MT Chapter 431


Chapter 431: Divine Servant

The fox’s ability to swallow rivers and mountains that could suppress the powerful clouds had completely shocked the Necromancers.  This energy came from the ruins and it was pure and strong, even an expert of the Elven King level could not control it with just his strength.

How did this little life form do it?

Just the amount of energy it had swallowed just now, it was enough to create an undead army!

At this time, the Divine Blood Yin Corpses were becoming faster and the light around them was becoming stronger.  The energy being released by them tightened around their body, turning them into a ball of light. The momentum they had allowed them to directly crush the undead monsters in front of them.


That’s right.

It was crush.

Even if it was a little scratch.

The undead would turn into powder.

The charge of the Divine Blood Yin Corpse was more than ten times stronger than that of the Minotaurs.  Even if there was a large army in front, they would be no different from a group of ants, directly being trampled on.

Completely disdained!

Proceeding without stop!

The Gargoyles kept sending out curses, hoping to slow them down, but their attacks did not have any effects on the Divine Blood Yin Corpses.

The Abominations felt a sense of danger.  They immediately let out a low roar and awakened a powerful death energy from within themselves.  Finally a wave like attack was released and quickly flew out around them. The wave like energy flew out in all directions and the surrounding things were quickly petrified, becoming black obsidian without any life.

It was this move again!

The three Divine Blood Yin Corpses were five meters away when they were hit by the wave.  The energy in the form of a light wave around the Divine Blood Yin Corpses was like a snowball coming in contact with burning water, melting at a visible speed.  That jet black energy began to corrode it to its center.

The Necromancer priest let out a sigh.

These fellows were a bit strange, but they were not as strong as imagined.  The Abominations had released high density and pure death energy in one breath, and this wave of high speed energy entered into everything around it, chasing the basic properties of the material, being able to kill everything.

The energy around the Divine Blood Yin Corpse was not that strong because this high speed energy had penetrated that energy, directly falling onto them.  Without anything protecting them, they could not defend against this attack at all, they would turn into three black obsidian statues instantly.

As expected!

The moment the Divine Blood Yin Corpses’ protective energy disappeared, the black energy wildly spread across their body like a layer of paint.  The Divine Blood Yin Corpses were quickly covered in a layer of black and the light they released was the colour of black obsidian.

They had been taken care of?

They are only this mediocre!

Delores knit her brows in confusion, but while everyone was stunned and the Necromancer was feeling arrogant, she found that Chu Tian actually had a deep smile on his lips.  A scene that shocked everyone came next.

The three human forms turned into obsidian actually began to move again, keeping the same speed as before.  They charged at the Abomination from three different directions and three fists slammed onto the Abomination at the same time.

People could clearly see the black colour on the Divine Blood Yin Corpses quickly faded.  It did not regress, it did not disappear, it just left their bodies. It moved towards their fists from every corner of their body, finally completely gathering inside the fist before directly entering the Abomination’s body.

The three fists landed on the Abomination and all the energy that entered caused the Abomination to instantly turn to stone, before shattering to pieces.  The abominations fell down onto the ground and a third of their body had disappeared.

The Abomination’s energy was not strong enough to harm the Divine Blood Yin Corpse.

This energy was instead absorbed by the Divine Blood Yin Corpse and had been used by the Divine Blood Yin Corpse, slamming it back onto the Abomination with a single punch.  This kind of method of attack had never been heard of before!

“Don’t think that the Abominations are that easy to beat!”

The Necromancer priest quickly continued to control the Abomination.

“Ignorant fools, I’ll let you see the true power of the Abomination!”

The Abomination were undead beings, but they could not be considered normal undead because they didn’t have a soul fire inside of the.  They were a mix of energy and biological matter, so they did not have any weaknesses and they wouldn’t die even if dismembered to pieces.


The Abomination gave an ear shattering as its body was torn apart and countless large mouths were quickly opened.  Countless bloody tentacle like things appeared from its body, exploding out in all four directions like a firework.  It was faster and sharper than an arrow, wildly grabbing onto a Ghoul.

The Ghoul gave a cry of pain, as its strong body began to wither at a visible speed.  Large amounts of blood and flesh essence were drawn out before it finally fell down onto the ground as a sack of flesh.

The Abomination had instantly supplemented a large amount of flesh and blood essence!

The part of its body that was destroyed began to recover and those scarlet tentacles began to wander around, constantly being inserted into the Ghouls’ bodies, greedily devouring the surrounding Ghouls.

In just a few seconds, several hundred Ghouls had been emptied by the Ghouls.

The Abomination became much larger and looked even more terrifying.  This kind of undead monster was not an existence that could be described with common sense, it was a monster formed from flesh and energy using the Undead Religion’s secret techniques.  Therefore, as long as the secret technique on its body was not broken, it could not be truly killed.

The Abomination was much more tenacious than any other undead!

“Hei, hei, hei, how about that?”  The Necromancer priest sat on the back of the Gargoyle and revealed the look of a victor, “The Abomination will not die, it can swallow any kind of flesh.  As long as it has enough materials, it can restore itself at any time. Even if you have heaven defying skills, you shouldn’t think about destroying the Abomination in this environment!”

This terrifying scene did not make Chu Tian’s expression change at all.  He just revealed a taunting smile filled with disdain as the three Yin Corpses charged at the Abomination again.

“Seeking death!”

Two black blades appeared from the Abomination’s arms and it sent out two vertical cuts to the left and right. These cuts sent the Yin Corpses in front of it flying.  The two attacks were too strong and the Yin Corpses did not have any defense, so they were split in half using just their bodies to defend against it.

The final Yin Corpse charged right at the Abomination.

The Abomination’s large stomach suddenly split open just like an incomparably large mouth.  There was rotten flesh inside as well as dense rows of teeth, making people’s skin crawl when they saw it.  The Abomination did not give the Yin Corpse a chance to escape, as a tentacle reached out at the same time. It first grabbed the Yin Corpse before throwing it into its large mouth.

The large mouth closed.

The stomach closed.

The Abomination’s large stomach moved just like a large mouth chewing its food.  There was the sound of bone and skin being ground coming from inside of it, as a person was swallowed whole, or rather it was forced into its stomach.  With the strength of the Abomination, even if a piece of fine iron went in, it would still be turned to pieces!

The Necromancer priest said with a cold smile, “This thing is only worth being a snack for the Abomination!”

Chu Tian just kept smiling, “I’m afraid its teeth isn’t good enough, there are serious consequences for eating bad things!”

When Chu Tian spoke, the two Yin Corpses cleaved in half which didn’t bleed at all actually came back together like two magnets attracted to each other.  Their clothes had been ruined and their bodies had been exposed. The Divine Blood Yin Corpses had been refined for so long, they had already undergone a large chance.

They did not have any special features from head to toe, no hair or pores.  There were dense amounts of runes on their golden bronze cast skin. Their eyes were open, but they didn’t have any eyes, just a scarlet light glowing in the socket.

“Just what is this thing!”

Everyone was stunned by this thing that wasn’t an undead or a living being.  It had been cut in half, but it had come back together again, could it be they couldn’t die?

At this time, the Abomination bent over and the sound of water being cooked could be heard from it.  Something strange suddenly happened to its large and fierce body, as it melted quickly like it was suffering from very high temperatures.  Piece and piece of rotten flesh fell off, as the Abomination’s body became larger.

“What is going on?”

The Necromancer priest found that he already could not control the Abomination.  It was like a kind of energy had entered the Abomination and that energy was like a terrifying virus, spreading to every corner.  It made the Abomination lose control of its body structure, causing it to collapse at a fast speed.


The Abomination exploded.

The energy within it exploded out, like it had self destructed.  Although it couldn’t compare to the time in Green City, it was still enough to cover several hundred meters.  All the Ghouls, Gargoyles, and zombies in the area, as well as the Necromancers that couldn’t escape in time were all killed.

The Divine Blood Yin Corpse walked out of the center of the explosion.  Its body had already been distorted, but its bones kept making cracking sounds as they returned to position, finally returning to normal.

The three Divine Blood Yin Corpses were uninjured!

Daring to swallow the Divine Blood Yin Corpse?

The Divine Blood could break all curses and destroy death energy.  Not to mention a trivial Abomination, even if a Bone Dragon swallowed the Divine Blood Yin Corpse, it would still be affected by it!

At this time, several explosions came from different directions as several Abominations were all taken care of.

Chu Tian was very pleased with the results of this battle, he really didn’t have to pay that large of a price.  These Yin Corpses had almost undying bodies, at least with power in the True Spirit Realm, it was very hard to completely kill them.  This was the power brought by the Divine Blood transformation.

In the crystallized memory of the ancient god, this kind of puppet was called, Divine Servant!

The Divine Servant was not a god, but it had a portion of the god’s power.  Right now these eighteen Divine Blood Yin Corpses were already close to transforming into Divine Servants.  They were not very strong now, but they had a very high potential!

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