trouble.”

“Human, I have indeed underestimated you, but do you think it will end with this?”

The Abomination’s body began to swell like a balloon.

“This is bad, it wants to self destruct!”

Chu Tian’s expression fell.

The Lich started the self explosion process in the end.  The Abomination had powerful energy within it and if it exploded, the consequences would be dreadful.

Chu Tian’s eyes instantly released a green light and a more pure life energy than the Green Religion’s power fell onto the Abomination.  It immediately began to slow down the death energy inside the Abomination.

“Quickly go!”

Clark shouted out as the gnomes ran away.

With a large explosion sound.

The entire area became covered in a black obsidian like substance.


The plague had broken out in Green City without any warning this time and around forty-fifty thousand people were affected, with most of them being gnomes and most of them being children or low cultivation adults.  It was mainly the weaker people.

Those people that were infected had their bodies turn green black and their limbs become weak, with most of them falling into a coma.  This was clearly different from a normal disease. Most of the gnomes had decent cultivations, so it was very hard for such symptoms to appear this quickly.

“There must be a source for this plague for so many people to be affected at the same time.”  Clark said with tightly knit brows, “We have searched the food and water sources, but there have been no signs of pollution.  We haven’t found any traces of the source of the infection, but more and more people are becoming infected. Even now, we haven’t found the location of the source.”

Chu Tian nodded as he began to inspect the patient.

This was a little girl who seemed to be less than a meter tall.  She had already fallen into a coma and her teeth kept chattering, making a ka, ka, ka sound.  Underneath that fair white skin one could see the green black blood veins.

A very high temperature.

A very fast heartbeat.

Chu Tian put his hand on her forehead and carefully assessed the situation inside her body.

Chu Tian’s first guess wasn’t wrong, this wasn’t a biological infection, but rather one from a dark energy.  The dark energy entered the living being and it would gradually transform them. This was the so called demonification response, but it wasn’t a demonification, rather another set pattern.  It was like a curse that was changing the being bit by bit.

Chu Tian drew out a talisman and drew an array on it before softly placing it on the little girl’s head.

A gray black aura instantly poured out of her body.

Clark quickly asked after seeing this, “You found something?”

“This should be the Ghoul aura.”  Chu Tian gave his analysis, “I estimate that within two days, if the polluting energy cannot be purified, the affected person will turn into a Ghoul.  This should be a premeditated plan.”

Clark was shocked, “What?  Turn into Ghouls!”

Ghouls were half undead monsters that living beings could directly transform into.  They had low intelligence and were easy to control, but they had infinite strength and were very fierce.  Necromancers or cultivators with special cultivation techniques liked to use these things, they were stronger than skeleton soldiers and zombies.  They were suited to doing dumb labour and were suited to being cannon fodder.

Clark thought about how tens of thousands of his clansmen would turn into Ghouls and he immediately flew into an uncontrollable rage.  Those damn Necromancers!

“Is there a way to cure it?”

“Sir acting City Lord, you have to save my daughter!”

“Sir acting City Lord, please save my big brother!”

“Sir acting City Lord……”

The gnomes all quickly surrounded Chu Tian.  Although the gnomes have always looked down on humans, even the Great Elder Clark couldn’t see through this.  In the end, the human had solved this situation, clearly demonstrating that this human had skills.

“Everyone listen to me.”  The gnomes became silent and Chu Tian explained to everyone, “Infecting all these people at once, it isn’t through the food or water supply.  I suspect the Necromancers have set up a large scale array and want to cause a large amount of death energy to flow into Green City. The weaker people were infected ahead of time and this is just an omen.  If my guesses aren’t wrong, the large amount of energy has already filled the sky above Green City and can be erupted at any moment.”


“Could it be something else will happen?”

Chu Tian explained, “The Necromancers want to turn Green City into a polluted city of death, turning all the living beings here into undead and making all the plants wither, filling the soil here forever with death aura.  Like this, the Eternal Forest will not accept this kind of land and the other influences will not accept a place like this, causing Green City to collapse by itself.”

Pollute an entire forest city?

Could this really be done?

The forest cities were not like the places human lived in.  With the area of the forest city, just how much energy would be required to pollute all of it?

Chu Tian temporarily did not know how the Lich did this and could only explain like this.  After Chu Tian came out his closed doors cultivation, he could feel that Green City was covered in a layer of indescribable strange atmosphere.  Now he could tell that it was a kind of energy and one that was being controlled.

The plants in Green City had not been affected yet, this meant that this energy was being controlled and the weaker gnomes were being automatically polluted.  To do something like this was not easy, first one had to find a strong energy source and one had to have incredible skills. This Lich was not easy, he did have some skills.

“There’s no need to worry, I will do my best to quickly cure everyone, but this doesn’t solve the root of our problems.  We need to quickly find the perpetrator. As long as we kill that damn Lich, we will be able to completely cure this plague!”

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